Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
Director: Paul Barresi
Starring: Stonie, Nick Young, Pete Ross, Daniel Vale
Release Date: 5/15/2006
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Movie Reviews

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Although there was potential here it was never realized due to the indifference of the director and some pug-uglies in the casting.
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's review on  

I am guessing US Male had some spare change so they decided to put it to use and produce Jr. Dads n Athletic Lads. Paul Baressi is the producer, writer, and director and I am not sure if he just sucks at this or was he working with a dollar store budget when it came to sets, script and casting models. Having seen his films before I knew to expect a low budget film and one with little imagination when it came to directing, but one can still hope for a cast that is at least hot to watch. In the first scene, it becomes apparent they are using the same set and weight equipment used in the first scene of Dads and Lads. Nick Young, an athletic built guy is working out at the universal machine and is joined by Pete Ross. Both of these guys are featured on the DVD box cover. Pete is a cute blonde with some body piercingshis nipples, his dick, his scrotum, and navel. He has a hole in his nose where apparently a piercing had been. Aside from the piercings he has a nice athletic built body. Nick is a bit more ripped.
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