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  • 12/13/2008 8:29 AM
  • any new young male
    hi all,I discovered james deen as a performer I like him? Any new youg guy?
  • 2/7/2008 1:35 PM
  • VOD for MAC
    hi all,I have just boght a MAC. Can you suggest me some website that support streaming VOD and/or PPV for MAC??Nicole
  • 10/20/2007 6:24 PM
  • Douche or Not
    everything said by sasha gray is correct, but I would like to add a thing. It's just a matter of training, after a few times I will be fun.
  • 10/17/2007 4:11 PM
  • Demographics of the average dvd Porno watcher
    32 yo, airforce pilot, officer from the AF accademy with degree in managemant. Had many men but they stop to meet me when they understand that I prefer flying more than stay at home. met Porno when I joined the airforce.
  • 10/17/2007 4:40 AM
  • Why no search for 18 yr old male talent
    Steve Holmes wrote:James Dean... is a great guy. He started with 18 and we celebrated his 21st birthday not long ago with a DP and lots of alcohol.I agree with steve james is a great performer.mod: snipped the quote - see the Forum EtiquetteEdited by - hardware on 10/17/2007 4:52:18 AM
  • 10/10/2007 9:25 AM
  • big dick
    I always thought that size doesn't metter. But after many years of sex it metter.
  • 8/10/2007 4:52 PM
  • handjobs movies
    I'm not interested to gay movies. but I movies where girls give handjobs to man
  • 8/10/2007 4:36 PM
  • handjobs movies
    Hi all,I never saw a handjob movie. So can you suggest me some must have??
  • 8/5/2007 8:29 AM
  • Nikki tyler anal?? (topic moved)
    Hi,anybody of you, know if nikki tyler did any anal scene?? I care even about g/g scenes.Topic Moved by - hardware on Aug 5 2007
  • 8/5/2007 8:29 AM
  • Nikki tyler anal??
    Hi,anybody of you, know if nikki tyler did any anal scene?? I care even about g/g scenes.Topic Moved by - hardware on Aug 5 2007
  • 8/4/2007 4:37 AM
  • girls who love porn
    I started to watch porno with my former boyfriend. Now I watch porno by my own. I prefer porno non the net (ppw). I like all the kinds, from the fashion style to the hardest gangbangs. I also really liked the Where the Boys Aren't series from Vivid, specially the scenes where janine and nikki tyler had sex in the same scene.
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