Virtual Sex with Rocki Roads

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Busty , Interactive
Starring: Rocki Roads
Release Date: 4/24/2000
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Movie Reviews

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Huge disappointment! This is perhaps the WORST virtual sex title. No strip and bio section. No vagina(2nd angle) angle for foreplay section. All this I can forgive but the reverse top position is totally unacceptable!!! Innocent mode for missionary position is very fuzzy. Regarding reverse top position: There is no grinding or in n out movement of any kind! Rocki basically sits on the cock deeply but all she does is move her body around. I suspect this is due to the incompetent cock. Its the same lame cock with tatoo on the forehead portion that Rocki fucked much during her porn career. To Digital Playground: Angle 1 of top sex position should show penetration, angle 2 of doggy should should penetration too. Basically all angles should show penetration. Add 'tits' play to foreplay. Add another cool position to sex section.
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's review on  

Summary: Rocki Roads, a gorgeous bosomy brunette, is the featured attraction in this addition of Digital Playgrounds Virtual Sex series. Originally released in August of 1997, for personal computer viewing, Digital Playground upgraded it to DVD format and released it for a second time in early 2005. As what the title suggests, the viewer is given an opportunity to interact with the incredible vixen. The simple push of a button will cause Rockis mood swings from innocent, to a foul mouth bitch who can be fucked in a variety of positions. Overall Impressions: Rocki Roads is near the top of my list in adult entertainment. Her beautiful face and sensuous voice are complimented by a sleek muscle-tone physique and a tight pair of luscious jugs (perfect implants). However, this was a disappointing release which failed to take full advantage of her exquisite attributes. I am aware that this DVD is from an earlier release, before several additions were incorporated into the series.
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The Little Details Running Time: approx. 50 min. total footage Production Date: 8 / 9 / 1997 Director: Joone Cast: Rocki Roads and you The Short Story Initial Expectations: This has been a solid but basic virtual sex series. Im not expecting anything different here. Initial Reaction: Its limited but nicely done. Who Should Watch It : Fans of virtual sex and Rocki Roads Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting virtual anal or long segments The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is clear and well balanced. The only fault I think I heard with the audio was a very minor background noise near the start of the movie. The video varies a little, but for the most part is very clear and well lit. Theres a couple segments that seem a touch blurry, but not much. Music: None Menus: The menus have kept with the usual format for this series. The main menu features Rocki standing and waiting while you make your choice on the menu below to start with.
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