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Dirt cheap? How much does it cost a performer to join ADT?

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March 20148157/27/2015
Harri Patel
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A hard drive is a mechanical device -- the data is stored on a metal platter which is being spun around by a motor; an arm is moved around to read or write data to/from the platter. These operations happen fairly quickly, but not instantaneously.Solid state drives do away with the moving parts. The data is stored in silicon memory chips, and the reading and writing is all done electronically, and much more quickly than a hard drive. Everything happens much faster with Windows on a SSD - the machine boots up much faster, programs open almost instantly, updates install much faster, etc. It's a difference that an average, non-hardcore computer geek can appreciate.The problem with buying from Best Buy or places like that is that they're not concerned with trying to maximize your bang for the buck; they want systems they can sell at arbitrary "price points," and Asus et al respond by supplying the most stripped down systems they can get away with that can be sold at those price points. So you end up with the equivalent of buying a new car that comes with wind-up windows and a single-CD stereo that has no bluetooth or connector for an iPhone. If you build your own or have a local guy put one together for you, you can

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March 2003129927/27/2015
Lucy Lee    [Lucy Lee (Czech)'s movies]
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thank you ;)

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September 20143567/27/2015
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You should check the scene #078 of Angel White with Ramon Nomar. During some part of the scene he cums on her belly and continue fucking her for a few minutes. Great scene of shower sex!

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June 2013647/27/2015
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This is what the whole world has been waiting for...Thank You so much Tushy.comYou guys are my heroes for making this happen.

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October 20111897/27/2015
Captain Jack
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Just a quick comment about interviews. The key to a good interview, in my opinion, is listening. I have no experience whatsoever in doing interviews. One of my pet peeves when I watch a sports event is when the subject will answer the question and expand on the subject. The interviewer's follow-up question was just answered so the subject has to repeat himself. That being said, yes, I have my stock questions that I ask. I think that's what the fans want to know and I like asking them the questions that I do. I start out so that we can find out about the girl pre-porn and it creates a comfort level. Last week, I had two extremes. I interviewed one girl with my opening, "Tell me about...." and she went on for about 15 minutes, answering about 6 or 7 questions that I had already planned to ask her. So I don't make it a jumbled mess, I split up her one answer into 6 or 7 answers, seperated by my questions. It makes it easier to follow along and it's a better read, IMO. Then there was this other girl who I went down my questions and she answered them and it wasn't possible to go off on a tangent and talk about something else. As long as I get some sexy stories and get some real answers, I'm fine with it. I can usually tell wi...

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December 200915027/27/2015
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More info on this later, but it's going to be hot!

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May 2014727/27/2015
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Served Up#7 = Naomi ClarkEdited by - d012560c on 7/27/2015 6:29:01 PM

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November 2008857/27/2015
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An Indian lentil soup.

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October 2011233167/27/2015
Porno Dan
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Today, July 27th at 2 pm PDT See Harley Jade and Noelle Easton Fuck Lucky Guys for FREE Promo Code "FREESHOW" on Immoral LiveHarley JadeNoelle Easton

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March 200941447/27/2015
The Rub PR
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Monday, July 27th, 2015Kayla-Jane DangerFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEKayla-Jane Danger Builds Darth Vibrader & Gets Interviewed by Huff Post (Las Vegas, NV) Kayla-Jane Danger recently built a larger than life sized Darth Vader (aka Darth Vibrader) made out of sex toys including vibrators, butt plugs, and nipple clamps for Wood Rocket’s brand new series Screwing Things Up. When you make a parody like this, it’s bound to get press. Huffington Post interviewed her for a piece in HuffPost Weird News. In addition to interviewing Kayla, Writer David Moye breaks down the process of building Darth Vibrader with photos of Kayla shopping, assembling and posing with her finished project. The video is also available in the online article. It can be viewed by going to"It took more than eight hours and over three thousand dollars to make Darth, and it was a lot of fun," says Kayla-Jane Danger. "I had special effects artist Tom Devlin and Porn Producer Seth Beard helping me, because it was a huge undertaking. I’m glad the Huff Post interviewed me and covered the project. I want the whole world to see it, and now they...

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September 200815267/27/2015
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Larry King

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November 2004239517/27/2015
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teddy, thank you for being able to say what you like and still be a nice guy.

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November 1999137187/27/2015
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I am starting Interview with Stunning TS Pornstar Holly ParkerPart2 interview @TheHollyParker will be passed over to her fans. Email Questions #AskHolly @PornOCD Twitter

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July 201597/27/2015
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this is the best thread ever.... I'm glad you fans know all the angles.... you guys can all get together, each pay for a test, hire a gal off twitter and then blowbang her yourselves since I'm sure you are ALL to have absolutely perfect aim into the girls mouth w/no camera bobbles and perfect lighting. it shouldn't be that hard should it?c'mon guys, show ME, von S.

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January 200419297/27/2015
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How few Evil Angel titles have you watched? There are plenty of women without implants in their movies.

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March 201212687/27/2015
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It might be a smart business move to archive a copy of all their scenes. It's likely that some of those scenes will become abandoned/out-of-print/unobtainable in the future.

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January 200831797/26/2015
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This is from ALS Scan.

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January 2004122147/26/2015
Hi Infidelity
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I imagine some do. But some girls have so many releases that collection would be a nightmare to store lol.

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January 20121057/26/2015
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If that is you in your AVATAR :) you need to change glasses asap. Nothing wrong with her cute_status afaics Katie = Cube

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October 200234737/26/2015
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BumpA few of these clips were pretty good - one was with Sky Lopez getting fucked in the shower. Another with Alexa Rae getting fucked real good poolside.wonder if they'll ever turn up - must be in the vault somewhere.

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August 20138217/26/2015
Most recent post:
Thank you. Yes ive not seen er take that much - number of cocks but i would be grateful if anone knows of any scenes where she takes multiple loads?Cheers

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December 201210347/26/2015
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You don't have to pay at the pornstarchive site; at least not anymore it's Wordpress registration. Is there a resource to purchase GGG DVDs somewhere? I realize there is always the GGG site which you can download them, but as stated for the collector.

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July 20111517/26/2015
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The Pickton case in Canada really changed the public discourse around sex work, with a greater emphasis and sympathy for the safety of the women working. Unfortunately the Conservatives shelved a commission report that recommended changes to try and make them safer, but you see its influence in the Ontario ruling on sex work.

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September 2007115557/26/2015
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She looked way cuter with short hair. Her look in the first couple years she was in porn was so cute and sexy. Later one when she darkened it and grew it out and also started wearing a lot more makeup she lost that cute charm. The pixie girl next door look is what made her popular.

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April 2010167/26/2015
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You know what, never mind.

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December 2003122487/25/2015
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The only downside of course being that I shoot 4-6 months in advance, so what you see on the site today happened half a year before -- and many of them are not 'new' on the net anymore. But you can see how 'fresh' and untainted they are on video when they are true first timers.Another new girl I shot two weeks ago, should appear on other porn sites eventually:One of the most enthusiastic and energetic first timers I've shot in a while. And ended up doing some real extreme

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July 20122177/25/2015
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"In Iraq I Raided Insurgents. In Virginia The Police Raided Me."_________________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 200811157/25/2015
Jimmy Hooligan
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Sorry for that! I'm the webmaster for Dirt Pipe Divas. I corrected the problem. If you re-order, hit me up at and I'll throw in a free video for your trouble.

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July 20093337/25/2015
the unknown pervert
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Global warming research ship stuck in Antarctic ice.

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May 2006171227/25/2015
julie skyhigh
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sorry I'm still blocked to post. can someone please unblock? i just didn't knew the rules boobs yes, pussy no. thank youJulie skyhigh

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December 2013767/25/2015
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Kalyn Arianna flailing arms and tapping out:

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May 2010187/24/2015
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
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Morgan Bailey is a statuesque model with a perfect figure, big boobs, and a hard cock. She seduces Christian right out of his clothes and they make passionate love in a swanky hotel room in can see this update and join my site - HERE

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September 200423457/24/2015
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Riley is absolutely 100% NOT 44, lol. Trust me, I know, I worked with her for my sites.I Worship AnalBarely Legal FootjobsPhilly Butt SlutsFeet of PhillyI Worship Feet

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August 20103377/24/2015
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
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I know this isn't all that helpful, but I've definitely shot scenes where this happens. For a lot of the scenes at, we shoot kind of informally, so if someone's phone goes off we'll make it part of the scene. "Oh, don't answer that we're busy" or whatever. In "Fuck The Police" not answering a cell phone is a central plot point, but I'm not sure if the constructed version of this is what you're looking for. If it is, it's scene 3 in Fuck The Police, with Jessica Ryan and Vanessa Veracruz.

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May 20101057/24/2015
Most recent post:
Converse to redesign classic Chuck Taylors, first time in almost 100 years.

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August 2003315197/23/2015
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^Rosebud has been a term synonymous with anal sex and assholes for decades...not simply the "anal jewelry" that you originally claimed.Further, with English being the ever-evolving language that it is, it's currently correct to describe the phenomenon as "rosebud" as much as it is "rosebutt", as both are slang and slang that's commonly recognized and accepted is, almost by definition, "correct"."Rosebud", "Rosebutt", "Pink Sock", etc. are essentially synonyms at this juncture. It honestly doesn't matter which came first in employing the common vernacular.(Am I really having this debate right now? LOL)(Sorry for going off-topic, all.)Edited by - fu_q on 7/23/2015 8:55:44 PM

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February 200955437/23/2015
Roads To Moscow
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My neighbor from the North Shore (MA) days. Definitely a dude. Loved his Rock & Roll. You'd know if he was posting under another name. Since 1983...@RoadsToMoscow / The RTM Daily

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July 2005124987/23/2015
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Tomorrow on HardX

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January 20151267/23/2015
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Great trailer.

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November 201152407/23/2015
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The latest Yhivi gangbang was pretty sweet.

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March 20074557/23/2015
Most recent post:
This is good stuff (not that I expect anything less from Adriano). Plus the cupcakes have sprinkles...I like sprinkles.<

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June 2015337/23/2015
Most recent post:
If you like seeing black men with white women, you probably love the work of Blacked.comThis week, we're giving collectors and newbies alike the chance to pick of some of there DVDs for cheap.A few may be in limited supply, so you should act 25% Off Sale for UK 25% Off Sale for everyone else

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July 20101267/23/2015
Splackavelli X
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LMAO! Shut him the fuck down. Dude talking about nothing but male performers his whole argument. SMH. These young cats today are truly on some other shit.Keep doing what the fuck makes you your money, LT. Fuck the haters. Anybody who thinks they can do better needs to STFU and start shooting their own pornos.

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April 2007277/22/2015
Most recent post:
Yes Kevin...Please make that happen...That would epic...

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May 20131407/22/2015
Most recent post:!Jacco

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May 200452117/22/2015
Most recent post:
18 yo Chelcee with older guy 3 times her age. Chelcee CliftonFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

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November 20071857/22/2015
Kevin Moore
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What would you or others think of Lex VS. Ryan?Edited by - kevin moore on 7/22/2015 11:22:41 AM

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April 20003607/22/2015
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Hollywood, CA - Four time in a row "Director of the Year" Axel Braun has once again has turned to Nexxxt Level Talent Agency in helping him cast for Peter Pan XXX, his next mega parody in the continuing Fairy Tale line from Wicked Pictures. Nexxxt Level's own Keira Nicole was chosen from hundreds of starlets to play the starring role of Wendy, the special girl in Peter Pans heart. All signs for this production are pointing to what is sure to be a favorite come awards time for the King of Parodies, Axel Braun.Axel Braun's trust and respect for Nexxxt Level Talent Agency stated earlier this year, having found amazing success in the casting of Batman V Superman with Nexxxt Level's own Kleio Valentien for the role of Harley Quinn, which both fans and critics alike say is a slam dunk for Best Actress and Britney Amber in the role of Maxima. Director Braun continues to look to Nexxxt Level Talent Agency for some of the best talent when casting for his award winning parodies.Landing a role in any project directed by Adult Entertainment’s top director, Axel Braun, is no small feet. Axel is known for his high level of involvement when choosing the right cast members to bring his parody’s to life. So when it came time ...

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June 201587/22/2015
Most recent post:
^ same as me concerning Diamond Jackson (she never said she will, I still hope ^^)

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August 20113627/21/2015
Van Hinten
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Mick i just saw your scene with Staci Carr for brazzers, you lucky bastard!! Did you get her for one of your movies before she retired?

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July 20116987/21/2015
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
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I think it's a good variety to mix in anal scenes in non all anal movies. It's a bonus I think bec we also have lots of vaginal sex as well. Trying to get always the best of all girls :-).We are still planing on an anal milf movie. We will shoot it once we found the right time and cast for it :-).

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August 20033367/21/2015
Most recent post:
nicw tits, and I agree with the Isis Taylor comparison

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July 200868667/20/2015
Most recent post:
Ana Fox -wont do itAriella Ferreram -Didn’t want to do itKarlie Montana -I believe she’s g/g so it is doubtfulKiara Mia -posibilityMellanie Monroe -not around anymoreNina Elle -Said noSamantha Saint -doubtfulAnd I have shot these lovely ladies already, would defiantly repeat. Cherie DevilleVeronica AvluvJulia Ann

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July 201557/20/2015
Maestro Claudio
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... And you won't be disappointed.

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May 2015467/20/2015
Most recent post:
Ashlyn Gere appeared in a couple of movies I never heard of, plus a handful of TV shows. Most notable for me was the one season innovative sci-fi show Space: Above and Beyond. She played an Artificially Intelligent lifeform, a "silicate", which was one of the villains of the show.Dr. P

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May 200420427/19/2015
Most recent post:
Your welcome Grover!

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December 200327057/19/2015
AddieJuniper    [Addie Juniper's movies]
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I would LOVE to shoot for Blacked!!!<

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August 2008117/19/2015
10000 days
Most recent post:
Ignore the Yoda plz

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March 200613077/18/2015
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I love to rim women buttholes and through the years have tasted many different girl assholes. The turn on for me is if she gets turned on by it and most if not all have enjoyed it. Though most girls are shy about it especially at first, however its been my experience once they feel comfortable with and the sex is good, many began to crave it! The prettier the girl the nastier they seem too. I've had some absolute 10's who got turned on talking about how they wanted to have their ass and butthole worshiped! Some have been memorable in a good way, some not so good because if it was an act as part of heated spontaneous sex, well she may have not been, um... squeaky clean. Luckily that has been very rare. Another good thing about a woman who enjoys being rimmed, most are also into anal and like getting their little brow-eye poundedEdited by - greenhouze on 7/18/2015 3:20:41 AM

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December 2010427/18/2015
Most recent post:
For the Valentina fans out there - She just got back to the U.S. and is already scheduled for a ton of shoots for such companies as Elegant Angel, New Sensations, ATK, Angela White, Diabolic (Gangbang), Girlsway, etc. SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"

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March 200323347/17/2015
Most recent post:
English is not my first language, maybe this definition is more related to mens than womans.

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January 20103887/16/2015
Most recent post:
Thx for the interview, CaptainJack. CK linked to it on her Twitter feed. Her looks & performing skill are A++, as those of us who've been commenting on this thread since she first appeared on the scene have repeatedly attested. And in watching her scenes, it was also easy to pick up on her endearing quality as a person. Your interview underscored that. I'm really fond of her & just hope that she has a small and trustworthy inner circle, and isn't pressured to overexpose or overcommit herself. Because when it comes to $$ and many of the people behind the face of the porn industry, history shows things can get savage pretty quickly for young, beautiful women.Anyway, I think without question Cassidy Klein is the breakout star of 2015.

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September 20131057/16/2015
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
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Transsexual Erotica Company, Rodnievision, with distribution by Exquisite is happy to announce the release of She-Male Strokers 75 which hit stores July 15h, 2015. This Award winning series features seven beautiful transsexual women stroking. Cover Starlets are Jonelle Brooks and Kelli Lox. Others starring are Vixxen Goddess, Kelly Klaymour, Tori Mayes, and Bella Mae . If these special ladies turn you on then check out their official web site to see weekly updates, HD videos and more! She-Male Strokers is an award winning series brought to you be Hall of Fame Producer Rodney Moore. You can always purchase your copy at their Official Store Follow Rodney Moore twitter @rodneymoore22 and Strokers @shemalestrokers. Fans of seeing TG women in solo and hardcore action can check out the Producer's, Rodnievision, Official web site She-Male Strokers DVD are distributed by Exquisite. DVD questions can be directed to She-Male Strokers 75 DVD Here

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May 20042387/16/2015
Most recent post:
The mystery lady is Hayden HellfireAnd yes the pics are going to keep coming, I still have two days of stuff left to post, might do those days a little differently, stay tunedGlad you liked the pics<

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May 201487/16/2015
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She is the hottest porn star, period!

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December 2013937/16/2015
KatjaKassin    [Katja Kassin's movies]
Most recent post:
I really don't understand why people obsess over what I do so much. I don't get it. Maybe because I always did my thing, never had a drug habit, saved my money and used my porn career as a stepping stone. Maybe some people can't process the fact that being a porn actress does not automatically make you a victim and does not mean you have no other choice. I never accepted any labels. I never felt being a porn star was a shameful thing but I also know it's not the most normal job there is and people are gonna gossip about it because it's unusual. I'm just a go getter who used the opportunities that were thrown at her and made the best out of it. That might be hard to fit in a stereotypical understand of porn star.

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May 200315537/15/2015
Most recent post:
New Blowbang at Project Yum Yum

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November 20121027/15/2015
Most recent post: Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jul 14 2015

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January 2015157/14/2015
Most recent post:
Tattoos are vile. Its especially heartbreaking to see a cute teen covered in ugly tattoos. American pornstars are the worst for this which is why I prefer eastern European pornstars.

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February 2015127/14/2015
Most recent post:
We will see whats up

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February 201414037/14/2015
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
Vicki Chased will be in the showcase movie for Missy Martinez entitled "Missy Martinez Fucked Ra" which is currently available for pre-order. Looks scorching hot! Jessica Bangkok

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July 201011207/13/2015
Most recent post:
Los Angeles - Ebony star Lisa Tiffian is paving her own way in the adult industry by producing and releasing a contender for award nominations with new hardcore anal scene featuring legendary Lexington Steele. A feat rarely if not ever accomplished by a rising performer.In the film, Tiffian has truly upset Steele and wants to apologize with a special sexy surprise. She gets dolled up in a hot pink see-through mini dress and sky high heels using her lusty mouth to suck forgiveness of his black mamba. Lex is unforgiving and makes her deepthroat his long shaft, then pounds her tight twat in various positions- including his signature power driver from reverse doggie. Unrelenting forgiveness she gives in and gives up her asshole. Steele power fucks her butt- even sticking his entire footlong dong deep inside her anal cavity."I've always wanted to work with Lexington, my fans have been raving for the pair and we finally got a chance to work together. This is our first match and I wanted it to be an epic scene," explains Lisa. "I wanted to showcase my overall talents in what I believe to be one of the most hardcore Ebony porn stars of today. To be one of the few black stars to do anal with Lex is a privilege. I'm excited t...

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March 2015257/13/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
What did Captain Jack have to add to this discussion? Hmmm.....

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September 20019717/12/2015
Most recent post:
Nina Hartley

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February 200819837/11/2015
Samantha Dennison
Most recent post:
cheap or expensive? who cares? same crap

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July 2010987/11/2015
Most recent post:
I didn't know Beaumont was so handsome.

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January 2003222477/8/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
yes, thank you dear

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December 20129167/8/2015
Most recent post:
beautiful ukranian babe with a few names:

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June 2010347/8/2015
Most recent post:
If it wasn't for her boyfriend Alice would not have done her first anal scene. We should thank him for breaking her in and perhaps she with do more anal scenes with other dudes.

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April 2015757/7/2015
Most recent post:
No tour. Bummer.

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December 200645697/6/2015
Most recent post:
Gangbang Auditions #30 Directed by Mike Quasar Detail:Rating XXXReleased Jul 02 2015Added May 18 2015Production Year 2015Empire SKU 1741713Studio Diabolic VideoUPC Code 656522015413Cast:Carter CruiseVeruca JamesMark WoodBill BaileyWill PowersAnthony Rosano Tommy PistolBrad KnightChad AlvaConor CoxxxEdited by - killbillvol69 on 7/7/2015 12:50:17 AM

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July 201517/6/2015
Zen Master 2007
Most recent post:
I think he has to. It's been more than four hours.

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March 20078987/5/2015
Most recent post:
Hey Jonni,This is my last request for your future POV bj/facial clips (I am signing off after this last request). Please have the girls ask for you/Winston to cum in their eyes. I know that it is not for everyone, but since most of your fans like the big facials that both you and Winston procure, it is just a small request. The ladies are going to get their faces and eyes filled up anyway-so if they ask for it in advance, it would not be any different than if they just stated the "run-of-the-mill". "Please cum on my pretty face". The girls always say awesome lines like that, yet very few bring up their eyes, even when their eyes are on the very face that they are asking to get blasted by you and/or Winston! You have been in the game for a long time. I know that you would enjoy it. I know that many facial fans would enjoy it. If the beautiful girls in your scenes just "broach" that final frontier, it would be so very hot. They are going to "face" it anyway, so just by way of asking for it, it would make the climax that much hotter!By the way, I have personally paid for custom videos from two different porn girls who have done this with POV/JOI squirting dildo clips, and it is VERY HOT! So I a...

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June 20062347/3/2015
Most recent post:
Thanks for the link! That made for excellent reading. Carter is a really good writer and a very bright woman. She has a glow going on.

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March 2003123717/3/2015
Naughty Alysha
Most recent post:
Thanks!I will do that for sure. Can you email me to discuss? webmaster at naughtyalysha dot com

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July 201077/2/2015
Most recent post:
Happy Canada Day!!!

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April 200413497/1/2015
Most recent post:
WOW !! this is GOOD News !! _: Easyrider :_

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January 20092067/1/2015
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Oh yeah, I've seen some previews of those shoots out and about. Roxy is one of my favorites when she appears on Have you ever thought about doing some stuff for them, Alysha? You and Dana DeArmond would be a great update! Sorry to hijack the thread, FTV fans. I'm just a fan of extreme ladies in general. FTV seems to be the gateway for many who move on to do some unbelievable stuff.

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May 2012606/30/2015
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I can't wait for a scene where katja has short hair. I'm in love!

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December 201256/30/2015
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That's all you had to say. Think of it as your just having higher standards because of your familiarity with white women.

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January 200341556/30/2015
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Hey Phoenix. Im not a big fan of TS however I have looked and here is my list of TS girl I would like to see you with if you do any TS scenes. Juliana SouzaBruna ButterflyChelsea MarieNathany GomesJessy DubaiJessy DubaiHoney FoxxxViviany VictorellyRakel RodriguesAlso will you be attending the Adult Entertainment Expo next year? xx

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May 2009946/29/2015
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Such a gorgeous perverted anal model she is in Mike Adriano's scenes !!! @AnalGapePorn

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October 200325316/29/2015
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she sure had my eye for awhile, but too many interracial scenes lately for me to stay occasional one is OK i guess, but something like two out of her last three or so have been with black performers.not my cup of tea.oh well, that was a short ride of a pretty promising wave.another one crashes on the rocks.

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June 201516/28/2015
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I did a quick search and couldn't see this spotted already on this topic: Anal Divas In Latex 4 - Lady Armani The dirtyness is quite bad, but it's heavily cut about. You can see the cock is pretty nasty throughout most of the anal scene, and there is a DATM which are uncut, although she pulls her hand down the shaft to remove most of the residue - there must still have been a taste! :)At the end, you can see the cock leave a shitty residue on his leg as he walks to her mouth... Lots of screenies here. Not the best, but not bad.

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June 20111146/28/2015
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We have some great new video releases! Enjoy this freebie below - :-)Two huge breasted brunettes are determined to control your hard cock! Pixie-face, blue-eyed Rachele Richey shows off her incredibly hot, young body, asking you to imagine your cock sliding between her amazing natural tits. Knowing how horny you are, she takes charge. Locking you in a chastity device so you'll save all your cum for her tits.Preview:

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June 201526/28/2015
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im a latina guy and thought i would give my 2 cents . watching latina on latina porn is just normal and boring to my eyes because it feels like me and my girl fucking. interracial on the other hand, (white/black, latina/black, asian/white/black) etc gets me going. My point is porn is my go too place for difference...something that defies my norms, hence interracial.

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September 20102346/27/2015
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^ so it seems you guys don't like anything fun, cute, sexy just 4 hours of hard spitting into each other's mouth. Next one I do will be Pretty Sloppy hardcore with more dominating less focus on anal and more on hard spitting and rougher.

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March 20043926/26/2015
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Hey...Here's a few behind the scenes pics from the Get Sexxx Tonight podcast......which you can find @ And, it's 100% FREE!

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June 201576/25/2015
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^You honored the vow of HardX silence!Thank you for allowing me to continue documenting your sexual journey! This is just the beginning. You are a true superstar and I'm so happy I've been able to spend time with you, while shooting amazing things. You've brought a new energy/spirit to porn, and we are grateful for it.We love you Keisha!

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July 200212956/25/2015
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