Devil In Miss Jones, The (VCX)

Studio: VCX
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Director: Gerard Damiano
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, John Clemens, Marc Stevens, Judith Hamilton, Levi Richards, Gerard Damiano, Erica Havens
Release Date: 6/11/2000
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Movie Reviews

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When a virginal, middle-aged woman (Georgina Spelvin) takes the easy way out and slits her wrists, she's given one last opportunity to fulfill her unsated, lustful desires before heading to eternal damnation. Such is the case in the "Devil in Miss Jones", an exceptional, Golden Age release from VCX and director, Gerard Damiano.
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's review on  

The Little Details Running Time: 67 min. Production Date: 1972 Director: Gerard Damiano Cast: Clair Lumiere (aka Judith Hamilton), Georgina Spelvin, Sue Flaken (aka Erica Havens), Harry Reems, Levi Richards, Marc Stevens, and Rick Livermore in sexual roles and Gerard Damiano and John Clemens in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: This movie is a true classic thats come back time after time. I cant help but look forward to it. Initial Reaction: Although the DVD as a whole leaves plenty to be desired, the movie definitely deserves to be seen. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants real looking women and artistic porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants long sex scenes The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, although some of the scenes only have music for audio. The video has a bit of grain, which is to be expected with a movie which was shot on film in the early seventies.
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's review on  

Length: 65:39 Year: 1973 Starring: Georgina Spelvin.... as Justine Jones Harry The Teacher John Abaca Al Man in cell Claire Lumiere Sue Flaken The VCX dvd of The Devil In Miss Jones is presented letterboxed (mostly). The beginning track through the titles is not letterboxed (the first 2:12 and the last 0:47), but the rest of the movie is letterboxed at what appears to be a ratio of 1.66:1 The plot to this movie is that Justine Jones being depressed commits suicide and this being an unforgivable sin she has to go to Hell. Abaca the one who sends you to Heaven or Hell though decides to give her a chance to go back to earth to fulfill her lustful desires. Now the story moves on to the sex and Justine's journey through her sexual discovery. With each scene in the movie she moves on to more and more adventurous sex, ending with a threesome with two men.
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's review on  

Devil in Miss Jones A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: VCX Edition Details: Limited Edition MSRP: $29.95 DVD Release Date: June 2002 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Golden Age Classic (1972 - 1984) Run Time: 67 minutes Rated: X Year of Release: 1972 Director: Gerard Damiano Written by: Gerard Damiano Cast: Georgina Spelvin, John Clemens, Harry Reems (as Harry Reams), Marc Stevens (as Mark Stevens), Rick Livermore, Clair Lumiere, Sue Flaken, Gerard Damiano (as Albert Gork)       Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Mono Subtitles: none Video: Widescreen, 1.37:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: Single Sided, Single Layered Special Features: Photo Gallery, Web Site, Coming Soon  [ /image ] --> Synopsis: Justine Jones, unfulfilled in her life, commits suicide by slashing her wrists.  Jones ends up at a way station before Heaven and Hell.  Since Jones committed suicide, she has to go to Hell.  She is allowed to return to Earth for some carnal fun, after some tutelage, before her eternal punishment begins. Video/Aud
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