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An oldie but a goodie. The classic silly porn plot and hammed up dialogue are fun without interrupting the almost wall-to-wall sex for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Directed by Steve Perry of Ben Dover fame, and starring Julia Chanel and Stephanie Hart-Rogers, this is traditional Private material - anal, DPs, facials and an orgy to finish.
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Anal Clinic Private Directed by Steve Perry Starring: Stephanie Hart-Rogers, Brigitte Ashley-Warner, Dominique Perignon, Danielle Bastion, Julia Channel, Richard Lengin, Alberto Rey, Olaj, Rex Morrison, Mario Running time: 1hr 31mins Another of Steve Perry's early Private features makes it to DVD. Anal Clinic (originally released in 1993) sees Steve take a troupe of British actresses to join some foreign talent in Belgium, of all places, for a light-hearted take on the perennially popular medical theme. It's a bawdy tale all about a sex clinic that promises more orgasms than you've ever imagined. Now, I know Anal Clinic was shot at a time when heterosexual anal sex was, believe it or not, still illegal in the UK, but Belgium...? Now, you can judge the humour at play here from this, but Doctor Madeleine Du Pont A.N.A.L.
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