Anita Dark
Anita Dark
Castings 7: Anita Dark box cover

Castings 7: Anita Dark

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
Director: Pierre Woodman
Starring: Julie, Valentina, Coralie, Anita Dark, Alain Deloin, Demia Moore, Richard Langin, Nick Lang, Bagheera, Stasha, Pierre Woodman, Pal Kovesi, Jack Slater, Audrey
Release Date: 8/15/2002
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW  Castings 7 (124 min.) Featuring: Anita Dark, Demia Moore, Bagheera, Audrey, Coralie, Stasha, and Julie Synopsis: It's another Woodman casting. Overall: Don't let the cover fool you because the rest of the women aren't really attractive. Unless you like listening to the interviews, I don't recommend this for the sex in it because you will be very disappointed. DVD Quality: Since the footage is relatively old, the footage looks like regular 8 or VHS quality. Finally, there is an option to hear the French without the terrible English dubbing.  Extras: The Pierre Woodman interview is slightly informative and explains why he uses the same male talent. He uses the same male talent because he trusts them in compromising situations, especially when they are in a country where it may be forbidden to make a porno movie.
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Castings 7: Anita Dark - Absolute Beginner Private Directed by Pierre Woodman Starring: Anita Dark, Demia Moore, Bagheera, Audrey, Coralie, Stasha, Julie Running time: 2hrs 3mins This edition of Pierre Woodman's series sees the balance between interviews and movie clips swing gently towards the latter, though there are still some particularly interesting auditions and behind the scenes clips to enjoy. A word of warning, though - Anita Dark may be the cover girl, but her audition (as if she really needed one!) does not amount to much. The big news for me is that subtitles make a comeback at last. Hurrah! No more stilted dubbed translations! Coralie Contemporary interest in this audition may reflect interest in her more recent work because, unless I am very much mistaken, this brunette French wannabe porn star is none other than Coralie Trinh Thi, director of the controversial French art house movie Baise-moi. Here she sports a slightly gothic look, with strong make up and a tattoo on her butt.
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