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Michael Stefano

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Porn Connections: Performer, Director
Date Joined: April 2003
Location: Los Angeles, California
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  • 8/11/2003 8:50 PM
  • Addendum to Teens Revealed #2 review
    Hi Bono-One, Thanks for the post. Believe me, no one was as disappointed as I was when the error was caught. We had thousands of DVDs in the wareshouse and a decision had to be made. Send it out or hold it back and re-replicate. I chose to send it out as is and get another master done so that future copies are corrected. In response to this problem, we have made procedural changes. We will give ourselves more time to proof the finished product so that navigational errors on the DVD will be caught before the product goes out. I hope this clarifies things. I would never intentionally mislead a customer. We are committed to always doing better. Thanks! Michael
  • 8/2/2003 3:17 PM
  • Are porn fans too demanding ?
    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great weekend. I just want to say sorry for my actions with my response to HARDZ. I put so much effort into my have no idea. I probably put more care in my movies than anything else in my life, so when I hear things like HARDZ said, it really drove me crazy. I respect everyone's opinion. I guess I take things a little too personal, especially when my heart and soul goes into something. Like Al Pacino said in The Godfather #3, "Never act on something when your angry because it affects your judgement", and this is very true! All I want to do is make good stroke movies for all of you. Please don't take anything I said as offensive. I was only upset and, as you know, w...
  • 7/31/2003 3:00 PM
  • Full Anal Access - missing scenes and poor editing
    Hello Hardz, Sorry you had so many problems with FULL ANAL ACCESS. Only a pathetic loser like you would notice a picture on a box and then notice it was not in the movie. You spend way too much time watching porno. Get a fucking life. And, by the way, you asked "where the fuck is it?" It's right up your stinky ass. Don't ever comment on things you can't do yourself because ,obviously, all you are good at is watching porn. What a loser! Until you can do what I do, keep your fucking mouth shut. You are probably the kind of person that could not get laid even if you paid for it. Don't ever watch any of my movies because you don't deserve to. The only thing I agree with you is on the poor DVD encoding. The reason for that is ...
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