Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon
Renee Pornero
Renee Pornero
Dillan Lauren
Dillan Lauren
Taryn Thomas
Taryn Thomas

Gothsend 3

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Fetish , All Sex
Director: Guy Capo
Starring: Chris Cannon, Carmen, Jen X, Reno, Brooklyn, Brett Rockman, Justin Slayer, Renee Pornero, Jack Spade, Mark Zane, Dillan Lauren, Taryn Thomas
Release Date: 5/12/2005
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Movie Reviews

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The Little Details Running Time: 127 min. Production Date: 3 / 13 / 2005 Director: Guy Capo Cast: Brooklyn Holiday, Carmen, Dillan Lauren, Jen X., Renee Pornero, Taryn Thomas, Alias, Brett Rockman, Chris Cannon, Jack Spade, Justin Snyder, and Reno The Short Story Initial Expectations: Renee and Taryn? Okay, Im in! Initial Reaction: Its well done, but its not my bag, baby. Who Should Watch It : Fans of goth chicks Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly porn or Pirate-style fetish action The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I dont think I heard a single background noise. The video is also very well done, and is nicely lit with just a touch of softness. There are some artistic effects here and there, and they too are normally well done. Music: The music is dark and moody, and far from your typical porno music. It rests in the background and fits the style of the movie amazingly well.
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's review on  

Gothsend III Studio: DVSX Director: Guy Capo Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:07:44 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Solo Scenes / Trailers (0:33:29) Starring: Taryn Thomas Dillan Lauren Jen X Brooklyn Carmen Renee Pornero Themes: Artistic, Fetish "Gothsend III" is the latest in the line of gothic-themed fetish movies from DVSX director Guy Capo. It's a concept film where every scene has a unified dark and creepy mood. The girls are all attired in interesting and dark fetish wear, and made up with scary and bizarre makeup. Fans who are into the goth subculture where people are obsessed with death and vampires and stuff like that will probably like this movie. I don't pretend to understand the whole goth thing, but the "Gothsend" movies are eye-catching and visually impressive, and also usually contain some hot sex. The girls who are done up in white makeup and weird costumes also turn out to be pretty erotic. I saw the original volume of "Gothsend" and was pretty intrigued so I'm going to into this one with an open mind.
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's review on  

Here we go with what I think is Guy's favorite series to do, Gothsend. It combines sex with the dark tones he seems to enjoy weaving into his work. I don't always get what he's trying to do but I acknowledge that he's at least attempting to do something a little different, make the porn viewer think a bit while doing their business!! Mostly for me, I'm here for the girls and to see how the sex is shot and the storyline/ set up is of very little importance. I will focus most of my review on the sex rather than the set up and hope you'll forgive me! Renee Pornero: We begin with this pretty Austrian woman whose looks lend themselves nicely to a goth type scene, the pale white skin, coal black hair, plus add in her must healthy sexual appetite and we've got a potentially good scene. As the scene opens it's all dark and you see some heavy red color also introduced. Then we have Renee all dressed in a white satin bridal dress and her husband is looking on as she slowly lowers the dress revealing her pierced nipple.
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' review on  

We're now up the third video for this series. I was too busy making fun of the first one. The second one fascinated me with the visuals but the sex was lacking in some parts. Renee Pornero: Renee looks fascinatingly different in her goth makeup and curled hair. She has fake tattoos around her nipples and a red eyemark on the right side of her face. She and Alias (who looks like he should be in Clockwood Orange or Vampire Hunter D) are consumating their gothic marriage in what looks like a church. The sex was pretty good and Renee does give up the butt. Hell most of the time it was the butt. Atms. I know some people don't like music in their scenes but the musical silence during sex seem out of place after a mood-setting intro. Cumshot into a chalice where she drinks it down. Carmen: Well some guy is stroking off in a theatre. He should be wearing a raincoat. Since he looks like Chris Isaak in goth I'm going to assume this is Chris Cannon. Anyway Carmen interrupts his strokeathon.
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