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Most of what I wrote about "The Ecstasy Girls" also applies to this film. This is a 1982 Harold Lime production, directed by Robert McCallum. With Veronica Hart and Annette Haven, there's more star power in this flick, but the final product is not quite as good as the wonderful "Ecstasy Girls." The plot is "Ecstasy Girls" in reverse. Here, Georgina Spelvin is the publisher of a soft-core porn mag called "Panther," featuring centerfolds of smart college girls. Some morality guardians form a committee called Morality over Madness (MOM), and try to put Panther out of business. Spelvin has to round up her centerfold graduates to go out and seduce the committee members, retain evidence of the hanky-panky, and ultimately blackmail the members into ceasing their assault on Panther magazine.
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Running Time: Approx. 95 min (There are no scene indexes or time codes on the DVD) Cast: Annette Haven, Veronica Hart, Jesie St. James, Georgina Spelvin, Desire Cousteau, Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire, Jacqueline Brooks, Frank Hollowell, Richard Bolla, Michael Morrison, Eric Edwards, and Mike Horner (who isn't even listed in the credits) Director: Robert McCulum Extras: Photo gallery and Jump to a Scene (I guess this is actually an extra feature when you don't have chapter markings on a DVD) Audio / Video Quality: The audio and video quality is better than what I would have expected for an adult film this old. The video is average and the audio echoes in spots, but is much better than other adult films of this age, such as the Original Debbie Does Dallas. The Review: Centerspread Girls kind of reminds me of my youth. It revolves around MOM trying to stop porn (or at least not let me have it). In this case, MOM is Morality Over Madness, a moral majority group which has been trying to shut down Panther magazine for years.
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