Private Gold 9: Private Dancer

Studio: Private
Category:  Feature film , Foreign , Straight
Director: Nic Cramer
Starring: Elena, Zenza Raggi, Gabriella, Roxy, Katalin, Attilla, Ivy, Piroska, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Beata, Shelia
Release Date: 7/8/2001
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Title: Private Dancer Year of Production: 2001 Feature Length: 85 min. Studio: Private/Fraserside Holdings, Ltd./Milcap Media Production Cast: Ivy Crystal, Jean Yves, Fernecia C., Senza Raggi, Scoca O., Riny Ray, Atlas D., Elone R., Melinda K., Pirosia K., Pablo R., Nicole K., Doris S., Katrin S., Victoria M., etc. Director: Nic Cramer Review: Scene 1: In the Night She is a private dancer. We know nothing about her she is a little strange at first. We see her being mugged and thrown on the ground, and a minute later she is having sex with a guy she just met in the fog. The sex is good though, but the video quality is low its grainy. Scene 2: Blindfolded and Chained She is looking for something. We then get a pass into her memories she is blindfolded and chained, sitting in a low chair in a huge room, and another private dancer is brought to her. The guy who brought the second girl joins them in a threesome. The scene would be much better if they had better-looking performers.
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