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julie skyhigh    [Julie Skyhigh's movies]
Most recent post:
i love subspaceland and marcellino... chemistry is the most important in porn. i know its difficult to built this when you have to go every day on set but luckily is not my caseso i have the opportunity to try to built friendship/ emption/ mindplay... so when yu have this the we are able to do more kinky things then we think. :) good mood with my 'oldje' in valencia. i take good care of them :) i like it my dreamgirl and me in cap dagde :) at the restaurant in public . funny reaction of the waitress :) boobiiiiiieesss??Julie skyhigh

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December 2013922/8/2016
Drew Black
Most recent post:
I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make better use of browser and intermediary caches in the forum. I wasn't properly setting the Last-Modified header in the server response so your browser wasn't able to correctly ask if a new version of a page was available.

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September 199996782/8/2016
Captain Jack
Most recent post:
I am going to be doing another interview with Anikka very soon. Does anyone have any questions?Also, after that I will be announcing a special project involving this beautiful woman.

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December 200918572/8/2016
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Las Vegas, NV--- It's only February and BBWcon 2016 which will be held July 22-24th in Las Vegas, Nevada at Alexis Resort is seeing record model registration. Last year was the first year for BBwcon and 50 model's exhibited and took part in this inaugural Expo and 2015 Biggie Awards. Currently over 52 model's have already signed up to exhibit in July. Not only are many returning models but first timers like Summer LaShay, Darien Brown, Daisy, Scarlett Black, Lady Spice, Bellissima, to name a few. Fans will be able to see the full list at BBWcon is an event geared towards fans and BBW industry workers, but also strives to help ALL plus size women and their admirers celebrate the confidence that comes with being a curvy woman today. If you are new to the BBW world or a veteran, this is your opportunity to network and merge the new with the seasoned. Adult Promo Products will be sponsoring BBWcon opening night party Party and joins last year's sponsor SpunkLube. Biggie Award winner's all receive a bottle of this Award winning Lube and samples provided in all attendee gift bags. Without the support of great people, companies and organizations, our event would not be possib

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May 20042622/8/2016
March 201414082/8/2016
Most recent post:
^Clearly some caching issue, I had a reply not show up too, but it showed when I refreshed the thread page.Jacco

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May 200453032/8/2016
Most recent post:
Alex is our newest beauty on, doing her FIRST ANAL just in time for Valentine's Day!Alex Grey -

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May 20143992/8/2016
Most recent post:
It's Time!The new Update has been revealed!!It's ALEX GREY!!!!!!!!!!Great news!!Thanks Team Lansky!Regards

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October 20113102/8/2016
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
Three legit championships is better than one legit one and two that were procured by salary cap cheating.

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March 2003131792/8/2016
Most recent post:
Nana MouskouriMorning Matchmaker! Crap! btw - TLN shows Lucha Underground.btw 2 - More from AEE 2016 - Interviews conducted by Missy Martinez for AE

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November 2004184442/8/2016
Most recent post:
^Having and maintaining good backups is the single most important thing to do, even more important than antivirus (IMO). Back up all your critically important data (anything you can't afford to lose and any irreplaceable things you really care about) on external hard drive or cloud or flash drive or anywhere away from and disconnected from your computer. Have on hand whatever necessary software for restoring your operating system if need be, on CD/DVD disk or USB flash If you have those things taken care of, even if the world's worst monster-virus strikes, you just call it a total loss, but you have the necessary ingredients to rebuild/reconstitute your system anew.

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January 200832302/7/2016
Most recent post:
Cute girl. She has promise.

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November 201152852/7/2016
Most recent post:
what a lovely picture! lad JJ is shooting her - fabulous woman!

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December 201213462/7/2016
Most recent post:
^That whole cast/dvd looks great.Silicone Is Evil, Razors Aren't Much Better

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August 20157292/7/2016
Most recent post:
All the talk about Donald Trump's hair--perhaps we should be paying attention to Ted Cruz's face.______________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 200812042/7/2016
Most recent post:
Another low point for Jeb Bush: "please clap"

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August 2003314992/7/2016
Hi Infidelity
Most recent post:
Truly sad to see her go. She was special.

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January 20121302/7/2016
May 20131792/7/2016
Most recent post:
For absolute magic I'd have to give at title to Belladonna. That woman batted 1000 as far as I'm concerned.

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June 2015472/7/2016
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Immoral Productions is pleased to present Molly Mae LIVE on February 8th at 2 pm PSTFollow Horny @Mollymaebabe & See Her FREE on Immoral Live Promo Code "FreeShow"

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March 200943612/7/2016
Most recent post:
One of the prettiest faces in porn IMO

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July 2012902/6/2016
Stanley Moon
Most recent post:
^ Jesus. Even Top Gear didn't take that much time off.

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August 20151912/6/2016
Most recent post:
I'd hang out the back of her like a half born giraffe :)

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April 2007169602/6/2016
Most recent post:
yet another fucking pov scene, from last year. seriously considering cancelling my sub to this site.

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February 2015312/6/2016
Most recent post:
^ I second+1000

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August 20113972/6/2016
Most recent post:
The luvvly Sara Luvv and Vanessa lounging around in New Zealand.

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January 2004105992/6/2016
August 201310372/6/2016
Most recent post:
Thanks F, looks like I was right about it being a Juan Cuba scene. He did some good work but doesn't seem active anymore.

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September 2007123792/6/2016
Most recent post:
+1 for skronker.

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August 201042/6/2016
Most recent post:
^^Survey Monkey would work, but it would require peoples' email addresses to ensure one-person-one-vote.Edited by - fu_q on 2/5/2016 7:08:27 PM

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February 200956142/5/2016
Most recent post:
Gabriel Lan over at has his own unilateral awards. It's a little bizarre for me to consider actually since people may think the group at is doing the voting.

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January 200342332/5/2016
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
the fact that Regick is not only unapologetic, but also gives nonsense rationale for why he should be able to steal Jules content is so disheartening. He doesn't even care if Jules himself reads and/or knows that this is what he is doing. Obviously this douche is not alone is his thought process either. Very sad and makes me angry.

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September 200423562/5/2016
Most recent post:
Today on DarkXEdited by - hardxj on 2/5/2016 1:08:18 PM

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January 20152262/5/2016
The Rub PR
Most recent post:
Friday, February 5th, 2016RodnievisionFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEScale Bustin Babes Nominated for Rise Award for 2nd Year in a Row (Chatsworth, CA) Rodney Moore's Scale Bustin Babes is one of the most popular sites featuring curvy babes. And now, they've been nominated for the 7th RabbitsReviews RISE Awards for BBW Site of the Year, which was announced earlier this week.Webmasters, performers and readers are polled for their thoughts on the best sites and performers, and that’s how they come up with the nominees for the Rise Awards.The BBW Site of the Year will be decided by the RabbitReviews staff and will be announced on Monday, February 22nd along with the winners of 13 other site categories and seven performer awards that will be voted on by the readers."I'd like to thank RabbitsReviews and their readers for nominating us for BBW Site of the Year for a second year in a row," says Rodney Moore. "The nomination is great recognition for our hard work and also for the beautiful and talented models that have filmed scenes with us."More information about all the Rise Awards nominees can be found at Rodnievision DVDs, VOD and more are available through your favorit...

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September 200817552/5/2016
Most recent post:
Jack, I wasn't talking to you. There are many negative, unnecessary posts here.

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November 1999138572/5/2016
Most recent post:
WTF was he on? Three tazer shots?

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December 2003121272/5/2016
Most recent post:
When I saw the thread title I immediately thought of one scene that perfectly fits the bill. It stars Rebeca Linares for the website Oye, the scene titled "Rebeccas Anal Surprise"About 30 min into the 1hr scene she is reverse cowgirl anal, and the guy shouts,"Pare, pare, pare!" (spanish for stop!) but he can't help it and cums anyway. After he recovers the scene continues for another 30 min of outstanding anal from all-star Rebeca.

Jump to SyberKhanX's most recent post
January 2008312/5/2016
Most recent post:
yeah I'm super thrilled for 6 updates a month.

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March 20074972/5/2016
Most recent post:
Satisfy the BossStarring Mistress Venus and Frank Towers (also known as Ted Mixed female domination action of Nude Facesitting and ass worship, foot worship and foot jobs, ponyboy domination, caning, spanking, sex and blowjobs.Preview Here

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June 2015162/4/2016
Most recent post:
Just the DP scene. I wanted to drop the whole movie on there but I was told to pace it. Lol. You will get a different scene from the movie weeks apart. But there's some interesting stuff you wanna catch on

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February 201416912/4/2016
Most recent post:

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January 2015332/4/2016
Most recent post:
Tell me more about behind the curtains. I wanna know what you are refering to because I don't think secrets are a good thing between the audience and the actors/acresses. I believe in a honest relationship between the makers and the customers. I believe every performer should be treated with care and diligence. As for Stoya, I know what you are refering too and I am strongly opposed to any actions James Deen would do over her without her full approval and acceptance but that put us on an entire different topic wich is Keisha Grey for now and I would to keep it that way.

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January 20103902/4/2016
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
You're boring!"Patron Saint of Porn Stars" Currently addicted to Priya Price

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July 201012182/4/2016
Most recent post:
Her first IR shoot she did under the name Korree StarFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

Jump to ganderso's most recent post
November 20072122/4/2016
Most recent post:
And my sister in law.I heard from a friend of she , she loves anal sex.I would like to fuck her ass harder.Edited by - magnatek on 2/4/2016 12:06:03 PM

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February 201622/4/2016
the unknown pervert
Most recent post:
I kind of feel sorry for whoever had to type the arrest report on this one.

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May 2006171992/4/2016
Most recent post:
Why Amsterdam, we have the west coast! Washington, Oregon, and CA are great for marijuana!

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August 20081722/3/2016
Van Hinten
Most recent post:
Dont worry BLACKED it's defnitely not your fault. The adt member go crazy sometimes and hyping each other.Edited by - Van Hinten on 2/3/2016 1:35:49 PM

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July 20117552/3/2016
Most recent post:
Wtf? small fish? she just released scenes from the biggest porn company in the world. how is that small fish? maybe they have new actors... dunno. but the biz is less about having the same few guys like it always has been. now that there's these huge companies, there's much more male talent. they've just become interchangeable... and less important. i'm fine with that, though. the scenes should be more about the girl... she's the star of the scenes.

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January 20084552/2/2016
john lyons
Most recent post:
MEMORIES WITHIN MISS AGGIE is my favorite, hands down, with SKIN FLICKS coming in at number 2.I'm always a sucker for depressing X rated films, and these deliver in spades. Plus, MEMORIES was written by one of the greatest screenwriters to work on X rated movies, Ron Wertheim.

Jump to john lyons's most recent post
January 200816402/2/2016
Most recent post:
count me in. another happy follower.bottoms up!

Jump to Cocalo's most recent post
September 20132002/2/2016
Most recent post:
New scene for Reality Kings "Avalon Aries - All Over Avalon".

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June 20131112/2/2016
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
Nice philosophy Regick, i'd love to come break into your house and steal your computer, see how you like it.<

Jump to Jules Jordan's most recent post
September 200110122/2/2016
Most recent post:
Sasha 7 - 12 Tori

Jump to dialbiggest's most recent post
September 2015402/2/2016
Most recent post:
I'd say.

Jump to HeyNow's most recent post
January 2003218892/1/2016
Most recent post:
Besides the "Kardashian rule" I like the other changes.

Jump to whitey's most recent post
January 2013512/1/2016
Most recent post:
She's really cute! I hope expands to doing anal and DP.

Jump to Hunterking's most recent post
April 2015792/1/2016
Most recent post:
One more time PleaseWhitney Westgate or/and Nicole Aniston for Facialized 3Thanks Mason

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December 20092972/1/2016
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
I've shot a couple rougher scenes for IVY BLEU. Not sure if you're interested in black girls or all black porn, but there's some scenes where she takes it hard, nasty and degrading (don't worry folks... it's what she's into!).Check out : Used by the Black Man and Black Cock Submission on her website (link above)- Jimmy Hooligan

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July 20093681/31/2016
Maestro Claudio
Most recent post:
^ We'll try to make you happy.

Jump to Maestro Claudio's most recent post
May 2015731/31/2016
Most recent post:
Blonde teen slut Daisy Duke first anal@AnalGapePorn

Jump to Gapelover's most recent post
October 200325381/31/2016
Most recent post:
jesus has left the building Cube

Jump to cubesnake's most recent post
October 200236111/31/2016
Most recent post:
It's Morgan Lee. Wow!

Jump to Bob's most recent post
March 2003123951/29/2016
Most recent post:
I think that Shay will be doing more scenes. I have heard this directly from her. So hopefully it is true. She has what it takes to go to the next level. Time will tell. Thank you, nightTemplar for keeping her in the mix! I think that she is the next Gabriella Fox! Shay is an upgraded version of Gabriella Fox, who takes big facials, and is good with interacting with fans!

Jump to sintricate's most recent post
June 20062361/29/2016
Most recent post:
Hey guys! i'm looking for such scenes... are there any? if yes can you name a few?

Jump to Melo12's most recent post
September 2014661/28/2016
Most recent post:
^just saw that 2 mns ago, and that also answers my question a few posts above, great news

Jump to Ernest369's most recent post
September 20081031/28/2016
Most recent post:
Thanks! We mix it up but definitely shoot black on black!

Jump to HHHoneys's most recent post
March 2015491/27/2016
Most recent post:
Thanks Jack !_: Easyrider :_

Jump to EasyRider's most recent post
January 20092151/27/2016
Most recent post:
Just saw this retro clip of a FFM threesome where the guy was being ridden, reverse cowgirl, with another girl between their legs. The girl lets his dick out just before he cums, and the other girl, between their legs, sucks and jerks him as he cums. Girl still on his lap. Anyone know other scenes like that?Thanks guys.

Jump to SinDee's most recent post
June 20081061/27/2016
Most recent post:
Quite a few FTV girls have had art model experience, one that comes right to mind at this point are Shannon, Janessa, Angela, Bella, Carolyn, Patricia....I'm going through Blue Door to order quite a batch of toys to upgrade the collection :)

Jump to Rob FTV's most recent post
July 20122881/26/2016
Most recent post:
New to me:Screenshot_270116_01_13_38.pngScreenshot_270116_01_13_56.pngScreenshot_270116_01_14_16.png;)<

Jump to JizzyG's most recent post
June 20111191/26/2016
Most recent post:
Don't speak so soon, this thread is still relatively young, and bigger ones always have their fair share of shitposts. Doesn't mean all hope is gone

Jump to rhoudyrat's most recent post
October 20141881/26/2016
Most recent post: I've used this one and have had very good luck.

Jump to Kirgan's most recent post
May 2012631/26/2016
Most recent post:
The fact that she sooted already 2-3 clips with black guys and that at the first year she shooted gonzo scene, doesn't necessary mean that a pornstar will never do it again. In the end we are not talking about of extrem porn stuff... yes it's rough, its hard.. and that's the way we like... the customers ;)But anyway Arditti you could be right and she might will shoot only this soft core scene... hope not.. Have to admit she completely change her style of acting...At the beginning she showed an attitude so intense in submissive gonzo scene that only few pretty gilr like her had too.. Thanksfully there are other models that don't mind to shoot this scene even after years, and there are many new rising starlets.. hope Misha will be back to that style, not pretend constantly but from time to time, just to show to the businness who is Misha Cross, what make her famous, what she is capable of and still show that she can deliver great intense hardcore scenes. Otherwise this industy wouldn't be known as HARDcore.Anyway she is a beauty, a crazy smart bad girl. Hope she will make us happy with some new stuff :)Edited by - JohnnyZ on 1/26/2016 4:53:24 AM

Jump to JohnnyZ's most recent post
November 20131121/26/2016
Jonny Jay
Most recent post:
I need to see this. I was only speaking with someone at work about this movie today, would be fantastic to see it it's new glory. And yes, I totally agree it's a real shame to see they quit the best re-release/classic category.

Jump to Jonny Jay's most recent post
August 2009162161/25/2016
Most recent post:
Thanks. But by Visa fees I was meaning the big annual payment of $1000 that VISA takes for "High Risk" porn site accounts. Is there a card processor still out there that avoids that for the porn webmasters that use it?

Jump to 72chevynova350rallysport's most recent post
December 201521/25/2016
Most recent post:
I was AVN Editor in Chief from 1999-2006 and it's always been roughly that number of voters.I agree 100 percent with those here who say Adriana should have won.She CLEARLY should have won (last year too). No disrespect to Riley, but Adriana is clearly the nastiest, most impactful, most fearless female performer in the industry today.I dunno, when I was integrally involved in the awards during my years at the magazine, we didn't always get it right, but we never, I don't believe, got it this wrong.AVN Editor in Chief, 1999-2006; director JM/RobertHill

Jump to mikeramone's most recent post
January 201621/24/2016
Most recent post:
N00dlesDaddy did you check out this title.Anybody know to any other scenes where the girls stand behind the guys and wank them off over a table (or similar?)????

Jump to bollocks's most recent post
March 2015181/23/2016
Most recent post:
What's the one with Kristi Myst? Days of Whore!

Jump to RichardLong's most recent post
November 2011671/22/2016
10000 days
Most recent post:
Don't really get the time to pay attention to the never ending conveyor belt of pornstars that come and go anymore especially since porn doesn't really produce long lasting careers anymore.Just looking for a quick rundown of the best of the best big breasted stars that are active (preferably natural boobs). I know Angela White and Keisha Grey are hitting it big.

Jump to 10000 days's most recent post
March 200613021/22/2016
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
I am proud to announce the release of HOT newcomer, Kenzie Taylor's FIRST EVER anal scene! Kenzie is amazing to work with and she is an outstanding performer. She had never done anal before, even in her own personal life, but she discovered she LOVES it! Its an amazing scene with a lot of gaping, gape farting, and it ends in an anal creampie that pours out of her ass. Great cum farting ending, as well. The anal creampie is legendary. We'll be shooting another anal scene at AVN this week. Just wait until you see this one! Stay tuned.....You can see Kenzie Taylor's first anal scene at:I Worship AnalYou get her full scene plus photo set and screen caps, plus access to all the other numerous anal scenes on the website.Thanks!John

Jump to Feet of Philly's most recent post
August 20103471/19/2016
Most recent post:
^From Press ReleaseMonday, January 18th, 2016ArchAngel ProductionsFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAJ Applegate Takes Her Throne in The Booty Queen 2 (Chatsworth, CA) Blonde temptress AJ Applegate was recently crowned the 2016 Booty Queen. Part of the glory of the title is getting a showcase movie. This Friday, get ready for hers—“The Booty Queen 2”. AJ not only proves that she has what it takes to be the Booty Queen, but also that she can conquer anything that comes her way, including her first scene with Mandingo and taking both Sean Michaels and Prince Yashua at the same time. AJ also does a three-way scene with Prince and former Booty Queen Jada Stevens and a boy/girl scene with Bill Bailey. Directed by the infamous MimeFreak, “The Booty Queen 2” features two milestones for AJ—her 1st IR Anal and 1st DP. "I am seriously so excited for the release of ‘The Booty Queen 2’,” says AJ Applegate. “Mimefreak and I put so much hard work into this showcase and tried a bunch of different things that he hasn't before. There are so many amazing moments in this movie that it's so hard to name my favorite one. I want to thank ArchAngel for giving me this opportunity and I’m so happy ...

Jump to provocativejane's most recent post
July 201411/18/2016
Most recent post:
Anikka Albrite's scheduleEdited by - joep213 on 1/18/2016 3:48:19 PM

Jump to joep213's most recent post
January 2015631/18/2016
Most recent post:
Don't imagine we will get the kind of ADT prize input we were hoping for since this was incorrectly moved from a general porn discussion to the PR section.

Jump to rogrtipe's most recent post
November 199914801/17/2016
January 2015111/17/2016
Most recent post:
they are trying to pass a law for us to wear googles, dental damns & gloves for our protection! What make the people filming do this or the performers??If only I had the cash, I'd do my best to pick up the strain while Jay is away, I have some awesome ideas I know you guys would love.

Jump to kevo101's most recent post
May 2009991/17/2016
January 200771/17/2016
Most recent post:
^ I have a handful of scenes I will release online in 2016. It's not that I don't want to shoot it's just the pros & cons. $ first of all is always an issue if your paying for it. I am not going to shoot 4 b/g scenes and have that be my DVD cause to me that is boring and not my style, but it's cheap compared to the amount of girls in my movies and most of the time 6 scenes. I see it like this- work LA, spend big $, make big $ or tropical island, work less, make less $ = happier Even if I did 2 scenes a month for my site in LA with top girls and guys that would cost me average 120k for 24 scenes my cost is around 5k per scene so that's not enough profit online unless you do DVD with those scenes and we all know the market is very over saturated and ripped off. I personally can't even remember the last time I bought a DVD. The state of CA is one of the highest for taxes, audits and realistate also they are trying to pass a law for us to wear googles, dental damns & gloves for our protection! So I would rather just put my camera on the shelf for awhile.I use to say when I was surfing go big or go home.Edited by - JAYSIN on 1/16/2016 1:29:47 AM

Jump to JAYSIN's most recent post
March 20044001/16/2016
Mo Reese
Most recent post:
Jada Stevens talks about her love of Weed in my interview with her on MORE w/Mo

Jump to Mo Reese's most recent post
November 2009951/15/2016
Most recent post:
@klies - Her name is Jillian - she is 19 from Cardiff, but you'll never be able to truly identify her I'm afraid...she was a 100% amateur tourist ;-)

Jump to RealGirlsGoneBad's most recent post
August 2015191/13/2016
Most recent post:
What happened to Kiara Marie,did she retired or found a new profession?

Jump to Blaze9's most recent post
January 201611/12/2016
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you so much for the nominations :-)! Looking forward seeing you in Vegas.Btw congrats to Mason for being director of the year again! So well deserved.Also congrats to Greg and Riley for making this amazing movie "Being Riley". Was a huge honor for me to be part of it!

Jump to Mick Blue's most recent post
August 20033491/12/2016
Most recent post:
fantastic scene and some news about the intense scene milk?

Jump to Roibii's most recent post
January 201611/10/2016
Most recent post:
Really? Would anyone even consider this to be a serious question?

Jump to WardqueenJanine's most recent post
February 200820131/9/2016
Yhivi    [Yhivi's movies]
Most recent post:
I'm not Asian, but, regardless of my ethnicity, I'd certainly love to work with Darkx. Thanks for thinking of me!

Jump to Yhivi's most recent post
November 2015141/8/2016
Most recent post:
All this ass in one place! Dee Siren & Virgo Peridot "Meet n Greet" at Friends Lifestyle Lounge.Date: Friday, January 15thTime: 10pm - ?Cover: $40 door fee / $20 VIP feeLocation: Friends Lifestyle Lounge 8000 Park Place Boulevard Houston, TX 77087 ( out, have a few drinks and visit with Porn Stars Dee Siren & Virgo Peridot. Special VIP Room Only performance before the end of the night.Friends is a BYOB lifestyle lounge. Must be 21+ to attend. More Info

Jump to MrSiren's most recent post
April 201531/8/2016
Most recent post:
The goal will be met because the crowdfunding we wont close out the crowdraiser until its goal is reached. So the voting will matter and scenes will be filmed.

Jump to SwallowGuide's most recent post
November 20121061/7/2016
Most recent post:
hmm, no POV Pervert #18 or Jerkoff Material #12,... what a shame... >;) -von S.

Jump to von_swine's most recent post
January 200419471/6/2016
Most recent post:
We're shooting my CFNF concept this month :)

Jump to breemills's most recent post
October 2014991/6/2016
Most recent post:
I agree with you completely. Jonni Darkko has a new film called "Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls" out now, that looks exactly like what you're talking about.

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December 200328041/6/2016
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