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Captain Jack
Most recent post:
In Eva's case, she had just started doing boy/girl. I'm not one of those annoying dudes who starts hammering someone the minute they expand.Now, if I talk to her, it would be appropriate to ask.

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December 2009165010/9/2015
Most recent post:
anyone know her name or official websites to find this hyuna kpop lookalike girl. she only has one webcam tease vid

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October 201122910/9/2015
Most recent post:
Big shame - i wasnt aware that she was still having difficulties. I do hope that she can straighten things out and move on in her life.

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December 2012121310/9/2015
Most recent post:
False.The next poster knows their way around clownish mods.

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October 20112572010/9/2015
Maestro Claudio
Most recent post:
^ Well, if they don't give it back to me, I'll open a new one hahaha!

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May 20156010/9/2015
Most recent post:
The title of the thread makes it difficult to decide who to discuss. I think the clearest misogynist in porn ever was Max Hardcore. Howard Hampton said he seemed to take Andrea Dworkin's writing on pornography as his instruction manual.

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September 20071165510/9/2015
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
Most recent post:
I will have to remember that for my next hardcore shoot.

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December 201129610/9/2015
Most recent post:
False..The next poster has a day off.

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January 201311010/9/2015
Most recent post:
Steph, I found your hat, All The Bitches Love Me. Now I hope to see a pic of you in your new hat, wearing a white bikini.

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December 2003275410/8/2015
Stanley Moon
Most recent post:
What he said.

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August 20157010/8/2015
Most recent post:
Lol, all his links went to ads.

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December 20031229010/8/2015
Most recent post:
^I loved her in "No Tube Sites"Silicone Is Evil, Razors Aren't Much Better

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August 201521010/8/2015
10000 days
Most recent post:
Hey GGG is there a site for all these classic remasters? I would love to see them in their original grandeur.

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March 2006130810/8/2015
Most recent post:
You should know by now that we don't confirm or deny... you'll actually just have to wait and see ;)

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May 201419210/8/2015
The Rub PR
Most recent post:
Thursday, October 8th, 2015ArchAngel ProductionsFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPrince Yahshua Breaks in a New Crop of Ladies in Newest ArchAngel Release(Chatsworth, CA) Chi Town's Crown Prince of Porn, Prince Yahshua, is back for another round with a whole new bevy of babes wanting their first time with him. The newest edition of “1st Prince” is streeting Friday. “1st Prince Volume 2” features Romi Rain in her 1st IR anal and she scores the cover, sitting on the royal throne, Prince’s lap. Also featured in “1st Prince Volume 2” are Prince first-timers Cassidy Klein, Savana Stylez, and Saya Song in her very 1st IR. And, MimeFreak is back in the director's chair making the magic happen."The fans are really enjoying this series, and been asking when the second one is coming, and now it's here," says General Manager and Director MimeFreak. "Many of the girls we cast in the movie are not only Prince first-timers but suggestions from the fans.""MimeFreak is the best to work with and so were all the girls," says Prince Yahshua. "Although I love both of the movies in this series, this one could be the best. And, fans will definitely enjoy the interviews with the girls befo...

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September 2008160910/8/2015
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
^ No kidding! Following her on twitter & boy is she not right in the head. All the whacky shit she posts is kinda depressing at times. . . "Patron Saint of Porn Stars"

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July 2010116010/8/2015
Most recent post:
If you check the release dates I think you'll find that isn't the case: there is only one James Deen scene in October and one Ramon. There's a lot of Mick Blue throughout the month. We also have a Jordan Ash scene and a Michael Vegas scene coming up too. There's a lot more to booking male talent than might be obvious at a glance, but we are listening and expanding the lineup as we are able.Edited by - hardxj on 10/8/2015 11:32:22 AM

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January 201515310/8/2015
Most recent post:
BYOB, that sounds a lot better than me sitting in my pajamas in a comfy chair with dogs playing at my feet.

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November 19991378510/8/2015
Most recent post:
Flash Sale: 25% off all Girlsway titles!Girlsway is hands down the best new lesbian studio we’ve seen in a long time!It all starts with the production quality. It’s clear that the people behind the scenes take their craft seriously. The picture and sound is consistent, crisp, clean, and frankly, beautiful. For Girlsway, only the most gorgeous, sought-after models will do.Finally, the stories and action captured in their films are simultaneously fun, adventurous, and downright naughty.They have developed three outstanding series (Girls Try Anal, Sextape lesbians and Mommys Girl) and recently they have started producing features too.So for 48 hours we will offer all Girslway titles with a 25% discount.Sale prices are valid until 18:00 UK time on 10 October 2015.Girlsway Sale for UK CustomersGirlsway Sale for everyone elseJacco

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May 2004525410/8/2015
Most recent post:
I agree with rodin, Legal Porno is a great porn producer... Count's thousands of happy customers and deliver high quality porn. If all the productions were going to be a "glossy boring kind pruduction", porn will be dead in hours. Just disegree on "US shoot" sentence, cause is too generic... there are lots of great US porn productions and therefore videos that a real masterpiece...

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November 201310010/8/2015
Most recent post:
There's a topic for her already:

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March 2012139310/8/2015
Most recent post:
Keisha Grey at Project Yum Yum

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November 201210410/8/2015
Most recent post:
SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"

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March 2003237210/8/2015
Most recent post:
Gail Zappa, wife of Frank Zappa and executrix of the Zappa Family Trust, has died. She was 70.Earlier this year, the Zappa family announced that the couple's son Ahmet would be in charge of the Trust.The couple had four children -- Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva – over the course of their marriage, which lasted until Frank's death. The composer recalled affectionately in his book that it was her idea to name their son Dweezil, after a "funny-looking little toe" she had. "I thought then, and continue to think today, that Dweezil is a nice name," Frank wrote. "Fuck the nurse if she didn't like it."Rolling Stone

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January 20041227910/7/2015
Most recent post:
^ Well, to each his own, but MOODYZ has been around quite awhile. Since the late 90s or 2000. Anyone who knows their JAV has a pile of great & even all-time classic Moodyz titles in their arsenal.Actually, in 2015, this studio is my TOP PICK so far. They've done more hardcore anal titles than anyone. And their stock of female JAV talent is stupendous. This year, they've done just about everything a fan could ask for: anal, bukkake, costume, lolita, creampie, mature, gangbangs, fan fucks, etc., etc.I didn't check out the title yet that you voted thumbs-down on, but no studio bats 100%.Anyway, Moodyz is one of the top studios, year in and year out. They're one of the top DMM labels, along with Madonna, and have been so for quite some time. You might want to consider giving them another chance.

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September 201316010/7/2015
Most recent post:
I've been producing amateur style porn for a few years and I recently launched to give access to all my videos via a monthly membership. But I recently discovered that i can sell videos individually on ManyVids! Seems like a great concept that I thought I would share. Check out my profile and my videos here!FantasyCreampies Profile on

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October 2015710/7/2015
Most recent post:
Lisa Tiffian will have her own booth there & signing, plus merch...

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March 20153310/7/2015
Most recent post:

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January 20152210/7/2015
Most recent post:
I have just one question---WHY?????__________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 2008114010/7/2015
Most recent post:
Helly Mae Hellfire Afternoon Matchmaker! It's an agreement between 12 countries about commodities such as lumber, auto parts, diary, etc. I kept the Toronto Star from yesterday so I can read up on it more. btw - the ratifcation vote will not take place until 2017, after our and the States' elections.Here is the article in wiki.btw 2 - Go Leafs Go! It starts for real tonight!

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November 20042442810/7/2015
Most recent post:
Haven't found her Twitter account yet, but she did some recent work with ATK, but it's pretty much just what they always produce.Let's hope Motely comes through and gets her LOTS of work!

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March 2014104410/7/2015
Most recent post:
Tushy's also upped the quality game and doesn't seem to sour the performers like LTA did for alot of people. I hope Tushy keeps going strong. Samantha Rone, Riley Reid and Whitney Westgate all within the same month in high quality well shot scenes is spectactular.

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March 200746310/7/2015
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
This happened in a city in Oklahoma, not in Oklahoma City. Specifically, Anadarko, Oklahoma, population 6,762.

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March 20031305410/6/2015
Most recent post:
ha thats funny :) when i saw Melissa for the 1st time i immediately thought damn she looks like Rileys twinCube

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October 2002352510/6/2015
Most recent post:

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May 201315810/6/2015
Most recent post:
watching megan's 1st right now, epic :)

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March 200994910/6/2015
Most recent post:
It looks like Spiegs has signed himself another new cutie! Her name is Kira Noir and she has a beautiful smile, fantastic derriere and glorious gams! Looking forward to seeing more of her in action!Her page on Spiegler's site " Corruptio optimi pessima est"

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February 2004409510/6/2015
the unknown pervert
Most recent post:
You are being sarcastic but you have hit on a point. There are already laws in the books that are supposed to keep stuff like this from happening. They are called first degree murder statutes. The punishment for violating those is much more severe than the punishment for illegally possessing a firearm is ever going to be and it doesn't stop these things from happening. So you keep this guy from legally purchasing a gun. What's to keep him from going Hezbollah and wrapping himself up in explosives and detonating himself on that campus taking as many people with him as he can? You can also do all the background checks you want. You won't stop the cases where perfectly normal law abiding citizen legally obtains firearms and then something happens in his life that turns him into deranged armed mass murderer.There is only one way you will ever have a chance of eliminating these occurrences. That is too figure out what causes them and find a cure it. Also I am sure someone can give the exact number of guns owned in the U.S. I am sure it is a ridiculously high number. Part of any gun control legislation you are going to suggest is going to include some kind of gun version of the DMV. Think about the efficiency and bureaucracy

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May 20061715910/6/2015
Most recent post:
Mother of G-d

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August 20033152710/5/2015
Most recent post:
Don't forget that the next scene has an exclusive tag so it cannot be kylie sinner, adriana chechik, mandy muse, sara luvv or vicki chase.I will now go and search for a lamb to sacrifice it to Lord Satan himself as i want the next mystery girl to be Ariana Marie.

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October 201122310/5/2015
Most recent post:
Thanks :-) Nope, the 3rd episode of Alex is the final part ;-)

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August 20151310/5/2015
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Check out Zoey Foxx in my newest release, Porno Professor 8

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March 2009420910/5/2015
Most recent post:
Ariella Ferrera 34DD - 25" - 34" enhanced big tits and bald outie pussy also renowned as Elle Ferrara, started her porn movie career in 2009. This Colombian porn star most popular for her beautiful looks, incredible tongue skills, double penetration performances and anal performance. ‘Women Seeking Women Vol. 120’ of Girlfriends Films (available at Adult Empire) is a beautiful woman-woman sex performance of Ariella with Vanessa Veracruz, Prinzzess, India Summer, Anita Dark, Hana Black, Tabby and Harmony Paxson.

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July 2015510/5/2015
Most recent post:
Great first scene! Haven't gotten any further yet. You have beautiful skin.

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March 20031237910/4/2015
Most recent post:
Jennifer White tweeted me that she will be attending AVN.

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January 20153410/4/2015
Most recent post:
With regards to the police frequently shooting the wrong, or an unarmed person, and friendly fire.It is reported frequently, by the multiple commercial, and social media outlets, but it is not a frequent occurrence.Good people make mistakes, bad people plan on them doing so, or doing nothing at all.That is what bothers me.I do not like the fact that people will stand idly by, and let things play out, let them run their course out of fear, or the possible consequences of making a mistake when they quite possibly could have helped. I was not raised that way.Mr. Parker, while being a civilian, was an Air Force veteran according to the stories. He chose not to get involved due to the possibility of him being mistaken for the bad guy. I can see his point of view. I just could not do it myself.I am also not saying that if you are capable of helping, it should be your legal obligation to do so. But I feel a moral, or humanitarian obligation to get involved if I am able.Do you drive by an accident and say to yourself "Help is probably on the way, I might as well keep on going." rather than stopping and assisting if you are able?Some people can help, and those who can, should. That is my opinion, and it seems that very few peopl

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September 200944910/4/2015
Most recent post:
Pics and new scene with Johnny Castle announced

Jump to hugeape's most recent post
October 2015210/4/2015
Most recent post:
From what Phoenix has said before she wont be doing any gangbangs. Its not her thing.

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May 20099710/4/2015
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
Blondie Bee was one of my favorites back in the day! Her toned and tanned body drove me crazy!- Jimmy Hooligan

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July 200935710/3/2015
Most recent post:
^I lost count with yesterday's scene. These scenes have been really fun.

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July 2002130410/3/2015
Alysa    [Alysa's movies]
Most recent post:
No!!! )))

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September 200910610/3/2015
Most recent post:
Any Idea when this Set will be released to the Public<img src="">

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October 2015210/3/2015
Kevin Moore
April 200037110/3/2015
Most recent post:
Not sure why but she switched her twitter a while back.

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January 2003416410/3/2015
Most recent post:
Trisha Parks has some wet, airy farts @ 45:42 & 46:19 in Rectal Workout

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October 201417210/2/2015
Most recent post:
Second scene of Chelcee releasedFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

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November 200719610/2/2015
Most recent post:
OK, I just want to be clear.By salvation you are referring to the Christian notion of "salvation from sin", and by "sin", you mean the Christian notion of "separation from God", right? By the "chosen people", I presume you don't mean the Jews. Do you mean those who believe in Jesus Christ (after the Gospel of John).Assuming your mean something close to what I think you mean: Are you saying that morality and salvation from sin are fundamentally distinct? While I understand that grace is unme

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November 2011535110/2/2015
Most recent post:
+1.. has a great butt!_: Easyrider :_

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January 200920910/1/2015
Most recent post:
I would just like to state for the record that Adriana's performance in THE TURNING is an absolute must-watch for all Chechik fans! I've long been an admirer of Adriana's bold and fearless sexual performances ... it's part of the reason why we cast her as the lead to carry all 6 sex scenes in this feature. But, what I didn't expect ... was the level of intensity and passion she would bring to her character. This girl can ACT ... just ask all the Girlsway members who told me they almost cried watching her emotional breakdown in episode one.As her director, she was a joy to work with and really put 110% into this project. I encourage you all to watch it and be as proud of her as I am!

Jump to breemills's most recent post
October 20144310/1/2015
Most recent post:
Guess who will be the next model featured in the wefuckblackgirls episode scheduled for october 2015 ?hope there will be anal/dp/gangbang/cumbang... I'm bored with the actual scenes.

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August 20113779/30/2015
Undercover Squirt Luvr
Most recent post:
@Squirting LordAnally Yours... Love, Jada Fire - Scene 2 (dvd cover says 2008) ... Angel has a waist bracelet saying (SEXY) on it, white couch and walls. Mr. Pete Finger Bombs her to a nice squirt with her legs spread wide open! (I actually bought this back in the day for Jada, was totally surprised by Angels squirt!) I have 1 or maybe 2 more squirt vids of her in my dvd collection. I'll try to get these over the weekend. I'm currently going thru my Seymore Butts super collection looking for female 1st time squirters.Enjoy Buddy!UnderCover

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September 2015129/30/2015
Most recent post:
DAP Destination. Francesca Dicaprio first DAP, intense DP, Sperm Cocktail@AnalGapePorn

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October 200325349/30/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
brobang, some of your issues are that you're "logging in" from multiple countries, which is suspicious. <

Jump to Jules Jordan's most recent post
September 20019839/29/2015
Most recent post:
Sweet, long time fan of her work here. Please ask her -if she is (going to) shooting for other studios than JJ/EA-if so, is she planning on shooting more anal stuff, perhaps with Mike Adriano-if we can expect a DP in the (near) future -how long does she see herself performing and if she is gonna take her focus to directingThanks a lot!

Jump to Surveeo's most recent post
March 2006129/29/2015
Most recent post:
I bought membership to legalporno for Arwen Gold videos.

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April 2015799/29/2015
Most recent post:
Personally I've never shot Jesse Volt but I've worked on set with Jaysin where she was shot. She's incredible and I hope when she comes back to the states I can shoot her That scene is going to be in a future movie that we are debating how to release it. It's a great scene and I know it will be one you would like.

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February 201415169/28/2015
Most recent post:
pics of Blair Williams at Chicago Exxxotica, day three, pics by me

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May 2014589/28/2015
Most recent post:
Good times right here now. This popped up on a Google search.

Jump to HeyNow's most recent post
January 2003222599/28/2015
Most recent post:
Noelle Easton has a new scene for Brazzers called "The Cleavage Secret".It will be released in October 1st. She looks very different from her previous scenes - her body and face changed a lot.

Jump to kuskka's most recent post
June 2013839/27/2015
Most recent post:
I think anal fisting will always be a specialty act. There are few women able to perform it. There are few producers/directors interested in making it. There are few studios willing to take the legal risk (no matter if small risk). For these reasons, it is unlikely to become commonplace enough to get viewers jaded.

Jump to ninja1's most recent post
January 200831869/27/2015
Most recent post:
holy fuck... this lil 5 Footer knows how to take some pretty big cock in this BLACKED scene recently posted. i know it came up a few days ago but i just now saw it and .....

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January 20084429/27/2015
Most recent post:

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August 20138769/26/2015
Most recent post:
ass to pussy

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May 2010239/25/2015
Most recent post:
Hi!Today marks the release of a special DVD co-produced by Your Choice with one of Britain's hottest young stars!A red-haired, kinky goddess, Zara DuRose has made a big splash in UK porn over the past year. She's been nominated for a few awards, won the trophy for Best Niche/Fetish Website at the UK Adult Producers Awards, and become one of the most popular girls on the internet.And today, we're proud to release her first DVD, “Zara's Fetish Girls” to the world!It's a lesbian kink show with Miss Zara taking the Dominant role in five scenes. There's a heavy focus on exotic, latex fashions but also includes orgasm control, rope bondage, sploshing, strap-on play, girls in cages and ball-gagging.A particular favourite around the office is the bonus footage, which sees the girls try to answer interview questions whist being buzzed by the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the most powerful vibrators around!The full cast includes Stella Cox, Lucia Love, Lola Gatsby, Jessika Lexi, and Slutty Affection (aka Slutty Barbie) in 2 Hours 32 minutes of wall-to-wall fetish fun!Watch a FREE PREVIEW and buy your copy of Zara's Fetish Girls now by clicking these links:Zara's Fetish Girls for UK CustomersZara's Fetish Girls for everyone else---T...

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July 20101399/25/2015
Van Hinten
Most recent post:
Be careful, don't try to start a discussion with him. High Contrast is a notorious adt & porn addict, he lives in his own world. Just ignore him.

Jump to Van Hinten's most recent post
July 20117259/24/2015
Most recent post:
<i>Hollywood, CA</i> - Former teen beauty queen and southern belle, Charlotte Cross, has turned in her tiara for set of anal butt plugs as she starts her journey to become the next big "IT" girl in the adult business. In her quest to become a true Porn Star, Charlotte has retained Nexxxt Level Talent Agency as her representation. With her gypsy roots as well as her southern charm and hospitality, this former gymnast and multi-award winning beauty pageant contestant has all the right ingredients to become the perfect porn star.When asked why she chose Nexxxt Level Talent Agency as her representation into the adult world, this is what Charlotte had to say, “After spending hours speaking with Jonathan from Nexxxt Level about what I wanted to gain from the adult industry and listening to his input, advice, and direction on my plan, I have decided that Nexxxt Level Talent Agency will be my home for years to come. I have had the pleasure of working with Andre and Jonathan, daily, to devise a method on how we can and will take my porn career to the, for lack of better words, “Next Level.” I automatically felt confident in their ability to steer me in the right direction because they truly took the

Jump to NexxxtLevel's most recent post
June 2015149/24/2015
Most recent post:
We have had Elsa on the show a few times. OMG what a sweatheart! She is absolutely stunning and a game player! Did you know she grew up Amish?First episode she was on: episode she was on: also makes an appearance here: guest and so damn sexy!Enjoy~CoN

Jump to PornDirectorPodcast's most recent post
November 2013649/23/2015
Most recent post:
Seems alot of porn is heading towards bigger behinds these days. Nothing wrong with that! But, what are good suggestions for pornstars with the best asses? To give you a headsup, I like petite and fit asses, like Madison Ivy, Shawna Lenee, Jesse Jane, basically the more centerfold look, the better...Any suggestions?

Jump to SinDee's most recent post
June 20081049/23/2015
Most recent post:
I can only recall a few blowbangs I shot (way back) with two gals and they were all in the Cumglazed series. Allie Sinn & her sister Astrid was one, Veronica Lynn/Carmen Sancha, and Lindsay Kay-aka Valerie Jackson/Andrea Ash. but, I do recall all three being REALLY good... wasn't sure if you were hip to those scenes or not but wanted to throw them out there in case you weren't.. lates, von S.p.s.; keep in mind I'm only mentioning these scenes since you guys seem to be RABID fans of blowbangs,..I don't own those scenes and get ZERO $ from any downloads/purchases, etc.. just tryin to show that I DO still care about the genre, even if it's completely dead now.. -von S.Edited by - von_swine on 9/22/2015 3:46:24 AM

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January 200419399/22/2015
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Jimmy, I'll have to make that happen, lol!!!! #EastCoastPorn

Jump to Feet of Philly's most recent post
August 20103409/22/2015
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
Paris is an absolutely beautiful asian TS that is a TOP escort in Las Vegas. She comes to her clients hotel room to show off her body and her blowjob skills on his big dick. Watch her in action and see for yourself!you can see this update and join my site - HERE

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September 200423519/21/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
interview I thought you all may be interested in

Jump to Leya Falcon's most recent post
December 20129289/20/2015
Most recent post:
I'm just going to drop a quick comment in here to note how absolutely enthralled I am with the Rialto Report podcast.By far and away, this is the most interesting and honest "porn" podcast I've encountered.The level of research, interest, and legitimacy with which these interviews are conducted is incredible.I have maybe 10 of them left to listen to--about people with whom I'm less familiar--and I can't get enough.I can also honestly say that I believe that the Rialto Report is providing an invaluable service in archiving information about this era in adult film that would otherwise be lost. Just fascinating and incredibly well done work on this entire project.Wow.Edited by - fu_q on 9/19/2015 12:46:06 AM

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February 200955469/19/2015
Most recent post:
The scene was replaced online with no censor. Evil made a big mistake by adding this damn censor with me not knowing and it should of never been there :/Vod sites and membership sites have been replaced.

Jump to JAYSIN's most recent post
March 20043969/17/2015
Most recent post:
some bio's on her say she has fake boobs. anyone know if this is true and when? they still look saggy to me tho?

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February 2015149/15/2015
Most recent post:

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July 20122289/14/2015
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
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Transsexual Producer/Performer/Publicist Wendy Williams has landed the cover of "TS Cock Strokers 6" DVD by Trans500 Studios with distribution by Pure Play Media. On September 17th, 2015 this release will street and fans can grab a copy online or at their favorite adult store. Joining Williams is an all-star cast of Vaniity, Camila Klein, and Patricia Lins. These four hot transsexual women treat viewers to solo masturbation fun while some use their favorite toy. This series continues to be a fan favorite of seeing the hottest transsexual women pleasing themselves. This is not the only release fans will be able to enjoy seeing Wendy in as she also stars in the Parody DVD of the year "Kaitlyn Gender: Based on a NOT so True Story" where she plays the role of Diana Sword which streets on September 24th. You can purchase her newest release here: and the star of Kaitlyn Gender, Jonelle Brooks, will both be at the Kaitlyn Gender DVD release party in Lexington, KY on September 18th at the BlueGrass Connections. If you want to attend check out or follow on twitter @KentuckyTGParty"I am very

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May 20042419/14/2015
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Yes, I actually still have those shorts.

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May 200315579/14/2015
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It's always funny to me that so many 'pro' porn girls have less knowledge on how to make money camming than more amateur girls out there. Sites like Cams and Streammate which do contracts and focus more on 'gold' shows where the models don't do any hardcore stuff for free make far less money than sites such as myfreecams and chaturbate. i know this for a fact having a gf who has been on all of them. amateur girls who know what they are doing stick to mfc and chaturbate, they have to put more hours in, but the ones who are popular rake in the tokens/money. The pro porn camming sites like Cams have far smaller crowds in the girls shows, usually only in the 100's at most (versus 1000's in shows on mfc and cb) and of the only 100 or so you will see in the Cams shows at any given time usually only 10% of them are going to tip or buy gold show access. Most just sit there watching the preview until time runs out then bail when the girl does her gold show. On the other hand the girls on cb and mfc who put in a few hours a day can make huge money with constant tokens being tipped when they stick to an open show with everyone in the room. These days you HAVE to have full nudity and sexual activity in the FREE shows as well. This is some...

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April 2010179/13/2015
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You had me at Mandy Muse. Chloebell, we're gonna get along just fine. ;)

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June 2015449/12/2015
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Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!

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August 20033449/10/2015
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I have a couple of questions: did she have interracial sex before porn? and if she did not, does she have it now in her private life? basically is it true that once you go black .....

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June 2010399/8/2015
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Paige Turnah

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February 200819899/8/2015
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I'd love to see Lex paired with Raylene and Esperanza Gomez individually. That would be awesome!

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January 200522529/6/2015
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Just an update for those interested. I'm jumping through hoops working towards the nubiles suggestion. So far, it's been mostly a waiting game but I'm stoked to see where this leads. They do have a minimum un requirement of a pro dslr and a decent multi-chip video recorder. They recommend the SONY FX1 (I think?).

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August 201589/5/2015
Mo Reese
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Nikki Next was a great guest on my podcast show MORE w/Mo, she talked about her favorite classic game shows. Nikki is a sweetheart, you should check her out.

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November 2009869/4/2015
Roads To Moscow
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RIP Since 1983...@RoadsToMoscow / The RTM Daily

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July 2005125039/2/2015
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Edited by - dialbiggest on 9/2/2015 5:04:14 PM

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September 201599/2/2015
Drew Black
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WTF?I don't even see any spilled milk here.

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September 199996039/2/2015
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Looks great to me!

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September 201529/1/2015
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