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A Great Girl/Girl Initiation! I happened upon this disc recently, and I just had to review it. It isnt nearly as hardcore as some of the titles Ive written about recently. But ladies, if youre looking for a great way to initiate yourself into the joys and beauty of lesbian sex, this title is fantastic! The action, being Playboy, is very mild. But the girls and settings are gorgeous. And youll quickly be convinced that few things in this world are as tantalizing as two (or more) luscious babes getting intimate together! As a visual feast, this video is superb! Three of the scenes are boy/girl, (one being a threesome with two cuties). Girl/girl virgins will probably find this footage reassuring. Four of the vignettes, though, are girl-only and these are truly outstanding! The first involves two roommates discovering each other by dripping melted ice cream all over their bodies, particularly their breasts. They share a spoonful of dessert (and almost kiss).
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