Lupe Fuentes
Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience

Studio: Teravision
Category:  Latin , Interactive
Director: Axel Braun
Starring: Chris Charming, Jay Lassiter, John Espizedo, Lupe Fuentes
Release Date: 9/29/2009
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's review on  

Teravision busts out another interactive sex video, this time featuring the latina temptress, Lupe Fuentes.
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's review on  

"Lupe Fuentes' Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience" is a fun--albeit short--interactive title from Teravision that puts the viewer in control of a sexual episode featuring stunning Latina actress, Lupe Fuentes. Lupe is an extraordinarily petite woman who has nice-sized, enhanced breasts and whose good looks and cute physique really carry this production. The action here is all POV and is generally captured well, though in some places the screen does feel a bit cut off. The interactive experience is also a bit more linear--and thus limited--in this production than in many other titles of a similar nature. Overall, this title from Teravision is definitely above average, but some technical and format issues--as well as its relatively short length--hold it back from being a must-own. Indeed, it is Lupe's looks that really make it worthwhile. If you're a fan of hers, pick this up. If not, try renting it first.
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's review on  

Here we have what I'm guessing will be the first chance a lot of you out there will get to see the lovely Lupe Fuentes in action. She's the newest contract hottie for Teravision and right from the gate we get a title solely devoted to her, Interactive style. The format is a lot like what you've seen before with a few changes. Gone are the icons which decorate the screen for most interactives- these appear after Lupe's done doing whatever it is you've chosen for her to do at the start of the segment be it stripping or handjob or missionary sex. The segment's aren't overly long but do a good job of effectively presenting Lupe who has a screen presence and should do well when put in the traditional porn setting, meaning you see both her and the guy fucking. A good first step but I left wanting more so hopefully we'll get that soon.
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Zuleidy/Little Lupe/Lupe Fuentes interactive
In her movie Interactive Girlfriend Experience does she speak? You know what I mean, does she respond to commands to do xyz. I have several movies by her and I don't think I have heard her offer up a single word. I can imagine her Spanish accent is...

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