Dirty Little Sins

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
Category:  Gay
Director: Jett Blakk
Starring: Brad Benton, Dillon Press, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra
Release Date: 6/3/2005
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Gore Vidal once expressed the notion that if someone were to deliberately sit down in a conscious attempt to devise a religion that would enslave the mind and negate all life, he couldnt do much better than Judeo-Christianity. Of course any religion demands absolute belief in the absolutely unbelievable, demanding that we stifle reason and murder the mind. Yet, it is not the evil of religion per se that DIRTY LITTLE SINS deals with, but the evil men who use that religion in a hypocritical manner. It is a timely topic with our present administration using right-wing religious groups to further a repressive and tyrannical agenda that erodes our liberties and the fundamental principles on which this country was based. Freud said that religion attacked sexual activity because religion was a perversion of sexuality. That is certainly the case here as illustrated in the opening prologue where we pan from a bible to a cross on the wall stating you are forgiven to young Brad Benton on his bed gazing at pictures of naked men and masturbating.
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