Joanna Angel
Joanna Angel
Tommy Pistol
Tommy Pistol


Studio: Burning Angel
Category:  Feature film , Alt-Porn
Director: Doug Sakmann
Starring: Margaret, Brooklyn, Joanna Angel, Presley Paige, Tommy Pistol
Release Date: 3/6/2006
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's review on  

I've been a fan of Joanna Angel and her website Burning Angel since awhile before the "" craze got going. I live in Brooklyn, and sometimes go to her nabe, Williamsburg, to drink, and ran across a bartender who was talking about Joanna and the site. It turns out the bartender is actually ON the site, so i decided to investigate. I really enjoy the approach, almost in the old, "hey kids, let's put on a show," but with piercings, tattoos, and real cumshots. Since then, a lot has happened for Joanna, and while she seems to have triggered the strange affections of Luke Ford, as well as the requisite backlash, I think it's all pretty funny. People take this shit too seriously. All the footage on this DVD comes from the site. The "Re-Penetrator" clip is a featurette that spoofs the Stuart Gordon horror classic "Re-Animator," in broad, campy terms (and considering how campy the source was, it's pretty campy). To be honest, I don't find the scene interesting or sexy.
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' review on  

Well if you don't have a bloody she-hulk fantasy, this alt porn short is not for you. Re-Penetrator, a clever title and originally released as on the Burning Angel website, is a spoof of all the schlocky horror movies out there. Usually kids would have sex and then the bad guy would kill them. Except this time, Joanna Angel is a zombie reanimated by mad scientist Tommy Pistol and the first thing that comes out of her mouth (besides the fake blood) is "Balls" in a spoof off the zombie mantra, "Brains". I've reviewed zombie porn before in Dawn of the Head but this release takes it to another level. Where a zombie Gia Paloma in Dawn was ferally attractive, Joanna (who I think is very attractive behind the gunk) looks like a repulsive cartoon character. I made the mistake of watching the director's cut where there is fake blood everywhere. Joanna gurgles fake blood as she blows Tommy. Her pussy oozes fake blood when Tommy eats her. The sex was just standard if you can get past all the schlock.
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