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LaylaJade    [Layla Jade's movies]
Most recent post:
I know this may sound like an odd question but what is the deal with xxxporntalk ? I have only ever posted over there a few times but when I do the posters seem to be generally unpleasant or rude to me.I don't get it ? Although I don't post all the time I actually love talking to people on the forums, I just don't get the mentality over there.Layla Jade xoxCome visit me on the web

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November 2003526/27/2007
Most recent post:
Hi all,We are a straight couple from Scandinavia (yes she loves porn)that will spend our holiday in LA - July and August.We are looking for female pornstars for our private videos. Hope it is ok to post this request here, we are not looking to offend anyone. We will stay at the Mariott Hotel and can pay around $4-6000. We are both very much into porn and since we have no idea how much porn stars make, everything can be discussed. The movies will not be sold, but will be shown at a few private clubs in Scandinavia.Please get back to us so that we can take this further. We are both good looking in our thirties.Eric and Emma

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June 200726/16/2007
Most recent post:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 13, 2007CONTACT:pr@enternautica.comNAUTICA THORN LIVE ? IN SANFRANCISCO AT THE CRAZY HORSE(Los Angeles, CA) Come spend the next couple nights with Nautica Thorn, June 14,June 15and 16th at the CRAZY HORSE IN SAN FRANCISCONautica Thorn will take the stage each evening for several feature dance performancesdecked out in only her finest fantasy costumes. Nautica has been taking the stage therefor 2 years now, just showing her high demand up in the bay area.I have been going there for some time now and it just keeps on getting better and better. I just love all my fans there. They show me nothing but respect and it?s like a partyevery time I am at the Crazy Horse. Just having my birthday on the 13th, I am saving allmy party energy and doing it big up there on stage, Nautica adds.Taunting, teasing and slowly stripping down to the buff, your imagination is free to runwild. Take it one step further and visit Nautica after each performance for a DVD, 8x10sor a customized Polaroid that you can take home and explode to.Nautica Thorn Productions ?All Access? from HUSTLER video, starring Nautica Thorn,Charlie Laine, Katja Kassin, Nadia Nyce, Kat, Alexa Lynn and Naomi, is available now atyour favorite adult video stor...

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May 200746/14/2007
Most recent post:
Thanks!I just posted the facts under Porn News and I'm trying to get Private to send the DVD in. Is there any other way to get someone review it here?Mrs.Sexkicks

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August 200646/6/2007
Most recent post:
My name is Ryan, I started a local adult production company.

I was wondering if you have the email address for Mikey Butders?

want to see if he is interested in doing a b/g scene.

I really appreciate your help and assistance.



Zero One Films

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May 200715/5/2007
Henri Pachard
Most recent post:

I come back from fucking cancer,get back into the game, start to take a better and bigger interest in things, log on to this site, and I find this thread. ZZZzzzzzzz.


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December 2002925/4/2007
Yani Z
Most recent post:
Chico Wang you love drama and throwing mud. I agree on must of the points of how Anabolic run in your eyes, but do you have to tell the whole world there business? What’s the honor in that? Tell Chris to his face or call me up on mine, but to spread rumors on the Internet is the cowards’ way out.

I tell you I went out of pocket as well as you did, $45OOO+ Dollars too and it took 6 months to pay most of it back to me. I am still owned. I don’t know how I could have pocketed all this money you keeping saying I spent $18000 to $21000 per movie. I was tolled if we go over budget we would still get or directors fee. I tolled him how much over I went. I got a straight that’s you’re problem, Balance it out with the other movies. Maybe if I had it like you and shoot the girl for 10 scenes in a day so the girl price might drop to a few hundred I could of pocketed the money like you but not the case. You seem to have a lot of hate and want to bring everyone down. Why? You make things sound great for your friends and business partners but the rest of the world can suck you off. But if you truly have a problem with someone take it to them, Legal or other wise. I am on this site once a week but if you don’...

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February 20032205/2/2007
Matt Zane Extreme
Most recent post:
Screenings of new Satanic Porn happen across the country!

CLUB SATAN Rolls In On The Winds Of Walpurgis Night!

On Walpurgis Night (April 30th) a high Satanic Holiday that has been

a celebration of the witch for hundreds of years . The most shocking

and controversial adult film to be released in years, 'CLUB SATAN: The

Witches Sabbath' is having it's world premiere screenings at select

cities around the country.

The Directors cut of 'CLUB SATAN: The Witches Sabbath' will be

screening on Monday, April 30th (Walpurgis Night) in New York,

Chicago, Detroit, and New Jersey! Called "hardcore pornography" by the

mainstream, and an "art film" by the porn community, this movie

violates every taboo and crushes the false morality of modern day


'CLUB SATAN: The Witches Sabbath' the DVD is available in two

versions, a XXX edition and an unrated Directors Cut. The Director's

Cut also includes a CD soundtrack with Dark Funeral, Society 1,

Acheron and other wicked bands.

'CLUB SATAN: The Witches' Sabbath' offers viewers a look inside a real

Black Mass, piss, blood, fisting, fucking and Blasphemy! This is not a

movie for the faint of heart, it is not for the casual viewer.

Finally, here is p...

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February 2007204/23/2007
ShelBlack Photo
Most recent post:
Two words,

Mind Fuck

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October 2006110/16/2006
Most recent post:
As a director in porn, on a limited budget, I am trying to get as much value for my money. so writing the script to this movie was like putting together a puzzle, the first element being: this probably will be Rocco's last movie for me, 2. Nacho wants to be in the movie, 3, I'm very intriqued by the extremes that come from melisssa Lauren, and 4, the exotic beauty of Katsumi. And twenty other things that are assets (Belladonna!) in creating a great sensual movie. All used put to work through a story.

I really like what was said about the value of not knowing if a tease scene is going to lead to a fullsex scene or not. I've been doing this for years. It's so hard writing a porn script when everyone knows a scene will end in sex. It's how you get there that is the fun part, and this was a really fun movie to put together.

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January 2003510/11/2006
Most recent post:

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August 200628/25/2006
Marcus London    [Marcus London's movies]
Most recent post:
Nice pic Cursive... my computors been on the blink and wouldn't load them the past few days....

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July 200627/4/2006
Most recent post:

I was hoping Taryn would tell us what her limitations are.

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November 2004477/1/2006
Taylor Rain
Most recent post:
thanks to everyone for the support and nice comments. and to people who hate me and call me a skank whore, it's all good, i was never under the impression that i could be loved by everyone.

ok, ok, i guess not all of you know yet!

i didn't have a BABY, I went to OC and got a new 'blue nose pitbull' puppy! And I named her SMOKIE. now i have 'smokie & the bandit'.

someday i'll have a baby.

love you all, come visit my website clubtaylorrain and read my journal and shit, see my pics and pics of other hookers still in the biz! i spend most of my time writing on my sites and doing shit for my sites.

Taylor Rain

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December 200583/3/2006
Most recent post:

Dicknjane, I think that miraculous occurrence is editing... taking out the director's directions, because believe it or not... there's very few "naturals" out there.

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February 20051092/16/2006
Most recent post:
Title: 13 Cum Hungry Cock Suckers #3


Release Date : 03/09/06

UPC DVD : 873158000709

Details : Hosted by Jenna Presley. Shot by the REEL king of Pops Steve Austin! Monster Facials! Fellatio Never Looked so Good! Watch these girls get showered with CUM!

Cast :

Mysti May

Jordan Fleiss

Rebecca Steel

Anastaza Delani

Jenna Presley

Lena Julliett

Naudia Nyce

Holly Wellin

Barbara Summer

Kelli Tyler

Mya Mason


Nataly Rosa

Directed by : Steve Austin



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August 2005152/14/2006
jonni darkko
Most recent post:

It's time for another instalment of sexy sluts sucking cock and mouthfuls of cum... Three hours of face fucking action.

The release date is Feb 15... For more info and the trailer, check out this link.



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May 2004282/13/2006
Skeeter Kerkove
Most recent post:

There is a movie I did about 3 years ago titled "Juggernauts" for Sin Citys Mayhem. The movie has 7 girls in it, all 7 girls have boob jobs, all 7 girls do anal or double anal, they all do lots of ATM,PTM and ATOGM, cum farting from the asses after receiving their anal creampie {To prevent unwanted pregnancies}, and cum is eaten in every scene. There is no other big tit movie like it, it is extremely hardcore. It was an editors choice in 2003 in AVN magazine and is listed as one of the top 25 Big Tit movies of all time.

Hardcore Big Tit movies sell real good and have very, very strong reorders.

I also did a movie called "Bounce" for my Bad Ass Pictures line at Metro. It has 7 girls all anal all Boob Jobs. Check out both movies, there are plenty of Fake tits in the movies.

I love boob jobs, I prefer boob jobs. I like to think that Boob jobs and sodomy paid for my Million Dollar home. It is my ATM house, my house of Sodom.

Skeeter Kerkove "King of Sodom"

Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn

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February 200310592/12/2006
Max Hardcore
Most recent post:
Hey bud,

I don't usually post up responses to messages chat boards, but yours caught my eye. Like you, many on these boards are angry, bitter people who do little else than try to tear down those they don't agree with.

But I have to thank you for your unintended plug for the Kelsey Michaels scene found on Max Faktor 15. I couldn't have put it better myself. If others want to see what the fuss is about here, right click and save as the trailer and make up your own mind.

Lets face it, the majority of today's porn fans demand the hardest, most extreme scenes they can get their sticky hands on. I've gotten as much positive response on this scene as any other recently. Of course this kind of hardcore is going to be upsetting to some. But like I always say, if you don't like it, you don't have to watch it. And as for your juvenile comment about the size of my rod, well it works just fine. I got 15 years in the business, and over 250 movies to prove it.

I have to hand it to Kelsey. It was a VERY rough afternoon for her. She could have called it quits anytime, but hung on until the end. Am I sorry I did it? Hell no. Kelsey made a bundle of money, we got a great scene, and the fans got what they want.


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March 2004472/1/2006
Most recent post:
Finally I found a company who will allow me to unleash my perversions, this is just the beginning of sick....

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January 20051111/9/2005
DS Director
Most recent post:
AWO #4 box is nearing approval. Please continue to check our site for updates. I appreciate your interest.

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July 2003716/2/2005
Red Ezra
Most recent post:
Good Carly - Look forward to your book.

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September 2004104/23/2005
Most recent post:
<i>Award Winning Director Preparing To Ward Over Anal Assylum </i>

(Chatsworth, Ca)- Don’t let his new slimmed down appearance and the curtailing of the heavy cerebral edge in his recently lauded gonzo work fool you; Zupko is still a heavy hitter in the highly competitive and increasingly cannibalistic world of contemporary porn. With the recognition of his critically acclaimed gonzo series, Big Wet Asses, Zupko virtually redefined his adult entertainment persona, shedding the limitations of his perceived stereotypes like thin snake skin, and proving once and for all that he stands as a definite threat no matter which genre he lasciviously embraces.

In fact it would be fair to say that in a lot of ways Zupko has been misunderstood prior to the unveiling of his recent incarnation. After all, it doesn’t take a graduate student to discern that his previous body of work, peppered with paeans to Dostoevsky and laced with a unrepentantly giddy Neitzschian flare for nihilism, spoke more to his abilities as a savvy and referential transgressive artist rather than showcasing his edge for erotic artistry.

With his recent foray into the world of gonzo Zupko has dispelled any misgivings about his abilities as...

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November 2003153/19/2005
Tom Byron
Most recent post:
Go for it, dude. They're all yours.

I would never use such titles, cuz I'm not a racist like you.

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September 20024351/28/2005
Most recent post:
your best bet is to go to , then type in brasilerinhas , thats the correct spelling..... good luck!

there is also , in ehich most of the Brazilian starlets are featured , many of which have filmed for Brasilerinhas in the past .

I dont think their website is still running , but they did have a production late last year , not sure of anything current though...

on a final note , if there is a girl that you are interested in , just go to google or yahoo and end it with '' for Brazil !! , type in the name in the search field and you should get a lot of replies.

you can even narrow it down by selecting only pages in Brazil.

It would help to understand a little portugese , but not essential. !!!

Edited by - JAZZ DURO on 10/28/2004 4:35:07 PM

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October 2004210/27/2004
bridgette    [Bridgette Kerkove's movies]
Most recent post:
Audrey Hollander.

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July 200325110/7/2004
Uncle Vinny
Most recent post:
Red light district was very close to shooting her in a gang bang, it fell thru!

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February 2004128/8/2004
Most recent post:
It as come to attention that Rude Britannia / Union Jaxxx have broke the contract we made with them regarding the sale of our films in the States, on finding this we have now dropped them as our distributors.

They have started to supply companies in America with our 3hr bukkake film starring Sandie,Rona & Lolly B & Kims Essex Pub Orgy which last month won a B.A.F.I.A award for best British amateur of the year, we are considering legal action against this label & we would be grateful to any company buying these films to return them straight away to the above companies for a full refund.

Thanks Kim

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April 200436/27/2004
Most recent post:
Why would viagra have anything to do with my relationship to aiden, I think that is so lame!

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May 200435/18/2004
Rob Black
Most recent post:

I'll have all that later this week.

Edited by - Rob Black on 2/9/2004 2:20:08 PM

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September 2003112/9/2004
Mark Kismet
Most recent post:
I recently shot Ava for my Busty Beauties series, on arriving she got out of the car and asked WHO she could f...

I replied in a higher voice that I was married and to release my squeezed balls and then pointed to the cameraman, who is also married ( I thought this would be funny ) hence he started to scream as she had attacked him from behind and had no clue who was grabbing him!

She pretty much went through the crew trying to find someone to fulfill her desires even the female makeup artist got groped too until the male talent arrived, he kept her happy until the scene, which was a blockbuster. I will book Ava in any future project for Hustler I can, she is so great in scenes and so much fun to be around. I will ask her to come to the ADT Party next Year, its the only way to possibly top the last one. Ava is one of the best.

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January 200411/15/2004
lizzy borden
Most recent post:
hey jenna this is one movie that myself and rob (rob black) have waiting to see if you move it up to a earlier date please let us know. love lizzy bordenxoxo

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December 200371/4/2004
Michael Stefano
Most recent post:
Hi Bono-One,

Thanks for the post. Believe me, no one was as disappointed as I was when the error was caught. We had thousands of DVDs in the wareshouse and a decision had to be made. Send it out or hold it back and re-replicate. I chose to send it out as is and get another master done so that future copies are corrected.

In response to this problem, we have made procedural changes. We will give ourselves more time to proof the finished product so that navigational errors on the DVD will be caught before the product goes out.

I hope this clarifies things. I would never intentionally mislead a customer.

We are committed to always doing better.



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April 200338/11/2003
David Luger
Most recent post:
As requested, here's a little preview of Swallow My Pride 3...these are all fairly new girls (except Cindy Crawford) and includes one first-timer (Peaches). Each girl does a full-scene, as well as assorted other swallowing before and after. Things to look for include Demi Marx slurping cum off the carpet, Ariana Joliee licking ass, getting d.p.'d, deep-throating a variety of cocks and swallowing 10 loads. Another personal highlight is watching Cindy Crawford open her mouth for some cum. I've never seen a girl who could open her mouth so wide. Additional anal girls are Trinity and Carmen Perez. By the way, the Dillion on the cast is a guy (the former Dillion Day) who has a hot scene with Cindy before she receives some desert from a couple of helpful strangers. Hope you all enjoy this and look forward to feedback when it's released.

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March 2002357/23/2003
Van Damage
Most recent post:
The movie was based on an Ana Malle batchlorette movie - Tiffany Mynx did the champaigne scene with Carresa Savage and the name of the movie escapes both Tiffany and I - but it was called "(?) Party" - Sorry - can not remember the whole name

Van Damage & Tiffany Mynx

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October 200221/11/2003
ChiChi LaRue
Most recent post:
I knew it! Spaguety doesn't know too much about euro-porn after all.

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October 20021711/20/2002
Alek James Hidell
Most recent post:

Thanks for the feedback.

I expect West Coast Productions to release RAMPAGE #4 sometime in April. Interested consumers can find out by e-mailing the company at

In other news, I recently returned from Budapest. I swear the most beautiful women in the world live there.

It was nice to have the opportunity to work for Vince Vouyer as well as shoot my own stuff.

I had the opportunity to hire some great performers to work with the girls: Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, and Leslie Taylor.

If West Coast has room in their release schedule, you can expect the start of a new euro series. I would love to keep this going!

Take care,

Brandon Iron

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December 2000143/15/2002
S. taylor
Most recent post:
To all it may concern,Our interactive sex DVD "My Playmate - Jewel DeNyle" is being re-mastered to reflect the new title "My Plaything - Jewel DeNyle" due to a conflict with Playboy Enterprises over the word "Playmate". The new product is exactly the same as the old only with a new title. Re-mastering is just an unavoidable delay when changing anything on a DVD including just the title.With rave reviews coming from this site as well as dvd porn reviews and many more we decided to leave the product as is. It is our intention to continuosly push the boundaries of both technology and our warped minds when we create new DVD products. This is evident in our soon to be released product "My Plaything Tera Patrick" (March 2000). We welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from all interested parties here or at so that we can continue to make the best products possible. Those "individuals" with a different agenda are kindly asked not to use this forum as a "playground" for digital slandering. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of Digital Sin. Your support means everything. Scott TaylorPresident Digital Sin

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