Tricia Devereaux
Tricia Devereaux
John Stagliano
John Stagliano
Christoph Clark
Christoph Clark

Buttman's Toy Stories

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Director: John Stagliano
Starring: Tricia Devereaux, Mike Foster, Reka, John Stagliano, Frank Gun, Mina, Stephanie Steel, Christoph Clark, Stefany Steel
Release Date: 1/11/2002
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Movie Reviews

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The Little Details Running Time: 139 min. Production Date: 1 / 02 / 2000 Director: John Buttman Stagliano Cast: Tricia Devereaux, Mina, Reka Gabor, Stefany Steel, Christoph Clark, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, and John Buttman Stagliano The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive looked forward to this one for a long time. I have very high expectations here! Initial Reaction: It even went past my sky high expectations Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting passionate sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who cant tolerate anal action The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done for gonzo porn. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, but there are a couple locations that make for some hollow sounds when the girls get into it. The video is also nicely done. It has a little grain, which I think is probably due to John Stagliano wanting to give things a bit more of an artistic feel. The lighting is extremely well done, and often looks artistic without being pretentious.
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Cast: Tricia Devereaux, Mina, Reka, Stephanie Steel, John Stagliano, Frank Gun, Mike Foster and Christoph Clark in sex roles; Joey Silvera in non-sex role. Director: John Stagliano Production date: 1/2/00 Length: 220 min. Extras: Full motion chapter indexing, audio commentary by John Stagliano and Tricia Devereaux, fetish menu, cast lists for each scene, photo gallery with 51 images, Evil Angel filmographies for female cast. Audio/visual quality: Video quality is quite pleasing, especially for a gonzo movie. Focus and lighting problems are rare, and there's a nice mix of long, medium, close-up and extreme close-up shots. On only a couple of occasions, the cameraman and equipment get caught in the picture. The jump edits during Mina's tease sequence keep things interesting. Reddish-orange tints are slightly enhanced in scenes one and four, which adds a warm glow to the flesh tones. The audio is nice and clear, with no music. Some muffled traffic noise can be heard during scene three, and airplanes can be heard in scene four.
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Writer/Director: John Stagliano Videographer: John Stagliano Running length: 2 hrs 20 min. D.O.P. 2000 Female cast: Tricia Devereaux, Stephanie Steel, Reka, Mina Male cast: John Stagliano, Christoph Clark, Mike Foster, Frank Gun Audio/Video: Excellent. A lot of visual interest, with some gorgeous outdoor shots, light and airy indoor video, which John explains in the commentary is all natural lighting. The walls look to be a pale peach color, which adds a warm glow. By contrast, there's darker, interesting mood lighting in the Budapest bar. Extras: Commentary by John and Tricia, extra footage, cast list, biographies, photo gallery, fetish menu The Movie: The movie opens with shots of Tricia jogging against a gorgeous Pacific sunrise, with John following her, and salivating over her butt. Check out my screenshots, who can blame him? He strikes up a conversation and invites her to his nearby home for "a swim in his pool".
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Buttman's Toy Stories (2000) Director, Producer & Writer: John Stagliano Starring: Tricia Devereaux, Mina, Stephanie Steel, Reka, Christoph Clark, John Stagliano, Frank Gunn & Mike Foster Special Features: Chapters (41), Audio Commentary (Stagliano & Devereaux), Photo Galleria (49), Cast Info (Bios & Filmographies), Fetish Menu, Extra Footage & Websites Company: Evil Angel -For a while, I've been overlooking this movie for a while now. I've been hearing a lot about this for about a year, but never paid much attention to it. So, I will be seeing it now & gonna give you all the usual review from me. -Scene 1: Tricia Devereaux Nice way to begin the film! I really love how the directors at Evil Angel begin their movies. Stagliano begins his movie shooting a nice sunrise, a cool look of the morning, the moon & Tricia jogging around in a park.
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Title : Buttman's Toy Stories Director : John Stagliano Stars : Tricia Devereaux, Reka, Mina, and Stephanie Steel. Running Time : 2hrs10min Extras : Photo Gallery, Scene Selection, Extra Sex, Commentary by John & Tricia. Review: I was a little afraid buying this title, because I am not a big toy lover in porn. I was surprised how hot things can get when you get the right girl (Tricia) and the right director (John) and things can be really great. The 1st scene introduces us to Tricia (as mentioned on the commentary they actually spelled her name wrong on the opening credits) doing her workout early in the morning. I even found this totally hot and John was showing some great butt shots of her while she was doing her workout. After about 5 mins of that we get Tricia to get out of her workout clothes and into this great skintight blue dress which is see-through if you get close enough which John did. This was just a mind-blowing scene for me. I never knew Tricia was this hot.
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Deveraux and Stagliano
I just read on another sites message board that Tricia Deveraux and John Stagliano did a scene together. I don't know how recent, within the past 2 years maybe? What's the name of the movie and where can I buy it?...

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