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^It's good being a porn fan

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September 20133857/28/2015
Rosco Fuji
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Not everyone wants the publicity nor do they feel comfortable talking about themselves.

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February 200934197/27/2015
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Hey folks, I know she does work for EroticaX, but could someone recommend a scene(s) with a lot of sensual kissing, m2f oral, and vag fucking. I'm probably being too specific, but it would be a huge bonus if there was a seduction setup like babysitter, best friends daughter, step-dad, etc...Y'all are the best database out there. I'm counting on you!Love Keisha and will get nice and stoned in her honor tonight.

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July 200710927/27/2015
Captain Jack
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Just a quick comment about interviews. The key to a good interview, in my opinion, is listening. I have no experience whatsoever in doing interviews. One of my pet peeves when I watch a sports event is when the subject will answer the question and expand on the subject. The interviewer's follow-up question was just answered so the subject has to repeat himself. That being said, yes, I have my stock questions that I ask. I think that's what the fans want to know and I like asking them the questions that I do. I start out so that we can find out about the girl pre-porn and it creates a comfort level. Last week, I had two extremes. I interviewed one girl with my opening, "Tell me about...." and she went on for about 15 minutes, answering about 6 or 7 questions that I had already planned to ask her. So I don't make it a jumbled mess, I split up her one answer into 6 or 7 answers, seperated by my questions. It makes it easier to follow along and it's a better read, IMO. Then there was this other girl who I went down my questions and she answered them and it wasn't possible to go off on a tangent and talk about something else. As long as I get some sexy stories and get some real answers, I'm fine with it. I can usually tell wi...

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December 200915027/27/2015
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Here's your answer

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August 20077147/27/2015
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Subdivisions I get to see these boys live tonight!!

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August 2000174387/27/2015
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i have mentioned a few of those scenes here:

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November 20113977/27/2015
Smiler Grogan
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And now her daughter Bobbi Kristina is gone now too. Double Sad.

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January 200863857/27/2015
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The original MOD DVD that Arrow released for this title was edited and not great quality. I can't say if they used the same master for this release.

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May 200189787/27/2015
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I can play the harmonica and the piano.

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May 200928587/27/2015
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I am starting Interview with Stunning TS Pornstar Holly ParkerPart2 interview @TheHollyParker will be passed over to her fans. Email Questions #AskHolly @PornOCD Twitter

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July 201597/27/2015
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A huge stash of features recently arrived on my doorstep so I thought I would give a shout out to the better ones and/or the stranger ones:LOVE SUCKS THEN YOU DIE aka LOVE SUCKS (2004) is a strange Jerome Tanner flick with Haley Paige dead from a drug deal gone awry then she wanders about as an angel-in-training until the finale; Haley looks great in angel and human form and I am sure real-life events caused the shortened title change,LOVER'S LANE (1986?) is recreated in the studio for these darkened encounters between couples in their cars, etc.; kinda quirky and fun, look for Barbara Dare and a few other '80s babes,LUNA CHICK (1996) is a Paul Thomas flick with Raquel Darrien; she falls for Jon Dough, who's married to her therapist...I expected more from this but Raquel gets to strut her stuff in more than a few scenes,MEATBALL is, I believe, pre-DEEP THROAT Damiano and it shows; it's crude and weird with a nutty Harry Reems performance,I really liked the poorly reviewed, THE MISTRESS (1982), with these wonderfully low-lit sex scenes staged by director Jack Remy with uber-lovely Kelly Nichols shining so-to-speak in most of these night-time encounters (solid cast includes Eric Edwards as her boss and lover), all I wrote down for

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May 20085007/26/2015
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I have this hot for gorgeous girls getting their asses licked by hunks before getting fucked. My fav ones are1. Lexus locklear ass licked by Tony Tedeschi in many fav is Debby Does Dallas. He really attacks her ass with his tongue. 2. Yvonne ass licked and eaten hungrily by Rocco in "Rocco meats Princess"3. Julian James licks the sweet ass of Julianne James in Double Take.4. Dyanna Lauren by Anderson but he is lousy. I watch it for Dyanna.5. My real love - Dayna vendetta. She doesn't allow people to taste her ass but a few black stars have managed to taste her ass crack.Which ones are your favorites?

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August 2007307/26/2015
Hugh Jardon
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hope for a dp soon . very pretty girl

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February 2011827/26/2015
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inFAMOUS: First Light

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March 200068747/25/2015
Robin Banks
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Just watched her hardcore Twistys scene 7/10, the pic set is hotter in my opinion but i find this with alot of Twistys scenes tbh

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June 200997/25/2015
Soapy Suds
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I'm trying to think of a WLT scene which I last jacked off to. I think it was Malena and Avril Hall - I must have watched that scene close on 100 times. If not more.I've been watching old WLTs for some hand relief. LOL.All of the Malena ones are wankable. Some of Ryan Ryans too. Her scene with Chanel Preston was hot but the editing and the camera sucked.For instance the highlight was a close-up of Ryan plunging her hot long tongue into Chanel's pussy. Why did this part only last seconds??? In total, it must have been around 12 seconds. It's like someone said, 'yeah this is really hot, let's only give the audience about 12 seconds to really p*** them off.' And during the ass licking (Ryan licking Chanel's ass and pussy), they thought, 'yeah and let's also position the camera on the side so they can't see a close-up. Yeah, that'll really p*** the audience off.'

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September 20132207/24/2015
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Blonde shows tits on money talks sports fanny

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July 201517/24/2015
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^Rosebud has been a term synonymous with anal sex and assholes for decades...not simply the "anal jewelry" that you originally claimed.Further, with English being the ever-evolving language that it is, it's currently correct to describe the phenomenon as "rosebud" as much as it is "rosebutt", as both are slang and slang that's commonly recognized and accepted is, almost by definition, "correct"."Rosebud", "Rosebutt", "Pink Sock", etc. are essentially synonyms at this juncture. It honestly doesn't matter which came first in employing the common vernacular.(Am I really having this debate right now? LOL)(Sorry for going off-topic, all.)Edited by - fu_q on 7/23/2015 8:55:44 PM

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February 200955437/23/2015
Splackavelli X
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LMAO! Shut him the fuck down. Dude talking about nothing but male performers his whole argument. SMH. These young cats today are truly on some other shit.Keep doing what the fuck makes you your money, LT. Fuck the haters. Anybody who thinks they can do better needs to STFU and start shooting their own pornos.

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April 2007277/22/2015
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^ same as me concerning Diamond Jackson (she never said she will, I still hope ^^)

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August 20113627/21/2015
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She's teasing the fans, I love it!She or her manager know the porn game well.________________________________________________Please ID these girls from PlayboyTV's Foursome showEdited by - hoochimama on 7/20/2015 6:34:19 PM

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May 20109747/20/2015
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Magdalene St Michaels is looking for more mature women to shoot with for her own productions. Plus she has a breast fetish. I think she and Veronica would be a natural, and there would be no "step mom" thing to worry about.

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September 20104887/19/2015
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Your welcome Grover!

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December 200327057/19/2015
Porn Scout
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I don't think it matters that she doesn't do black guys. The bigger issue, if she wants more scenes, is to start taking it up the ass. Of course, she could try to make money in other ways.

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October 200253687/19/2015
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^She seems to have gotten implants but at least she didn't go too crazy with the size. Mind you seeing as she is only open to doing solo stuff than it really doesn't matter what she looks like since I will never see her do more porn.

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March 201048737/18/2015
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Thx for the interview, CaptainJack. CK linked to it on her Twitter feed. Her looks & performing skill are A++, as those of us who've been commenting on this thread since she first appeared on the scene have repeatedly attested. And in watching her scenes, it was also easy to pick up on her endearing quality as a person. Your interview underscored that. I'm really fond of her & just hope that she has a small and trustworthy inner circle, and isn't pressured to overexpose or overcommit herself. Because when it comes to $$ and many of the people behind the face of the porn industry, history shows things can get savage pretty quickly for young, beautiful women.Anyway, I think without question Cassidy Klein is the breakout star of 2015.

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September 20131057/16/2015
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The mystery lady is Hayden HellfireAnd yes the pics are going to keep coming, I still have two days of stuff left to post, might do those days a little differently, stay tunedGlad you liked the pics<

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May 201487/16/2015
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Oh yeah damn finally

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September 201114397/16/2015
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At the end of the gia paige bonus scene in butthole adventures it says to be continued .... and there was no BJ one would imagine if Anal didn't work out instead of a wasted scene he would go to pure Vag like and use it like some of the recent bag only scenes in young tight sluts.

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June 20121277/15/2015
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Tattoos are vile. Its especially heartbreaking to see a cute teen covered in ugly tattoos. American pornstars are the worst for this which is why I prefer eastern European pornstars.

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February 2015127/14/2015
overrated guy
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Very good question

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January 20099767/14/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
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What did Captain Jack have to add to this discussion? Hmmm.....

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September 20019717/12/2015
December 20131567/11/2015
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Why mens soccer never charted in the United States?Elsewhere in the world it is the most popular sport, and despite the American League to be getting bigger and stronger, is still far from having the same popularity of other sports there like baseball."Imagine a sky paradise of infinite porn actress delicious.."Topic Moved by - ultradamno on Jul 10 2015

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February 2015447/10/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
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yes, thank you dear

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December 20129167/8/2015
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Good News..... Scene "cumming" out for Brazzers with Erick Everhard. Don't know if she's retained her fucking intensity as she had prior to her retirement. Good to see she's back though....She was absolutely smoking in the Jules Jordan Scene. Watched it in 4K on my tv so that i could count the wrinkles on her butt-hole..HAHA

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October 2013697/7/2015
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Casey has always been a favourite of mine. Her excitement for porn and a good fucking is what this industry needs.

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August 201437/1/2015
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That's all you had to say. Think of it as your just having higher standards because of your familiarity with white women.

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January 200341556/30/2015
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she sure had my eye for awhile, but too many interracial scenes lately for me to stay occasional one is OK i guess, but something like two out of her last three or so have been with black performers.not my cup of tea.oh well, that was a short ride of a pretty promising wave.another one crashes on the rocks.

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June 201516/28/2015
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Definitely time for both of you to grow up and put on your big boy (or girl) pants...&#8220;No man&#8217;s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session&#8221; - Mark Twain

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November 1999123506/28/2015
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im a latina guy and thought i would give my 2 cents . watching latina on latina porn is just normal and boring to my eyes because it feels like me and my girl fucking. interracial on the other hand, (white/black, latina/black, asian/white/black) etc gets me going. My point is porn is my go too place for difference...something that defies my norms, hence interracial.

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September 20102346/27/2015
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Hi, everybody. I have for sale 8x10 autographed photos of the most beautiful woman of all time Kay Parker. I have 10 of them available. They are $25.99 for 1 or $35.99 for 2. They are in mint condition and do not have any white spots like what came out during the scan.

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June 201356/26/2015
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Just like old times!!!!

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January 200522496/24/2015
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My Top 5 anal creampie queens:#5 Angelina Crow#4 Dora Venter#3 Brianna Love#2 Sheena Shaw#1 Keri SableHonorable mentions:Courtney CummzRebecca Linares KatHillary Scott

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August 2014176/22/2015
Friendly neighbor
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Yes, that's what I'm talking about, it should be a mouth ring of lips with bright lipstick.

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June 2015226/22/2015
Gentleman Jon
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June 200546606/19/2015
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I haven't seen the scene yet. How do you know she is half Jordanian and half Greek? Just wondering!

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August 2010586/17/2015
Most recent post:
I like my FireTV. I primarly use the PlexApp and now I have a good interface for streaming all of my media to a TV.If I get another TV I may think of the FireStick for it.

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December 199926766/17/2015
Most recent post:
can't wait for DP Me 3

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March 20099456/17/2015
Most recent post:
I met a lovely young lady at the Mall Saturday who reminds me A LOT of Chanel...stunningly beautiful(more on this topin to come...hopefully!)"if you gaze too long into the gape, the gape will gaze back into you"

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February 200440606/15/2015
Fred G. Sanford
Most recent post:
Nonsense! Porn is as much regular business as the Music industry which has also been both on the fringes on the 1st amendment and needlessly dragged into the prevailing muck of racial politics of the day. Like Music, Porn will always have a large global demand. And like any industry, Porn has had to adapt to an ever-changing world. Like the Music industry has gone from records, to 8-track, to cassette, to CD, and now MP3; Porn has had to change too. Porn has gone from 8mm to VHS to DVD and Internet download in a very short time. It also has gone from stag parties, to theaters, to peep shows, to hotel rentals, to cable, and now almost exclusively Internet viewing--with no decrease in the worlds demand for it. After they killed Osama Bin Laden they found three things in his room...a rifle, a Koran, and porn. Don't tell me Porn is dying. Bullshit! There's still oodles of money to be made. Not to mention the new emerging markets for Porn as more of Africa and Asia--where most of the human race lives--get broadband service and disposable incomes. What is missing in Porn is a grand industrialist vision. More than anything, Porn needs a Henry Ford (or a Steve Jobs for you millennials). It needs someone to revolutionize the industry and b...

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November 20021246/4/2015
Most recent post:
I had my own series in the early 2000s. It focused on the lesbian market. I got SO fed up with the use of dildos in lesbian films so I came up with a series called "Lesbians on the Loose" where we would take a pretty girl and introduce her to a "not so glamorous" (either older, chubbier or grittier) amateur lesbian in their house (car etc). I felt at the time that the "setup" was just as important as the scene itself (Is till feel this way BTW). We only did 3 videos. They were HOT but I just did not know much about marketing online and it only lasted about 2 months before I shut it down. The scenes were hot because the amateur lesbians were really into it AND we NEVER used any dildos. The actresses only used their tongues and their fingers.I still would like to update this series but I just don't have the money; I guess I can do a crowdfunding gig to update it.I also did a couple of latin based amateur scenes several years ago but I ran out of money. With that particular series I wanted to combine Tinto Brass style porn with amateur style Latin porn.Edited by - marsneeds on 6/1/2015 10:46:06 PM

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July 2008276/1/2015
Most recent post:
i cannot wait to see more of her

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September 2014525/30/2015
Most recent post:
Sure. Paula and Chloe B. from Abby Winters videos.

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July 200499995/29/2015
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I've been suggesting another Black Fuck Faces since the first one released. Ha ha ha.Is Darkko making plans to make another one, perhaps?

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February 20103155/25/2015
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Does anyone know of threesome-scenes where the women are wearing sexy, yet classy, gowns or dresses?Thanks.

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June 20081035/19/2015
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If you like twinks or studs Gay Xvideo is the place to be. With thousands of uncut gay dvds in stock and ready to ship to your door or PO Box anywhere in the world. More gay porn for your buck at Xvideo Australia. Gay Xvideo, Xvideo Gay, Gay Twinks, Xvideo AustraliaXvideo Australia now ships globally for a flat US$7.50 charge so browse from over 14,000 porn dvd titles most at incredibly low pricing.

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May 201515/13/2015
Most recent post:
Ava Taylor, Chanell Heart, Karla Krush, Carter Cruise.Gratz on the new company as well guys :) I'm looking forward to Anikka's Anal Sluts.Don't worry... My door is locked.

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May 201515/13/2015
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Is she still shooting... any recent videos of this cute amazing star?

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November 2013885/13/2015
Most recent post:
As the name of this girl?

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August 201455/3/2015
Most recent post:
I just don't get it. Why did Lela want to have an ass like Kim Kardashian? Nobody in the world likes big asses like that and she really took it too far. I know I speak for everyone when I say she should've just left her booty alone and kept that flat ass she had when she began her porn career.

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February 2014145/1/2015
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Kenna James will be coming to San Francisco Next week!Kenna James live

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April 201524/30/2015
Jack Sesh
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Tianna Lynn"You cannot blame porn. When I was young, I used to masturbate to Gilligan's Island." &#8213; Ron Jeremy

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April 201524/29/2015
Most recent post:

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January 201564/25/2015
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Yeah the strapattack one was like 3 seconds long and the the view of her tongue is completely blocked so there is no way to tell for sure. Il have to check out the casting couch and the teen-aholics ones. from sugarbabytryouts.comAJ ApplegateVivi DelmonicoCali Carter

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April 201524/22/2015
Most recent post:
For sure... and apparently FTV (the site the above nudes were taken for) didn't think she was satisfactory enough to post to thier site. She just posted that on her Twitter a little while ago. I guess they are putting it in the extra's, which is abysmal.. She has that whole anime look going on, kind of reminds me of Bette Boop too :). That will definitely attract nerd and Anime culture, and nerd culture is becoming huge. These people really need to consider that. She needs a larger following, and let's hope she'll open up to B/G. In the meantime we should be asking FTV to consider different looks and aesthetics.Patrick

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April 201514/15/2015
Most recent post:
How the hell could I forget Jada!!!^ And blood, I agree with you on Tori Lux. She was glowing for a minute there. Edited by - NuTTy_BuDDy on 4/9/2015 2:48:39 AM

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December 20008754/9/2015
Most recent post:
off topic ... who is this girl??

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March 20131404/6/2015
Dirty Bob
Most recent post:
A reminder to all legit press: you have to be pre-approved for access for the upsoming XRCO Awards Show on 4-11-15 at LURE in Hollywood.The person to contact for this is DOMINIC ACERRA at EMMAGENCY. He is in charge of the press room and press admittance. Do not assume that you will be given press admission at the door - it HAS to be OKed beforehand.

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February 20034504/2/2015
Most recent post:
sites with sensual, sexy, seductive, suggestive amateur teen content ? letting aside Amateur Allure wich I know well..I don't know what is happening with the concept of 'amateur' in porn, it seems that it takes a lot of ways of interpretation depending on the director.I invite you to tell here what's your idea of 'amateur teen porn' and you can be also very specific.I think people imagine it is just girls that are about to get into the porn or perhaps pro girls that will act like if they would be starters, and they have to get fucked everywhere and also getting a cum load in the face or mouth at the end. well perhaps it is, but I think I am a bit tired of directors doing the same again and again in this category.I have seen enough of basical animal fucking of young girls, naked very fast, videos with almost zero sensuality, zero seduction, zero acting, playing, just 1 or 2 guys fucking the girl very wildly, very fast, aggressive, predictable, no games, no playing, very basic, repetitive content amongst directors, like if they can't understand this category of porn.making titles and more titles basically the same content in all of them, like if it'd be all about selling the title fast and get the money. I wonder where's the creativ...

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March 201513/26/2015
Most recent post:
Last reply URL has been updated to (Pixie Dust Pornstar Page)(Note that she will have her brand new Dedicated Website released next week! You'll find her here: )

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March 201513/19/2015
Most recent post:
Thanks again Gore Gore Girls!

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March 201563/11/2015
Most recent post:
What about in double penetrated white girls. That. Looked painful as well

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November 2011663/3/2015
Most recent post:
I miss the 90s! When Vivid Video was in there prime.R.I.P.

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February 2015113/2/2015
Most recent post:
"Girls Do Porn "18 year old ethnic teen cutie"That's Karissa Kane:Foxxx ModelingFree OnesIndexxx"Wow, who is hte girl in the baby blue on bottom of page 3?"I believe she's the girl who's on the front page of the site, shown standing in Times Square. If so, she did two episodes for them, neither of which I personally found to all that great despite how hot she is. I don't know if she did anything for any other company.

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May 200337313/1/2015
Sith in SC
Most recent post:
Whatcha gonna do with a flamethrower.

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August 20038092/21/2015
Anime Nut
Most recent post:
Please tell me you recognize the contradiction in that statement.

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June 200636372/21/2015
Most recent post:
Currently whats the average life of a star? Seems to be about 2 years.

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February 20091242/6/2015
Most recent post:
Felicia did usually but the scene in Midnight Librarians (Jim Holliday 2002) is amazing!

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January 201522/3/2015
Most recent post:
I have five within two miles. The closest is 0.33 and the most distant is 2.16 miles. All five have free Wi-Fi and accept the "Arch Card" according to their website's restaurant locator feature. Lucky me!

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June 20005651/26/2015
Most recent post:
Working with Jules Jordan is something I always thought (wished) Riley Steele should have done.

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March 201311/22/2015
Most recent post:
I fell In Love With This Girl When She First Started Modeling @ ATK 1st 2 pics and now Im Sorry I Just cant watch anymore, I just cant get over the Huge Weight Drop from then and Now within few months last pic seeing bones and toothpic OMG, But I Really Hope If Shes Sick or it is a medical Issue She will seek help and wish her best, I See So Many girls that enter this industry like this and its sad!! Some Enter on Hard extreme drugs and find this as an easy way out and retire in 1 yr or less!! See it all the time but who knows Not here to judge just confused lol, I Know you dont get dangerously thin like that from to much dick, So Dont think its that, And If Working out You think you have to get that thin to feel bones more power to ya, Not on this TV, Hope this doesnt happen to Aj Apple, Maddy, Carter C, Thats a healthy weight In My Opinion and have stayed with it long as i remember, But Hope She Is Ok<img src=""> <img src=""> <img src="">

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February 2013241/20/2015
Most recent post:
Jada is the best, she takes anal like a champ. She should win performer of the year at the AVN's.Nothing says romance like anal sex.

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October 200627701/19/2015
John Pype
Most recent post:
Can anyone suggest film(s) where the main emphasis is on pretty girls showing off their figures and faces - teasing and tempting.They might be acting the part of call girls, or nightclub hostesses so they should be nicely painted, wearing tight skirts, high heels, and have the usual tarty look of a girl on the game. Sex will not be on the menu, this time, though.

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September 20038641/13/2015
JK Reviews
Most recent post:
Madelyn Monroe stated on twitter she is NOT attending the show.

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December 20101151/8/2015
Most recent post:
I have updated and posted a link to the 'namethatpornstar' page. Is this ok?

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January 201521/8/2015
Most recent post:
thank you all!

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October 2014251/7/2015
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The fact is irrefutable: she was beaten nearly to death.Whatever holes you pick in her story would never justify that.

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July 20013631/5/2015
Most recent post:
It is not common for porn stars to develop serious drug habits during their career. A number of them have taken leaves of absence because of it. Cut them some slack. If we in the normal world need a drink or a toke to let our inhibitions run wild, why shouldn't they?

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October 20102812/26/2014
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She perform in scenes like she mean it she is in my top favorite list

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August 2014512/19/2014
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I actually think his smack-talking and humerus nature adds a lot to the scene. And someone earlier stated he's not much of a woodsman? Eh?

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December 2014312/16/2014
January 2005154612/11/2014
The DMan
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June 2007520711/28/2014
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Thanks for the setup hawkeye! I think Franziska Gurtler is my vote

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November 2014111/14/2014
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Does anyone know why she left Wicked? I know the official reason is that her contract was up but I heard a rumour that there was a 'funny story' behind the 'split'

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August 200926811/1/2014
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I couldn't agree more.If you enjoy watching cute and beautiful girls, suck cock with genuine dedication, skills and stamina - Richard Moulton (and his on-screen partner, Jesse Loads), really knows how to pick the cream of the crop of the female adult starlets.Furthermore if you like a "happy ending" where the girls face, hair or throat (sometimes all 3) end up completely covered in massive amounts of sticky cum, Jesse Loads really delivers - he gets the job done in perfect style - 10 out 10.

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November 20121110/24/2014
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any info on the Gianna Nicole and Syren De Mer in Brazzers Extra scene ?

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May 201469/22/2014
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I can't say for sure. I just remember a few years ago she sent me a very terse message that said "I've retired for good." That was it. I didn't feel comfortable asking her about it. I will say it seemed to coincide with a new boyfriend showing up in a lot of her photos so I guess it had something to do with that. She still looks great - pretty much the same as she did when she shot her last scenes. She's kept her figure and facially is the same. If she does decide to come back, it should be pretty good. But like I said before, I have no indication she's been thinking that way.I'm as sorry about that as you guys. She was absolutely my favorite when she was working. Just curious - who do you guys like now?CJ

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August 2006449/12/2014
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I have had quite a few life changes lately, marriage and a child on the way, and I have a huge box of Adult DVDs that I haven't looked at in a long time. With an upcoming move, I felt like other members might be able to enjoy them and I could earn a little cash to help with my upcoming expenses. I will come back and list the titles here, but I wanted to gauge interest first. I was thinking of selling them 10 for $65. They are all at least 3 or 4 years old. Lots of Teen, lots of Latina videos, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Red Light District, Vouyer, etc. All in excellent condition and mostly watched no more than 1 or 2 times. Please PM me if you might be interested. If you are, I can direct you to proof of good trader status on a couple of mainstream DVD/blu-ray sites. Thanks for your interest.

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August 2007128489/10/2014
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