Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male)

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay , Latin
Director: Rick Jhoia
Release Date: 5/8/2006
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Brazilian Beach Boys is one of those videos that you wished you had chosen a different video to watch. I have seen worse, but not a whole lot. It's 96 minutes of the same old routine from one scene to the next, and the sad part is this one has five of those scenes. There are a few redeeming factors to it to keep it from being a total bust. The video takes place on a beach and while the ocean does make for a great backdrop along with the sounds of the waves, irritating background music works to drown out the sounds of the ocean. Why choose a nice looking easy sounding backdrop and ruin it with lousy background music? In the first scene, we get two twinks on the beach kissing and within seconds, yes I said seconds, one of them is on his knees sucking the other one. The one getting sucked is actually a pretty hot jock-looking guy with ripped abs, chiseled pecs and a great butt. He keeps sunglasses on for a lot of the scene and that makes his face lot a lot hotter. The guy sucking his cock is of the typical twink variety.
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