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Well Dallas went and banned it. Yay, free speech!

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January 200342362/10/2016
Captain Jack
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New interview is up with Cristi!

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December 200918672/10/2016
Smiler Grogan
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Carly Fiorina, we barely knew thee.

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January 200872182/10/2016
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The Brother Load 8

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December 20132082/10/2016
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^ Can't wait for tonight's show. I met Vicky Chase at Fan Fest and got some items signed by her it'll be nice to say hi again :)

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September 20135332/10/2016
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The Boston Globe had a live display on their homepage that updated every 15 seconds last night (they did for Iowa too).

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May 200194842/10/2016
Porn Scout
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Jules - please take a look at Mystica Jade. She's with 101 Modeling and does anal.Here is her ADT thread: Mystica Jade

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October 200251892/10/2016
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What do you prefer between two monsters of rock ?"Imagine a sky paradise of infinite porn actress delicious.."

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February 2015702/10/2016
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Same set with Dana Dearmond too!

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August 2000169592/9/2016
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When she was Ginger Elle, I purchased her scene with Xander Corvus in "Red Heads are sexy # 4" by New Sensations from Hot Movies.I took notice of her sexy bottom, the cute freckles on her face and a very nice smile.Xander did most of the "heavy lifting" in the scene.I've learned to be patient with newbies.Every once in a while they learn how to ride that thing like someone on a pogo stick.Give these ladies time to learn.Rome wasn't built in one day.

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May 200929622/9/2016
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i cannot believe the latest MoC update has been filmed in POV yet again. Another wasted scene.

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February 2015322/9/2016
Rosco Fuji
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^^News flash Han Solo (line from Zoolander) not everyone wants to get interviewed.^I would so dive into that face first.Edited by - rosco fuji on 2/8/2016 6:29:44 PM

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February 200935402/8/2016
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^All true but maybe more important. How about choosing a stage name that is more than one word. I can already see many people trying to Google her stage name but calling her Seleena instead of Saleena.

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March 201049532/8/2016
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^ Yeah, you're right, she's not a newbie anymore.

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February 2014252/7/2016
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Marie Liljedahl from INGA (1967)Forgot to mention that there's a sequel THE SEDUCTION OF INGA (1969)

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May 20085312/7/2016
Soapy Suds
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I still miss Molly Cavalli and Mercedes Lynn. They were so good at what they did, I still watch their vids today and they still seem fresh.

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September 20133282/7/2016
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I'd hang out the back of her like a half born giraffe :)

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April 2007169602/6/2016
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^ I second+1000

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August 20113972/6/2016
overrated guy
Most recent post:
Very funny and interesting...I think the hottest girls in the biz currently disagree with you once I see their chemistry with Prince

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January 200910472/6/2016
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^^Survey Monkey would work, but it would require peoples' email addresses to ensure one-person-one-vote.Edited by - fu_q on 2/5/2016 7:08:27 PM

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February 200956142/5/2016
Most recent post:
Mostly one on one sex. I love ff fff and ffm... They don't surprise or stand out .. they just make the average stuff. I love orgy's but not the ones directed by Mike Quasar.Edited by - tintintin on 2/5/2016 4:45:07 PM

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August 20077812/5/2016
Most recent post:
What is this #$%&?^The first nonnude playmate pictorial, from can find raunchier pics in an issue of Marie Claire.This is a fucking tragedy of biblical proportions! A travesty! Malekind has been robbed! Penises are under attack! To arms!________________________________________________Please ID these girls from PlayboyTV's Foursome showEdited by - hoochimama on 2/5/2016 9:53:01 AM

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May 20109932/5/2016
Gentleman Jon
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June 200547262/4/2016
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count me in. another happy follower.bottoms up!

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September 20132002/2/2016
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
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Nice philosophy Regick, i'd love to come break into your house and steal your computer, see how you like it.<

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September 200110122/2/2016
Most recent post:
Hey guys! i'm looking for such scenes... are there any? if yes can you name a few?

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September 2014661/28/2016
Most recent post:
Just saw this retro clip of a FFM threesome where the guy was being ridden, reverse cowgirl, with another girl between their legs. The girl lets his dick out just before he cums, and the other girl, between their legs, sucks and jerks him as he cums. Girl still on his lap. Anyone know other scenes like that?Thanks guys.

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June 20081061/27/2016
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The fact that she sooted already 2-3 clips with black guys and that at the first year she shooted gonzo scene, doesn't necessary mean that a pornstar will never do it again. In the end we are not talking about of extrem porn stuff... yes it's rough, its hard.. and that's the way we like... the customers ;)But anyway Arditti you could be right and she might will shoot only this soft core scene... hope not.. Have to admit she completely change her style of acting...At the beginning she showed an attitude so intense in submissive gonzo scene that only few pretty gilr like her had too.. Thanksfully there are other models that don't mind to shoot this scene even after years, and there are many new rising starlets.. hope Misha will be back to that style, not pretend constantly but from time to time, just to show to the businness who is Misha Cross, what make her famous, what she is capable of and still show that she can deliver great intense hardcore scenes. Otherwise this industy wouldn't be known as HARDcore.Anyway she is a beauty, a crazy smart bad girl. Hope she will make us happy with some new stuff :)Edited by - JohnnyZ on 1/26/2016 4:53:24 AM

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November 20131121/26/2016
Most recent post:
I was AVN Editor in Chief from 1999-2006 and it's always been roughly that number of voters.I agree 100 percent with those here who say Adriana should have won.She CLEARLY should have won (last year too). No disrespect to Riley, but Adriana is clearly the nastiest, most impactful, most fearless female performer in the industry today.I dunno, when I was integrally involved in the awards during my years at the magazine, we didn't always get it right, but we never, I don't believe, got it this wrong.AVN Editor in Chief, 1999-2006; director JM/RobertHill

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January 201621/24/2016
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Yes Rob! Totally love the public adventurous stuff especially when people are around. This is why I'm a big fan of your site because other sites don't have public adventurous content. I love the Mall, Grocery store, Gym, Restaurant, Tourist Spot, etc. The gym with Anna is my personal favorite public place you did. Just wished you shot longer scenes at these places.Edited by - killbillvol69 on 1/23/2016 12:16:55 PM

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October 201591/23/2016
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What's the one with Kristi Myst? Days of Whore!

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November 2011671/22/2016
Most recent post:
Thank you Bono

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January 200515441/22/2016
Hugh Jardon
Most recent post:
of all the new talent around, no one has yet to get to me like Allie......its verging on infatuation !!!massive fan here in UK Allie ! please DP soon

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February 2011991/20/2016
Most recent post:
^From Press ReleaseMonday, January 18th, 2016ArchAngel ProductionsFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAJ Applegate Takes Her Throne in The Booty Queen 2 (Chatsworth, CA) Blonde temptress AJ Applegate was recently crowned the 2016 Booty Queen. Part of the glory of the title is getting a showcase movie. This Friday, get ready for hers—“The Booty Queen 2”. AJ not only proves that she has what it takes to be the Booty Queen, but also that she can conquer anything that comes her way, including her first scene with Mandingo and taking both Sean Michaels and Prince Yashua at the same time. AJ also does a three-way scene with Prince and former Booty Queen Jada Stevens and a boy/girl scene with Bill Bailey. Directed by the infamous MimeFreak, “The Booty Queen 2” features two milestones for AJ—her 1st IR Anal and 1st DP. "I am seriously so excited for the release of ‘The Booty Queen 2’,” says AJ Applegate. “Mimefreak and I put so much hard work into this showcase and tried a bunch of different things that he hasn't before. There are so many amazing moments in this movie that it's so hard to name my favorite one. I want to thank ArchAngel for giving me this opportunity and I’m so happy ...

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July 201411/18/2016
Most recent post:
Allison's body is out of control. I haven't seen thighs like hers in a minute. Every curve is delicious. I would love to see some face sitting and sensual vag fucking inher future.

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July 200710991/17/2016
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Don't imagine we will get the kind of ADT prize input we were hoping for since this was incorrectly moved from a general porn discussion to the PR section.

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November 199914801/17/2016
Most recent post:
Milfs that have curves fans are dying forEva notty olivia austinautin taylorrichel ryanvalerie kayBrandi loveEva loviaIf possible shoot their 1st anal. Fans are filled the pages of all possible porn sites web pages & forums that can afford or convince thm to do anal. But tushy is the most closest to make this happen.

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November 2015131/17/2016
January 200771/17/2016
Most recent post:
On the one hand I think it is a great move giving the US Title to Kalisto. On the other hand, what's up with these Mexicans stealing our titles. Edited by - Endorphin on 1/11/2016 10:32:30 PMEdited by - Endorphin on 1/11/2016 10:37:25 PM

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March 200068791/11/2016
Most recent post:
I agree with you completely. Jonni Darkko has a new film called "Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls" out now, that looks exactly like what you're talking about.

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December 200328041/6/2016
Most recent post:
Been following this hottie for awhile now. Angelic face, devilish body and her tweets are entertaining and interesting! She's on my "instant go-to" list. Her AND Kira Noir? Shylock sure is living right

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February 200440691/6/2016
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+1also in no particular order but would love to see in a dp scene...allie hazedakota skyemia malakovadani danielsmarly brinx

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March 20099511/4/2016
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edit: she was mentioned before.Edited by - eccentric_mike on 1/3/2016 1:25:34 PM

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November 20114241/3/2016
Rodger Harder
Most recent post:
Thickest - Short MacLongest - MandingoR Harder

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January 201631/3/2016
Most recent post:
They're gone and I wouldn't expect them back.&#8220;No man&#8217;s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session&#8221; - Mark Twain

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November 19991234612/28/2015
Most recent post:
Porn addiction doesn't progress, the collection of porn just gets larger.

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February 201031812/28/2015
Most recent post:
Ariella has been doing some great work for Girlsway this past year. Some VERY nice girl-girl scenes in the "Mommy's Girl" series.

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September 201049212/26/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
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^^thank you all and happy holidays to far as nasty scenes I look forward to shooting some again soon!!!

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December 201294612/24/2015
Most recent post:
Looks like luna star had some Anal Sex in her DP Star Season 2 Sex Challenge Episode 1 scene...around the 14:40 minute mark.Yesss. Thank me later!

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October 20137512/23/2015
Most recent post:
nice fantasy

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December 2015112/17/2015
Most recent post:
Loving this thread

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September 2011144312/10/2015
Most recent post:
Who do you think has the most sensitive pussy and cums frequently?I have known Trinity blonde to be one hell of a sensitive pussy. Clit massage for a few sec...and you find her groaning. And seen her orgasming so many times.

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August 20073212/3/2015
Most recent post:
1.POV 2. Blurring the guys face, thus spoiling the video effect3.Scenes where the guy holds a video camera in one hand (WTF!!)3.Spitting, choking and gagging 4. Quack quack BJ's

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February 200912511/28/2015
Most recent post:
I agree, would only put Michael Ninn higher. matrixxx wrote:My TOP 10 directors would be: <img src="" border="0">1. Mario Salieri2. Pierre Woodman3. Marc Dorcel4. Jules Jordan5. John Leslie6. John Stagliano7. Jonni Darko8. Rex Borski9. Michael Ninn10. Gregory Dark

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November 2015211/19/2015
Most recent post:
hey Dread is that the stripper called "TygetBooy" on your profile picture

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September 20151011/18/2015
Most recent post:
Hey everyone. In a nutshell I'm a big creampie lover. Not anal creampies though. I can't figure out which company is the best for that genre. I'd like to subscribe to that studio but I don't know which is best. Do any of you have any opinions on the best movie production company for vaginal creampies? High Def, amateur, whatever subcategory... Doesn't matter just as long as they are vaginal cream pies. Thanks a bunch for any insight you can give.Topic Moved by - flash on Nov 18 2015

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October 2015211/18/2015
Most recent post:
so sexy

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August 20141911/3/2015
Most recent post:
Skimming through this scene but I keep missing it? Mike comments that he already came in her ass at the end so he cums a second time in her mouth. where is his first pop shot? approx??

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October 20121510/28/2015
Most recent post:
I Like this model, you have Video?

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October 2015110/27/2015
Most recent post:
I wonder if we will get the rest of the gia paige scene that was a bonus scene recently. Also I am very disappointed that mike hasn't booked, whitney westgate, riley reid first before tushy did. Lets see if he ever gets Riley or Whitney before they retire... Than sabrina banks, kacey jordan, alex mae, aliana kristar, kimberly brix, mila jade, alice march....I could go on and on. Seems to me he won't book them because they all are very new to Anal....actually now that I thought about it, I betcha most of these girls won't do that stupid food stuff and isn't hardcore enough for Mike now so he isn't interested in booking them. How about an anal newbies series along the lines of so young so sexy pov. I would love to see the crazy stuff dialed down and back to Vag and weaker anal from non gapers with more foreplay etc.

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June 201212710/22/2015
Most recent post:
Sorry for the late response but I have been on an extended porn break (since 2011). So, what I gather the crux of the question to be asking is "Would I date a porn star?" Given the way I look, the amount I weigh and the relative emptiness of my bank account, I find that prospect to be extremely unlikely. I was tempted to be a smart ass and respond with "Sure. And for $1,000 an hour (more for anal), I'm sure she'd date me" but that presupposes that all porn stars only have "dates" for money. I've corresponded with quite a few stars over the years, some on this very site, and know that to not be the case.That said, even if the Gods smiled on me and today's biggest star, whoever that is, (again, I've been away from porn and have no idea who that is - is Seka still performing?...kidding) called me up and said Hi (NAME REDACTED). This is (NAME REDACTED). I've been reading your pasts posts and love the way you seemlessly weave respect and irreverence. God that turns me on. In the event that you do not know, I am currently the #1 rated female performer. Just looking at your profile picture of Angel from the Golden Age of Porn and reading how your favorite performers who seem to really get into the sex like

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July 2006138010/13/2015
Most recent post:
pics of Blair Williams at Chicago Exxxotica, day three, pics by me

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May 2014589/28/2015
Donnie Darko
Most recent post:
For a big oralsex movie===============Ashley FiresCharley ChaseJordyn ShaneKylie SinnerMarley BrinxLucy TylerAlli RaeAbella DangerRoxy RayeSarah ShevonAbby ParadiseChanel PrestonMorgan LeeAlexa NovaJuliette MarchNecro NickiIsabella De SantosKelsi MonroeKasey WarnerMarsha MayAleksa NicoleKlara GoldJanice GriffithRiley JennerMisha CrossKelsi MonroeMarina ViscontiJessie VoltKierra WildePenny PaxAudrey AguileraJynx MazeHope HowellKenzie VaughnCici RhodesMischa BrooksMelina MasonHolly MichaelsRemy LaCroixAlysha RyleeCherry TornVictoria LoveBriella Bounce

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September 201529/15/2015
Most recent post:
damn! she's Desire Moore :)not a milf but she works on MILF themed movies...young and sexy, I love her!

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January 201559/15/2015
Most recent post:
I'd love to see Lex paired with Raylene and Esperanza Gomez individually. That would be awesome!

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January 200522249/6/2015
Most recent post:
^thanks a lot

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March 20131428/30/2015
JK Reviews
Most recent post:
<p><b>The Venue</b><br>Once again the 2015 AEE was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as it has been for several years now. The hotel seems to be as porn friendly as you could expect them to be, I've never had an issue with staff or security at this venue. My only complaint is the same one I'm sure almost all fans have at this place, and that's the use of The Joint as a secondary room. The Joint is primarily a concert venue, and due to this, you have aisles with uneven flooring from one to the next, and the ever present guard rails between the walkways and the booth set ups. These guard rails make it impossible to get a pic with your favorite girl without the rail being in the shot, and in most cases, limiting the photo op. The other issue is the lighting, which also makes some pics not come out particularly well. The Joint rather sucks for this show's set up, and I imagine will continue to do so. The main room is usually fine, except this year when they decided to have the lights turned down in favor of a "club" atmosphere the first night of the show. The only result was crappy lighting for pics, and girls not being able to see to autograph items in the dark. Hopefully, they won'...

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December 20101158/8/2015
Most recent post:
Name the top big booty pornstars in porn today. Mine would include: Destiny from bangbros Cherokee d assSara Jay The Phoenix

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August 201528/7/2015
Most recent post:
Thanks for all the views on this review on my site very much appreciated

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July 2015258/6/2015
Most recent post:
adiey wrote:JordanB wrote:Xhakorudan wrote:Hey Jordan!I just wanna say that I like kiara mia But anyone know pornstars on my profile picture?... I bet u dont hahaha

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July 201538/3/2015
Robin Banks
Most recent post:
Just watched her hardcore Twistys scene 7/10, the pic set is hotter in my opinion but i find this with alot of Twistys scenes tbh

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June 200997/25/2015
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
LMAO! Shut him the fuck down. Dude talking about nothing but male performers his whole argument. SMH. These young cats today are truly on some other shit.Keep doing what the fuck makes you your money, LT. Fuck the haters. Anybody who thinks they can do better needs to STFU and start shooting their own pornos.

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April 2007277/22/2015
Most recent post:
Casey has always been a favourite of mine. Her excitement for porn and a good fucking is what this industry needs.

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August 201437/1/2015
Most recent post:
she sure had my eye for awhile, but too many interracial scenes lately for me to stay occasional one is OK i guess, but something like two out of her last three or so have been with black performers.not my cup of tea.oh well, that was a short ride of a pretty promising wave.another one crashes on the rocks.

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June 201516/28/2015
Most recent post:
im a latina guy and thought i would give my 2 cents . watching latina on latina porn is just normal and boring to my eyes because it feels like me and my girl fucking. interracial on the other hand, (white/black, latina/black, asian/white/black) etc gets me going. My point is porn is my go too place for difference...something that defies my norms, hence interracial.

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September 20102346/27/2015
Most recent post:
Hi, everybody. I have for sale 8x10 autographed photos of the most beautiful woman of all time Kay Parker. I have 10 of them available. They are $25.99 for 1 or $35.99 for 2. They are in mint condition and do not have any white spots like what came out during the scan.

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June 201356/26/2015
Friendly neighbor
Most recent post:
Yes, that's what I'm talking about, it should be a mouth ring of lips with bright lipstick.

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June 2015226/22/2015
Most recent post:
I haven't seen the scene yet. How do you know she is half Jordanian and half Greek? Just wondering!

Jump to LebBoyNChitown's most recent post
August 2010596/17/2015
Most recent post:
I like my FireTV. I primarly use the PlexApp and now I have a good interface for streaming all of my media to a TV.If I get another TV I may think of the FireStick for it.

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December 199926726/17/2015
Fred G. Sanford
Most recent post:
Nonsense! Porn is as much regular business as the Music industry which has also been both on the fringes on the 1st amendment and needlessly dragged into the prevailing muck of racial politics of the day. Like Music, Porn will always have a large global demand. And like any industry, Porn has had to adapt to an ever-changing world. Like the Music industry has gone from records, to 8-track, to cassette, to CD, and now MP3; Porn has had to change too. Porn has gone from 8mm to VHS to DVD and Internet download in a very short time. It also has gone from stag parties, to theaters, to peep shows, to hotel rentals, to cable, and now almost exclusively Internet viewing--with no decrease in the worlds demand for it. After they killed Osama Bin Laden they found three things in his room...a rifle, a Koran, and porn. Don't tell me Porn is dying. Bullshit! There's still oodles of money to be made. Not to mention the new emerging markets for Porn as more of Africa and Asia--where most of the human race lives--get broadband service and disposable incomes. What is missing in Porn is a grand industrialist vision. More than anything, Porn needs a Henry Ford (or a Steve Jobs for you millennials). It needs someone to revolutionize the industry and b...

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November 20021246/4/2015
Most recent post:
I had my own series in the early 2000s. It focused on the lesbian market. I got SO fed up with the use of dildos in lesbian films so I came up with a series called "Lesbians on the Loose" where we would take a pretty girl and introduce her to a "not so glamorous" (either older, chubbier or grittier) amateur lesbian in their house (car etc). I felt at the time that the "setup" was just as important as the scene itself (Is till feel this way BTW). We only did 3 videos. They were HOT but I just did not know much about marketing online and it only lasted about 2 months before I shut it down. The scenes were hot because the amateur lesbians were really into it AND we NEVER used any dildos. The actresses only used their tongues and their fingers.I still would like to update this series but I just don't have the money; I guess I can do a crowdfunding gig to update it.I also did a couple of latin based amateur scenes several years ago but I ran out of money. With that particular series I wanted to combine Tinto Brass style porn with amateur style Latin porn.Edited by - marsneeds on 6/1/2015 10:46:06 PM

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July 2008276/1/2015
Most recent post:
Sure. Paula and Chloe B. from Abby Winters videos.

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July 200499155/29/2015
Most recent post:
If you like twinks or studs Gay Xvideo is the place to be. With thousands of uncut gay dvds in stock and ready to ship to your door or PO Box anywhere in the world. More gay porn for your buck at Xvideo Australia. Gay Xvideo, Xvideo Gay, Gay Twinks, Xvideo AustraliaXvideo Australia now ships globally for a flat US$7.50 charge so browse from over 14,000 porn dvd titles most at incredibly low pricing.

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May 201515/13/2015
Most recent post:
Ava Taylor, Chanell Heart, Karla Krush, Carter Cruise.Gratz on the new company as well guys :) I'm looking forward to Anikka's Anal Sluts.Don't worry... My door is locked.

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May 201515/13/2015
Most recent post:
As the name of this girl?

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August 201455/3/2015
Most recent post:
Kenna James will be coming to San Francisco Next week!Kenna James live

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April 201524/30/2015
Jack Sesh
Most recent post:
Tianna Lynn"You cannot blame porn. When I was young, I used to masturbate to Gilligan's Island." &#8213; Ron Jeremy

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April 201524/29/2015
Most recent post:

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January 201564/25/2015
Most recent post:
Yeah the strapattack one was like 3 seconds long and the the view of her tongue is completely blocked so there is no way to tell for sure. Il have to check out the casting couch and the teen-aholics ones. from sugarbabytryouts.comAJ ApplegateVivi DelmonicoCali Carter

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April 201524/22/2015
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For sure... and apparently FTV (the site the above nudes were taken for) didn't think she was satisfactory enough to post to thier site. She just posted that on her Twitter a little while ago. I guess they are putting it in the extra's, which is abysmal.. She has that whole anime look going on, kind of reminds me of Bette Boop too :). That will definitely attract nerd and Anime culture, and nerd culture is becoming huge. These people really need to consider that. She needs a larger following, and let's hope she'll open up to B/G. In the meantime we should be asking FTV to consider different looks and aesthetics.Patrick

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April 201514/15/2015
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How the hell could I forget Jada!!!^ And blood, I agree with you on Tori Lux. She was glowing for a minute there. Edited by - NuTTy_BuDDy on 4/9/2015 2:48:39 AM

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December 20008704/9/2015
Dirty Bob
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A reminder to all legit press: you have to be pre-approved for access for the upsoming XRCO Awards Show on 4-11-15 at LURE in Hollywood.The person to contact for this is DOMINIC ACERRA at EMMAGENCY. He is in charge of the press room and press admittance. Do not assume that you will be given press admission at the door - it HAS to be OKed beforehand.

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February 20034504/2/2015
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sites with sensual, sexy, seductive, suggestive amateur teen content ? letting aside Amateur Allure wich I know well..I don't know what is happening with the concept of 'amateur' in porn, it seems that it takes a lot of ways of interpretation depending on the director.I invite you to tell here what's your idea of 'amateur teen porn' and you can be also very specific.I think people imagine it is just girls that are about to get into the porn or perhaps pro girls that will act like if they would be starters, and they have to get fucked everywhere and also getting a cum load in the face or mouth at the end. well perhaps it is, but I think I am a bit tired of directors doing the same again and again in this category.I have seen enough of basical animal fucking of young girls, naked very fast, videos with almost zero sensuality, zero seduction, zero acting, playing, just 1 or 2 guys fucking the girl very wildly, very fast, aggressive, predictable, no games, no playing, very basic, repetitive content amongst directors, like if they can't understand this category of porn.making titles and more titles basically the same content in all of them, like if it'd be all about selling the title fast and get the money. I wonder where's the creativ...

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March 201513/26/2015
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Last reply URL has been updated to (Pixie Dust Pornstar Page)(Note that she will have her brand new Dedicated Website released next week! You'll find her here: )

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March 201513/19/2015
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Thanks again Gore Gore Girls!

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March 201563/11/2015
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I miss the 90s! When Vivid Video was in there prime.R.I.P.

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February 2015113/2/2015
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"Girls Do Porn "18 year old ethnic teen cutie"That's Karissa Kane:Foxxx ModelingFree OnesIndexxx"Wow, who is hte girl in the baby blue on bottom of page 3?"I believe she's the girl who's on the front page of the site, shown standing in Times Square. If so, she did two episodes for them, neither of which I personally found to all that great despite how hot she is. I don't know if she did anything for any other company.

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May 200337303/1/2015
Sith in SC
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Whatcha gonna do with a flamethrower.

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August 20037742/21/2015
Anime Nut
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Please tell me you recognize the contradiction in that statement.

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June 200635852/21/2015
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I have five within two miles. The closest is 0.33 and the most distant is 2.16 miles. All five have free Wi-Fi and accept the "Arch Card" according to their website's restaurant locator feature. Lucky me!

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June 20005651/26/2015
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