Best of Pacific Northwest Panty Peeks, The box cover

Best of Pacific Northwest Panty Peeks, The

Studio: Brookland Bros
Category:  Amateur , Compilation , Softcore
Director: Sean Brookland
Starring: Jennifer, Sante Fe, Kat, Misery, Akane, Charis, Secily
Release Date: 2/4/2003
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Running Time: 40 min. Production Date: 2002 Director: Sean Brookland Cast: Sante Fe, Akane, Charis, Jennifer, Kat, Misery, and Secily Initial Expectations: Ive never heard of this studio, so Im going in with an open mind. Initial Reaction: Theres some decent care to the feature, but its not my thing and almost put me to sleep. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to watch mostly dressed women only Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants nudity or real audio Audio /Video Quality: Theres no audio outside of the music, which disappointed me. The video is surprisingly clear right out to the edge of the screen and well lit. Theres a little pixelation, but not much. Music: The music reminded me of things like elevators and the dentist office. Disc Problems / Complaints: Theres no time stamp here, which always ticks me off. I like to be able to jump around in movies, as well as knowing things like how long the movie is and how much is left. Without the time stamp, Im left in the dark.
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