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January 2003222466/29/2015
Captain Jack
Most recent post:
New interview is up with Gia Paige

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December 200914296/29/2015
Most recent post:
Los Angeles - Breakout hardcore ebony adult performer Lisa Tiffian will guest appear on Lexington Steele Live Radio Show tonight from 8-9pm PT.The Hall of Famer host, Lexington Steele, will be discussing his latest hardcore anal scene performed with Lisa Tiffian exclusively for her website. Other topics will delve deeper into Tiffian’s endeavor in the industry as both performer and producer of her own content."I’m honored to have worked with legendary Lexington Steele for my website and appear on his popular radio show to discuss our scene together," says Lisa. "I’m releasing our epic hardcore anal scene on July 13th and this is a great opportunity to talk about it live in front of both of our fan base."Fans can watch and listen to the show live on They can follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaTiffianXXX or join her hardcore adult website. Fans can also follow Lexington Steele on Twitter @LexSteele11 and LA Talk Radio @LATalkradio.Additionally, Lisa will guest appear on Vivid Radio's Christy Canyon's Show tomorrow June 30 from 3-4pm PT.For public relations and bookings, contact Mr. Staff at

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March 2015176/29/2015
Most recent post:
Great to see Mistress Lane going great guns!

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December 20129696/29/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
^^ thank you I will have to check that out!Just wanted to let my fans on here that may not be on twitter know that i am taking 2-3 months off as I have just had a tummy tuck with muscle repair (maybe thats TMI for you all but I like to think most of my fans appreciate my honesty) I am very excited to come back once I am all healed and look forward to giving you all some more great scenes to watch. :)

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December 20129036/29/2015
Most recent post:
I don't recommend starting a new topic in the Star Crossed forum. Just wait for a moderator to move this topic to that forum.Alluding to StarGrek's suggestion about screenshots, the image policy clarifies what you can and can't show in them.Edited by - JigglyBoobs on 6/29/2015 2:51:12 PM

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March 201212356/29/2015
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
Here's a pretty cool article on the subject. Jessica Bangkok

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July 201011106/29/2015
Most recent post:
I don't mind small, unobtrusive tattoos like Jenna's "Heartbreaker"--but sleevework or backwork or any other large, extensive ink is a turn-off for me.What really gets me is when a porn star with tattoos gets photograped, and poses so that the tattoo is hidden or obscured. I remember when Tera Patrick first got her tattoo sleeve, she would turn her left side to the camera so that no one could see the ink on her right arm. And it's the same with other stars, covering tattoos with clothes or hair, or just turning the tattoo away from the camera. Why bother getting the mark if you keep trying to hide it?_________________________________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 200811066/29/2015
Most recent post:

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October 2011225736/29/2015
Most recent post:
Alli Rae retired? Well, that just ruined my Monday... :(<

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June 201566/29/2015
Most recent post:
Hey Phoenix. Im not a big fan of TS however I have looked and here is my list of TS girl I would like to see you with if you do any TS scenes. Juliana SouzaBruna ButterflyChelsea MarieNathany GomesJessy DubaiJessy DubaiHoney FoxxxViviany VictorellyRakel RodriguesAlso will you be attending the Adult Entertainment Expo next year? xx

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May 2009946/29/2015
Most recent post:
NS Novelties adds to their Butt Plug Trainer Kit collection! Now available at!NS - Luna Balls - 3pc Trainer KitThank you for shopping at

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November 2004237666/29/2015
Most recent post:
Contact me at with more info

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May 201466/29/2015
Most recent post:
We don't love you for your math skills.

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November 1999137026/29/2015
Most recent post:
Looks like Ashley's just a part-time performer these days - working pretty much for Brazzer's only. It keeps his foot in the door, though.The scenes have to be fairly current, as one of his recent hookups, Alice Green, just turned 18 in the spring of 2014.His Brazzer's scene with Jillian Janson has a release date of Jan '15 per IAFD.

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August 20138156/29/2015
Most recent post:
Such a gorgeous perverted anal model she is in Mike Adriano's scenes !!! @AnalGapePorn

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October 200325316/29/2015
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
Damn... great tits!- Jimmy Hooligan

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July 20093296/29/2015
Most recent post:
she sure had my eye for awhile, but too many interracial scenes lately for me to stay occasional one is OK i guess, but something like two out of her last three or so have been with black performers.not my cup of tea.oh well, that was a short ride of a pretty promising wave.another one crashes on the rocks.

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June 201516/28/2015
Most recent post:
Holy shit how did I miss that one?

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August 2003315036/28/2015
Most recent post:
I did a quick search and couldn't see this spotted already on this topic: Anal Divas In Latex 4 - Lady Armani The dirtyness is quite bad, but it's heavily cut about. You can see the cock is pretty nasty throughout most of the anal scene, and there is a DATM which are uncut, although she pulls her hand down the shaft to remove most of the residue - there must still have been a taste! :)At the end, you can see the cock leave a shitty residue on his leg as he walks to her mouth... Lots of screenies here. Not the best, but not bad.

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June 20111146/28/2015
Most recent post:
We have some great new video releases! Enjoy this freebie below - :-)Two huge breasted brunettes are determined to control your hard cock! Pixie-face, blue-eyed Rachele Richey shows off her incredibly hot, young body, asking you to imagine your cock sliding between her amazing natural tits. Knowing how horny you are, she takes charge. Locking you in a chastity device so you'll save all your cum for her tits.Preview:

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June 201526/28/2015
Maestro Claudio
Most recent post:
We still have some unreleased scenes with Mike performing in them but we also plan to shoot more with other male performers.About the scene with Karmen, Bella and Alexa we weren't able to find a way to release it yet.

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May 2015366/28/2015
Most recent post:

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December 2003122326/28/2015
Most recent post:
Very nicely done site, but IMO too expensive for what it is. It could use more variety of women. Would be great if porn producers borrowed some ideas from

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January 200831706/28/2015
Most recent post:
HHHoneys, please go to our website and give us a call if you interested in booking our girls and thank you for your comment.

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June 201576/28/2015
the unknown pervert
Most recent post:
Manual, not only better gas performance but no need for all the car alarm bullshit because no one in the States under the age of 45 knows how to drive one anymore.

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May 2006171186/28/2015
Most recent post:
No, they didn't claim to be representative.Sorry, I was trying to engage in a bit of satire, and it didn't work. Asking whether a sample is statistically valid when statistical research isn't being done is like asking whether the battle of Gettysburg would have reached a different conclusion if Robert E. Lee had a time-travel machine: It offers no insight into history, and asking whether a qualitative study used a statistically–valid sample offers no insight into the research.The poorly-done satire used statistics to show that it wasn't a statistically valid sample.

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November 201151796/28/2015
Van Hinten
Most recent post:
Staci shoot a scene for Digital Playground today. Don't know if it's G/G or B/G. But i'm glad new scenes are coming.

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July 20116746/28/2015
Most recent post:
PS -- I've heard that if one counts the rings around an asshole, one can tell the age of its owner..."Ring Around the Rosie", indeed. How prophetic.

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February 200955206/28/2015
Most recent post:
Jasmine Byrne did an awesome scene in Young Tight Latinas #7 w/Everhard.... lates, von S.

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January 200419276/28/2015
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Sunday 6/28 at Noon PDT See Cassidy Banks Cum on Cock for FREE Promo Code "FREESHOW" on Immoral Live

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March 200941036/27/2015
Most recent post:
i really like ariana marie but whenever i visit her twitter page... it really pisses me off...i just hate to see such a young beautiful girl with an old ass boyfriend!! that guy is 40+ for sure...she deserves better...

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October 20111796/27/2015
Most recent post:
im a latina guy and thought i would give my 2 cents . watching latina on latina porn is just normal and boring to my eyes because it feels like me and my girl fucking. interracial on the other hand, (white/black, latina/black, asian/white/black) etc gets me going. My point is porn is my go too place for difference...something that defies my norms, hence interracial.

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September 20102346/27/2015
Most recent post:
Tegan was great in her scene called Prison Outreach Program. The inmates sure made her into a spinner that day.

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January 2004121936/27/2015
Most recent post:
I haven't but I would love to. I have to film a lot of girls and I'm bracing myself for a real hot summer.

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February 201413716/27/2015
Most recent post:
AND her Rump, of course. A gifted rump.BTW, anyone know of her ethnic background? The darkish brown rectum seems non-caucasian, but I might be wrong.

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September 20131036/26/2015
March 20146986/26/2015
Naughty Alysha
Most recent post:
In the member's area, at the top of the page, there is a link that says: Sneak Peek, Upcoming Updates

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July 201066/26/2015
Most recent post:
Welcome to the civilized world!Jacco

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May 200452086/26/2015
Most recent post:
I have a challenge: diamond jackson dped...

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August 20113586/26/2015
Most recent post:
^ so it seems you guys don't like anything fun, cute, sexy just 4 hours of hard spitting into each other's mouth. Next one I do will be Pretty Sloppy hardcore with more dominating less focus on anal and more on hard spitting and rougher.

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March 20043926/26/2015
Most recent post:
How about a Naughty Alysha/Roxy Rae update! I know it would never happen on FTV, but one can dream.Thanks for chiming in Miss A!

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May 2012596/26/2015
Most recent post:
Mason, Keisha, your the best. I just hope you guys get enough blurays of this movie to sell worldwide ! I need to have my personal copy of this film in 1080p.

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January 20103856/26/2015
Most recent post:
Hey...Here's a few behind the scenes pics from the Get Sexxx Tonight podcast......which you can find @ And, it's 100% FREE!

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June 201576/25/2015
Most recent post:
^You honored the vow of HardX silence!Thank you for allowing me to continue documenting your sexual journey! This is just the beginning. You are a true superstar and I'm so happy I've been able to spend time with you, while shooting amazing things. You've brought a new energy/spirit to porn, and we are grateful for it.We love you Keisha!

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July 200212956/25/2015
Most recent post:
One of the person shots I took of Mia Lina at one of our shoots.

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May 2010156/25/2015
Most recent post:
Hot of the Hard X presses: Keisha Grey's first Gangbang AND 1st DP!! click here for more pictures!

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January 20151146/25/2015
Smut Without Subtext
Most recent post:
I suppose that means no more "When Pornstars Attack" installments. That's a bummer for me since that series had become a favorite of mine.

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February 2010366/25/2015
The Rub PR
Most recent post:
Thursday, June 25th, 2015Jada StevensFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJada Stevens Gets Her Own Vape(Hollywood, CA) Bootylicious babe Jada Stevens now has her very own vape—the Jada Stevens Limited Edition Vape. Made by the Kind Pen, the dual vaporizer is for dry herbs and wax. It’s a very sophisticated, modern smoking device that’s a vaporizer styled as a pen. The tiny, pocket-sized vape weighs only 6 ounces and features a caricature of Jada’s world-famous ass, along with her initials JS. The set comes complete with mouthpiece, Li-Ion battery, USB charger, ceramic heating chamber, dabber/packing tool, and a lifetime warranty, so you have everything you need to let the good times roll. Retail price is $79.99 and you can get yours at"I'm so excited to have my own vape and I'm pretty sure I’m the only adult star to have one," says Jada Stevens. "If you're one of my fans, it’s a definitely must-have. But, get yours, because it's extremely limited edition."And, everyone who purchases Jada’s new vape pen will be entered into a contest to win a personal phone call from Jada. So, you can carry Jada in your pocket and maybe even talk to her on the phone.Jada is known f...

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September 200814926/25/2015
Most recent post:
It's Teens vs. MILFs time at Your Choice!Help settle one of porn's great questions. Which gets your junk twitching more - the innocence of youth or the experience that comes with age?Maybe you like to see older women mix it up with youger girls.Either way, we've got you covered in our 25% off, Teen vs. MILFs sale.We've picked out 18 top-notch shows and lowered their prices to only GBP/EUR 15.75 each - a steal in any currency!Teens vs. MILFS 48-Hour Sale for UK CustomersTeens vs. MILFS 48-Hour Sale for everyone else

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July 20101206/25/2015
Most recent post:
She's MIA. No updates from her usual sites Wowgirls, Colette, X-art. Looks like she is retired or taking a long break. Hope she cums back.

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April 2015746/25/2015
Lucy Lee    [Lucy Lee (Czech)'s movies]
Most recent post:
beautiful and nasty at same time

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September 20143346/24/2015
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
Mocking people when they're out of earshot is a pretty universal human behavior. Furthermore, I don't believe for a second that this guy "accidentally" recorded the whole procedure. I think this guy's "damages" are largely fabricated and opportunistic. The doctors deserved to be disciplined, from a medical license standpoint, for putting the false diagnosis of hemorrhoids on the man’s chart, but there's no reason the patient should have gotten a big cash windfall.

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March 2003129816/24/2015
Most recent post:
Just like old times!!!!

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January 200522496/24/2015
Mike Moz
Most recent post:
The Art Of Anal Sex - Goes Live Barcelona, Spain: The adult entertainment industry has been buzzing about this years most anticipated site and today, Goes Live 10am PST. Brought to life by the same award winning team that gave you, Tushy is a direct reflection of it's creator, award winning director and producer, Greg commits to consistently deliver elegantly produced anal erotica with scenes updating weekly. The first exclusive update scheduled Monday, June 29th featuring starlet Abby Cross in her eagerly awaited anal debut. Greg explained, “The time is right for Tushy. In a marketplace where a majority of companies have been drastically scaling back on quality and rebranding with more cost cutting amateur style content we wanted to bring superior filmmaking back to the forefront of adult movies.” Lansky went on, "Each update will be in the vein of a small feature film. While maintaining the highest standards of quality. Tushy production will include luxurious and unique locations, avant-garde fashion and extremely beautiful models. We are very selective on our casting process to deliver the most beautiful natural talent the world has to offer." After the ov

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June 201516/24/2015
Alysa    [Alysa's movies]
Most recent post:
new pic

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September 20091046/24/2015
Most recent post:
While I am completely ignorant about current porn, I will say that vignettes are my favorite. You got a story. You got sex.Poor features seem to bow under the weight of telling a large story and the sex or the narrative suffer. However with vignettes, there's a perfect balance.For that I will always love Elegant Angel's Sodomania series. &#128156;&#128156;&#128156;

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December 200645686/24/2015
Most recent post:
Well sure. He did it before around 2003?

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January 200341546/23/2015
Most recent post:
True, but her shoot coming up was her very first shoot she's ever done at the time. So very non-pornish. And she did things anal that are far more extreme than what she's done on HC shoots. She was shot for me by the LA shooter, but I really wanted to shoot her myself. So I brought her back again and shot her with even more kinky play, and some really extreme vagina/anal stuff: bad I can't post images of some of the crazy shocking things she did...

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July 20122056/23/2015
Most recent post:
Miami – Who said anything about a Summer Slow Down? The ladies of East Coast Talent are seeing to it that you have a wide variety of talent available for your booking needs this summer.Building on their reputation as being the first stop for fresh new faces in the booking arena, East Coast Talent announces their July line-up of talent that is available and in Los Angeles for your summer productions, events and promotions.Available for booking the entire month of July will be Ashley Adams, Mandy Muse, Goldie, stunning girl-girl only performer Jenna Sativa, Liza Rowe and one of the most sought after new faces on their roster Sydney Cole.Others available for select dates in July are teens JoJo Kiss, Piper Perri, and Renee Roulette as well as established fetish favorite Cadence Lux and veteran performer Sabrina Banks.For current portfolios of all talent please visit the East Coast Talent website at For details, dates and availability contact them online or by phone 732.859.2414

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April 2014116/23/2015
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Xcritic, a leading Adult Industry Resource for news, reviews, Interviews, and more, has given "Adventures of Super Ramon 2" DVD the highest rating available of "highly recommend. Adventures of Super Ramon 2 was released in March by Studio Trans500 with distribution by Pure Play Media. This DVD stars cover models Jessy Dubai, Danna Palacio, and Delia Delions. Also starring are Michely Cinturinha and the male lead Ramon. The superhero persona Super Ramon is out to save trannies in distress or help those who are need of sexual healing. With four hardcore scenes viewers get plenty of ladies getting their ass stuffed with a large cock. To see more of Super Ramon and his adventures check out the official website For the complete Review:" This film has two performances that could be nominated for Best Scene at the 2016 TEA Awards. Jessy Dubai's scene as well as Delia De Lions' could easily compete against each other. Jessy's has more acting while Delia's is mostly a sex scene with a little acting included. Nevertheless, both stand out and should be recognized." says Xcritic Reviewer Apache W.For Interviews and Questions contact Ho

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May 20042316/23/2015
Hi Infidelity
Most recent post:
I'll remain cautiously optimistic about this come back.

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January 2012916/22/2015
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
Exactly. Most of these folks don't even know who's active or not anymore. The new girls are the way to shoot, LT. Nobody need tell you this though. The industry has changed. People want to see the fresh, new girls next door types, freaks, pro-ams, etc. This is who you are exactly shooting now and I appreciate it. These girls need the exposure because they truly love to fuck...on film or not. Homegrown porn and camgirls have practically become more popular than girls who have been doing porn for years. I recommend anyone who doesn't understand this concept to go on Netflix and watch the recent porn documentary "HOT GIRLS WANTED" to see what I mean. Seeing some girl do porn for more than 1 or 2 years nowadays is rare as hell. And honestly, unless there going to be some chick that's hot as a solar flare and a hot notch freak of a performer, I'd rather see new faces anyway.LT, Elizabeth Mitcheles is underrated as hell. Chick is a freak. Fuck her again...HARD!-SplackEdited by - splackavelli x on 6/22/2015 5:32:16 PM

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April 2007266/22/2015
Most recent post:
I don't think POV applies on this case.

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June 2013616/21/2015
Most recent post:
Any more "ball fondling" scene suggestions?Looking for scenes where the girl reaches down and fondles the guy's balls while he pumps away at her in missionary position.Especially would like scenes where the camera is filming the action from behind more so than filming above looking down.

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March 2015126/21/2015
julie skyhigh
Most recent post:
look my new scene for 21 sextury summer vibes! i would have loved to post a pic but i can't! so frsutrating! :) soon for jimslip tooand some great updates on my site too :) check it out you will love the anal scene of 21sextury im sure!Julie skyhigh

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December 2013736/21/2015
Most recent post:
JordanB: What's the point in asking for feedback and then selectively addressing comments whilst ignoring the rest? (to which you presumably cannot give any positive response to). This thread is largely pointless now, especially with the spammy scene update links you're providing.

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February 2015116/20/2015
Most recent post:
Shot ANNA FOXX also for Black POV #1

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May 20131326/19/2015
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
Miran is an absolutely gorgeous Japanese TS who is visiting LA. She meets tall & handsome Christian and they make sweet passionate love back in his hotel room. Watch her use her beautiful cock to fuck Christian's ass properly you can view this update and join my site - HERE

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September 200423426/19/2015
Most recent post:
Bill Snyder, aka Bill The Hobbyist, started in the adult industry over 30 years ago when movies were still released on VHS. He started off by writing reviews on movies, strip clubs, and more, for a local Philly publication. Over the years he has met and interviewed many porn stars, with his first being Kandi Barbour in 1984. Bill has been a part of Xcritic, as a reviewer, and was a voter for the AVN awards. When Inked Angels started their review section, Bill saw the challenge and met it head on. Excited for the opportunity to be part of the prestigious inked site, he got the DVD review section and format built into what it is today. In addition, he has also taken on the position of Event Coordinator, where he has organized the upcoming 2015 Inked Awards. At this year’s Inked Awards, Bill will be honored by having the annual Achievement Award renamed to the “Bill Snyder Achievement Award.” Past winners of this award include Taboo Toys (RVA), Joanna Angel, and Evil Angel.“I am excited and even more honored than I ever have been in all my years around this great industry,” Snyder stated when asked about the honor.“Bill has been an important part of Inked Angels and growing it to what it is today,&...

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June 201526/19/2015
Most recent post:
Looks like her booty is bigger again. Good news.

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September 2007115356/18/2015
Most recent post:
When it comes to shooting women we have never seen using a strap on on men this site is the shit ... Anal Chastity OrgasmsMistress xxx is training her slut to be just like a girl inside and out. She can't think of any better way to continue his transformation then making him cum like one. His ass gets stretched and trained to enjoy every thrust of her huge strap-on while his cock remains locked in chastity where it belongs. To train his mind and body to have internal orgasms a vibrator is used to pleasure his sissy caged dick while she fucks him to mind blowing prostate orgasms. Now he knows just what it's like to cum like a girl and will never be allowed to orgasm like a man again.just rush over there and check out who xxx is CubeP.S: WOW ==> by - cubesnake on 6/20/2015 5:45:49 AM

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October 200234586/17/2015
El Jefe
Most recent post:
I like Owens. I really do. He's got a big future in the promotion. He beating Cena was a big step (although Cena beating him this past weekend sucked). In my opinion, he's not in Lesnar's league at this moment. Lesnar manhandled both Reigns and Cena this past year and is on a roll. Not to say that Owens won't eventually get there but I believe Paul Heyman would definitely say like he did to Reigns post-wrestlmania "You got potential....but got a ways to go."It would be a great match though.

Jump to El Jefe's most recent post
May 201026356/17/2015
Most recent post:
can't wait for DP Me 3

Jump to Drebin's most recent post
March 20099456/17/2015
Samantha Dennison
Most recent post:
Finally! Jesse & Kayden . Kayden's dream comes true. After hmm 10 years in Digital Play...Looks great . Jesse seems to be fat..but very energetic.As I remember.. was here or on Kayden's blog (unkrossed) petition about scene with Jesse. Worth to wait? Well we see

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July 2010946/16/2015
Most recent post:
Arianny Celeste

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October 200269156/16/2015
Most recent post:
Her anal gape is so beautiful. thank for the post

Jump to Greenhouze's most recent post
December 2010406/16/2015
Most recent post:
The Carter Cruise scene is definitely one of the hottest thus far. a first interracial scene and doing it for Blacked..... amazing. props to Carter. looking forward to the rest of it coming out.

Jump to Narcissus's most recent post
January 20084336/15/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
I'd love to shoot with Mandingo again, he doesn't return calls regardless of how much money is offered, how much i've paid him, or how many awards were won. I think he wants to direct his own movies for WCP. He lives out of town and just pops in and out of porn valley to shoot his own stuff i guess.

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September 20019686/15/2015
Most recent post:
Great ID. I thought it was Ellie Idol, but I checked some pictures and I'm pretty sure it's not her. Kristina Black was amazing. We need more girls like her.Dr. P

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May 200420416/15/2015
Most recent post:
I met a lovely young lady at the Mall Saturday who reminds me A LOT of Chanel...stunningly beautiful(more on this topin to come...hopefully!)"if you gaze too long into the gape, the gape will gaze back into you"

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February 200440606/15/2015
Kevin Moore
Most recent post:
You are wrong about several key points. We pay very high rates and have shot a diverse grouping of girls that both have never worked with Lex and some that have. We have shot plenty of girls first IR's with him.Lex has his specific tastes on whom he shoots with. He is the one doing the scenes. There is only one scene that I can recall from 2013 that a model wore boots. There is no Lexing Steele production with Nikki Benz or Kayla Carrera. The wonderful thing about entertainment is it is completely subjective. If you prefer young nubile girls in more romantic style sex, then a gonzo driven series that Lex currently produces is never going to fit your taste.Edited by - kevin moore on 6/13/2015 9:32:28 PM

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April 20003576/13/2015
Most recent post:
You can tell she's being fucked here and we can't post images showing that even if they are cropped which is a violation of the image policy so I'm editing the picture though she sure looks like it's a good time being had here.Edited by - bono-ONE on 6/13/2015 10:21:27 AM

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April 20082226/13/2015
Roads To Moscow
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Matt's my buddy. His company does the Wicked Real Dolls. He's good people. Since 1983...@RoadsToMoscow / The RTM Daily

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July 2005124946/12/2015
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January 2015146/12/2015
KatjaKassin    [Katja Kassin's movies]
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Here is what happened: I'm single now, before I wasn't. On top of that my former agent texted me randomly, plus I had a lot of people asking me to shoot a few new scenes so I said why the hell not. That's all. Porn is not the most normal job and sometimes people take breaks to pursue other things or because they are dating someone. I'm still going to start my masters program end of August and still sticking to my educational goals. This is my legitimate twitter, the fans who come to my cam shows can confirm it.

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May 200315496/10/2015
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Wow ! Good News !! _: Easyrider :_

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January 20092056/10/2015
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June 10, 2015Miami – Manipulative Media announces the release of Entrapments 2, the follow up to the XBiz “Best Vignette Release” award winner of 2015 Entrapments 2 is a vignette themed release featuring the machinations of devious young women on their unsuspecting prey.The title features four stories of seduction and twisted blackmail by young girls who know exactly what they want and how to go about getting it. Deception takes on many forms and Entrapments 2 presents this in the way of Marsha May, Sabrina Banks, Kimber Lee and Cadence Lux. Also featured are Levi Cash, Tony D. and T. Stone. “The girls really had a lot of fun, getting into character for this title...more so than others. Normally the girl tends to play the victim, or at least a submissive role to her male counterpart. But in this movie, they get to turn the tables...and they end up doing the fucking. The girls get to show off their acting ability, by playing one character for the majority of the scene, but then switching up their demeanor once they got their male co-star where they want them.” Said director Levi Cash.Out now from Manipulative Media, Entrapments 2 hits stores today. Available through Exile Distribution, please conta

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June 201516/10/2015
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Alison Tyler would be on my list, but not now that she has lost weight. My favorite right now is Autumn from Spoiled Sluts, I just posted a message look for more of her!

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June 201526/10/2015
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
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Omg I would love that :-)

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August 20033346/9/2015
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Indeed, but at one glance you have already become MY favourite pussycat!

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December 2013916/7/2015
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Fleshing out adult film stars spotted in music videos, I offer the following gems from the hair metal scene of yesteryear:Racquel Darrian & Madison in "Please Come Back To Me" by Jailhouse (they apear in the intro only)Keisha and possibly more in "Don't Change That Song" by Faster Pussycat. Late 80's porn historians, I invite you to rewatch the video and identify additional starlets.Teri Weigel, Julia Ann and possibly more in both "Call It Rock N Roll" and "Original Queen Of Sheeba" by Great White. Early 90's porn historians, please chime in on who else you spot.Janine Lindemulder (as a blonde) in "Sister Of Pain" by Vince Neil.Ron Jeremy, Julia Ann, Janine Lindemulder (as a brunette) and possibly more in "The Boys Are Back In Town" by Everclear. Late 90's porn historians, it's your duty to identify any others.

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May 2011416/7/2015
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Yhivis first anal should actually be coming this time around. Source her tumblr:Hey Yhivi, I see in an earlier post where you said you shot your first anal scene a week ago. I'm very excited about it and I can't wait to see it. Is it possible for you to disclose who you shot the scene with.AnonymousYes! I’m excited for it to come out. I shot it with Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. Yep it's this film.Edited by - jackstah on 6/8/2015 6:46:29 PM

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March 20074526/7/2015
Joey Starr
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October 2000554846/6/2015
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Hey Interracial4Life it's okay everyone is entitled to their opinions. We can't please everyone and we're not trying to. The beauty of film and art is that you never please everyone and some people don't get it and its okay. We always address positive and constructive feedbacks and ignore the rest. Naysayers are never going to be happy with anyone, that's why they hate. As a company you might bore them by doing what they say... but that will not even turn them into fans, it will merely encourage them to go criticize someone else. Changing your act to make them happy is a fool's game and we’ll never play it.Our members and fans don't want us to change, they want us to maintain the essence of what we bring them and keep bettering our product.Carter is very smart so I can tell you she will completely ignore the negative comments so she can spend more time with the fans that get it ;-) Have a great weekend hope you enjoy chapter 1 is almost 1hr long and it's really awesome.

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May 2014646/6/2015
Fred G. Sanford
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Nonsense! Porn is as much regular business as the Music industry which has also been both on the fringes on the 1st amendment and needlessly dragged into the prevailing muck of racial politics of the day. Like Music, Porn will always have a large global demand. And like any industry, Porn has had to adapt to an ever-changing world. Like the Music industry has gone from records, to 8-track, to cassette, to CD, and now MP3; Porn has had to change too. Porn has gone from 8mm to VHS to DVD and Internet download in a very short time. It also has gone from stag parties, to theaters, to peep shows, to hotel rentals, to cable, and now almost exclusively Internet viewing--with no decrease in the worlds demand for it. After they killed Osama Bin Laden they found three things in his room...a rifle, a Koran, and porn. Don't tell me Porn is dying. Bullshit! There's still oodles of money to be made. Not to mention the new emerging markets for Porn as more of Africa and Asia--where most of the human race lives--get broadband service and disposable incomes. What is missing in Porn is a grand industrialist vision. More than anything, Porn needs a Henry Ford (or a Steve Jobs for you millennials). It needs someone to revolutionize the industry and b...

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November 20021246/4/2015
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Hi Mimefreak...i have some questions about Anal Warriors 2? i was stoked when i read Veronica Avluv was cast, is it already completed?or are you taking any suggestions for casting for this project? i would love to see you get Riley Jenner involved (i know she doesn't do IR but she's a gem...{anal,dirty talk,swallow.... u know what i mean!})but it would work for me if you teamed her up with E.Everhard or Ribas for some top notch gonzo for A.W.2 brother...keep up the great work! and Cheers!

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July 20101246/3/2015
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I had my own series in the early 2000s. It focused on the lesbian market. I got SO fed up with the use of dildos in lesbian films so I came up with a series called "Lesbians on the Loose" where we would take a pretty girl and introduce her to a "not so glamorous" (either older, chubbier or grittier) amateur lesbian in their house (car etc). I felt at the time that the "setup" was just as important as the scene itself (Is till feel this way BTW). We only did 3 videos. They were HOT but I just did not know much about marketing online and it only lasted about 2 months before I shut it down. The scenes were hot because the amateur lesbians were really into it AND we NEVER used any dildos. The actresses only used their tongues and their fingers.I still would like to update this series but I just don't have the money; I guess I can do a crowdfunding gig to update it.I also did a couple of latin based amateur scenes several years ago but I ran out of money. With that particular series I wanted to combine Tinto Brass style porn with amateur style Latin porn.Edited by - marsneeds on 6/1/2015 10:46:06 PM

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July 2008276/1/2015
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
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Right now I don't plan on working with other companies. I'm focusing on my site, working out, school and my family. If I do shoot for another company I will be sure to tell everyone on the web.

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December 20112906/1/2015
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Some initial impressions:*I liked the puppy.*I liked Lucy Tyler and despite still not watching much porn these days, I am now seeking out some of her scenes. Surely not the intended effect. *Like pretty much every porn documentary (and most documentaries period), for people who already know an above-average amount about the subject industry, you're not going to learn anything. The only value here is a lot of what amounts to candid BTS footage, but that's something. *The filmmakers are very, um, judicious in the questions they choose to ask and not ask, to address and not address. The holes in the Stella May narrative are puzzling. Why not tell us why she was so desperate to leave home when the portrayal they give of that home life is so appealing? If her dad doesn't know about the porn, what did he think the cameras following her around were about? You know you're not getting the full story.*Can't believe Christian didn't note the multiple suitcase shots. *Note: The name of the flick is actually "Hot Girls Wanted" if you're searching for it on Netflix.

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December 200234746/1/2015
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