Seven Deadly Sins, The: Lust (All Worlds) box cover

Seven Deadly Sins, The: Lust (All Worlds)

Studio: All Worlds Video
Category:  Gay
Director: Michael Zen
Starring: Logan Reed, Blake Harper, Michael Brandon, Jason Branch, Ethan Richards, Robert Kirk, Nick Young, Acosta, Tony
Release Date: 6/12/2001
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I love Blake Harper. I think he is just the hottest thing ever. So, when I saw that he did a Michael Zen movie, who I've had very positive experiences with when I had viewed straight porn, I jumped on this movie, even though it was a very expensive DVD. Do I think it was worth the price? For the movie, yes, but for the DVD... The Movie: Okay, Lust is actually a pretty decent movie. The sex and story blend together for the most part, and the acting is actually pretty good all around. Plus, it has Blake Harper (okay, the drooling will stop now). The sex is on and off. The first sex scene in the film, between the main character's friend and his gardener is actually really hot, although I would suggest putting it on mute, because the gardner's attempt at dirty talk is... laughable at best. Lame ad-libing aside, the scene is smoking, especially since the best friend just pounds this guy in to the ground.
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Director: Michael Zen Cast: Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Michael Brandon, Tony Acosta, Logan Reed, Ethan Richards, Rob Kirk, Nick Young Story: Blake Harper falls head over heals in lust with a painting of Jason Branch. Scene One Blakes boyfriend has had it with Blakes obsession with the painting, and gives him a phone-call-brush off. Blakes ex wastes no time moving on, and gets busy with his Latino gardener. Sure, the Latinos good looking, but hes damaged goods. (Hes got what looks like a few large bruises on his lower body maybe theyre birthmarks?) Anyway, today is his lucky day, cause Blakes ex is HUGE This is some serious meat people. Man, if I had a dick that big, Id be slapping it against peoples faces too! The Latino (I wish I knew his name!) takes every inch of it up his ass too! Yikes! They flip flop a little bit, but most of the time Mr. Hung is shoving his monster cock firmly up his buddys hole. They even hit a position that Ive never seen before. All in all, its a pretty good scene.
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