Surfboys Taken Downunder box cover

Surfboys Taken Downunder

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Release Date: 12/18/2004
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Set in and around the beautiful beaches of Australia, "Surfboys Taken Down Under" features a gorgeous cast of fit & trim surfer types. The movie is directed by Mike Esser and condoms are used. Jake is a photographer. He and his boyfriend Rory are on vacation in Aussie land. Jake, a cute brunette is snapping photos of Josh, a hot looking blonde posing against the crashing waves of the beach and rocks. He's wearing a skimpy red speedo which our photographer coaxes him out of with some extra cash (I would too) Soon Jake is naked as well and both guys are rolling around on the beach while the surf splashes all around them ala "From Here to Eternity." They then retreat behind some rocks and take turns sucking each others hot cocks. The scene ends with our blonde friend getting jerked off and cumming. Our next scene has 2 hot brunette surfer-boys exiting the ocean with their boards. They are soon out of their tiny black speedos and play wrestling on the beach as their dicks flop around. They both end up lying down and making out.
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How, you may ask, can I give 4 stars for the performers' looks and only a star to the film as a whole? Because this is the most irritating film I have ever seen. It had everything going for it: handsome guys, a spectacular locale. But it also had something else: a director who fucked it up. What a tragedy! Mike Esser began his career doing soft pornthe only kind that was allowed in Britain at the time. As a result he still directs as if this is what hes doing. There are scads of double exposures, jump cuts, cross-fades, and much editing and camera-play. Actually these occur every 4 seconds! I actually counted and every 4 seconds something happened to the picture. EVERY 4 SECONDS! I began to feel woozy. Soon I even experienced motion sickness and acquired a headache. Anyone with epilepsy should definitely avoid this film, as it will certainly trigger a seizure. Its like trying to watch sex under a strobe light. Theres a bit of a plot, if you can follow it though all the blips and fades and double exposures. Young Rory has come to Australia.
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