Taylor St. Clair
Taylor St. Clair
Jewel De'Nyle
Jewel De'Nyle
Video Virgins Gold 2 box cover

Video Virgins Gold 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Amateur
Starring: Taylor St. Clair, Victoria, Vanity, Jewel De'Nyle, Mimi Starr
Release Date: 4/24/2000
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The Plot: Once again the Porn Fairy has delivered unto me a disc with no plot. There is a routine, or a procedure, but no plot. Basically, this disc is the best type of extra that you could wish for: We start with an interview of a porn star, and then they do something sexy and X rated. Ahhhh, life is good. Its like having an interview and a link to a good scene, without the hassle of actually having to click on a link once the interview is over. I wish more extras were like this. The $64,000 question is Can a disc with nothing but extras be interesting? Read on, intrepid porn fans. The Cast: Well now, lets see who the video virgins are today We have, for your interviewing pleasure, Vanity, Taylor, Debbie, and Mimi. I guess when you make more than one movie theyre allowed to give you a last name. Oh, there is also Victoria Del Rio as one of the interviewees, and Jewel De Nyle drops in for a snack. Technically, Mimi is not a video virgin as she was in Volume 1, but Im not going to really complain.
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