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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Writer
Date Joined: December 2007
Location: California
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I'm the sole writer/director for both Sweetheart Video (all girl) and Sweet Sinner (boy/girl) studios. Both studios are owned by Mile High Media, and I work closely with Jon Blitt, my partner and "boss." ;-) I also write for Hustler magazine and Xbiz, as well as other mainstream national magazines.

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  • 10/29/2013 1:30 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    goldstein, this isn't the place to get into certain discussions, and I don't really PM. I share what I feel is appropriate, and I respond to those I feel I need to respond to. If I think information is beneficial and something everyone should know, I do share it. I don't respond to other things that I find silly or odd. This isn't a debate between pornlaw and me about whether my Dept of Health inspectors were fakes and I'm the victim of some grand conspiracy; this is a discussion about the validity of using condoms on set.
  • 10/27/2013 6:05 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Pornlaw, I already responded to you. Please stop telling me I don't know who I'm dealing with or that I'm being given the wrong information by the (very real) DOH gentlemen I am consulting with. It's rude and annoying. I am not giving you a list of names and departments and other detailed information on a public forum regarding studio business that has nothing to do with you. Focus on your clients! They're the ones paying you.
  • 10/26/2013 8:51 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Pornlaw, I was not tricked. I'm not going to post the names of the inspectors or the location details of my shoot , but I assure you they did come to inspect and they were absolutely legitimate, and we had a long conversation and went over a number of items. Maybe once in a while you're the one who's mistaken. Also, I have my Exposure Plan, thanks.
  • 10/22/2013 7:48 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Pornlaw: what do you think would be the purpose of mandatory testing on the gay side? Would the objective be to prevent HIV+ performers from working? Seems like tricky legal territory to do so, considering so many popular gay performers are HIV+.Interesting what you say about the performer training requirements. I was recently paid an on-set visit from the Department of Public Health and they didn't say a word about my needing to educate performers. They said that the Dept. Of Health and OSHA are still in the process of figuring out all the details with regard to the new safety laws, but for now only the producer is expected to go through the blood borne pathogens training and create an Exposure Plan. They also told me that many of OSHA's r...
  • 10/21/2013 3:20 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    bootymeister, you're such an idiot. If this were about business, I'd simply continue to shoot non-condom. How simple life must be for you, to think you have some special insight into the minds and hearts of others. Let me assure you, you don't.
  • 10/21/2013 3:14 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    And my point is that it should be mandatory. There are any number of websites and places one can find information about STDs and sexual health if interested, but that doesn't mean we can assume a new performer has done so. We can't even assume that an experienced performer has done so! We need some kind of mandatory education and training that producers and agents agree to require, so that a performer can show they are aware of the risks associated with performing, and they are making informed and educated decisions and choices.
  • 10/20/2013 9:34 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    LCF, you're right that condoms are much more common on the gay side of porn, and I think you're implying that because they're more common, there's less of a chance that they will hurt sales. And I think you're probably right about that. But do you think it's because gay men are somehow less affected by the "negative side" of using condoms, or inherently less put off by watching porn with condoms? Of course not. They're just aware of the fact that condoms are a health necessity, and they've gotten used to seeing them in their porn. (That said, there are many bareback studios and in general bareback porn sells better than condom porn, so there is some preference for non-condom gay porn, too.)You also make a very good point about how...
  • 10/20/2013 5:36 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Geri, training and education was never required to work in porn. AIM used to offer an orientation video of sorts, but I think you had to buy it, and I didn't even know it existed when I began working as a performer. AIM was still in existence at that time, and nobody gave me any information about anything, period. I'm not sure where you're getting your information from, but you don't seem terribly knowledgeable about the realities of working in porn, with all due respect. And I don't agree with AHF's tactics nor do I think they've been honest about their motivations and I'm not associated with them in any way. My position regarding condoms is not political, it is moral. As for my period piece film, I actually thought the condoms would break...
  • 10/20/2013 4:03 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    I've been shooting gay movies for a year now, condom only. We use new condoms with plenty of lube and none have broken so far (old ones are more prone to break, so it's important not to buy them from the "bargain bin."). In both gay and straight porn, sometimes the "top" needs to take a break or momentarily loses his erection. In those cases, he usually makes out with his partner to get back to where he needs to be, and then he puts on a new condom. Going through 4-5 condoms or even more during a scene is not unusual. I haven't heard anyone on the straight or gay side complain about irritated skin or chafing from condoms. The complaints I most often hear, from girls who do straight, non-condom porn, is that they suffer a...
  • 10/20/2013 3:05 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    There's no doubt that there are other professions, like mining, where the workers are placed at great physical risk. Miners have often lost their lives in the course of their daily work - adult film stars don't face anywhere near that kind of risk. I'm not sure how much miners are told about the dangers before they sign on, nor what training/quialifications they have to have, I also don't know how much responsibility their employer has to them in the event they're injured. I don't know what if any benefits they receive. What I know about my own industry is that many young men and women who come to porn are completely unaware of the risks - Diana Devoe told me one young woman who was working for the first time came to her and asked, "Is...
  • 10/19/2013 8:12 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Geri: I'm not looking for legal loopholes. I'm doing what I think is the right thing to do. I think I've explained the reasons for arriving at my current position as clearly as I possibly can. If some of you are still having trouble understanding I don't think I can do much about it. Thanks for the discussion. :-)
  • 10/19/2013 12:09 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Geri, my point, again, is that it doesn't matter who or what is "to blame" for STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea being passed around on set (both male and female performers get these STDs regularly.) Should we blame girls who escort when they aren't performing? Guys who do the same? Reckless behavior on the part of both sexes in their private lives? Crossover performers? Secretly gay guys? Where should we point the finger next? When you say we need to take a look at what performers are doing when they're not on set, what are you proposing in practical terms? You gonna have them followed? Interrogated? Lie detector tests? How much of their personal freedom do you think we should take away so that we can maintain our "artistic ...
  • 10/18/2013 8:03 PM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    I understand that some people don't want to see condoms in their porn and that they're very upset about my decision, but none of the arguments I'm hearing are very sound. As for not using condoms during oral sex, after researching the issue I've found that the risk of STD transmission appears to be quite low, and within the bounds of "reasonable risk" for a porn performer. I agree that there are risks involved with many other professions, including mainstream acting and stuntwork, so I'm not trying to suggest that there shouldn't be any risk factor here at all. But "some" risk is different than "you'll probably end up with chlamydia or gonorrhea sometime within the next few months if you're doing b/g scenes on a reg...
  • 10/18/2013 1:15 AM
  • FSC: Production Halt After Performer Tests HIV+
    Geri, I'll be continuing to shoot not only Girl Candy films but for all of my other studios, including b/g films. My decision to use condoms is 1) due to the frequency with which less "dangerous" STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea make the rounds on adult film sets; and 2) because performers continue to be infected with STDs (including HIV) off set due to their private, unsafe behaviors, including escorting (which is so common among performers that those who don't do it are considered unique). It doesn't matter why or how STDs are getting on porn sets; what matters is they get there, and performers are unwittingly exposed. An STD doesn't have to be life-threatening to be a health issue - or a "quality of life" issue. For ...
  • 8/28/2013 2:24 PM
  • Do people get blacklisted in porn?
    It happens frequently and for petty reasons, yes. It's bullying, basically. Playground tactics. Otherwise the blacklisting is kind of implied, like in cases where someone alters test results (Mr. Marcus has not resumed his status as a mainstream adult performer in the industry). Scandal involving elaborate deception of any kind (particularly health) can turn the industry against someone to the point where no formal "blacklisting" efforts are even needed. The stuff I see on a regular basis is all very petty and personal - usually an agent's belief that a performer owes them money or has no right to end the contract, etc.
  • 8/28/2013 1:57 PM
  • Do people get blacklisted in porn?
    There is a lot of intimidation and strong-arming in porn, particularly when it comes to talent. This is true on both the straight and gay sides. I guess it must be a holdover from the time that porn was run by organized crime - some of those "value systems" and cultural traditions have endured. I have indeed been told by agents that if I hire a model with whom he or she is having a dispute that I will be banned from hiring any other models with the agency, or suffer any number of other repurcussions (I've even been threatened with lawsuits.) Coming from the mainstream business world I laughed at those kinds of threats at first, until I realized that the agents were serious and, furthermore, that studios took them seriously and tol...
  • 8/8/2013 5:18 PM
  • Nica Noelle - Best Director Ever?
    You guys! Thank you! I haven't stopped by this forum in a while and I just saw the most recent posts on this thread and I'm blown away! (I like that someone wants to see me hogtied!) Also I definitely agree that my leaving Sweetheart and handing the reins to the awesome Dana Vespoli has been a very positive thing for girl/girl fans. Dana has a strong, authentic vision of her own, and I knew if she took over Sweetheart that it would stay true to what the fans love, while also evolving into something new and exciting. You can credit her with introducing a lot of anal pleasuring and ass worshipping to girl/girl, as there'd been very little of it previously. (I'm even following her lead in that regard with the upcoming Girl Candy title "L...
  • 2/8/2013 1:38 PM
  • Stars who don't do drugs/anti-drug stars?
    The idea that weed isn't a drug or isn't harmful because it's a "plant" is ridiculous. Risin comes from plants, too - castor bean trees. Try ingesting that sometime!Marijuana is a drug, and it can have terrible effects on those using it when it's misused or abused, or if it just disagrees with the person's brain chemistry. Personally, if I'm subjected even to second-hand marijuana smoke it can induce a pretty severe panic attack and involuntary physical/psychological symptoms. It's also been proven to induce episodes of psychosis in patients who abuse it. (I've certainly seen evidence of that with the abusers I've had the displeasure of dealing with. Peace pipe. my ass!)
  • 1/31/2013 7:55 PM
  • Is romance evry going to be in porn?
    I basically started Sweet Sinner so I could show real sex between men and women, and in order to show that within the context of a story (I do all storyline-driven porn, starting with my g/g stuff at Girlfriends Films and then at Sweetheart Video) I created these "romantic" (i.e., "emotional") scenarios to lead into the sex. But I never thought of it as "romance porn" and I still really dislike that term. I don't know why. Maybe because with the immediate huge success of Sweet Sinner (which I think happened because I was shooting real sex between men and women, with real body language and positions; not because of "romantic" storylines) other studios immediately jumped on the "romance" bandw...
  • 1/24/2013 3:57 PM
  • Stars who don't do drugs/anti-drug stars?
    The prescription drug situation is completely out of control. I know very few people who aren't abusing some prescription drug or another. We seem to just be a nation of complete addicts who can't govern ourselves worth a damn. It's pretty disconcerting.
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