Monique Covet
Monique Covet

Pirate Video Deluxe: Hell, Whores and High Heels

Studio: Private
Category:  Fetish , Foreign , All Sex
Director: Tanya Hyde
Starring: Layla, Monique Covet, Robert Rosenberg, Kevin Long, Georgette, Anita Black, Lora, Nataly Dune, Violet Storm, Tony De Sergio
Release Date: 11/10/2000
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Hell, Whores and High HeelsAn Official Selection of the Goldmember Masterpiece Collection What is the Masterpiece Collection? I suppose it is my personal pornography Hall of Fame. It is only for those select films that I consider to be at the very pinnacle of the industry. This is an honor reserved only for films that I believe will stand the test of time. Hell, Whores and High Heels Studio - Private Director - Tanya Hyde Female Cast - Monique Covet, Anita Black, Nataly Dune, Violet Storm, Lora, Georgette, Layla Male Cast - Kevin Long, Robert Rosenberg, Tony de Dersio Running Time - 84 min (approx) Overall Impression There is a reason Tanya Hyde is called the "Queen of Kink", and this DVD is the strongest piece of evidence to support her claim to fetish royalty. She has made several films now for Private's Pirate Video Deluxe line and this is certainly her best work. Hyde draws many of her influences from London's underground fetish scene, so some of the film may be a bit of an acquired taste.
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Cast: Monique Covet, Nataly Dune, Violet Storm, Georgette, Anita Black, Lora, Layla Jade, Kevin Long, Robert Rosenberg, Tony de Sergio Director: Tanya Hyde Production date: 9/2000 (box); 10/2000 (opening statement) Length: 84 min. (box claims a running time of 100 min.) Extras: Trailer for feature and five other releases, photo gallery with 36 images, biographies for all female cast, film notes (basically a press release), and language and subtitle options (which are relatively unimportant since there is no dialog beyond the opening credits). Audio/visual quality: The raw footage has been extensively processed to include jump edits, color shifts, blurs, enhanced motion, strobing and lots of other interesting effects. Horizontal masks at the top and bottom of the video give it a widescreen appearance. The pacing is best described as frenetic. The camera's shadow does occasionally fall on the performers' bodies, but with so much on-screen activity, it's a flaw that's easily overlooked.
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Running Time: 85 min. (cover states 100 min. which might be pretty close to the total DVD length) Production Date: Sept. 2000 Director: Tanya Hyde Cast: Monique Covet, Layla, Georgette, Anita Black, Nataly Dune, Lora, Violet Storm, Robert Rosenberg, Kevin Long, and Tony DeSergio Initial Expectations: Ive only seen Fetish Therapy and Hells Belles from Privates Pirate line, but both were very good giving me high expectations once again. Initial Reaction: Im in awe! Who Should Watch It : Fans of fetish sex and anybody looking for something really different Who Should Avoid It: Vivid fanatics. Audio /Video Quality: The audio has a range of feels, all of which appear to be on purpose. Some is very clear, and some echoes quite a bit. The entire movie has a very different feel, which makes me think the audio ranges are on purpose. The video has just as large a range. Sometimes its very clear, and others it has a strong film-like grain. On the plus side, its always widescreen, which is excellent.
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