Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal

Buttman's Anal Show

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Director: John Stagliano
Starring: Mike Foster, Christophe Clark, Caroline, Nacho Vidal, Ildiko, Vanda, Zsolt Walton, Kata, Gina Vice
Release Date: 7/12/2000
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Movie Reviews

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This is one of John Stagliano's 5 greatest porno directorials (handpicked by me). This film drove me crazy when I saw it, but it didn't drive me as crazy as "Buttman's Rolling Cheeks" did. The main highlights in this flick include women like Vanda, Caroline Cage and Gina Vice. What's also highlighted to me is the ass obsession and anal obsession that this flick had. The usual Buttman flick is obsessed with asses and ass-cheeks.
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's review on  

Buttmans Anal Show Directed by John Stagliano Evil Angel DVD VHS Released November 24, 1999 DVD Released July 12, 2000 Cast : Vanda (aka Monique Vanda), Ildiko (aka Amanda), Caroline Cage (aka Kata Lynn), Kata, Gina Vice, Mike Foster, Zsolt Walton, Christoph Clark, Nacho Vidal, John Buttman Stagliano I honestly respect John Stagliano, both as an innovator and for his dedication to releasing quality pornography (his own, and those of other Evil Angel directors). Ive enjoyed many of his movies over the years, but heres the catch -- I still dont like them that much. Watching Buttmans Anal Show helped me understand why. I had wanted to see this because the cast includes a couple of women of whom Im fond. VictoriO was kind enough to loan me his copy of the DVD for my viewing pleasure, so I thank him for making this review possible. Vanda is the first of the girls I wanted to see.
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's review on  

A John Stagliano Video Starring Gina Vice, Caroline, Kata, Vanda, and Ildiko. Also starring Christoph Clark, Zolt Walton, Mike Foster, and Nacho Vidal. Written, Produced, and Directed by John Stagliano -The film opens up with John wearing white cotton panties on his head as some girls model. SCENE ONE : Vanda. A lotta ass worship going on, with John sticking his face into her ass crack as she is wearing white cotton panties. Christoph fingers her ass, makes her gape, and fucks her ass with a dildo. He puts a few different toys in her ass. Christoph is getting a bj and then he fucks her ass in a few different positions and she gapes. Ildiko is getting fucked and gives oral. Vanda gets fucked by another guy and Christoph is fucking Idilko, both in their pussies. Idilko gets a dp and then Christoph makes her gape before and during her ass fucking by him. After a few variations of fucking the guys cum on the girls faces. --Vanda is a hot and doesnt speak a word of English. Idilko is another good-looking girl. Both girls turn in solid performances as well as the guys.
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's review on  

Title : Buttman's Anal Show Director : John Stagliano Stars : Vanda, Caroline Cage, Gina Vice, Ildiko, and Christoph Clark. Running Time : 2hrs15min Extras : Scene Selection, Photo Gallery, and commentary by Buttman. Review: I have to admit I was a little late in to realizing how great Evil Angel is. Now that I have realized that I basically have the entire catalog :). Anal Show was released in July of 2000 so this is a little late, but I thought I would let my voice be heard. The 1st segment has Vanda a hot european beauty who has been in plenty of PRIVATE films. We get introduced to her by the stairs to a location, and once we're there Christoph comes to aid John with Vanda. Vanda is such a beauty, and has such a sweet ass. I like the way John directs he takes him time, and is in no hurry to get to the next scene. This scene really sets the mood for the rest of the movie, and its really a bonus. Vanda is bent over for about 10-20 mins having Christoph play with her ass with a black dildo.
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's review on  

Buttman's Anal Show Year: 1999 Starring: Vanda, Ildiko, Kata, Caroline, Gina Vice, Christoph Clark,Zolt Walton, Mike Foster, Nacho Vidal & John 'Buttman' Stagliano Special Features: Chapters (7), Commentary (John Stagliano), Sex Outtakes, Photo Galleria (66), Biography (John Stagliano), Fetish Menu (BJ, Breasts, Cumshots, D.P., Feet, Toys, Face Sitting/Rimming), Websites Company: Evil Angel Review: -Jesus H. Christ! This is one of my favorite XXX films, ever! This is also one of Buttman's top 5 best works (including Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 3, Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest, Buttman Confidential & Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2). I first saw this a year ago when I rented it on VHS. I really liked it and I liked it enough to buy it on DVD. It is worth it. All of the females here are sexy (except for Kata) and some of the greatest sex scenes are here. If anyone does not like this film at all, I don't know what the fuck you like.
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