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Another long day.Woke up with great difficulty after a too short night (took me almost 2 hours to wake up for real), took a quick shower, and a cab to the conf venue. Listened to a nice presentation by a colleague, partook in the discussions and in the Round Table, and kinda liked the fact that, as soon as I got the mic in my hand, I had their full attention, like they knew that something of interest will occur. Lol. Had a quick lunch with a doctoral candidate, took another cab back home, booked my flight to Chicago (for just under 400-Euros) and took care of a newspaper subscription for the last couple months here in Berlin. Took another shower, and a cab to the Berliner Philarmonie, where we had drinks and watched an opera. Had fun initially, but got severely bored in Act III. Shared a cab with my on and off German boss, got back home, and now in serious need of some chill.

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October 20111504210/1/2014
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Second case under observation with possible symptoms. First subject had contact with kids before showing symptoms.

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December 20031215110/1/2014
Mo Reese
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Check out this sexy photo set I did with Gracie

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November 20095510/1/2014
Most recent post:
She just looks amazing on these photos oh MimeFreak's blog...and he drops a not too subtle hint that she'll be in another feature of his...looks like LOTs of great new scenes with Dahlia coming!MimeFreak's blog

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April 200810210/1/2014
Most recent post:
They were at the Venus show in Berlin a few times, handing out samples. I was not impressed with it.Jacco

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May 2004508210/1/2014
Lucy Lee
Most recent post:
not best picture of me drinking czech beer in Prague bar ;)...but i dont like to post private pictures of me here

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September 20143710/1/2014
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^Jonni that looks amazing what a cover and love that a baseball bat scene is included as i have been hooked since i seen GGG movie with a baseball bat,Holly looks sensational on that cover and this is one im looking forward to checking out asap.

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April 20071631710/1/2014
Most recent post:
Carter Cruise quote]matchmaker wrote:Hey Grover! I also thought "The Big Bang Theory" shows were good! What did you think of the episode from this past Monday?Morning Matchmaker! I haven't seen it yet.That's good. Who were the host and musical act?

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November 20042212610/1/2014
Most recent post:
Hi guys! It is finally here! EroticaX Dark Serie will be up online in a few! This Friday will be the first scene with Mick Blue & Jessie Andrews: "I Belong To Him". Not to miss! One of the most beautiful scene ever made :) To get your discount (30% OFF), use code "pornstar" on the join page of EroticaX. com :)

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April 20149710/1/2014
Most recent post:
In her own words : "I do tarot card reading ... as well as Astrology Birth Charts.".

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November 20087110/1/2014
Most recent post:
She's also shot for FTV Girls. I'm not sure what her name was on the site.

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January 20041174210/1/2014
The Rub PR
Most recent post:
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014Pink Diamond69FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPink Diamond69 Relaunches Company Website (Los Angeles, CA) This week, Pink Diamond69 has officially relaunched their flagship site, Designed by x over r studio visual, the highly stylized site has a clean new look that reflects the branding and imaging of the company, and is done in the colors of the Magic Ball, pink and purple. Complete with wall-to-wall Tera Patrick photos through out the site, the gallery section boasts a SFW instructional video of Tera, a behind the scenes of her PD69 photoshoot and a plethora of photos from 2014 tradeshows. A press release section and a blog will be added in the near future. "I’m so thrilled with how the site looks-- x over r studio visual did an amazing job," says Owner Sharon C. "The new site is easy to navigate and everyone loves it. It's all part of our rebranding and it seems to be working, since we've received a ton of new orders."For a limited time only, site visitors can also buy a Magic Ball at a discounted price with the brand new packaging also featuring Tera Patrick.Pink Diamond69 now has an affiliate program through CCBill. Affiliates will score $10 for each Magic Ball pu

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September 2008123910/1/2014
Tarantino XXX
Most recent post:
Be on the lookout for Pulp Fiction XXX coming in October along with Machete XXX (the world's first porn movie trailer), Erotic City: A Dame To Fuck, and Creepy Peep Show (a Halloween horror porn anthology). Just checkout and follow me on twitter to find out more info. You can also ask away here in the forum I love talking with the fans.Tarantino XXX

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May 20131710/1/2014
Captain Jack
Most recent post:
Here is an outtake from my Veruca interview:CJ: Gapelover wants to know, what are your favorite scenes?Veruca: Oh, that's so difficult.. I have favorite girl/girl scenes, favorite boy/girl scenes. CJ: Well, let's go over girl/girl first. Veruca: I've done two awesome scenes with Dana DeArmond, one was for Girlfriend Films' Paint last year and one was for Vivid this year but it hasn't been released yet. Dana is definitely a favorite. Another good one was with Raven Rockette for Lesbian Make Up Sex. She's fiery, I love it. She's so young and has a great heart. Girls Kissing Girls 13 with Elle Alexander was another one I really liked. The Abigail Mac scene for Yoga Girls 2, that was definitely one of my favorites. CJ: How about boy/girl scenes?Veruca: MY DP for Wet Asses 2 is awesome. The two Manuel scenes you mentioned, Sweet Petite and Evil Anal 22, were great. I loved working with Prince both times this year in Submission and Sweet Petite. Those are definitely top scenes. Seduction 3 with Ramon was awesome. He's one of my all-time favorites to work with. I just love him, he's awesome. He's so big and strong and that accent...I don't even know what he's saying half the time. (laughs) The Rim Jobs scene for Wi.lliam H. with Manuel

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December 20097239/30/2014
Most recent post:
What kind of a computer (age, CPU, memory, graphics processor, OS, etc.) and what video playing software are you using? The higher the video quality/framerate/bitrate/resolution/etc, the more processing power is needed to play the video smoothly. Use task manager (if a Windows PC) to check the CPU performance load while the laggy video is playing, and compare to the CPU performance while a smooth-playing video is playing.

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January 200830689/30/2014
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
thank you I am glad you enjoy watching me do what I love to do!!

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December 20127669/30/2014
Most recent post:
Sarah is great and I will be shooting her soonKelsi Monroe is based out of Florida so it's hard to catch her when I have something I can use her for. I will stay on it and hopefully I will shoot her. Kimberly is a bonafide freak. I have spoken with her so it's just a matter of timeMissy Martinez and myself had a 30 min conversation about shooting. Be on the look out for that soonMarina Visconti I'm aware of and I think she has a great rack. I haven't spoken with her but I will just for you. Rose Red Tyrell I've seen in action for Jaysin. I will be shooting her soon as well. Carter Cruise is amazing. I've always seen her in action for Jaysin so I will most definitely be booking her. It's a goal of mine. I have big plans for her. Thanx for dropping a line. I hope this allows you to know I'm On It. Lol. Have a god one sir.

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February 20146159/30/2014
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Today, September 30th at 2 pm PDT Watch Jenna Marie Fuck for FREE Promo code "FREESHOW" on Immoral Live

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March 200936929/30/2014
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Speaking of girl-girl -- Melissa of FTV just gave birth -- she is fully loaded with breastmilk and will be doing a gg shoot with Jenna (as well as mutual extreme).Also -- Sophia did an extreme girl-girl with Megan... lots of oral, fisting, Edited by - rob ftv on 9/30/2014 10:18:54 PM

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July 20121739/30/2014
Most recent post:
Stephen Fry "mildly miffed" his nudes were not leaked.

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August 2003311419/30/2014
Most recent post:
HI guys. I am joining the thread now. Been away of this board for a long time..What do you think of her?

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September 2012339/30/2014
Most recent post:
I think your personal control over your content and appearances make you all the more desirable, if that would even be possible! Look forward to owning all your DVD's!

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December 2013729/30/2014
the unknown pervert
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They were white before Brady went on his period.BTW if you could put a Bill Belichek post game press conference into a bottle no one would ever suffer from insomnia ever again.

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May 2006170369/30/2014
10000 days
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Couples/glamour/romantic/X-art porn. Ok, porn people. You tried your best to get women to buy porn. It failed miserably. The vast majority of consumers are still male and we do not want to see laughable attempts at making the strumpets look like they are in love with the parolees.

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March 200613039/29/2014
Most recent post:
She reminds me alot of Natalie Moore.

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May 2012479/29/2014
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
I wish.Edited by - splackavelli x on 9/29/2014 9:31:40 PM

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April 2007179/29/2014
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
I shot Paisley Parker for - she's the latest update. If you like strap-on scenes with great energy, you'll want to check out it!

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May 2010799/29/2014
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
Whose idea was if to have the Chiefs play the game in red PJs tonight?

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March 2003127459/29/2014
Van Hinten
Most recent post:
I recently discovered this hot newbie in the FTV thread! Don't know for what she's available, but get her Mason!!! She's listed with "Jenna", didn't find a thread or further info about her. Somebody know more ??Edited by - Van Hinten on 9/29/2014 9:03:08 PM

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July 20114669/29/2014
Most recent post:
The picture is not from a parody. It was just a photo shoot for a sex toy company. SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"

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March 200322979/29/2014
Most recent post:
well this is great news chaps!What Jules J film is that lovely picture from please?

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December 20125539/29/2014
Most recent post:
oh. my. god...

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December 20082829/29/2014
Drew Black
Most recent post:
Handy ADT cookie clearing toolEdited by - Drew Black on 9/29/2014 12:08:44 AM

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September 199995239/29/2014
Most recent post:
I'll tell you why I'm attracted to G/G porn. Because I'm sick of seeing gross guys in porn. When a guy and girl are doing doggy style and the camera is from behind pointed up, I don't want to see a guy's asshole in my face. I don't like seeing men sticking their fingers and toes inside a girl's mouth. And I hate seeing men spit on a girl. All that stuff grosses me out. I'm attracted to women not men. I am NOT grossed out when women do these same things to each other. Call me - Lesbian Anal Rimming & Licking

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April 2007519/28/2014
Joey Starr
Most recent post:
Boy boy girl.

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October 2000536469/28/2014
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi everybody "Anikka 2" is up to see via VOD!!! Be one of the first to see it!

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August 20032599/28/2014
Most recent post:
Terri Summers - "Pop 4: The beauty of the blowjob"Arianna Jollee - "The Gangbang Girl 35"Monica Sweetheart - "When Porn Stars Play 2: Sluts in the Sun"Melissa Lauren - "Taboo 2"Lynn Stone - "Italian Flair"

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September 201419/28/2014
Most recent post:
i wonder if any of the porno dudes remotely know how lucky they areCube

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October 200233819/28/2014
Most recent post:
Woodman wasn't joking...This pic is censored but...kiki dap'dEdited by - porninquisitor on 9/28/2014 10:59:34 AMEdited by - porninquisitor on 9/28/2014 11:01:03 AM

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August 20113409/28/2014
Most recent post:
Long shot but since she's started shooting for kink and has started to do more extreme stuff hoping madelyn monroe does a HGB someday.

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March 20074229/28/2014
Most recent post:
I agree...Or as I said previously in the thread, what about a "Misha Dark Side"... oh... would be great... ;) Where she explore or her kinkier fantasies, test her limits... in various gonzo scene, from gloryhole, to gangbang, to footfetish, to assfetish... and of course Interracial... but I know Misha is still thinking about that... she doesn't actually do interracial at the moment... a pitty...but she is still my favorite actress for make the next "dark side" movie... ;)

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November 2013689/27/2014
Dr Mercies
Most recent post:
Hi, guys. Dr. Mercies here--site owner and the guy in the Hannibal Lecter mask. LOL!I was just surfing through the neighborhood and found this thread. Thought I'd address some of the comments and questions. Xenofanez--thank you for the observations! Yeah, we don't do fake canings and ask the performers to scream. If a performer can't be marked, then we don't cane them. Obviously, everything we do is role play, but once we agree on limits with the girls, we mostly go with the flow; we seek authentic reactions as much as possible. Also, thanks for the performer suggestions. We also have a Lab Room on the site, where members can suggest performers and also contribute idea for future scenes (which helps me a lot, actually, because I am completely overworked right now!).In terms of performers, we are a little more challenged shooting in NYC right now. We use a mix of local amateurs and big stars that we fly in. But if people support the site and we grow, we can fly in more and more of the big stars! is my personal baby; we're not funded by any big companies--so our future is up to our members!Wanka--Sarah and Penny were both awesome!!! We put them through the grind, and they came out shining. Not a lot of girls

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July 201439/27/2014
Most recent post:
I love to see Evil Angel take time to add you to the Tanlines seriesEdited by - ap on 9/28/2014 8:18:15 AM

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July 20121299/27/2014
November 20081239/27/2014
Kimi Lixx    [Kimi Lixx's movies]
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I can't log out. If I can't log out I can't refresh the forums. If I can't refresh the forums the site is unreadable.Now what?

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June 200178779/26/2014
Most recent post:
Lil Gaping Lesbians 7 will be released in NovCASTLIST:Rose Red TyrellMaddy O' ReillyJodi TaylorRiley JennerSandra LubercGabriella PaltrovaLaela PryceKristina RoseZoey MonroeChastity LynnMisha CrossNickey Huntsman

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March 20043829/26/2014
Roads To Moscow
Most recent post:
Listen to AC/DC’s New Song ‘Play Ball’ in Postseason Baseball Trailer.I listened to it with headphones; the interplay between Stevie & Angus' guitars is very IF YOU WANT BLOOD (YOU'VE GOT IT)-era AC/DC. Based on the clip, the nephew is doing the elder Youngs proud.Ride On, Mal... Since 1983...@RoadsToMoscow / The RTM Daily

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July 2005124309/26/2014
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
Most recent post:
Loved playing with you Dana and being your wifey for the day:) You are one of the few that truly love what you do. Hope to see you again soon! Part 2 is going up for members today on my site. About 2 hours of Dana and I....Dana DeArmond fucking threesome with Catalina CruzMuah!Catalina Cruz

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July 2014149/26/2014
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Check out, brand new 18 year old, anal loving, Alice Green in an all ANAL scene!!! It's also an Internal Anal Creampie and she shows huge wide open gapes all during this scene. This girl's ass is INCREDIBLE! Great petite body and Girl-Next-Door looks! She's also a natural redhead.See video in streaming, download options as well as clips and large HI RES photo set and screen caps at:I Worship AnalEnjoy!

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August 20103049/26/2014
Most recent post:
Really don't drink at all

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February 200819079/25/2014
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
HOLY SHIT! ! !Looks like XXXmas came early this year! Jessica Bangkok

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July 20109589/25/2014
Most recent post:
A request, Jonni:K for Kendra (Lust)No "firsts" or "circus acts" necessary. Just an entire video devoted to her. She's hot stuff.Thanks for your consideration.--Bob

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March 2003123589/25/2014
Most recent post:
If sexy bodied ladies like Codi (black, white or other!) can't get work then porn valley has major issues! lol

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March 2014229/24/2014
Most recent post:
Yelp makes all review sites look bad with their ad extortion. I only use it if I have no other choice. Would rather read a chowhound thread for restaurant info, or someone's blog, or anything but Yelp.

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November 1999135629/23/2014
Most recent post:
There was so much wrong with this post I don't where to begin, so I won't - other than to request to read the terms of use you agreed to when you created your account.Edited by - Roads To Moscow on 9/23/2014 5:54:01 PM

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September 2013229/23/2014
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
Most recent post:
^ Awesome! I hope you enjoyed it :)Danielle Delaunay -

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December 20112559/23/2014
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
I don't follow too many... but Janice Griffith does as does Heather Vahn. Heather posts a constant stream of selfies. She's absolutely gorgeous!- Jimmy HooliganThe Jimmy Hooligan Network - Dot Com : Dot Net : Dot TV

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July 20092719/22/2014
Most recent post:
Honest opinions on what should be added.

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September 201419/22/2014
Most recent post:
I was really expecting to see Dani swallowing Prince' Load for but she didn't do it. She didn't swallow once. All of her scenes for do not have any swallowing.What a pity...

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October 20111329/22/2014
Most recent post:
this sucks. the only good pic i have but it has a dick in it

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October 20112179/22/2014
Most recent post:
Emma MaeSamantha SaintVery beautiful babes!

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July 201449/22/2014
Most recent post:
I never had any faith in calculus. For that matter I never understood it. I did pass high school and college level courses in calculus but it was by rote memory and simply doing as I was told. Geometry and later, Physics-Dynamics made a lot more sense to me. Hell, even Statistics made more sense to me as they seemed to have some application.My HS Calculus teacher was very enthusiastic but may not have been the best instructor as he was boning a classmate at the time. We all knew it and I think he just gave us all a pass that year so we wouldn't squeal on him. My college Calculus Professor was the department head and was so far above us, on such a different level, that I understood not one thing he talked about the entire semester.

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December 200435809/21/2014
Most recent post:
^I see what you're saying.

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February 200954049/21/2014
Most recent post:
^That's funny as hell!After comparative analysis based upon the size of some of Leya's co-starsI should probably be honest and say that I carry a skin piccolo at all times.It's all fun and games until someone gets an ear poked out!Edited by - smurftrapper on 9/21/2014 8:46:07 AM

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September 20094459/21/2014
Most recent post:
^With respect, it's a hell of a lot better than the face she had after War Machine got through with her. If she feels good enough about her face to show herself in public after what she went through, that's good enough for me. And it should be good enough for anyone else.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 200810059/20/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
September 20019379/20/2014
Most recent post:
In 3 years we've had 2 girls get pregnant on set. Layla Rayne just sent me paperwork for a paternity test so we'll see if its mine soon.

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March 200989/20/2014
Most recent post:
Colonized by wankers

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April 200413359/18/2014
Most recent post:
Need to brush up on your Forum Etiquette.Edited by - redish on 9/18/2014 6:54:12 PM

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October 20122369/18/2014
Most recent post:
Ana Nova

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January 2013859/18/2014
Most recent post:
BONNY SINGER - HARD - BED + 2 ~11:49 (0:31:30 full) - Screen

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March 2014109/18/2014
Most recent post:
Get ready for Jonni Darkko's scene with Siri on Swallow Guide - coming later this week

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November 2012939/18/2014
Most recent post:
Hey guys ! Thanks a lot for keeping the thread alive and interesting. The moderators are also doing such a great job keeping the topics on point.Coming up this monday we have another BLACKED Exclusive that you guys will like. She's been requested on this very forum multiple times and on twitter.We've had a nice start but still plan big things before the end of the year. We work really hard to focus on our main mission, quality first.Feel free to ask questions or throw suggestions. We're a small team so we don't always get a chance to post however we do read this thread ;) Thanks for the support!

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May 2014219/17/2014
Most recent post:
Counting down the weeks!

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December 200645419/17/2014
Most recent post:
Excellent idea ! @AnalGapePorn

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October 200324989/17/2014
Most recent post:
Thanks Kimi & a belated Happy Birthday to You.

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August 200318029/17/2014
Most recent post:
My podcast partner Sal Genoa has a new all girl feature coming out called "A Twisted Fate."Please check the trailer out:Low Rez TrailerHigh Rez TrailerA group of beyond beautiful “good girls” gets a chance to have a beautiful summer vacation. What happens next is beyond your wildest imagination! A group of gorgeous “evil girls” are running through town on a destructive path. The unthinkable could happen. Could this be a happy ending…or a Twisted Fate??Cast: Anikka Albrite, Carter Cruise, Catie Parker, Dana De Armond, Sara Luvv, Marina AngelDirected by: Sal GenoaAvailable: September 24, 2014www.blackmarketxxx.comPre-order available now

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November 2013399/16/2014
Most recent post:
I heard that the video will be there first IGGYAZALEAPORNO.COM

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January 2014619/16/2014
julie skyhigh
Most recent post:
Hello. I don't do any private meeting. sorry :) kissesjulie

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December 2013499/15/2014
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Transsexual Erotica Company, Rodnievision, with distribution by Exquisite is happy to announce the release of She-Male Strokers 68 which hit stores September 10th, 2014. This Award winning series features seven beautiful transsexual women stroking. Cover Starlets are Penny Tyler and Lexa Harding. Others starring are Jesse, Yuri Myeon, Vaniity, Korra DelRio and Nadia . If these special ladies turn you on then check out their official web site to see weekly updates, HD videos and more! She-Male Strokers is an award winning series brought to you be a Hall of Fame Producer Rodney Moore. You can always purchase your copy at their Official Store Follow Rodney Moore twitter @rodneymoore22 and Strokers @shemalestrokers. just celebrated their 12th Anniversary and continue producing three updates weekly. Fans of seeing TG women in solo and hardcore action can check out the Producer's, Rodnievision, Official web site She-Male Strokers DVD are distributed by Exquisite. DVD questions can be directed to STROKERS 68 Here

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May 20042029/15/2014
Most recent post:
"Name escapes me 1" is Mia Malkova.Dr. P

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May 200420139/15/2014
Zen Master 2007
Most recent post:
LPEdited by - Zen Master 2007 on 9/14/2014 9:21:25 PM

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March 20077429/14/2014
Most recent post:
POV Pervert #17 is on its way gang,..take a gander at the trailer and pics as each gal was 'blue-ribbon' caliber in the looks AND bangout categories..POV #17 trialer linkyhighlights; Carter Cruise going OFF while grinding on 'lil Porky' in cowgirl, Jodi Taylors awesome gape-fest, Serena Ali making me do a triple pop creampie (oh gawd), and Caseys lens melting bj segment... these gals ALL brought their A-game and to me to the wall!..lolthis one even rivals Totally Unpro #3 in the heat/chemistry department as well, so keep that in mind if that's something you like in your porno thesedays...that's all for now... lates, von S.

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January 200418929/14/2014
Most recent post:
this little hottie has some amazing natural tits. can someone would love to see more of her xxx work.Edited by - killbillvol69 on Sep 14 2014

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January 20084159/14/2014
Most recent post:
In the image from the shoot, one shows a very brown looking tongue!

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June 20111039/13/2014
Tony Flush
Most recent post:
Chris Streams Presents: Orgy Masters #6

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February 20093289/13/2014
Most recent post:
^love her with short hair

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September 2014229/13/2014
Kevin Moore
Most recent post:
Latest Releases with Trailers. Big Tit Centerfolds 4 Ames, Victoria Rae Black, Romi Rain, Courtney Taylor, Danica DillionSex Kittens: Ames, Chloe Amour, Janice Griffith, Keisha Grey, Ariana Marie, Kelly DiamondEdited by - kevin moore on 9/12/2014 1:44:42 AM

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April 20003379/12/2014
Most recent post:
Well, it's a way of looking at things.

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January 2003221199/10/2014
JK Reviews
Most recent post:
Tori Black is signing for Hot Movies.

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December 20101069/10/2014
Most recent post:
Edited by - bono-ONE on Sep 9 2014

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May 2014329/9/2014
Jonny Jay
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Brigitte Lahaie - Still enjoy her movies to this day. :)

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August 2009255219/9/2014
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I've seen a couple of mentions of Aurora Snow, and I can back that up 100%. I met her after hours a few years ago at AEE and she was just brilliant.And a +1 one to Sunny Lane as well. There really are two sides to her, though. There's the girl who really turns on the on-camera perkiness which borders on performance, and the super-fucking-chill girl you meet when the cameras are off and you're sitting around a hotel pool at 1am.Ron Jeremy's the same way. Get him around a crowd or with a camera rolling, he's the Hedgehog we've all come to love - corny jokes and all. Sitting around in a hotel lobby, away from the cameras and crowds, and he's soft spoken, down to earth, and introspective.

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July 2010869/9/2014
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September 2008899/9/2014
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From Lex instagram page...looks somethin from Orgy Masters 6, according to Tony Flush twitterA brief overview. So to speak. @ Jules Jordan Estate Also who is the girl in the pink with the tattoos?

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May 2013739/7/2014
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Joe Mayo wrote: the incessant mumbling "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..." when he's banging the girl and the tit slapping. But overall, he's OK in my book.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have never noticed his mumbling, but I do enjoy the tit slaps, especially when girls react agreeably to them or ask for another slap on the tit.

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December 20087419/7/2014
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and all round awesome girl.

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March 2010219/7/2014
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Lola Foxx, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-la Foxx: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. La. Foxx...ok, ok, I ripped off the opener to Nabokov's Lolita. And if you're a Lit Snob like me, and you know about the book, and you just shot Lola Foxx, you'd know why I just ripped it off.ADT peeps take advantage of my ex-member special! I call it the "Billy Watson Special" and you can see all three scenes I shot for all three of my sites: Mr POV, ManoJob, and The Dick Suckers!

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January 20079529/6/2014
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I think her lack of shame and honesty about her parents probably comes across as 'damaged' to those who insist on that viewpoint.A friend of mine who doesn't know much about porn but supports sex worker rights watched the documentary that featured John Leslie prominently and she admitted to being surprised at how charming, 'normal' and happy he and his wife seemed.Edited by - BlackSix on 9/6/2014 4:37:09 PM

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September 2007113949/6/2014
Slick Cock
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Yep thats her! Thanks.

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June 2014199/5/2014
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