Beyond Paradise

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Release Date: 1/13/2004
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Although I cant tell you what anyone is saying throughout, like the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And here we might get two thousand! It opens with a beefy, dark-haired stud that is sitting home, obviously bored, and makes a phone call, presumably to an escort, or at least a hot friend. The friend arrives and its not long before our lead drops his robe, revealing some nice tattoos and a nice, smooth body. He drops to his knees and services our young stud thats got a pretty large cock. He doesnt get sucked for very long before they move to the couch and the younger guy sits and our lead sits on top of him, riding his cock and emitting moans of pleasure. They continue fucking while the lead bends over a table. Our young stud keeps up the pace shoving his big dick in and out, getting that ass all nice and moist. They put the table to use when they fuck some more on top of it on their sides and it eventually ends with them back on the couch and the john taking it from behind.
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This film opens with a scene I first saw as a bonus scene in Animal Instincts. In it we find a handsome stud calling a hustler on the phone. When the hustlera beautiful thing with a swimmers buildarrives, the john lowers the hustlers pants and swallows the hirelings bountiful rod. The handsome client then bends over the coffee table to get fucked. After a time, he moves to a larger table. Finally, he crawls up onto the table and lies in a fetal position where the hustler follows to ride him sidesaddle. They finish up back on the sofa where the hustler continues to plow into him. The hustler is the first to cum, but waits for his client to cum, too. The hunk writes out a check for the hustler. Both guys certainly got their moneys worth. So, did I. I just couldnt figure out why such a handsome guy would need to pay for sex. In the second scene, a scruffy man in his thirties (hes the oldest guy in the film) is at his bathroom sink when his young slender lover comes in. The lover has a really big uncut cock and the older guy gladly falls to his knees for morning worship.
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