Good Source Of Iron 4, A

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Cumshots
Director: Brandon Iron
Starring: Faith, Astrid, Peachez, Krista Lynn Lovely, Railee Dean, Heaven Taylor, Krysta Lynn Lovely
Release Date: 1/25/2005
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Movie Reviews

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's review on  

In this installment of the series Brandon Iron continues to push the envelope for the cum swallowing genre. From "Down the Hatch", "Swallow My Pride" (which Brandon launched as the Director of the first two volumes), "No Cum Dodging Allowed" to "Feeding Frenzy" the number of excellent swallowing series has grown over the past six years. However Brandon has now surged past them for the sheer volume of semen that he has his girls swallow. In this volume he has Faith swallowing 31 loads, Astrid swallows 30, Railee Dean 14, Krysta-Lynn Lovely 10, & both Peachez & Heaven Tylor swallow 8 each. Cover girl Faith is the prettiest of the girls. Along with doing the most swallowing, she also has the hottest sex action with a blistering DP followed by her swllowing both loads. Astrid is cute & also performs a hot sex scene. The other girls go from cute to average (in my opinion) from Railee, Peachez, Heaven, to Krysta-Lynn. Brandon makes sure there is a lot of variety in this video.
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's review on  

  [ /image ] --> 3 reviews already.... so I won't be redundant with narration-  I'll just give you my commentary. If you aren't already familiar with the series read the other reviews first.   [ /image ] --> Astrid Commentary:  Together with Faith, she makes the most strokeworthy scenes. The first miniscene where she welcomes us with her goblet of seed is a fantastic way to start off. I just loved her giddy demeanor and eagerness to be naughty. For someone who's never swallowed cum before she handles herself well and I loved how heavy she was on the dirtytalk. She has a charming laugh. I think her fun and spunky attitude is essential for a movie of this type. Watching a girl laugh and grin from ear to ear as she gets splattered all over her face is a sight to see. OVERALL SCORE:  4.75   Faith Commentary: This girl loves cum.
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' review on  

Brandon Iron's: A Good Source Of Iron Volume 4 Initial Thoughts: I'm telling you, this has to be the cum swallowing version of The Never Ending Story, by my count there is 25 mini scenes that throw in just about anything you could ask for in a porn disc, gang oral, gangbang, POV, threesomes, foursomes, and oh yeah, every load gets swallowed or applied to some sexy girl's face and then eaten from there. I'm really pleased with this disc, there is a ton of variety and it really never gets stale, if you see a girl your fond of, chances are keep watching and you'll get to see her do something even more outrageous. If you have seen this series before, then it should be noted that there are a few changes that have happened in the structure from past volumes, for starters, there are a fair bit of facials, I'm a big swallowing fan, but I'm probably more a facial fan than a pure swallow fan, so I like to see the variety, and most of the facials eventually get downed anyway, it's just an alternate method.
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's review on  

This series by Brandon along with it's sister Baker's Dozen are both heavy on the cream and it's the good kind too, not the bad stuff major leaguers are using!! The girls may not be "A" list girls for most but they are willing to let a bunch of guys fuck and then spew all over their faces and in most cases the spunk ends up deep down their throats. Now for this particular volume the scene's aren't as long as in your typical gonzo flick but the action is more compact and the payoffs come much quicker and you get more of them. I will go by girls in this one instead of scene by scene. So here goes, Astrid: This girl comes on with plenty of energy and she's holding a glass letting the fellas give her a little appetizer to get us going. The dirty talking is ok by her and you see a decent amount of jizz collected and Astrid tilts it and indeed lets the spunk finds it's way down her throat with some difficulty but still all the way gone goes the cum! So a good tone is set.
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's review on  

I've taken the time to watch this movie a few times and must say that I am impressed. "A Good Source of Iron 4" is among Brandon Iron's best work and is a very entertaining piece of erotica. There is a lot of swallowing, of course, a bunch of facials, some hot sex thrown in the mix and some very promising girls in this title. Things get off to a hot start with Astrid, who holds a cum cocktail and collects quite a few loads while eagerly anticipating her gooey meal. :) Her reaction as she tries to down the cum concoction in one gulp is priceless. Watch her struggle but eventually recover like a champ and you can't help but cheer her on! Her energy, youthful enthusiasm and cuteness are all very appealing and should endear her to many a fan. Faith, our beautiful covergirl, is up next and she blows Brandon and swallows his load before taking on a bunch of cocks and getting plastered and spoon fed her cum.
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