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Which Early Christian Heresy Are You?Final Result:PelagianismYou are Pelagianism!Named after its most famous proponent, the British monk Pelagius, Pelagianism taught that human nature is not compromised by original sin and that the will is therefore capable of choosing to follow the moral good without God's aid. Pelagius's fiercest opponent was St Augustine of Hippo, whose writings insisted upon the reality of original sin and the need for divine grace to perform any good works. Augustine's position won out over that of Pelagius, and Pelagianism was condemned as a heresy by the Council of Carthage in 418, a decision that was confirmed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. Despite this apparent victory for Augustinianism, the precise relationship between grace and free will remained controversial, and a variety of "semi-Pelagian" positions were taught throughout the fifth and early sixth centuries.

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November 20042224010/21/2014
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Who is hotter ?Natalie Norton (Madison Fox)Lexi Diamond

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November 200812910/21/2014
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
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I have an online store where you guys can buy my merchandise (clothing from scenes, DVDs I'm in, Skype shows, etc.). Check it out on www.DaniellesGear.comDanielle Delaunay -

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December 201125810/21/2014
Porno Dan
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October 21st at 2 pm PDT See Adriana Chechik, Elektra Rose Fuck Lucky Guys for FREE Promo code "FREESHOW" on Immoral LiveAdriana ChechikElektra Rose

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March 2009372610/21/2014
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Not hungover, but apologetic.

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October 20111548710/21/2014
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claim is that a fellow named randy california wrote it

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August 20033115410/21/2014
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If she suspects, I doubt she will bring it up. If she brings it up, that means she probably doesn't suspect at all adn almost any reasonable excuse (like listening to music) will probably work.

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November 2011465510/20/2014
kylie ireland    [Kylie Ireland's movies]
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Just because....

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November 200390310/20/2014
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I gave them up when I gave up the women that actually liked to drink them.

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December 2004358510/20/2014
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^Am I a horrible person for feeling bad that he failed...?

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February 2009540810/20/2014
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My vote would be 18 and Nasty 24 she does a scene with TT Boy that is out of this world, she looks like a high school freshmen trying to dress all grown up. She confesses to TT Boy that she has had a crush on him for years, he brutally fucks her and makes her cum multiple times. Its the ultimate teen scene. I also watch her scene in !st Person Shooter a lot which is a POV where she gives an outstanding blowjob to a lucky dick.

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November 20098610/20/2014
Captain Jack
Most recent post:
New interview is up with Alison

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December 200976110/20/2014
Roads To Moscow
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Since 1983...@RoadsToMoscow / The RTM Daily

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July 20051243610/20/2014
Mo Reese
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Ava Addams joined Phoenix Marie & Angela White in a crazy fun episode of MORE w/Mo

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November 20096110/20/2014
Most recent post:
I have a lot of BBW and SSBBW porn / movies and I am looking to trade or buy only BBW and SSBBW porn / movies from someone with similar tastes. Please write to me at bbwlover64 at gmail and let's talk. Hope to hear soon.

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October 2014410/20/2014
Most recent post:
Welcome to the forum Ted,there is a huge thread already on that subject with lots of great info currently it's up to 51 pages.Link to thread

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April 20071634810/20/2014
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Some more images of Dahlia Sky from her scene in Carter Loves Dahlia

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April 200811310/20/2014
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Hi Karnage,Manuel is coming out with Adriana Chechik tomorrow and Friday, it will be Skin Diamond with Mick Blue.I will see what I can do... In the mean time, I can definitely tell our producers :)Thanks for the supportMC

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April 201411010/20/2014
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Tony Danza

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January 20139210/20/2014
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
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I have never met a dick that was too big for me. If that day ever comes I will be pleasantly surprised.

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December 201277210/20/2014
Most recent post:

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September 20143510/20/2014
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Oh--kay. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 2008100810/20/2014
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
There is an indication that she followed Rob Black, and then a few days later the crazy attacks on John and Karen appear, which read exactly like Rob Black's crazy attacks on John and Karen, and not very much at all like the bulk of Sheena's tweets (my cat pooped on the floor again, I can't work my computer, here is a picture of me with something in my ass, I made food, etc.) And then the entries go right back to how they were before. Pretty obvious it was all just a brief interval of bullshit orchestrated by Black.

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March 20031276010/20/2014
Most recent post:

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November 20087410/20/2014
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New+website+with+thousand+of+pics+%21 looks like a copyright infringing site to me.Jacco

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May 2004509210/19/2014
Joey Starr
October 20005377810/19/2014
julie skyhigh
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ow forgot to post some sexy pics i done with nathan blake with great anal scene.

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December 20135110/19/2014
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The L & T Miss Carr.

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January 20041177810/19/2014
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I'd love to see Chanel in a Hot Scene with Paige Turnah. She's British and her mouth is filthy slutty! A scene with Chanel, Paige, And Rocco would be a Classic in my mind.

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July 201213210/19/2014
Kimi Lixx    [Kimi Lixx's movies]
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For me - Always

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June 2001787910/19/2014
Lucy Lee
Most recent post:
but IR is not only blacks and whites... latinos, asians, indians and arabs too, so real IR gang bang is one with guys of all race fucking the girl

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September 20148610/19/2014
Most recent post:
We were just talking about that in the office last week. I would love to shoot a movie like that. However it will take some time after I get done with what I'm working on at the moment. Thanx for letting me know what's on your mind.

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February 201471410/19/2014
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all true but everytime a new (d)rop(d)ead(c)utie comes along some girls are in retirement i would have loved to see her play with. In this case ... don´t know if it happend ... is Tara Lynn foxxCube

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October 2002339610/18/2014
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Just purchased Sloppy head 6....No words...Misha and Adriana performances are outstandig...Misha dressed in that black stockings ... then teasing with that cute gorgeous face... amazing sweet eyes... showing her theeth, tongue and throat... my gosh..Taking a dildo deep to her throat so deep that you can see a bulge... Love it... (wondering if she will shoot with the guys..mmm).. then gagging very deep on a damn lucky cock full of her saliva....Is a must guys...

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November 20136910/18/2014
Most recent post:
Aria will be moving to Los Angeles to start shooting around the end of November. SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"

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March 2003229910/18/2014
Most recent post:
I don't live in St Louis, so I don't really have an affinity for the Royals. I am also not a league homer. My team lost, now I just want good games regardless of the winner. If a team I hated was playing, like say the Yankees, then I would. But I don't have anything against either of these teams. That being said, I would like to see KC win it all. Its been a long time since they have been here.

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December 20031215810/18/2014
Don Fernando
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July 200421810/17/2014
Van Hinten
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^Unfortunately no. We all should do a flash mob and bomb Claudio with questions about the release on twitter..

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July 201147610/17/2014
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
Janice Griffith seems to have a tight little butt with an asshole begging to be licked. Also, she's not a very popular porn star, but there's a girl named Bailey Paige that has one of the pinkest/cleanest assholes I've ever seen. Check her out on twitter. @BaileyXPaige- Jimmy HooliganJimmy Hooligan Sites : Dot Com - Dot Net - Dot TV

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July 200927410/17/2014
the unknown pervert
Most recent post:
Well they had that nice underdog series between the Cardinals and the Giants. After all neither of those teams have been to the World Series since,,,nevermind. I can't even remember the last time a World Series was played without one of those two teams. Not much of a reason for fans of any other National League team to root for either of them.

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May 20061704710/17/2014
Most recent post:
Another girl I shot last weekend, she did her first time shoot, will be doing only softcore stuff in LA. Supercute, fun teen, and man can she 'gape'. Ended up doing big toys and fisting too. I've been getting a lot of new girls who can do extreme lately... is this the future of teens? lol

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July 201217610/17/2014
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I believe you are overestimating supply and demand. Her motivation for money may not be the same anymore either as her life is a lot different now than it was 5 years ago.

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January 2003410010/16/2014
Most recent post: god this turned out as it di (well maybe not on the part of the rangers) or we'd have a ton of postings telling us the Boston PD were in error, the assailant was holding a ham sandwich, and so on. Two Boston Park Rangers approached a homeless man for whom there was a warrant. ( Rangers are NOT armed). The man went berserk stabling one deep in the abdomen and the other in the upper body. Both were hospitalized with the first one nearly dying. Boston cops ran him down in after a foot chase and tackled him. The suspect had taunted the cops to shoot him. The suspect was black and had a lengthy criminal record for violent crime. It's funny though how there seem to be no kudos for the cops who took him into custody without the use of deadly force. I can't help but thinking if they had, there would have been the same doubts about his actions as well as the actions of the cops.

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February 2008191610/16/2014
The Rub PR
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Thursday, October 15th, 2014Nikita Von JamesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEClub DVD Magazine Features La Femme Nikita(Hollywood, CA) Curvaceous Russian blonde Nikita Von James has a new title. Club DVD Magazine from the UK has dubbed her "La Femme Nikita". She has a four-page spread in Issue 9.6 on newsstands right now. The spread has loads of sexy photos and an in-depth interview where writer Tamara Noon and her talk about the stock market, orgies, what motivates her, her dream fuck and how’s she a closet geek. "This was a fun interview and I think my fans will really feel like they know me after they read it," says Nikita Von James. "I'm really pleased with how it turned out and hope my fans will go out and buy it."Pick up the issue at your local newsstand or adult shop, or go online and get the current issue or a subscription at more Nikita? Join her site,, that she recently relaunched through the PUBA network of adult stars. To interview Nikita Von James for your site or publication, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at NIKITA VON JAMESAlthough she comes ...

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September 2008125210/16/2014
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Check out, HOT petite, Jeanie Marie Sullivan in an all ANAL scene!!! It's also an Internal Anal Creampie and this is her FIRST ANAL CREAMPIE on camera. She recently returned to the business after a brief absence and she's a girl I have always wanted to work with, she's NEVER done an anal CREAMPIE before on camera and I got her FIRST. This girl's ass is UNREAL! She has an incredible ass There's also plenty of ass GAPING throughout this scene.See video in streaming, download options as well as clips and large HI RES photo set and screen caps at:I Worship AnalEnjoy!.

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August 201031010/16/2014
Most recent post:
That DVD looks interesting - when does it get released please?

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December 201257210/16/2014
Most recent post:
Alli Rae filmed with us recently at Swallow Guide

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November 20129610/16/2014
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Transgender Erotica Awards formally known as Tranny Awards have released their 2015 Nominations and HotWendyPR clients have taken several nominations. Owner and Publicist Wendy Williams received two nominations for "Best Scene" for her work with Ramon and the DVD "I Kill It TS 6" DVD for "Best DVD" which she is on the cover of. Wendy Summers received nominations for "Best Internet Personality, Best Solo Website (, and Unique Model", Tiffany Starr for "Best Hardcore Performer and Best Scene with Ada Black threesome", Kelli Lox received a nomination for "Best Internet Personality" and finally Sunshyne Monroe took nominations for "Best Solo Website ( and Best Solo Performer".TEA's will be held Sunday February 15th at the Avalon in Hollywood, California. For more information and the full list of nominee's go to TheTeaShow.comHotWendyPR can be found at @hotwendypr and Follow Wendy and her clients on twitter at @tswendywilliams @tiffanystarrxxx @wendysummerscom @kellilox and @sunshyneland.

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May 200420410/16/2014
Most recent post:
I don't know about inches, but Holmes never seemed to have good erection in his porn scenes, so it'd be difficult to make comparison. Also the video shooting/editing style is very different. There was more use of super-closeups and slo-mo and looped film segments in the John Holmes days, which also would make comparisons more difficult.

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January 2008307310/15/2014
Most recent post:
That time again. I need one.

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January 20032212110/15/2014
JaydenJaymes    [Jayden Jaymes's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi! :)

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July 20084610/15/2014
Most recent post:
As far as I know, big dicks can be a blessing in disguise. It can be helpful in exotic positions, but can be a pain in the ass with simple taks such as blowjobs for example. Especially if the girl has a small waist/cervix. The interesting part is that some women find is more plesurable to do anal sex rather than vaginal with men with big dicks. If you are a big dick dude, here are some tips:- Slow way the fuck down. Seriously.- Foreplay. More or less endless. Whatever it is that is not sex and she loves, do that. Kissing, oral, fingering, petting, whatever. If she's not big on communicating "I like this, this, that, and not that", then just explore and ask her how well she likes all the different things you try.- Lube! If you're using latex condoms, not oil-based: silicone or water-based lubes work great.- Penetrate slowly, and reapply lube if you two have been going at it for a while, even if you feel you don't need it.- Try positions that could hurt her less. If she's on top, she can control the depth. The solution, ultimately, might just be that you can't penetrate fully because, no matter the position, it will hit her cervix. Be gentle and be mindful.Edited by - kuskka on 10/14/2014 11:08:10 PMEdited by - kuskka on 1...

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June 20134310/14/2014
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
Agreed! But other than that, she is a stunning young lady! Gotta check out some of her scenes soon. Jessica Bangkok

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July 201096810/14/2014
Most recent post:
he's done a lot to and needs to get some praise

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October 20141610/14/2014
Tony Flush
Most recent post:
Manuel Ferrara

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February 200933910/14/2014
Zen Master 2007
Most recent post:
Nikki Dial

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March 200774310/13/2014
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi Tim!Maddy O'Reilly this month and then I'm pretty sure that Riley Reid will be live with me next month for my special event. Many have requested her as well:) Catalina

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July 20141610/13/2014
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Jessie was amazing in that scene :-)

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August 200326110/12/2014
Most recent post:
I think she's retired now, nothing new with her for a long time....

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October 201223710/11/2014
Most recent post:
Thank you sir for your posts!

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December 20102910/11/2014
Most recent post:
Eva Karera is going to be dped on Brazzers.MLIB 22 OCTOBER with Jessy Jones and Van Wylde

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March 201313910/11/2014
Most recent post:
Thanks for the reply Dr Mercies, I think breast slapping in rough edgy scenes are great for motivation of both parties, the girls who are into it usually respond by fucking faster. There is nothing better than rough breast play with squeezing, wobbling and slapping of breasts as girls are being roughly fucked.

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December 200874310/11/2014
Most recent post:
No screen no postScreen1 Screen2

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March 20141110/11/2014
Most recent post:
I see Lex has started on a new LexEcutioner. Starting things off with Amirah AdaraPics on his instagram page....

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May 20137410/11/2014
Most recent post:
Here is the Cream Dreams 3 cast. It will be out in Dec then Anal Buffet 10 which Dakota is in.Dana Dearmond, Chris StrokesPenny Pax, Cassey Calvert, Chris StrokesMaddy O'Reilly, Mic BlueKelsi Monroe, Layla PryceJillian Janson, Lea LexisAmber Rayne, Cherry Torn, Ashley Fires

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March 200438310/10/2014
John Pype
Most recent post:
This Katrina Jade is new to me. She's delicious looking. Am looking forward to seeing her in action.Thanks for the photos.

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September 200386310/10/2014
JK Reviews
Most recent post:
Anikka Albrite stated in a recent AVN interview she'll be signing at the show, most likely for Jules Jordan.

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December 201010710/9/2014
Dr Mercies
Most recent post:
Jettyman, to be honest, I don't think we've done any breast slapping yet. But come to think of it, there's no reason why we can't throw in a little breast play on the site. The focus will always be on ass, but we've probably been neglecting the breasts more than we need to. There's one model we might book who has huge breasts... so let me think on it... Edited by - Dr Mercies on 10/9/2014 1:45:48 AM

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July 2014510/9/2014
Jeff @ IAFD
Most recent post:
We generaly do that -- use the first credited name as the main name -- until such time than an AKA far outshines the initial name.For instance, Jenna Jameson started out as a performer named "Daisy." We couldn't list Jenna Jameson's main name as Daisy, could we? It'd look weird. None of this is a hard and fast rule, I'm sure you could find some perfs who are now better known than their initial name who are still listed by their initial name; and others who have been changed. With over 125,000 perfs in the DB, we tend to be reactive, not pro-active in these kinds of things.

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June 2000143010/8/2014
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
Here's a youtube safe trailer for Between The Headlines. The movie is now available for preorder!Click Me

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May 20108010/7/2014
Most recent post:
Great Pic @AnalGapePorn

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October 2003250010/7/2014
Most recent post:
^^ all new scenes ?? wow !!

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August 201134210/7/2014
Most recent post:
Whats her name ? She´s so HOTEdited by - kraut on Oct 6 2014Edited by - kraut on Oct 6 2014

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February 200810510/6/2014
Most recent post:
That is super cool.

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July 2002126010/5/2014
Most recent post:
Jules Jordan is Chris Streams still shooting new movies for your company? If so where is the best place to find a release schedule.

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March 200718910/5/2014
Hi Infidelity
Most recent post:
This trailer is glorious

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January 20123610/4/2014
KatjaKassin    [Katja Kassin's movies]
Most recent post:
I totally understand your point. At the same time this probably means that this forum is not the right place for me to be hanging around anymore since I have a new focus in my life and are interested in different topics. Thank you very much.Edited by - KatjaKassin on 10/3/2014 8:46:25 PM

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May 2003153610/3/2014
Most recent post:
no new HGB this week?

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March 200742310/1/2014
Tarantino XXX
Most recent post:
Be on the lookout for Pulp Fiction XXX coming in October along with Machete XXX (the world's first porn movie trailer), Erotic City: A Dame To Fuck, and Creepy Peep Show (a Halloween horror porn anthology). Just checkout and follow me on twitter to find out more info. You can also ask away here in the forum I love talking with the fans.Tarantino XXX

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May 20131710/1/2014
Most recent post:
HI guys. I am joining the thread now. Been away of this board for a long time..What do you think of her?

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September 2012339/30/2014
Most recent post:
I think your personal control over your content and appearances make you all the more desirable, if that would even be possible! Look forward to owning all your DVD's!

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December 2013729/30/2014
10000 days
Most recent post:
Couples/glamour/romantic/X-art porn. Ok, porn people. You tried your best to get women to buy porn. It failed miserably. The vast majority of consumers are still male and we do not want to see laughable attempts at making the strumpets look like they are in love with the parolees.

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March 200613039/29/2014
Most recent post:
She reminds me alot of Natalie Moore.

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May 2012479/29/2014
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
I wish.Edited by - splackavelli x on 9/29/2014 9:31:40 PM

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April 2007179/29/2014
Most recent post:
oh. my. god...

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December 20082829/29/2014
Drew Black
Most recent post:
Handy ADT cookie clearing toolEdited by - Drew Black on 9/29/2014 12:08:44 AM

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September 199995239/29/2014
Most recent post:
I'll tell you why I'm attracted to G/G porn. Because I'm sick of seeing gross guys in porn. When a guy and girl are doing doggy style and the camera is from behind pointed up, I don't want to see a guy's asshole in my face. I don't like seeing men sticking their fingers and toes inside a girl's mouth. And I hate seeing men spit on a girl. All that stuff grosses me out. I'm attracted to women not men. I am NOT grossed out when women do these same things to each other. Call me - Lesbian Anal Rimming & Licking

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April 2007519/28/2014
Most recent post:
Terri Summers - "Pop 4: The beauty of the blowjob"Arianna Jollee - "The Gangbang Girl 35"Monica Sweetheart - "When Porn Stars Play 2: Sluts in the Sun"Melissa Lauren - "Taboo 2"Lynn Stone - "Italian Flair"

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September 201419/28/2014
Most recent post:
A request, Jonni:K for Kendra (Lust)No "firsts" or "circus acts" necessary. Just an entire video devoted to her. She's hot stuff.Thanks for your consideration.--Bob

Jump to Bob's most recent post
March 2003123589/25/2014
Most recent post:
If sexy bodied ladies like Codi (black, white or other!) can't get work then porn valley has major issues! lol

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March 2014229/24/2014
Most recent post:
Yelp makes all review sites look bad with their ad extortion. I only use it if I have no other choice. Would rather read a chowhound thread for restaurant info, or someone's blog, or anything but Yelp.

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November 1999135629/23/2014
Most recent post:
There was so much wrong with this post I don't where to begin, so I won't - other than to request to read the terms of use you agreed to when you created your account.Edited by - Roads To Moscow on 9/23/2014 5:54:01 PM

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September 2013229/23/2014
Most recent post:
Honest opinions on what should be added.

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September 201419/22/2014
Most recent post:
I was really expecting to see Dani swallowing Prince' Load for but she didn't do it. She didn't swallow once. All of her scenes for do not have any swallowing.What a pity...

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October 20111329/22/2014
Most recent post:
this sucks. the only good pic i have but it has a dick in it

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October 20112179/22/2014
Most recent post:
Emma MaeSamantha SaintVery beautiful babes!

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July 201449/22/2014
Most recent post:
^That's funny as hell!After comparative analysis based upon the size of some of Leya's co-starsI should probably be honest and say that I carry a skin piccolo at all times.It's all fun and games until someone gets an ear poked out!Edited by - smurftrapper on 9/21/2014 8:46:07 AM

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September 20094459/21/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
September 20019379/20/2014
Most recent post:
In 3 years we've had 2 girls get pregnant on set. Layla Rayne just sent me paperwork for a paternity test so we'll see if its mine soon.

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March 200989/20/2014
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Colonized by wankers

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