Erik Everhard
Erik Everhard
Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes
Karina Kay
Karina Kay

Papa Holmes' Little Girls

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Straight , Barely Legal
Director: Steve Holmes
Starring: Erik Everhard, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas, Karina Kay, Yvette Balcano, Natalie Brown, Sabina Blue, Afrodite Night
Release Date: 7/10/2005
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I found this movie disappointing. Just by looking at the cover, I figured this to be the RLD/PXP crew foraging through a euro cast. However rumours of a certain makeup artist being fucked by Steve Holmes was enough for me to pop this dvd into the player. At first I was confused why would Hotwax Steph be in this movie since it seems to be based in Europe until the first scene with Karina Kay came on. Karina is easily the prettiest girl in the movie and her scene with Steve is the best. Her beauty and passion as they wrestle each other on a nice red velvet covered bed stood out and I wondered if Steve had to throw this scene into a euro movie to make it watchable. Because I didn't find any but one of the euro girls attractive. It's sad when the makeup artist (Trinity) is more attractive than all of the euro girls. When Toni Ribas, Erik Everhard, and Steve work on the euro girl of the scene, I start thinking of little blue men as I start humming the Smurf's theme due to the title of this movie.
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