Private Film 11: Virgin Treasures

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
Director: Frank Thring
Starring: Erika Bella, Kitty Yung, Katy Kash, Frank Gun, Alberto Rey, Sidney, Brittania
Release Date: 7/12/2000
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Virgin Treasures 1 = Third Rate Porn First Rate Porn (FRP) = A movie that may have won some awards, but mainly it is agreed upon by a great majority that the movie is of exceptional quality. These types of movies are very rare and should belong to your private library. Second Rate Porn (SRP) = A movie that has gotten mixed reviews. These types of features are usually in-between ratings of FRP and TRP. A movie that gives no real surprise yet is also worth watching more the once. You will have to decide exactly where it fits on your own rating scale. Third Rate Porn (TRP) = This is close to shit. Rental worthy, if even that. Usually lacking in sound/video quality and an overall rating of general trash. Even worse these movies may be plain boring, lacking any simple plot, and have a general negative appeal. ----- Plot / Story ZERO, or close to zero. The thing is that they tried to have a plot, but failed miserably. Audio / Video Audio is pretty bad.
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Caribbean Setting. Private Girls. Wild Sex (typical Private...bit too much Anal for me in this one) What more could you ask for? ok. More scenes :-) Plot is simple: Couple buys villa on tropical island. Villa is haunted by good looking ghosts who have sex everywhere. All the "lines" are in English (compared to the Woodman ones which are in French). Actresses: - Katie Bergmann (I think...ever notice that Private truly sucks at getting their actresses indexed properly on their DVD covers and their web site?); nice body but has tattoo on ankle - Erika Rokoscy (actually Erika Bella); brunette w/ nice body - Sidonie; blond w/ really fair skin who looks a lot better w/ shades on - Cathy Cash; brunette who really steals the show - Kitty Yung, a.k.a. Zana Suhn; asian..not that pretty but likes Anal First scene: Couple (Katie and guy) arrives. Has wild sex to initiate the place. They end up outside. Next scene: Katie starts seeing ghosts.
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