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Has Kurt Lockwood been mentioned yet?

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April 20071650712/21/2014
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Ginger Lynn gets honesty points for using her real name--an abbreviated version, but still, her real name.The same for Teri Weigel, another star who uses her real name.Are there any others? (I'm talking people with careers, not one-and-dones those who made a sex tape that was "accidentally" released.) ____________________________________________________________"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."

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April 2008102912/21/2014
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Elle Rio

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November 20042262212/21/2014
Captain Jack
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That's actually a good question. I was texting her last night and she's on a family vacation for the weekend and she said she'd try to sneak away. I told her, don't do it on my account. Family time is important and her life is about to change so enjoy herself.

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December 200993312/21/2014
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^^ Great popshot at the end of the trailer.

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November 2011480912/20/2014
JK Reviews
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Sara Luvv will be signing at the ATMLA booth.

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December 201011312/20/2014
Most recent post:
I was so hoping the brazzers scene would be a DP scene. She seems so ready for it.

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March 200743012/20/2014
Joey Starr
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October 20005425712/20/2014
Van Hinten
Most recent post:
Fuck Yeah !!! Eva Lovia incoming !!!

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July 201154712/20/2014
Harri Patel
Most recent post:
Something stinks, and it's not the Assterbator . . .

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March 20031283412/20/2014
Most recent post:
Hopefully he recognize her an book her for something.....but she's know faker than the rest hes shot with,lol

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May 20138212/20/2014
Legs Emporium
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Andrea Rosu

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December 20141112/20/2014
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Thanks! You nailed it! I had no idea she was Canadian, but am bummed that she's now retired.

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March 20147512/20/2014
Lucy Lee
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Enough porn ;)

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September 201412712/20/2014
Most recent post:
No problem. Thank You and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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February 201485812/20/2014
Most recent post:
This morning, a slice of Frrrrench blueberry tart.

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October 20111669612/20/2014
Most recent post:
She has a new, older boyfriend that is not in the industry.

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July 201218812/20/2014
Lord Lucifer
Most recent post:
I hope she has a long career ahead of her. She's one of the better, blonde newbies out there. Jessica Bangkok

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July 201099812/20/2014
Most recent post:
Dahlia Sky will be in Ultimate Blondes coming soon from MimeFreak..I don't know who she is paired up with yet, but that is a HOT pic!

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April 200816212/20/2014
Most recent post:
At the XBiz show in London we sat down with Ava and had a chat.She holds little-to-nothing back. You may even be shocked at just how raw she really is. After all, she’s easily among the most glamorous models on the U.K. scene. Even so, you’ll rarely see an adult model lay it all out there like Ava does.We were big fans before this conversation, and we’re even bigger fans now. We think you’ll feel the same way.Here is the interview.Jacco

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May 2004511712/20/2014
Most recent post:
Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul will keep this thing interesting. Bush and Clinton... do we really need to go there again...

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November 19991359912/20/2014
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I'd love to see you in a showcase by one of the top directors where you get to live out your fantasies. You are at your sexiest when your face shows how much you are enjoying yourself.

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December 20138212/20/2014
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
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Merry Xmas and happy new year for you as we'll :-)

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August 200327612/20/2014
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I didn't. I wouldn't mind fucking it but I don't want to be vibrated at the same time. Seems unnecessary. Quote that.

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January 20032216912/20/2014
Roads To Moscow
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Edited by - Roads To Moscow on Dec 19 2014

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July 20051245812/19/2014
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
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Rodney Moore has announced a long overdue overhaul and remodel of affiliate programs for his flagship super sites and RodneyBucks and ShemaleStrokerBucks, have received a redesign including new hosted picture and movie galleries and banners all built on Nats for easy, comprehensive stats and user interface. Newly updated and consistent branded tours and join pages were also added to the program. The company has slated early 2015 for even more tools to keep sales high.Another important aspect of the overhaul is the addition of dedicated Affiliate Manager, Sam Rockhard. Sam came to the position with 17+ years experience in affiliate sales and 5 years in the adult industry. Specialty knowledge with BBW niche, Live Cams, SEO and Social Marketing made Sam the perfect fit to’s varied niche websites.RodneyBucks offers premier niche sites, and While ShemaleStrokerBucks offers super site, along with the growing popular sub niche site Marquez, and GM states "We are pleased to make conversions with high retention rates easier than

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May 200420912/19/2014
Tony Flush
Most recent post:
Chris Streams Presents: Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers #8Available December 22th

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February 200935612/19/2014
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
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Check me out today in huffpost

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December 201280012/19/2014
The Rub PR
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Friday, December 19th, 2014Pornstar PlatinumFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPornstar Platinum Streets Mama's Cock Greedy Vol. 2 (Las Vegas, NV) If you're a fan of MILFs who can't get enough...cock that is, you’re in luck. This week, Pornstar Platinum is streeting "Mama’' Cock Greedy Vol. 2" starring DVD cover girl Nina Elle, along with Alura Jenson, Amy Brooke, Ava Devine and Yuri Luv. The DVD features five full-length scenes with the hottest hardcore MILF action."Pornstar Platinum's MILF series are very popular," says Executive VP of Sales Robert P. "This title should do exceedingly well, because it has heavy hitters like Amy Brooke and Yuri Luv in it, and Nina Elle is one of my favorites."Fans can pick up Pornstar Platinum titles movies though their favorite adult retailers and websites.International and domestic wholesalers can contact Rob P. at Pulse Distribution at or 818.435.1605. All media requests for Alura Jenson and Pornstar Platinum should be directed to Erika Icon at PORNSTAR PLATINUMPornstar Platinum is one of the largest networks of official pornstar sites with exclusive 1080i HD videos and photos, live daily shows, original blogs

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September 2008132112/19/2014
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Mason i hope you book Amirah Adara for her First DAP, this little slut wants to try it now, look on her Twitter account !! I hope soon tanks !!!

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October 201223912/19/2014
Most recent post:
will recreational use be next

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August 20033125112/19/2014
Most recent post:
Jada Stevens is feature dancing at Vivid Live in Houston this weekend. She looks great and loves her fans. Go see her.

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January 2003411112/19/2014
Most recent post:
I just visualized that Chanel would look hot in a footsiebabes scene in a Silk Robe with a head full of rollers.

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July 201214912/19/2014
Most recent post:
when it gets here, I will. lates, von S.

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January 2004190412/19/2014
Most recent post:
Massive blow bang

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December 201267612/19/2014
Most recent post:
Click here.

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December 20031217612/18/2014
Most recent post:
i came here for the big news but nothing to be seen yet...well the 18th isn't over yet so there is still time and hope...

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October 201114512/18/2014
Most recent post:
@Boozer : @HarryWell : let's leave you in your own personal selfish and narrow minded world shall we? You just read/understand what you want to. Once again, how can you be closed to other people's point of view?Edited by - Ernest369 on 12/18/2014 10:45:27 AM

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September 20089412/18/2014
Porno Dan
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Today, December 18 at 2 pm PST Watch Lucia Love and Emma Butt Cum on Cock Promo code "FREESHOW" on Immoral LiveEmma ButtLucia Love

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March 2009381412/18/2014
Bhasi Stingfly
Most recent post:
Hai i am new to this forum please can any one help me

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December 2014212/18/2014
Most recent post:
That $4,000 figure for a DP scene was a misprint! That was actually the rate for a TOP LEVEL model. The real (i.e. normal) rate is actually around $1,400. SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"

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March 2003230512/18/2014
Most recent post:
Mason, Does this mean you will finally actually put her on a cover? LONG

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November 20134012/17/2014
Most recent post:
It's going to happen, it's a given, not speculation. It's just a matter of when. Very, very few girls these days can go through a porn career without doing anal. Riley has already done a couple hundred or more porn scenes, and they're basically all the same, she knows this, directors know this, so it will soon be time to do something new and take it to the next level. Happened with anikka albrite, mia malkova, sarah vandella, and the list goes on and on.. no anal for the first couple years, then bam! Riley is smart, she's holding out knowing that the longer she waits the bigger they paycheck for the first time.

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April 20101112/17/2014
Most recent post:
Well, when i suggested scenes like from futanaria in JaySin Style i can´t remember people going mad. But there are endless ideas ... with this fake cum stuffCube

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October 2002340712/17/2014
Most recent post:
^Siri is taking some time off. When she wants to start shooting again, she will let everyone know.

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July 2002127112/17/2014
Drew Black
Most recent post:
It looks like the site is the same code but the contact page is a new location. Back when they worked with us here they were one of the best outlets for international shoppers. Adult DVD Pacific was the online presence of a large movie distributor in Hawaii. They had very competitive shipping rates for international orders for some reason. I believe the owner of the company in Hawaii had serious health problems and retired/died or something along those lines. I have no idea who is operating the business now.

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September 1999954212/17/2014
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
I'm pretty sure that scene you're talking about only exists here: site seems to be working here but I've sent an inquiry to my hosting company to check on it. Thanks for letting me know.

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May 20108212/17/2014
Most recent post:
I actually think his smack-talking and humerus nature adds a lot to the scene. And someone earlier stated he's not much of a woodsman? Eh?

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December 2014312/16/2014
Most recent post:
who is this? her vids called "lil japanese blond tease-by PACKMANS" looking for more vids or a name to match

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October 201122012/16/2014
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
Most recent post:
I absolutely love that idea! I'm not sure how the AZ Humane Society would feel about me shooting in their facilities but if they would allow it then I would love to shoot it. I love that you came up with an idea that is "close" to my heart. I send a monthly donation to the AZHS and have always supported them.Danielle Delaunay -

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December 201127812/16/2014
Most recent post:
hell yeah !! +10000 (first anal)

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August 201135312/16/2014
Most recent post:
She recently filmed with us at Swallow Guide

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November 201210012/15/2014
Most recent post:
Agreed that Snyder is crap. Gruden is crap, as well. While he didn't cause the trainwreck, he certainly has a way of calling everyone's attention to it and making it worse, not better. While I don't think that a good coach would want to come to Washington, regardless, at this point...and that whether Gruden were let go or not is pretty much immaterial in that does look like he'll get another year. *yawn*Any QB would be smart to get out of DC...true. The O-line has pretty much given up, and no one is going to be decent when they're running for their lives. The team is an embarrassment.I still hold out hope for RGIII...and if he's traded, I will be happy to watch him become a star somewhere else. (...he does need to learn to slide, though...) Edited by - fu_q on 12/15/2014 8:44:59 PM

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February 2009543912/15/2014
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey everyone, Happy Holidays to you all!!!I will doing a special live event on December 29th with sexy new starlet Morgan Lee and hope you come play with us and bring in the new year.Morgan Lee Live Threesome with Catalina CruzLove to you all!Catalina Cruz

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July 20141712/15/2014
Most recent post:
I definitly prefer the gorgeous Riley in gonzo scenes.First because she is amazing skillfull star in that as not many other porn star can hold the same intensity in these kind of scenes...Secondly is the contrast of her innocent cute face and body be roughly fu...d that create that huge huge tease... a sort of Forbidden Dream... a Dream that became reality only with Riley and again only with very few other cuties out there...

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November 20137512/15/2014
Most recent post:
^I'd love to see that, but Jay Sin isn't affiliated with I will say though, that gooey fake cum is one of the the best things to happen to Everything Butt! I think Jay should look into using that in a movie, maybe Pretty Sloppy?

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October 201410612/15/2014
Most recent post:
I wish Whitney Westgate could be in your Facialized 2 MasonEdited by - anathema on 12/15/2014 1:19:53 AMEdited by - anathema on 12/15/2014 1:23:14 AMEdited by - anathema on 12/15/2014 1:24:01 AM

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December 200928612/15/2014
Most recent post:
killbillvol69, Pathetic Staci Carr Fanboy reporting for duty. Staci is the Cats Pajamas and I can't wait to see more from her, whatever it is.She reminds me of Lena Nicole and that is definitely a good thing.

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January 20041182412/15/2014
Most recent post:
File a complaint in the small claims court where you live. They will be able to give you instructions on how to get the defendant (pumper who owes you money) served, and will provide you a court date.

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December 2014212/15/2014
Most recent post:
luvin the longer hair Riley....i think you are pretty much perfect gorgeous....lookin forward to the evil angel scene and i hope you shoot with bang bros again and hard x toohave you thought about shooting with kink? (sex & submission) ? luv ya

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July 201011612/14/2014
Jonny Jay
August 20092552612/14/2014
Most recent post:
just did one up - but dragged my feet on it for a year

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August 201362712/13/2014
julie skyhigh
Most recent post:
Edited by - killbillvol69 on 12/13/2014 10:17:38 PMokay I understand! :) I thought it was okay because it was my account for a video I have the rights on :) but I understand. JulieEdited by - julie skyhigh on 12/16/2014 6:15:08 PM

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December 20135712/13/2014
Most recent post:
Lucky B is the bomb ass booty man, I was disappointed that she did only so many films. Hope to get to some new ones of her in some hot interracial.

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November 20098712/13/2014
Most recent post:
^Seems legit to me. Looks like a pornsite subscription portal for people who want to use bitcoin instead of using regular money/creditcard, at a price higher than subscribing directly. If the prices were dirt-cheap, then I would be more suspicious of it. That's my quick take on it.

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January 2008308712/12/2014
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
I was fortunate enough to film Leilani Vega's first interracial scene. See it here : Leilani Vega First Interracial for Jimmy Hooligan- Jimmy HooliganThe Official Jimmy Hooligan Website

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July 200928712/12/2014
JaydenJaymes    [Jayden Jaymes's movies]
Most recent post:
New from Van Styles:

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July 20084712/12/2014
Most recent post:
Thanks Lucy. I think I have that scene...well I think I have all your scenes since you were my favorite performer. I could always tell you liked the brotha's and wish I could of had a taste of that fine Czech body. Anyway keep posting girl. Good to see your postsEdited by - Greenhouze on 12/12/2014 3:23:22 AM

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December 20103012/12/2014
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Just posted an anal scene with her on my anal members site:I Worship Anal

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August 201032212/12/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
I have more scenes with lex coming soon....Mandingo is off the radar, he can contact me if he wants to shoot, shit even got him some awards last year ;) but, I hear crickets.....If you don't see certain performers in my movies there is usually a reason

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September 200194612/12/2014
Mo Reese
Most recent post:
Check out this fun little video clip I shot of Gracie at a Subway restaurant.

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November 20097412/11/2014
Most recent post:
^^Well, so much for taking the high road and trying to articulate real, comprehensive, analytical approaches to the problem. The second paragraph though does include some good suggestions. One of the single best things a state can do is to institute a state agency, independent from any actual law enforcement agency, to regulate professional standards for both basic or recruit training, professional development as well as a certification process for police in which all police officers must carry a certification to continue to work, much like that of a teacher. This certification could be revoked, upon a hearing of fact, thus removing the errant officer from the ranks. This is apart from any department disciplinary action. This is how it works in my state and it seems to work fairly well.

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February 2008193012/11/2014
Most recent post:
I dunno, I think defining what constitutes a man or a woman is boring and inhibiting.I don't know what 'a real man' is supposed to look like, as I've seen then in all shapes, sizes, hairless and hairy, etc. etc. Same for 'real women.'I won't claim that I'm not susceptible to what media and advertising has to say on the topic. I'm not gonna say I'm not affected by the ridiculous gender norms I was taught as a child.But I'm pretty much over it. I've generally stopped trying to define people by their genitalia. I've come to love the diversity I've learned about through both my personal life and porn.Edited by - ScottMcGowan on 12/10/2014 9:53:15 AM

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July 20108812/10/2014
Most recent post:
Angela said she would love to shoot if she comes out next year to LA fingers crossed! Here is some pure gold for Gape Lovers 9

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March 200438512/8/2014
Most recent post:
SUPERSIZED RIDES 02 (12-11-14)Item SKU: SCRDVD445Release Date: 12/11/2014Manufacturer: SCOREUPC: 698439438695Description: LARGE BOX COVERBACK OF BOXSexy, chubby girls with huge tits ride cocks to cum. Newcomers Briana Falcone and Lilli Blue have never fucked on camera before, but now you can see them take a dick again and again! Category:BBW/BIG BOOB Stars:Samantha 38G / Rose Valentina / Mianna Thomas / Hillary Hooterz / Scarlett Rouge / Brianna Falcone / Lilli BlueEdited by - rokkerdude on Dec 8 2014Edited by - rokkerdude on Dec 8 2014Edited by - rokkerdude on Dec 8 2014

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November 201023612/8/2014
Most recent post:
JulieMasonForever, Riley is a little tiger when you give her the right scene! :)

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October 20126412/8/2014
Most recent post:
As you say Videobox is a shadow of it's former self, since the pay premium selection of studios has become available on the site, the daily updates have been poor. I'm not sure if the contracts with studios back catalog of movies has ceased because their daily updates seem more like $2.99 bargain bucket titles, even in the Elegant Angel premium section some updates have been 14 years old. With superfast broardband and your computer basic movie making software its east to create your own segments and clips from a downloaded movie. As mentioned be very careful of trials as they have many boxes that must be un-ticked else you will be signed up for a full package for a year without realizing.

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December 200874612/8/2014
Most recent post:
That's some of the best news I've heard all year. I might have to re-up my subscription for that. I've been away for awhile.

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May 20125312/8/2014
the unknown pervert
Most recent post:
Let's see my college football team goes fetal during another nationally televised big game with post season implications, my college basketball team gets beat on national television by Tennessee, the conference my college plays in gets screwed by this pile of flaming dog shit called a playoff committee, and the Chiefs effectively end their season getting beat by a team quarterbacked by Drew Stanton. Yeah, I'm in a wonderful mood this weekend.

Jump to the unknown pervert's most recent post
May 20061706612/7/2014
Most recent post:
Your request is on the list my friend! :)

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April 201414212/6/2014
Kimi Lixx    [Kimi Lixx's movies]
Most recent post:
Birth rates for women under 30 have declined dramatically, while rates for women over 30 are increasing. That's a good thing. It generally means the children being born will have a mom with an education, decent financial support, and an actual desire to be a mother.The USA doesn't need to worry about birth rates, anyhow. Native born Americans have been below the replacement rate of 2.1 since the early 1970's. We make up for it in immigrants, just like we have since the very beginning of this nation - all the largest population booms here have been immigrant waves.

Jump to Kimi Lixx's most recent post
June 2001788212/5/2014
Most recent post:
Anikka Albrite

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June 20102312/4/2014
Most recent post:
My brain did not want to process that Sesame Street dog. At first, I thought someone had glued together a bunch of stuffed animals.

Jump to Savoy's most recent post
December 2006455612/4/2014
AsphyxiaNoir    [Asphyxia Noir's movies]
Most recent post:
I would love to make a personalized video for you! its 100.00 for ten minutes of personalized behavior (fetish, solo masturbation,anything almost hehe) its 50.00 for five minutes.its almost christmas time you should want to have a video <3All future custom videos need to be paid through www.dwolla.comI don't use pay pal, it is the same exact process. I like this site better.This way money goes into my account, I know how much and there is a receipt so everything's solid. It takes 5 minutes to set up.... easiest thing on planet. just know your account info :)If this is something your not interested in doing, I understand completely and send love for the interest <3i hope you do!love asphyxia XX

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December 20122912/4/2014
Captain Brian
Most recent post:
Edited by - killbillvol69 on 12/4/2014 11:28:43 PM

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August 2014312/4/2014
Most recent post:
Interesting. I didn't realize Eva had changed her mind.Dude. It says her name right there under the picture.

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February 20123812/3/2014
Dirty Bob
Most recent post:
Over 400 photos, 264 pages -all about the first 10 years of the annual NightMoves Awards Show or, as commonly referred to, simply THE TAMPA SHOW. The stories are all BTS stuff appreciated by those performers who attended - and missed by the public. Good stuff. available on Amazon as an e-book and in print: TAMPA TEASERS & OTHER IMPORTS. By Dirty Bob. With intros from Paul Allen from Nightmoves and Sunset Thomas.

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February 200344912/2/2014
Kevin Moore
Most recent post:
It all comes full circle. I didn't expect anyone to remember that reference. Kudos to you sir.

Jump to Kevin Moore's most recent post
April 200034212/2/2014
Most recent post:
Drinking on set certainly sounds like a bad idea to me.

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September 20071140312/2/2014
Splackavelli X
Most recent post:
LT, I think it's time someone introduced Nina Rotti to anal. She's got one of the best natural bodies I've seen in black porn in a long time. Reminds me of old school Janet Jacme's body.And that waistline is not Photoshopped. She's that fit.Edited by - splackavelli x on 12/1/2014 11:48:30 PM

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April 20071812/1/2014
Most recent post:
Hi,My question is exactly what the title says. But to rephrase, can anyone think of scenes that I can buy, in which during a threesome, the guy pulls out and doesn't touch his own cock. Once he's outside of the girl and close to coming, she grabs his dick and jerks it onto the breasts or face of another girl? I saw it once before, but only once that I remember. It was one of the Sindy Crawlforward ones that Celeste did in the 90's.Can anybody think of scenes where this happenes?Thank You,GP

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April 2011511/30/2014
Most recent post:
Misha Cross for me

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September 20144011/30/2014
Most recent post:
It probably doesn't help that his name sounds like a bacterial infection.

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April 2004133811/29/2014
Most recent post:
Wow, she's gorgeous. If you like that look, Farrah Flower is pretty close IMHO.Dr. P

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May 2004201711/29/2014
kitt michele love
Most recent post:
USA — Shemale website has launched a fetish online chat service.The chat room features text chatting, audio/visual conferencing customized chat, and file sharing and whiteboard. The company said its video chat applet leverages the cloud to scale easily for thousands of users, and is safe and secure.Users can also cruise the site for local hook ups and meet others who embrace different sexual fantasies.Membership is FREE for a limited time.The Most Extreme - Free Sex Chat & Live Sex Cams - On The Web!

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November 2014111/29/2014
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More triple anal plz!

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July 201011811/28/2014
Rico Shades
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Sheena Ryder has announced the latest release from her exclusive DVD line, "A Woman's Touch", through online retailer Inn of Sin.The title is available in a digital version and consumers have the option of purchasing the entire movie or selecting scenes à la carte.A Woman's Touch, directed by Sheena Ryder, features Sheena in a myriad of vignettes with lustful females engaged in passionate lesbian trysts. The title stars Ava Addams, Gabriella Paltrova, Ariella Ferrera, Allison Moore and cover girl Nicole Aniston.“Casting is everything to me. I wanted to make sure that girls who are truly into girls were in the scenes,” Sheena says. “It’s passionate, it’s real and it really comes across in the performances as such. It had to be a certain way, especially being the first outing from my lesbian series,” she added. “I was very happy with the outcome.”View Trailer

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December 200637111/28/2014
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Studying in California to be a nurse, as of a year ago.

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November 20087911/27/2014
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I'm with you on Leigh, and several of the other British women brazzers has introduced to us uncivilized colonists. Emma Leigh particularly has caught my eye, although Leigh Darby is definitely one hot MILF!

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August 20086811/27/2014
El Jefe
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I felt like I had to return to this forum when something monumental occurs in professional wrestling history......well history was made last night.....The WCW franchise appears in the World Wrestling Federation for the 1st time......One word: STING!

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May 2010262511/24/2014
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