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The Details Title: Sting: A Taste For Leather Studio: Falcon Director(s): John Rutherford & Jeff Russell Videographer(s): Todd Montgomery & Max Phillips Editor(s): Delta Productions Music: E.M. Diaz Cast: Clay Maverick, Jeff Palmer, Virgil Sinclair, Christopher Scott, Cameron Fox, Addison Scott, Tristan Paris, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Fernando Montana, Dylan Reece, Chad Kennedy, Chip Noll, Tony Lazzari, & Nick Riley Date of Production: November 16, 1999 Running Time: 145 minutes Menus & Chapters: 4 Chapters for 3 scenes. The middle scene is so long, however that youre wishing there were more. Extras: None which is sadly disappointing considering the epic proportions of the film. Packaging: Clay Maverick on the cover looking good enough to eat! Leathery pictorials of each of the films stars on the back. (I would have liked to have seen more of these in a photo gallery or something they could have included on the DVD. The Story Nothing really unifying here. Chip Knoll gets captured by some of his friends for a birthday present.
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Note: The DVD I viewed is the so-called censored version, which I rented. If youre planning to buy this DVD, be aware that, as described below, Falcon has exorcised what may be a big chunk out of the last scene. The uncensored version is available directly from Falcon but might show up in resale. See Message Board on this site for further info. The DVD opens with Chip Noll being kidnapped while half asleep by Chad Kennedy, Dylan Reece, and Tony Lazzari. They put a hood over his head, strap him to the roof of an SUV like a 5-point buck (really!), and away they go. Where? Well get to that shortly. But first up we find Tristan Paris is poised to service a cigar smoking, leather-harness-and-chaps-wearing Clay Maverick. Clay looks just great in this scene! They say to make it in gay porn, you need at least 2 of 3 thingsgood looking face, a great body, and a big dick. Well, Clay has hit the trifecta. Tristan caresses the big guys meat like he was worshiping it.
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