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February 2009541010/22/2014
Smiler Grogan
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Bleacher Report asks the question: Can Anyone Compete With the WWE?

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January 2008558010/22/2014
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Update--yes, kind of. It's not quite conclusive, but I think it happened. Of course, alcohol was involved.

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July 2004941910/21/2014
Rosco Fuji
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A little bit. It's not like he hurt you or one of your loved ones. Wishing ill will on someone you don't even know is a little harsh.

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February 2009319710/21/2014
Captain Jack
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New interview is up with Melissa!

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December 200976410/21/2014
overrated guy
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As far as know this is very difficult currently as their relationship in not good. They were good friends in the past however nowadays things have been changed.

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January 200985310/21/2014
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epic milf

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September 20143610/21/2014
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On Her Two Scenes - BangBros - Not great. As a previous commenter said, she looks super hot, and the pre-sex interview is fun. However, the actual sex is very, very vanilla, and also strangely cut to hell, making it seem like every time they had a rhythm going the scene had to stop for some reason. If this was my first time seeing her and I didn't know anything about her "Busty Girl Behind the Counter of a Burger Joint" background I would remember her has having amazing implants and an infectious laugh and personality but in need of a male co-star who could really get her going. ScoreLand - Much better. Pre-sex interview, she seems like exactly the same girl as the BangBros scene, just a bit giddier, but once the sex starts she's just so much more into it. It's not perhaps the most amazing debut scene I've ever seen, but it's enough that I can see why the ScoreLand blogger was so smitten with her. Her deepthroat skills are on display, she's able to get into a more natural sexual rhythm with her partner, and just able to really seem like she was having some pretty good sex (or making us believe that was the case). This is the scene you should watch; just completely skip the BangBros one.The overall impression is th

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May 2003372710/21/2014
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she needs a footsiebabes scene

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July 201213710/21/2014
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Someone else had already removed the account when I checked it.

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May 2001878010/21/2014
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I have always liked and connected well with the feminine element in a porn star's face. Only then beauty and sexiness get their due. I have a list.Taija RaeLexus LocklearJulianne JamesDyanna Lauren Monica RoccaforteAnita RinaldiRosa CaraccioloAnja LavalMarilyn JessThese are my favorites when I combine all the factors. There should be something in their face that should make you fall in love with them.

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August 20072210/21/2014
Most recent post:
Welcome to the forum Ted,there is a huge thread already on that subject with lots of great info currently it's up to 51 pages.Link to thread

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April 20071634810/20/2014
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
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I have never met a dick that was too big for me. If that day ever comes I will be pleasantly surprised.

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December 201277210/20/2014
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^ unconfirmed and unfounded

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September 2011135910/20/2014
Gentleman Jon
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Ah yes, of course. The Royals' six day layoff will hurt them so much, while the Giants have momentum going for them, having clinched only five days before WS game 1. It's so obvious.Honestly, the Royals' streakiness during the regular season does concern me. If they should happen to get cold again, I mean. But I think the two teams will match up well and the series will go to five or six games, if not the whole seven.

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June 2005452310/19/2014
Most recent post:
Peyton is very good.

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August 20001728210/19/2014
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^Your post made me realise that I'm quite wrong because if the performer in question shoots in California and outside the State or the people he worked with do than just about everybody in the porn industry is sitting at home hoping the phone doesn't ring. There is no six degree of separation in porn. You are lucky if there is more than three.

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March 2010446310/19/2014
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It's Lebanese not lebonese. Spell it correctly man geez

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August 20104910/19/2014
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I'd like to second the following:And also add:-Molly Cavalli B/G-Janine Lindemulder anal-Jenna Jameson anal-Penny Flame anal-Ariel X B/G-Taylor Vixen B/G-Sara Jay anal-Nicole Aniston bukkake-Carol Goldnerova B/G________________________________________________Please ID these girls from PlayboyTV's Foursome show

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May 201087610/18/2014
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Just purchased Sloppy head 6....No words...Misha and Adriana performances are outstandig...Misha dressed in that black stockings ... then teasing with that cute gorgeous face... amazing sweet eyes... showing her theeth, tongue and throat... my gosh..Taking a dildo deep to her throat so deep that you can see a bulge... Love it... (wondering if she will shoot with the guys..mmm).. then gagging very deep on a damn lucky cock full of her saliva....Is a must guys...

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November 20136910/18/2014
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Since their PR probably is asleep I will do the lesbian network is online. It looks very good. They have lesbian anal themes, mommy/daughterstuff, pov camera-stuff and their old webyoung-stuff.4 updates a week. I guess I deserve a free account Girlsway?

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August 200760310/17/2014
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I believe you are overestimating supply and demand. Her motivation for money may not be the same anymore either as her life is a lot different now than it was 5 years ago.

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January 2003410010/16/2014
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^I focused on the DP action for the Alura Jensen gangbang. So what it lacked intensity the scene had plenty of holes being filled in the DP sex position.

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September 201322910/16/2014
December 2003258410/15/2014
Most recent post:
OMG, please let us know if you book Angela White for a scene, texanbob. She is a fabulous performer and undoubtedly that scene would melt ice. It's just as Phoenix Marie said to her "i could cum just by looking at you" in scene #25 for, scene #54 on her website with Anissa Kate, another big natural boobs spirited performer has many m2m spitting moments (along with mouth watering titty sucking moments). Yay, Angela, you delivered!!Edited by - eccentric_mike on 10/14/2014 2:28:49 PM

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November 201129410/14/2014
Most recent post:
My review for MY STEPMOTHER IS A VAMPIRE is up. It's one of those Private Blockbusters. The flick looks terrific but it's told with clumsy narration leading to an unsatisfying conclusion that sets up a sequel or two. The Step Sister played by Ferrara Gomez is in a bunch of the sex scenes and she deserves a better told tale (with more fangs) than this---tb

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May 200845210/14/2014
Most recent post:
Yes. Most of the dvds I obtain, either via an online retailer or a local brick & mortar store, will play on my computer.Like anything else, age wears things down. Older dvds tend to freeze-up more often than newer ones.Very few are defective. Storing dvds upright may help keep them from becoming defective.Several years ago, a few companies had problems with the manufacturing of dvds. Sometimes, a dvd will be released and a defect is discovered by a customer. Good companies will make it right and re-issue a new dvd. Companies are shifting to digital content, offering downloaded versions of their content. Like the transition from 8 mm film to video tape to dvds, digital content is the future of adult movies.I am looking forward to the day, when I can download a scene or a title that is just as good (in picture quality) as the dvds I own.I don't have to worry about any freeze-ups when I download a scene from an online retailer.

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May 2009270410/14/2014
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he's done a lot to and needs to get some praise

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October 20141610/14/2014
Most recent post:
Eva Karera is going to be dped on Brazzers.MLIB 22 OCTOBER with Jessy Jones and Van Wylde

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March 201313910/11/2014
John Pype
Most recent post:
This Katrina Jade is new to me. She's delicious looking. Am looking forward to seeing her in action.Thanks for the photos.

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September 200386310/10/2014
JK Reviews
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Anikka Albrite stated in a recent AVN interview she'll be signing at the show, most likely for Jules Jordan.

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December 201010710/9/2014
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Is it just me or is it the first time around the positions and how much the girls take is limited. I noticed this in the first scenes dakota sky, misha cross, and kelsi monroe did. Maybe this is why he releases a second movie with the same girls quite often. Because dakota's, misha's and from the looks of it kelsi's new upcoming scene looks so much better. Maybe the camera work is getting better or maybe the girls are not as nervous the second time around knowing what to expect working with mike.

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June 201211710/8/2014
Most recent post:
Although i would like nothing more than jules to stay in porn, as she is my favourite performer, I think she deserves a beautiful and fulfilled life outside of porn. She is one of the genuinely beautiful souls in porn and I wish her all the best whatever life throws at her.

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October 20134910/7/2014
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^^ all new scenes ?? wow !!

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August 201134210/7/2014
Most recent post:
Wow. More FA who's been banned from the forums for trying to spam it in various ways. Consider this thread locked.“No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session” - Mark Twain

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November 19991232710/5/2014
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
I wish.Edited by - splackavelli x on 9/29/2014 9:31:40 PM

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April 2007179/29/2014
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Too much real pleasure for a porn star? Isn't that like an actress who loves getting naked on screen?Edited by - twob476 on 9/28/2014 9:11:54 AM

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October 2010229/28/2014
Porn Scout
Most recent post:
I saw this yesterday. It's very entertaining. It also has virtually nothing in common with the TV series.

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October 200253539/28/2014
Most recent post:
There was so much wrong with this post I don't where to begin, so I won't - other than to request to read the terms of use you agreed to when you created your account.Edited by - Roads To Moscow on 9/23/2014 5:54:01 PM

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September 2013229/23/2014
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+1 last scene i got off to was anal pov with her :)

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March 20098969/23/2014
Most recent post:
any info on the Gianna Nicole and Syren De Mer in Brazzers Extra scene ?

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May 201469/22/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
September 20019379/20/2014
Most recent post:
I usually use vidcoder for converting WMV files to MP4. I usually use Mediainfo to check the audio/video bitrates. Then I decide if I want to maintain the bitrates or lower them.A site that can help with future encoding guides is

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December 199926749/16/2014
Most recent post:
I heard that the video will be there first IGGYAZALEAPORNO.COM

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January 2014619/16/2014
Most recent post:
I can't say for sure. I just remember a few years ago she sent me a very terse message that said "I've retired for good." That was it. I didn't feel comfortable asking her about it. I will say it seemed to coincide with a new boyfriend showing up in a lot of her photos so I guess it had something to do with that. She still looks great - pretty much the same as she did when she shot her last scenes. She's kept her figure and facially is the same. If she does decide to come back, it should be pretty good. But like I said before, I have no indication she's been thinking that way.I'm as sorry about that as you guys. She was absolutely my favorite when she was working. Just curious - who do you guys like now?CJ

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August 2006449/12/2014
Most recent post:
I can understand what you're saying, darkko. The starlets are hot, but seeing a bj doesn't mean the sensation is awesome. the really good blowjobs are the ones when the pop shots looks like an accident. Case in point, Eva Notty in POV Jugg Fuckers 4 and Violet Adamson in POV Jugg Fuckers 1. I think you should book more ebony actresses, though. I know you have good chemistry with Skin Diamond. But I'd like to see more ebony/ivory titles from you. Maybe you can convince Jovan Jordan or Clover to do a POV BJ thing. Just saying.

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February 20103129/12/2014
Most recent post:
I know it gets more tempting with each passing year to treat 9/11 like just another day on the calender, but I made a promise to never forget and each year I must reflect upon it in some way. This thread or one of the others must survive each year. The family and friends of people lost that day, the people of NYC, the first responders, the iron workers that drove in their trucks to cheers, the people of Shanksville that offered support, the people at the Pentagon, need to know that they last in our hearts. And whether it makes sense or not, the people we lost need to know as well.God bless.

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March 200068509/11/2014
Most recent post:
I have had quite a few life changes lately, marriage and a child on the way, and I have a huge box of Adult DVDs that I haven't looked at in a long time. With an upcoming move, I felt like other members might be able to enjoy them and I could earn a little cash to help with my upcoming expenses. I will come back and list the titles here, but I wanted to gauge interest first. I was thinking of selling them 10 for $65. They are all at least 3 or 4 years old. Lots of Teen, lots of Latina videos, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Red Light District, Vouyer, etc. All in excellent condition and mostly watched no more than 1 or 2 times. Please PM me if you might be interested. If you are, I can direct you to proof of good trader status on a couple of mainstream DVD/blu-ray sites. Thanks for your interest.

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August 2007128489/10/2014
Most recent post:
While Mia's anal scene was hot, and it was hot, I disagree (respectfully) with those who view it as her hottest scene yet. Personally, I think her two scenes with Dani Daniels ("Mia" and "Girl Fever") were hotter than her anal scene. If she's decided to leave porn I wish her the best of luck and I'm happy that she left us a body of work that will stand the test of time. Who can forget the iconic image of Mia bent over backwards getting her pussy licked while sucking a cock? It was the first image I had of her and it was so incredibly erotic I know I won't forget it. So beautiful and that smile. Well, we have pictures and video aplenty.Calling her (alleged) departure from porn a "waste" assumes that stripping and getting fucked for the benefit of us wankers is the highest use of any pretty girl's time. Pretty f'd up thinking I'd say.Good luck Mia, in whatever you chose to do, and thanks for the great performances you've left us.

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September 20104689/9/2014
Soapy Suds
Most recent post:
I remember a time about twenty five years ago, when lesbian pussy eating in movies lasted only 90 seconds if that. And it wasn't very convincing.We later moved on to the Girlfriends Films pussy eating which was more sensual and realistic.Now we've moved onto a different kind of pussy eating which is aggressive and wild. Girls have no fear. They suck, they spit, they slurp, they lick fast and dig their tongues deep down. Their tongues almost acting like mini cocks. RE: We Live Together and other movies.When I first saw this type of pussy eating I was blown away by it, but now I'm bored by it. It used to mean the girls were into the sex, but now it just looks mechanical and doesn't mean anything to me. It's as if the girls have been trained how to do it, but there's no real passion there.I'd like to see a more erotic, sensual pussy eating. Still realistic, but slower, calmer, and yes they can still dig their tongues down deep.I just wanted to express that viewpoint.

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September 2013999/1/2014
Most recent post:
Here are 3 new peeves related to Guys,1. Guys with droopy balls or tiny shriveled balls.2. Guys who try to hold a fake camera during the scene and spoil everything (as in Fake Agent)3. Guys who try to avoid showing their faces during shooting (as in Girls do porn and Amateur creampies) and spoiling the camera angles and cutting off the girls faces.4. Guys who simply dont make you feel anything - like Jmac in Cumfiesta .Edited by - shank on 9/1/2014 12:01:30 PM

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February 20091239/1/2014
Ian Nelson TS Reviews
Most recent post:
Sounds a Great Movie better get it bought and reviewed

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July 2014148/29/2014
Most recent post:
Are you back in biz? I'd be happy to see you shooting new scenes.

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April 2010168/25/2014
Most recent post:
She must do IR

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August 201418/25/2014
Fred G. Sanford
Most recent post:
New release for dat ass!

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November 20021228/22/2014
Most recent post:
Look up Nasty Natalia

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August 201438/21/2014
Most recent post:
OMG!Thanks, thanks!Updated

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August 201438/20/2014
Hugh Jardon
Most recent post:
jodi is awesome in uni gang bang .such a great scene

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February 2011548/19/2014
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Shawna Lenee

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February 200411908/17/2014
Most recent post:
Bump to the campaign for Stoya!@HardX_MCI'd also like to reiterate a request for somehow workouts and girls sweating be incorporated into a new series. There is just something about a girl with that glossy sheen of sweat on her face, shoulders, just about everywhere. I imagine her being just a little dirtier, wanting to smell and taste the sweat in her pussy, on her breasts, running down the crack of her ass... The tease sequences would be amazing, and it begs to elicit really fun dirty talk from the female performers.Edited to add:BTW, Gracie Glam in that trailer freaked me out how hot it was! Thank you, Mason.Edited by - mythmaker on 8/16/2014 10:13:57 AM

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July 20079358/16/2014
Most recent post:
Here's the program I use to organize my videos and pictures: does most of what you describe. Allows you to import, tag, search and generate thumbnails for all your movies and pictures. If your movies have the title, performers, director, studio, etc stored in the metadata, it can import that too. Once you've tagged all your content, it's easy to cross-index search. You can also create playlists and video clips of favorite scenes.

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February 201478/11/2014
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^To be fair, nobody knows how badly War Machine beat up "the friend", so it's possible he probabaly couldn't even make a phone call after he was beaten up so badly. Either way, if they were really broken up, War Machine had no business getting upset with Christy and beating her up.Edited by - cocobrazil77 on 8/11/2014 9:27:38 PMEdited by - cocobrazil77 on 8/11/2014 9:29:26 PM

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February 201448/11/2014
Most recent post:
Tall and lean: Xander corvusMost women i know find: "Manuel ferrara" attractive.Rewind a bit : julian rios was the hunk.<

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August 201428/8/2014
Most recent post:
BSD, KB, LEYDEN -Where's the "like" button in this place?

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October 200388858/7/2014
Most recent post:
She posts on Instagram quite a lot - I'm guessing she's a feature dancer of sorts in Japan, judging by what she posts?

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July 20013608/1/2014
Anime Nut
Most recent post:
Adriana ChechikSay hello to the other reason I spent the majority of my weekend at the Arrangement Finders booth. Adriana is scorching hot, and she absolutely knows it. She's also extremely approachable and a hoot to chat with. I couldn't resist complimenting her butthole, which was prominently on display on too many occasions to count. I apologize for never getting a proper, clear, and focused photo of it. That little pucker never stood still long enough for me to capture the moment. I'm okay with that, however. Adriana's butthole is worth the hunt. Edited by - anime nut on 7/22/2014 5:59:10 AM

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June 200636337/22/2014
Most recent post:
Check out 90s starlet Krysti Myst she had a tight tight ass but took it in the pooper a lot

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November 2011547/13/2014
Most recent post:
I watched a classic movie several years ago, don't recall if it was VHS or DVD at that time. Anyway, there was a scene where there were 2 girls (brunette, Caucasian) who were twins (or it may have been the same actress playing both parts): the first twin has sex with a guy in a bedroom, then she leaves, and the second twin comes in and does the same, then the first girl returns. The guy is unaware that these are different girls. I think there was also a scene in a barn with a couple of different girls and a guy wearing overalls?Please ID this film.

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January 2006257/11/2014
Jesse Midnite
Most recent post:
^^^ I would hope that Gracie Glam & Allie Haze would be a part of it. Nadia Styles is back & would be fantastic. A farewell scene from Jynx Maze would also be appreciated.

Jump to Jesse Midnite's most recent post
February 20086847/8/2014
Most recent post:
Hi everyone!My name is Harry from Australia and this is my first posting in ADT.I chose this section to make my first posting because like the others in this forum, I am very passionate about Girl/Girl Art (I refer to it as art).I would say that more than 80% of my DVD library is GG Art.I think that my favourite film is Leila / A Lesbian Fantasy from Viv Thomas (All scenes) and my favourite scene at the moment is Scene 2 from Mother Superior with Ariella Ferrara and Presley Hart.The reason why Leila / A Lesbian Fantasy from Viv Thomas is so hot is that Leila actually posted in the Viv Thomas forums talking about her desire to be a Lesbian porn star. She is actually a real lesbian. So when she pairs up with the actors in the scenes she is amazing.Thanks Lezlover for your recommendations, I have seen My Roommate's a Lesbian 2 but not the other titles. I will check them out ASAP.CheersHarry

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July 201417/8/2014
Most recent post:
Thanks so much for all your good work, Alina, and your communication(s). Glad you are taking care of yourself and being aware enough to do what's right for you. Your work was great, and we seem to all enjoy it a heck of a lot, but of course it's only enjoyable if you're enjoying it.Best of luck, stay sane, and I hope someday you'll write about your experiences or send notes about how you are. Crap, now I sound like a mom. But you know what I mean. We've all grown to care at least a bit about you.

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January 2014137/3/2014
Most recent post:
Best one to me is Shuttle Japan's Bukkake Summit 4 (BU-04).Same with Fuji No Jin from MVG from 1995.I think the record might have been broken recently by Rina Hatsume in Milky Cat DMC-26.

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June 200412026/25/2014
Most recent post:
Veronica Rodriguez- Oil Overload 11

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June 20131156/24/2014
Most recent post:
LOL! I have to admit that I'm finding most of this humorous! I also found Alina extremely attractive and a decent enough performer for someone so new...but WOW, some of these responses and "profiling" and assumptions are just WAY out there, More important to me is that Captain Jack is here and we should do dinner, man!

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February 200440486/20/2014
Most recent post:

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October 2012136/13/2014
Most recent post:
Like the original movie it only gets funnier the more times you watch it. by - flash on Jun 12 2014Topic Moved by - flash on Jun 12 2014

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June 2014106/12/2014
April 2014116/8/2014
Melon Smuggler
Most recent post:
Over the years of watching porn I have seen loads of porn movies to many to countWe all have our favourites at certain times during our porn viewing life. Sometimes these only last a few months or some last foreverWho was your first pornstar obsession how long did it last and do you still watch the first porn movies you found yourself masterbating to

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May 201466/4/2014
Most recent post:
That's very tough to read. He was a very solid performer and never had bad scene from what I saw. RIP Billy.

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January 200522476/2/2014
Robin Banks
Most recent post:
Just watched Keisha's scene on and I would score it 6/10 In general I’m fan of the interracial genre as long as it’s not overplayed like some of the dogfart scenes.I have seen around 20 scenes now starring Keisha Grey and this scene would be in the bottom 5 for me....Reason? well the scene is 46+ minutes long, with the first 6/7 being an introduction involving Keisha speaking to camera and dropping that old line out "I've never been with a black guy before" really Keisha?She is then joined by male talent Jason Brown.The main let down for me in the scene is the way it is edited. I like to see the talent move from position to position as it gives the scene a more natural flow in my opinion.If they want to keep the scene to around the 45 minute mark then they should have cut down on the 20 minute foreplay/oral section and cut down on the amount of editing in the scene. The performance of both talent is average in my opinion Keisha takes him with relative ease, she certainly does not sell the fact this is her first interracial scene with her performance in my opinion and the pathetic scripted dialogue, cuts no ice with me. There is little to no unscripted dialogue in this scene which is a let down f

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June 200985/30/2014
Most recent post:
My list:Tori BlackAngelina ValentineSophie DeePhoneix MarieBree OlsonAlexis TexasLilly CarterKatja KassinAnnette SchwarzBobbi Starr

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May 201425/27/2014
The DMan
Most recent post:

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June 200751935/16/2014
Most recent post:
Does anyone know who the other girl was in Alexis' Frat House Fuckfest scene. She looks familiar but I cant quite place her. This is the best pic I can find....ThanksEdited by - phoenixjo on 5/10/2014 12:27:20 PM

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August 20092675/10/2014
Most recent post:
Hope all will be fine with family Omar.But hurry up, Julie will be soooo busy soon with all the job offers......Fantastic :)

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January 201434/28/2014
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I Cannot Get Over How Much I Love AJ, I watch her Scenes over and over again with a huge smile on my face, All Her scenes Are so wonderful and well acting with a Skill Of Dance just adds too it, I am So Excited To here about Ajs Ganbang Ive Been waiting For this for a long time, I was So Hoping it was going to happen, Thank U Mason & Aj

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February 2013204/27/2014
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wow! just watched 3 old DVDs i found of service animals from evil angel withBrandon and a hot big-butt girl dressed as a mail-girl "fucked n dismissed",bakers dozen 4 with Hillary Scott fully facial-ized and totally into it and riot sluts from director mason with an awesome doggy style butt-fuck of Kami Andrews bent over a black Mercedes in a parking lot where he stuffed a green torch up her ass as he destroyed her pussy. EPIC GOLD!!

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September 20102104/21/2014
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With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

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January 20131494/19/2014
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I agree please Rainia Belle at least once every site of the network!

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February 2013514/18/2014
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We are very excited to announce that India Summer has won the "Adult Star Of The Year" award on the 2014 AltAwards! India appeared on the show to accept her award. Show is available to watch now on

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April 201424/2/2014
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looks like a good dealtoo bad I don't reside in LA

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December 2002483/16/2014
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They were also saying that Canadian porn didn't have enough subtitles for hearing impaired.

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March 201493/14/2014
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any updates about her

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December 201313/13/2014
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Hope this is ok Marks Are clearly seen not one so many!Heaven Is Where The Police Are British, The Cooks Are French, The Mechanics German, The Lovers Italian And It's All Organised By The Swiss.

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March 201443/7/2014
Graham Shaw
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some really good scenes out there. Vanity has done a few and given the girls a good pounding on every occasions. Any favourite scenes

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January 2014192/22/2014
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Welcome back Mia.Always one of the best performers.

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January 200515432/21/2014
Sith in SC
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We don't get food again.

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August 20038082/16/2014
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If its just thrill seeking, go for both. The experience should even things out.

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February 201412/11/2014
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I'm the opposite. I like getting to know a performer before her scene(s), especially since I rarely watch extras - behind-the-scenes or otherwise.Edited by - Ryan_Johnson on 2/2/2014 11:37:25 AM

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January 201442/2/2014
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That Katja scene was great, glad to know Im not alone on this.

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January 201451/9/2014
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Well, at least you had a dream about Mia.....maybe next time you'll do something more. :)Edited by - LonelyHeart89 on 1/9/2014 5:14:51 AM

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January 201411/9/2014
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