Road to Naples, The box cover

Road to Naples, The

Studio: LKP
Category:  Gay
Release Date: 2/1/2002
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THE ROAD TO NAPLES A Lucas Kazan Production Directed by Ettore Tosi Starring: Ettore Tosi, Tiziano Cortese, Danille Barbareschi, Ciro Caputo, Fabio De' Rossi, Lucas Foz, Gennaro Grimaldi, Marco Merisi, Rafaello, Flavio Rossini, Roberto Rggiero, Edardo Souza, Francesco Storace. 8 Chapters. Considering its pedigree, THE ROAD TO NAPLES should have and could been better. Stylishly photographed in the manner we're used to with a Lucas Kazan production, possibly the problems with THE ROAD TO NAPLES stem from putting stud muffin Ettore Tosi behind the camera as director. Purporting to be (and in actually, it is) a "Star Search: Italian Style," the lack of onscreen talent far outweighs the talent that we've seen in previous Lucas Kazan features. Even the Extra Features on the disc suffer in comparison to previous Kazan-produced dvds. The still gallery only highlights two of the models: Gennaro Grimaldi and Tiziano Cortese.
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Ettore Tosi, Lucas Kazans incredibly handsome superstar, is our guide on this delightful journey that begins in Spain. We first find a handsome stud Edardo Souza lolling about in the rugged countryside where he jacks a moderate sized but very stiff cock. When we do not see him cum, I thought, Oh, shit! This is more money I have spent foolishly. But in the next scene, with the even more handsome Lucas Foz among a rocky outcrop spattering the stones with spurts of semen, I began to relax. Scene three where we are introduced to Tiziano Cortese is even better. Tiziano, with a smooth muscular build and a bizarre splotchy tattoo across his lower abdomen (that unfortunately somewhat mars his incredible beauty) tells Ettore that he has a girlfriend and strips in a bar. This heterosexuality does not prevent him, however, from permitting Ettore to suck on his huge uncut boner. (Who could prevent Ettore from doing anything?) Having arrived in Bologna, the home of Italys biggest sausages, Ettore spies Marco Merisi and Fabio deRossi who are seemingly lovers.
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Shot entirely on location and featuring some of the hottest Spanish and Italian men youre likely to see, the Road to Naples is an excellent casting production. Most casting films are shot on cheap sets or in seedy hotel rooms but this features beautiful scenery in and around Spain and Italy. Ettore Tosi directs and interviews the men and in one scene gives Tiziano Cortese a blowjob. Most of the guys claim to be straight but all seem to have tried it with a man at least once, so whos to say. It opens on the banks of a cliff in Siges, Spain as Edardo Souza jerks off for the camera. They guys hot with a great body that sports a few nice tattoos. He caresses his body and jerks himself off in the bright sunshine as the waves crash below. A gorgeous scene to watch. Hes then joined by Lucas Foz whos also striking in looks and has a huge, nice, thick, cock that he manages to get hard and shoot a nice load for the camera. Tiziano Cortese is up next and he was just too cocky in his responses to Ettore that he turned me off. He says hes great in bed, everyone loves him, yada, yada, yada.
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