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This was shot on location in Hawaii and features dozens of exterior shots of the island, as well as a sailboat, a helicopter, some scuba footage, an Aloha airliner, etc. The "Double Indemnity"/"Body Heat" style plot far exceeds any plot you'll see in today's porn. On the downside, this is 24 year-old footage, and it shows. The DVD transfer was pretty good, but the film itself is damaged and peppered with scratches and white spots. Moreover, the women doing porn in the late 1970's were pretty homely by today's standards, but Leslie Bovee is a very handsome woman and exudes an earthy sensuality. On the extras side, there is a full motion chapter-stops menu. The multi-angle gimmick is a complete waste of time, because most of the extra angles are just mirror images. The commentary track is the king of all DVD extras, but none of the people associated with this project are still around and willing to participate. Holmes passed away in 1988, and Leslie Bovee has been out of the business for twenty years.
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Eruption, a 1978 film starring Holmes and Leslie Bovee, shot on location in Hawaii, is the perfect example of Holmes the actor (instead of just Holmes the big, wonderful cock.) As with other classic porno, Eruption had a complete plot intermingled with hot sex. The story was very Magnum PI-like, and not just because it was filmed in Hawaii. Holmes plays an insurance sales guy who helps Bovee kill her husband to collect on a life insurance policy. The movie has plot twists and exciting moments that don't involve sex (seriously.)You get to watch the Holmes' penis rise to the occasion over and over again -these are captivating moments -getting this man hard is a slow, sensual process.
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