Lesbian Cheerleader Squad

Studio: Avalon
Category:  All Girl
Director: Jim Gunn
Starring: Denee Dreams, Ashley Heart, Cat, Gina Rae, Leah Lauren, Brianna Coates, Stacey Sweet, Kelly Cox
Release Date: 5/25/2000
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Reviewed by: The Captain Title: Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 1 Studio: Avalon / Jim Gunn DOP: 11/1999 Category: Girl/Girl Runtime: 1:52 Extras: Some Overall Avg. Captain's Boner Rating: 7.5/10 Starring: Denee Dreams- Red hair, pierced tongue, nearly shaved. Ashley Heart- Short haired brunette, shaved. Stacey Sweet- Blonde, large breasts, shaved. Brianna Coates- Blonde, large breasts, trimmed, tattoo around right breast. Kelly Cox- Curly blonde hair, smallest breasts of the group, trimmed. Gina Rae- Short haired brunette, dirty talker, Kat- Blonde, freckles, shaved. Leah Lauren- Blonde, small ass, shaved, scar under right breast. Video Details: Video begins with Kat and Denee doing a brief introduction of the movie and first scene, as they do for all scenes. Then the credits begin with the girls names followed by a brief clip. Scene 1: Denee and Ashley Denee and Ashley are sitting on a blanket outside in their red and white cheerleading outfits (NOTE: all girls in this video wear the same style outfit). Open mouth kissing begins.
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Snowman's Raincoat Reviews - the lowdown on adult dvd & videos - -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Lesbian Cheerleader Squad #01 (DVD) Starlets: Gina Rae - Brunette with short hair. Sort of butch and talks dirty. Leah Lauren - Blond girl. Denee Dreams - Young girl with Brown/Reddish hair. Brianna Coates - Dirty blond, straight hair. Pear shaped rack. Big rose tattoo on backside. Ashley Heart - Very cute brunette with short hair. Best of the bunch. Fun to watch! Stacey Sweet - Blond with nice rack. Looks good from front, but has huge tattoo on her ass. Kelly Cox - Blond girl. Cat - Blond with wavy hair. Tattoo above waist.
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Lesbian Cheerleader Squad (2000) Studio: Jim Gunn Directed by: Jim Gunn Starring: Cat, Denee Dreams, Brianna Coates, Kelly Cox, Gina Rae, Leah Lauren, Stacey Sweet, and Ashley Heart Running Time: 1:52 Format: Single Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Full motion video main menu, full motion video chapter selection, 20-picture photo gallery, cast biographies, and trailer for Lesbian Teeny Boppers The First Word: Jim Gunn's first DVD under his own label features high quality video of new girls in lesbian action, dressed in cheerleading outfits. Although the disc has some things going for it and is better than your average girl-girl video, the idea of a Lesbian Cheerleader Squad sounds better than it is. Plot Synopsis: Denee Dreams and Cat host this all-sex, cheerleader-themed, lesbian feature. Each of the scenes begins with a very short introduction by Denee and Cat, followed by the start of the action.
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