Hazy Days of Summer

Studio: Pride
Category:  Gay
Director: Mike EsserStephen Bulfield
Release Date: 2/10/2001
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5 stars for a soft-core film??? YES! Put quite simply, Hazy Days of Summer is one of the most beautiful and highly erotic films I have seen. Set in the lush English countryside with seven gorgeous young performers, the film recalls such British classics as Brideshead Revisited, Maurice, A Room with a View, etc. The film begins with a group of mouth-watering youngsters picnicking with two Anglican priests. The elder priest is a prude, denying more wine to the younger minister and forbidding two of the youngsters to kiss. Once the religious caterpillars have departed the two youngsters (a wispy blond and a cute brunet) strip naked and do more than kiss in the first of our idyllic encounters. (At the time this film was made British law forbade hardcore films to be produced, so although we do not really see cocks being sucked and asses being fucked it is quite obvious that the action is not always being faked. Theres some real cocksucking going on here, and at the conclusion of this encounter we can actually see the blonds semen spurt on his belly.
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