Raw Luck

Studio: RAW
Category:  Gay
Release Date: 1/25/2005
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Movie Reviews

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This film is yet another display of the perfect specimen that is the Czech boy (there must be something in the water over there that produces such perfect, young bucks!). This little film is about some of Jay Renfro's fuck experiences over a two day (or so) period. The boys in this film can certainly be called "Young, dumb and full of cum". However, my one complaint is--while they certainly are carrying around a lot of seed in those weighted down balls, someone needs to send them to the propulsion lab--b/c they just can't seem to get their rocks off with force and intensity that I had expected. We are treated to six scenes. In scene one, Michael Armano is a photographer and is taking shots of Cameron Jackson when he can't resist the urge to get more physical. In walks Steve Mitchel and we have a threesome on our hands. Steve does Michael over a stool while Michael eats Cam's ass. Steve then switches to Cam's ass and Michael is kneeling down with his pointy tongue out, waiting for some liquid gold. Cam obliges by coating Michael's tongue and chin.
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's review on  

I can resist anything except temptation, Oscar Wilde once wrote. Those who see Cameron Jackson on the cover of this DVD are not likely to resist purchasing it. Well, give in to the temptation! You are not going to be disappointed. I dont know what it isthe genes, the climate, the drinking waterthat makes the Czech Republic the breeding ground for so many beautiful men and boys, but here they are. And, as the title suggests, they do it bareback and they eat cum. The film opens with an adorable blond, Jay Renfro, guiding us through the days events as noted in his diary. Its Friday the 13th, but its anything but an unlucky day. Jay tells us that the day started with Cameron going to a photographer for a photo session. The photographer is a young brunet beauty, Michael Armano. We quickly get by the clothed shots to get to the nude ones. Blond Cameron has the beginning of chest hair, very hairy legs, and a large uncut cock that arcs upward like a rhinos horn when fully aroused.
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