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After serving as Producer on Titans previous Titanmen Fresh European series, Richie Oldmann has taken over as director for SIDETRACKED and he has done a fine job. The film consists of four threesomes each of which starts of with two guys until a third comes along and the duos get sidetracked. The film might also be called Threes Company. Such a setup does preclude much variety, but with studs like these who minds? The first scene begins with muscular Glenn Santoro looking under the hood of his car which has broken down. His attention is immediately diverted when blond and stunning Petr Majer strolls past. Glenn watches as Petr enters a supposedly abandoned factory and decides to pursue him. Inside the abandoned factory Petr has met up with an incomparable beauty known only as Carlos. Stiff cocks bang together and lips are locked in passion before Carlos drops down to suck Petrs cock and lick his balls. When Glenn who has arrived witnesses this, he pulls out his cock. Peter waves for him to join them. He and Petr kiss as Carlos swallows down yet another cock.
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