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Christoph Clark
Most recent post:
julia,i was missing you,i saw somes pics of you and you are really a nice ladie,,,well tell me in advance next time when you will visite buda,,tank you Julia Ann,,clark

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July 2004198/8/2009
Damien Black
Most recent post:
Hey Taylor thanks for the info, yeah Amy is definitely my favorite no matter what people say, a lot of people complain about her having an attitude and lacking performance but to hell with them, she doesn't have an attitude she just knows what she wants, oooohhh and I've been hearing some rumors that she was gona quit the industry is that true... damn i hope not. :(Edited by - damien black on 8/8/2009 1:22:27 AM

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August 200948/7/2009
Most recent post:
Ill take anything good said about me to heart, maybe someday ill return to what I should be doing, (or should have done it the right way the first time) and cum back to porn.Judgement spawns from the insecure

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June 2004218/6/2009
Most recent post:
Should note that this is a rumor, but one heard through sources close to Manson's organization. This could be pretty cool if it transpires—as anyone who's familiar with his past videos has seen—in terms of creative concept and production. It could present an entirely new direction for porn, utilizing the dual star power of Manson and Stoya, with a rock/industrial/goth conceptual angle.

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August 200928/2/2009
Most recent post:
/\ Try as I may, I cannot find a thread or posting that shows JJ offering up figures on what he sells. And since von_swine and as far as I can tell you, illmatic don't produce, market and distribute your own DVD's, why would we need to produce figures to any of you? We don't lie in our press releases. While you are on these boards hating, we are busy working and producing solid content for our fans. All the board flaming in the world is not going to change that.on a side note, name calling on a board only makes you look foolish yourself. Once you actually go out and risk your own money, put in the time and the effort to make your own product, market it, distribute it, and succeed at it, could you actually be anything close to credible. Any kid with a keyboard can be a hater on the internet, not everyone can succeed in business. But it's a free country, feel free to flame on!

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July 2009177/30/2009
TJCummings    [T.J. Cummings's movies]
Most recent post:
I have worked with Mellanie, but... I have worked while she watched. More often then not, when talent is waiting in the on deck circle we don't much mind to what's happening but our girl Mellanie does. She's a horny girl.

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December 20054097/23/2009
Most recent post:
Hello everyone,Brand new to AdultDVDTalk and I wanted to share some info on two of my favorite female performers. They would be, the beautiful Miss Dia Zerva and the incomparable Nina Hartley. Nina hosts a webcam show on CAMZ and has invited Dia as her guest for today's show. Nina will top Dia from 7:00-8:00 Pacific time, and all indications suggest this will be an amazing show.Must get back to website work now, but I'll be checking in here regularly.Cheers,wordman

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July 200917/22/2009
Most recent post:
Super red lipstick will get me rock hard

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April 20054847/5/2009
Kara Tai
Most recent post:
I had the privilege this weekend of having the sexy Isis Taylor hang with me while she was here in Miami shooting for Josh Stone Productions, and yes when she gets back here I would love to do a scene with her!!! That would be sooooo sexy!Love ya girl!kara tai :)

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June 200936/30/2009
Most recent post: clip is 2nd or 3rd one down

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May 200856/25/2009
Sandra Shine
Most recent post:
Thanks ;) I have a brand new self-fisting set updated on my site. And so much more ;)Free pictures from meEnjoy

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October 2005156/22/2009
Most recent post:
She told me herself.

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June 200926/15/2009
Most recent post:
Please consider trying us. We are offer low very competitive prices, low shipping to all over the removedWe are here for you!Komaji, Momo, Haruka and YodaModerator note - Welcome to the forum, hope you will take an active part but please do follow the forum etiquette. You already started a thread about your site so I have removed the link here. This thread is for recommendations of readers' best store, not for promotions. Your cooperation is appreciated Edited by - Gabriel Nine on 6/15/2009 5:23:18 PM

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June 200926/10/2009
Most recent post:
ouch...dogs over black? whats the implication?

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June 200916/8/2009
Philly Mike
Most recent post:
Hey, just caught this post of yours. Count me in - want to do a real hardcore gangbang scene with you, preferably stuff that is too hardcore/rough for the mass market. Email me back and let me know how we can arrange this.

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May 200915/11/2009
Most recent post:
Fuck! Both My Grannys Got Gang Banged.I just fucking love older women.Let me tell you a little bit about both these super hotties!Just like Madonna she goes by one name. She loves long walks on the beach.Oh yea and she likes getting gang banged. Here is one of her better picturesthat really shows her beauty.VictoriaNext lets "meat" Lara Saint although she is no "Saint". She is a stripper whojust loves pleasing her Men. The more the better is her saying. Well I gave herthe thing she has always wanted. A room full of guys for her to please.Robert Hill Releasing's Fuck! Both My Granny's Got Gang Banged is scheduled for release a May Release.Robert Hill Releasing BlogFor sales inquiries, contact Rachel at Robert Hill Releasing Co.,800-795-2577818-709-7739 (fax)roberthill@rhorders.comFor more on Robert Hill Releasing, please go tothe Robert Hill Releasing WebsiteEdited by - roberthill on Apr 29 2009

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March 200994/29/2009
tina tyler    [Tina Tyler's movies]
Most recent post:
Sexy Hard is right. This is very good news indeed. I am on the road to recovery and not having to drain my assets while doing it is a big load off my shoulders. I am looking at this time as an opportunity to do all those things I haven't had the time or energy to do, like finally writing my book and learning to ballroom dance. My prognosis is very good and I have no doubt that I will be perfectly fine, with time and treatment. No need to feel sorry for me, I don't. Besides, it's been a long time since I have had an adventure. Positive thoughts only please.Tina

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February 20007404/14/2009
Most recent post:
Im trying to get Emily to shoot a self spit-swap with a hot girl. You guys need to encourage her. Pump her up to get on camera a bit. Cezar

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February 2009144/6/2009
jennyhendrix    [Jenny Hendrix's movies]
Most recent post:
i love them I think that they look amazing! they fit your body perfect! when i got mine some people had negative things to say! but I say you can only keep the young look for so long then you gotta spice it up! love em babe!XOXO Jenny Hendrix

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December 2005233/26/2009
Porn Addict
Most recent post:
Her scene in the recent Naught College School Girls is awesome! She's cute as anything and a great performer. She has a sexy non-typical LA porn look to her. I'll take chicks like this over big boob blonde pornstars any time!- PornAddictClick Here to Visit PornAddict.Com

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December 20052233/14/2009
Most recent post:
Of course she is... I am working for her as photographer and camera guy... You can read an article about her / her website and working together with her from me on her blog here:

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March 200913/10/2009
Most recent post:
Two and a half years have gone by, and in spite of everyone telling me on this thread that nobody was interested in seeing women worship men's feet, I have had great success selling those scenes on my clips4sale store. I found those clips where outselling my regular foot fetish clips. So a while ago I segregated them into a separate store called: "Women Who Worship Male Feet". Here's the link:Women Who Worship Male FeetMy other store with sex and regular foot fetish is here:Footjobs Soles Handjobs Toe SuckingAlso I continue to see the occasional brief scene of this in mainstream porn, the most recent was a great female to male foot worship scene in "Flower's Squirt Shower 04"

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September 200653/7/2009
Most recent post:
does anyone have a contact address from harmony in uk? need urgent a valid email ..not the sexshop website.thx

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January 2005103/2/2009
Most recent post:
I am definitely in it, Showtime is airing the series right now, you can watch it live, blah blah blah. Paul Thomas is the man. Vivid is a good if not great company, and there is a reason they have been in business for so long.The movie also has some really hardcore sex so to those of you who think differently, you may want to spend your money wisely and check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.xxxoooo

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February 200922/19/2009
Most recent post:
I am so pleased to announce our new affiliate program! It's easy to sign up and get started right away. You absolutely MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER!!We need computer savvy people to blog, email, and bulletin about Royalty Once you sign up, you will receive your own code that will allow us to track all the sales you've recruited! For every sale you bring you, you receive a piece! More sales = more Money for you! is an internet based film company featuring exclusive content with some of today's hottest performers. Every movie is only $5.95! For your purchase, you receive unlimited access to your movie immediately in high quality streaming flash, all the behind the scenes footage, plus all the photos from the movie! For only $5.95! Register to be an affiliate at Once you have completed the registration you will receive an email with all the instructions and all materials you will need to get started. This is a brand new program and you will be amongst the first to get started!Sign up right now!!! Nasty, Alana

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May 2007452/11/2009
Most recent post:
Like Ass Eating, Try

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February 200922/9/2009
Most recent post:
There aren't any Georgia-specific modeling agencies/sites. There are modeling sites that have models from all over the US and the world and via a search you can determine who is where but I know of no Georgia-only modeling sites.

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September 200882/5/2009
Nina Hartley    [Nina Hartley's movies]
Most recent post:
Aplus,Thanks so much for mentioning that scene with Amber and Evan. It's smoking hot and the D/s energy crackles off the screen. Great anal from Amber, too. She looks strong, sleek and very feminine. But you're right in thinking there's not much actual bondage in the scene. This was new material for the company and we wanted to take no chances.Now, however, Ernest Greene and Adam&Eve have recently released "The Surrender of O" (the sequal to their '06 hit, "O: The Power of Submission"), starring the delectable Bree Olson. There is bondage with hardcore throughout the movie, with a wonderful bonus G/G mini-scene with rope Mistress Claire Adams tying up Trinity Post and using some toys on her. Bree Olson is tied up in most of heropening G/G/G scene and there is light bondage in her final scene with Evan. Bobbi Star gives some great skull with her arms bound tightly behind her back and there are chastity belts and dildos aplenty in the four-way. You can check out the review section for more extensive descriptions of the action. The story is strong, too, and supports the action really well. For some excellent sex with full bondage, check out my Guide to Bondage for Sex, from Adam&Eve. Claire Adams is th

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June 2006931/27/2009
Most recent post:
More pix for Angelina Armani fix : )

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July 2007191/25/2009
Most recent post:
The Expert Guide to Oral Sex 1: Cunnilingus. All pussy eating, all the time. It's instructional, but you can also watch the scenes without the instruction.

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March 2006771/7/2009
Most recent post:
Nyomi Banxxx says she will be at the Metro booth.

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September 200851/5/2009
Most recent post:
Hey guys,Just a few thoughts for ya; I recommend you don't read this unless you want to have your porn fantasies ruined, though. When you're watching porn, you're usually not watching a guy being paid to have sex with a porn star; you're being paid to watch a guy look like he's having sex with a porn star. Having sex would suggest that the guy's enjoyment, interests, or desires actually mean something (and, on set, they usually don't.) Same with the girl for that matter. Sure, there are lots of scenes where the performers are obviously having a great time, but the reality is such scenes are the exception, not the rule.When you're having sex with someone, the only people who have to be happy with how it looks is you and your partner. You're not expected to do it in the most bizzare, awkward positions so that the camera can get a better shot. You're not told to start, stop, change, move, wait, go clean up, take a five minute break, add lube, or wipe something up, nevermind that nobody gives a damn if you actually have chemistry with the girl or not; for every Gianna and Sasha out there, there's a thousand in the business who are hardly at that level. Sure, that's what the guy's getting paid to do, but it's hardly a pile of mo

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March 20084612/23/2008
Most recent post:

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October 20079612/22/2008
Most recent post:
She is definitely blowing up this coming year. She's getting better and better

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November 20061812/19/2008
Most recent post:
Thats Kelly Wells :-) We had to lower the video resolution from 1080p to 720p because some people's computer hardware do not support resolution that high, but the 720p video quality is still very good compared to standard videos. other languages for the site is coming soon.

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March 20063612/14/2008
Most recent post:
thanks all hope u have enjoyed. well, about Maths... I was wrong. I mean Yaiza was born in 1988 and she was 18 in 2006 (2 years ago), when she moved into porn. Pics are 2006 dated and she was 18 in them. Now, she is 20. gotta add North-East area pics (Catalonia region) performers... they are around 100 but mainly 20 nowadays. some of them are:Lidya RougeGigi LoveJessica BlueSilvia RubiFayna VergaraAna RosLesly Kiss ( One ( Montenegro ( - born in Brazil but 100% Spanish involvedLeyla Black ( Sara May ( CondalAnekke DuranEva San MarcosAnastasia MayoAna RosIrina VegaEdited by - bruneiarts on 12/1/2008 3:15:28 AM

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November 2008212/1/2008
Most recent post:
Hi Ya,Just thought I'd say I love to stuff my panties up inside my pussy hole, I think it's so damn sexy watching a girl pull her panties out of her pussy !!m m thinking about it now !!!Angel xEdited by - Angel-Long on 11/19/2008 6:40:45 PM

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May 2005311/19/2008
Most recent post:
(Hollywood, CA) Brady Bunch fans have a reason to celebrate as the long awaited sequel to the best-selling porn comedy Not the Bradys XXX is due to arrive in stores November 18th from X-Play/Hustler Video. Not the Bradys XXX Marcia Marcia Marcia! features Teagan Presley in the starring role of Marcia and packs eight sex scenes and over five total hours of footage on a hilarious DVD that is destined to reach the top of the charts. “I know fans are going to love this new movie as much or more than the first one because it has everything that Brady Bunch and Not the Bradys XXX lovers want to see,” stated co-producer Jeff Mullen of X-Play. “It is funny as hell.” “We’ve been getting requests for this new Brady movie for six months now and it’s going to be one of the biggest titles we’ve every released,” stated Hustler director of sales David Diamond. “Not the Bradys XXX is the type of series that comes along once in a very long time and director Will Ryder and the guys at X-Play are proven hit-makers and America wants this movie. I know that sounds like hype but its true,” stated Hustler creative director Drew Rosenfeld. “This is a fun movie and it will fly

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June 20081611/12/2008
Most recent post:
It's a great movie. Probably Brad Armstrong's best character performance ever and very deserving of awards consideration.Edited by - michaelraven on 11/7/2008 11:52:02 PM

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January 20032011/7/2008
Most recent post: Date Dec 3

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November 20072011/3/2008
Most recent post:
Holy baseball bats its Rachel Roxxx from Bad News Bitches 3. What you doing BIOTCH

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June 20053210/31/2008
Most recent post:
^Well I won't stop until I have this project done, you guys have my word on that.At this point no plans to travel though I have my passport at the readyPlans are to finish with the aussie girls and then I'd love to make next stop USA.Love to network with you in the future, so keep your contacts, let you know when this can be done abroad.And by all means I am happy for any of you guys and girls to appear on your request, for any of this stuff, as either a filmed participant, or simply as a camera crew member / director.Got one friend at the moment a girl who is a great photographer... shes a bit shy but I like the idea of exposing people to this stuff for fun :)njoy

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January 20081210/30/2008
Most recent post:
Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm the owner of Located in Buenos Aires ArgentinaIt's an escort page, but some girls on my site are willing to do porn scenes, what do you think about it? Maybe some members like some custom scene for enjoyment? With all the legal requirements, age verification, etc. For resell in the states or private use. I have previous experience in selling scenes to american residents.Thanks and I'm at your disposal for any questions or comments.Guillermo

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October 2008110/13/2008
Contemporary Titan
Most recent post:
So I watched one of the Color Climax films from 1975 and I have to say I was quite impressed. Not only were they rather bold in their subject matter, but there was real use of INCREDIBLY well done lighting and cinematography, the sound track was actually pleasant to listen to and was actually scored to the film and there was a definite understanding of color temperature and mood. I was just wondering, because when I went to the current color climax web page, the preview looked like they only did straight porn and I was wondering if they did any with gay sex, maybe not even an entirely gay movie but at least some guys fucking or sucking each other. Seriously their work from what I've seen of their older stuff is REALLY impressive!

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October 2008110/10/2008
Billy Springfield
Most recent post:
Working with Ashli was a dream. She put on an incredible scene! Just wait till you guys see this... Trailer should be coming soon.

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June 200829/26/2008
Most recent post:
We are from Sex Machines Australia and do live Orgasm shows at events in Australia like Sexpo. My question is, would people be interested in seeing us do a Live Orgasm Shows at the AVN.We get women from the audience to come and sit on our lil machines and we tell them a little story andwithin 3 - 4 minutes often even less the women orgasm. Fully clothed, without being touched sexually, without being hypnotised. Normal everyday girls from the public having orgasms live.Do you think that would be popular to watch at the event????Let me know your thoughts.If there is also anyone looking for alot of publicity we'd be happy to do a deal and promote your name/product in lieu of some sponsorship to help cover our costs of getting to the US.We set the world record in July in Sydney at SEXPO having 189 women orgasm over the four day event, fully clothed, without being touched sexually or hypnotised.We could attempt to break it at the AVN Show and publicise your product.

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August 200849/24/2008
Aunt Gertrude
Most recent post:
yeah, that is a definite "oh fuck yeah! grab my tits while you fuck my ass"

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September 2008109/16/2008
Most recent post:
Im looking for an online adult DVD retailer that has a good selection of High Res photo samples. Not just screengrabs, but proper, high quality stillsAny help would be great

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January 2008539/7/2008
Most recent post:

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July 2008158/25/2008
Most recent post:
I miss and love Annette sooo much...she was a dream to work with and one of the sweetest people I've ever met!!!! I would definitely bring the coffee to any and all Annette Anonymous meetings...lemme know!!!!

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July 2005778/20/2008
Most recent post:
The milf porn genre makes me laugh, because I know a lot of porn actresses who actually have kids, but they are always cast as teenagers or innocent virgins or whatnot. Then I know a couple of actresses who are pretty much exclusively cast as milfs, and they are the last 2 women on earth who would ever, ever consider breeding.

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December 2004708/12/2008
Roxy Contin
Most recent post:
www.TheMinion.comAll those who doubted the existence of the Minion's website can now relax and enjoy over 150 scenes from the drug addled brains of the late Wanker Wang and his Minion. Frat boys rejoice!

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July 200817/27/2008
Most recent post:
Yes some do. And I say this from experience. Last month I had a girl who I shot with email me saying she wants to stay in the industry and had some questions about anal. And since I am just a normal guy, yes in size too....she wanted to know if I would practice with her. So yeah there are girls who do it at home but there are no cameras there. Maybe Ill ask her if she would be cool with me filming it, but I think I know what the answer will be. But hey I still get to help her with her anal. :)

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April 2008467/23/2008
Most recent post:
Hi Juha I love the pic you have of me on ur profile MUAH!

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November 2004407/1/2008
DS Darkko
Most recent post:
Winston Burbank.... New to the Darkko familyJ

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August 2003256/28/2008
Most recent post:
"The Truth Is Multi-Faceted" - Stanley KubrickThat explain it?(I'm not bi-polar, btw. Sorry, SD. I do have OCD, though, if that makes you feel any better. Oh, and when I was a child, I had epilepsy. But no on the bi-polar thing, which . . . is a pretty serious accusation that I would never casually accuse someone of without hard facts, if I may be so bold as to defend myself against false diagnoses. And I don't think you're a nutjob. I just think you're smart.) To further explain to Tricia and her odd interest in commenting on me in negative ways, I write constantly and always do it from whatever emotional space I'm in at the time. Sometimes I hate porn. Sometimes I love it. But you did bust me on how much I truly fucking hate gonzo and everyone involved in it.You got me there. I would love to watch that whole industry burn to the fucking ground. I think it polluted our industry in a way that it will never recover from and I also think that the entire "genre", if it can be called one, is shittier than a Scottish toilet.I've been in this business for 13 years and I've witnessed many changes in that time. Some good. Some bad. Gonzo falls in the latter.Let it burn.As far as my conflicting feelings on Wicked, well ...

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June 2007186/24/2008
Most recent post:
The first retirement was after the little Billy scene, but I believe the 2nd retirement was after a Christian scene. I think her last scene on camera with another performer was with Cxxx. Joey typically likes the TS girls dominating and fucking the guys in his T and strap-on movies. In my movies, the TS girls are the ones getting fucked.Edited by - vickicali on 6/19/2008 2:04:29 PM

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May 2004346/19/2008
Peter Bold
Most recent post:
Hi Gang,I am deeply confused. The trailer for Fuck Slaves 3 has a section in it which clearly shows Jandi taking milk enemas from her co-star. I know its her because of the tatoo and her face is shown between her legs. The problem is I cant find the footage in the 2 CD package I bought yesterday. Can anyone including Jake shed some light on this oddity. I was really looking forward to her taking one for the team and then.....nothing.Thanks in advance,Peter BoldBold New Visionswww.boldnewvisionsVOD.comPB

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May 200785/30/2008
Most recent post:
Porn as a hobby?? Yeah, I could consider porn has always been a hobby of mine and decided finally after getting pushed out of the industry I was in to start my own stuff. I think that there are probably millions of guys out there that actually have porn as a hobby. Hobby and obsession are two different things. : )

Jump to jackrobinson's most recent post
July 200715/25/2008
Most recent post:
Hey Hannah,How are you? My name is James. I have to say I'm a pretty huge fan of yours, but i know there must be millions of guys around the world who adore your work just as much as me.I first saw you in Teens Like it Big which happens to be my favourite video of all time, and ever since, I just can't get over how fantastic all of your work is. You're so amazingly cute, and that smile always gets me! And then that naughty devil side comes outta ya, which just turns me on big time. I've got a few questions if that's alright:1. What's your favourite sex position? I always enjoy seeing you on top, taking control2. How do you feel about foot fetishes?3. How big of a factor is the size of a guy's cock to you? Do some do nothing, and have some been too big?4. Have you ever though about doing some sort of webcam session? You'd do really well with that. I hope all goes well with your future projects, because you're absolutely blowing my mind at the moment!James

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May 200815/13/2008
PennytheFlamingFlame    [Penny Flame's movies]
Most recent post:
Tory's not on vacation, she's just been under contract. I saw her two days ago, playing volleyball with a bunch of other girls. You all shoulda been there...

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July 20061744/30/2008
Most recent post:
What about Raging Stallions?

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October 2007154/29/2008
melissalauren    [Melissa Lauren's movies]
Most recent post:
Donny : don't call me "sweety" you homophobic asshole. Or at least spell it right.Edited by - melissalauren on 4/20/2008 9:59:42 PM

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February 200410664/20/2008
Most recent post:
Hello again !I apreciate your help .And as for grammer and writing Ill take out my Strunk Text book and do a bit of polishing before the next add .Yes i clicked on the link .One place which I was told about may no longer be around =-"Pretty Girls "Tha other suggestion about in person meeting is excellent .We have already done a few vidios where everyone had fun and got paid right away -I always use cash .But that face to face issue is so important .Thanks again .Love this forum !!Cheers Brax

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April 200834/12/2008
giorgio grandi
Most recent post:
She is out of the businnes till december.

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June 200724/7/2008
Manuel Ferrara    [Manuel Ferrara's movies]
Most recent post:
adrianna, i miss you!!!

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February 20031753/30/2008
Alberto Rey    [Alberto Rey's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi there !I just had a look at your website and sent you a message...If you have a chance to read it just send me an e-mail at albertorey1966@gmail.comAlberto Rey

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October 20032343/13/2008
Creepy D
Most recent post:
Natasha lost too much weight and now her boobs look like tube socks with baseballs in them.

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May 2007682/13/2008
Most recent post:
Hi everybody This weekend I have released the conculsion to "Room service" starring Anna of London that we filmed in the summer See Anna getting fucked hard and fast all over the room, before I bend her over and finger her ASS, then I slip my cock up there too! Anna takes my cock all the way up her ASS before I pull out and cum all over her face! Over 18 minutes of video and 90 photos for you all to enjoy For samples use this link Enjoy James Wildfowler

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February 200822/10/2008
Most recent post:
steve langfag couldn't smell my taint///

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December 2007282/8/2008
Alexia Sparks    [Alexia Sparks's movies]
Most recent post:
she does get dommed by two black chicks in "The Kiss"

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January 20071191/26/2008
Most recent post:
Thanks! I'll take a look this weekend.

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January 200871/22/2008
Most recent post:
BELLADONNAsilvia saintnikita denise

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January 200891/15/2008
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The Sexual Adventures of Britney Fucking Spears:Visitation Rightsw/ Britney SpearsA TPG short(MF, anal)This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!Feel free to send any comments, suggestions and death threats...3:42pm, Beverly Hills, CaliforniaHaving spent the entire afternoon shopping in the Californian sun, 26-year-old Britney Jean Spears hurriedly sped through the quiet Sherwood residence, rushing to get home with the paparazzi in close pursuit. As the troubled pop diva arrived home, a multitude of flashes bulbs flickered outside the large gated estate, and despite the huge crowd Britney floored her vehicle, causing a number of photogs to yell out in panic and scramble to get out of her way.Meanwhile inside the mansion, the entire house vibrated as the loud electric garage door came to life and proceeded to open. Hearing her vehicle approach the house, I grinned to myself. She was an hour late, and today I had gone to extra lengths to sneak into her place without being seen. Still, I couldn’t entirely blame her for her tardiness as the court had finally granted her visitation rights to her kids and Britney was now obligated to see them on the weekends.Truth...

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July 2007121/15/2008
Duke Skywalker
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the only thing she caught was a stay in business only one way... being safe.duke

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July 20051971/11/2008
Mister Satan
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^check outwww.trannyabuse.comnichepass offers over 25 different shemale websites for the price of 1Fabiane Spears is the probably the sexiest Brazilian tranny. Letizia from Argentinia is one of the sexiest I've ever is always updating worldwide. there's this bad bitch on niteflirt named Isabella Del Rio, goddamn she a fine you like webcams there's ALWAYS a bad shemale on thesemycams.comimlive.comThere's always sexy shemale escorts on craigslist...

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June 20079512/31/2007
Bryan Xin
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February 200310412/26/2007
michelle aston    [Michelle Aston's movies]
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March 20074511/26/2007
Mr. Pete
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Well I don't know where to start, as far Throat Gaggers #12 is concerned. I shot the whole thing. And got great reviews from AVN. After I was done with the project I learned that it was a nightmare to book. So I asked if someone else could shoot it. Therefore Juan took it over. Now, say want you want about Juan but works hard. Other than that Ive never handed anything off. Momma Knows Best is one of the best sellers at Red Light and I will continue to shoot it. Now as far as the pitty statement, I need none, my life is good. I have everything I need and want. The Defense rest his case! Please have wonderful holiday's. From Mr.Pete, no sarcasm here!peter digirolamo

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January 20071711/21/2007
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I had a fling with an Italian woman at a swingers resort last year. I will guess that she was about 12-15 years older than me and still gorgeous.xoxoDevinn

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January 2004140711/10/2007
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I'm new to all this discussion, but shouldn't we think of pornstars as actors and not objects. Whoa - crazy idea, I know.Sasha, you tan would be a bit insane, but maybe it could work about a film about the dirty south and a swimming hole full of alligators...And 'alt' vs. 'indie'I usually like indie narrative film, and indie porn seems great. Kern's stuff is interesting from what I've seen, offense to the non-alt girls, but couldn't we just call indie/alt/underground/etc, couldn't we just call it all :'smart'style is important, but how many blond double-pen's in a mansion can you watch?Brian Garton... my screen name should be Gartonator, but alas, I mistyped...

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November 2007411/7/2007
JJ Michaels
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She was absolutely amazing in the scene she did for me with Amber Rayne and Anthony Rosano. Abolsutely brilliant and hot.It will be released in December "Fables 2" from Wonderland Entertainment.

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September 2007310/31/2007
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I just put up an early video interview of Chico Wang from 2001 or '02 when he was doing a radio show over the speaker phone. I found it in my archives and it's quite chilling to watch. As for Wilbur, the name doesn't ring a bell. Where did we meet?

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May 20071710/26/2007
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Lauren PhoenixChloeCharlie AngelLexi Love(check her myspace pics)Ryan ConnerAprilBelladonnaAyana AngelFrancesca LeTiffany MynxOlivia OlovelyJewel DNyleAmor Vincit Omnia

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December 2006510/24/2007
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thanks, I found it listed above..<

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October 2007410/21/2007
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This isn't Craigslist. Please read the Forum Etiquette.Edited by - hardware on Oct 19 2007

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October 2007210/19/2007
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Recently it was brought to my attention that Kelly Wells spoke with a director/male talent on a set and said that i was activity involved in turning studios and directors in to OSHA and trying to get them busted.It has never been my intention to turn anyone in for their illegal or unethical behavior. what I did say was (when I was on a radio show) that the use of condoms on a set is a individual decision.I am too busy trying to meet the requirements and establishing a State of California DLSE Licensed Talent Agency and making sure I am not violating any laws. People who violate the law or do illegal/unethical things usually get caught on their own with no help form anyone else. "What goes around comes around" I always say.Kelly if your going to repeat something I say please get it correct or call me first and I will tell you the truth.Kind Regards to all De' Bella

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July 20072410/17/2007
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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I wanted to let you all know that the God of F**** is loosing his wood and he know has to inject his penis with syringes. How sad for a young porn star. But I also just did a posting on him about him being gay and on his performance not being up to par. This young man is Jenner. I used to be such a fan of his and look up to this man and know he is using steroids to make his penis hard and he is doing men and women on the side. I went to a swingers party the other day to do some photography for the latest Media news on Swingers and he was there as well. Ladies and gentlemen of all porn please beware of this performer he is very dangerous to work with. He may have something. Is this our next TOMMY GUNN????Stay tuned for more News on Pornville.LatersMcKenna

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October 2007610/6/2007
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Yes, Hannah didn't want to be a MILF (since she hasn't had children!!) so she hit the road and has been doing some feature dancing around the county and some band promotions.She is also taking classes in Psychology!! She is available for g/g stills and video though and trys to stay in touch with her fans on the road and thru online resources.

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September 2007610/4/2007
Mike Metropolis
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February 20045210/2/2007
Miss DeRay
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Choadmaster. Wow. How do I put this...? Do you actually have luck with the teenies? I understand your thrill but c'mon. You say that women your age are cracked out, let themselves go, and etc. You do not appear to be the hottest thing walking if your photo is accurate. Maybe if you took better care of yourself then you could get one of the many hot women out there who take great care of themselves and are not cracked out or over the hill looking. I am always amazed to see how greedy and picky some men are when they look like they would have 0 success with any woman that does not have a inflate/deflate valve. I believe that if guys would work out and take care of themselves then they could get real girls and would not have to send so much time on the message boards discussing their make believe porn girlfriends with other men who are in similar situations. Lotsa dreamin' and very little doin'. Good luck!

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September 2007259/24/2007
David Lord
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You can do a search here on ADT, and buy it from your favorite online retailer. My pick is

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September 20003899/19/2007
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hey, if you really like natural red heads. Give my new release FILTH CUMS FIRST a try. besides Bree Olson and Rebbeca linares it features a two on one anal scene with red headed Madison Young and Nikki cox taking on jerry. Both girls were fairly new when i shot them, the scene has some really great anal as well as some nice fat cock out of madisons ass straight into nikki's mouth.....NICE!!!!. dont know if your into it? but BLACK COCK SLUT has an amazing scene with pale skin red headed Madison taking on Rico Strongs black (big)cock in her ass for her first ever interracial scene as well as interracial anal scene. I guess if your going to go, you might as well go all the way. Madison has no limits. That's why I think you might enjoy her scenes. I really believe that the girl loves cum. She's a very submissive girl on and off screen and is very eager to always please everyone. on and off the set.

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April 2006519/3/2007
Tommy Sy
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Great performances!

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February 2004149/3/2007
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Canoga Park, CA - New series Busty Machine Fuckers pioneers new territory as FYA Independent becomes the first American company to launch the burgeoning “machine sex” fetish genre in regular release. Starring Abby Brooks, Busty Machine Fuckers actually blends two genres, including big boobs, an FYA mainstay. “This is not a new genre to the European and Internet markets” says the series producer. “It has been around, but no one has combined it with the big boob genre and no one in the United States is marketing it at present. This is a series with real promise and with the alluring Abby Brooks as the central figure, we can’t lose.”Abby Brooks is on a mission to take her women clients into a realm of ecstasy to experience the hum of a “fucking machine.” Abby’s practiced hands and mouth augment the machine’s piston movement as she licks, spits, kisses and caresses these ladies in every way.Abby’s first believer is Harmony Bliss who lets the machine fuck her cleavage before plunging it in to her steaming snatch. In the second scene, Sara Jay takes on an extremely oversized black dildo, nearly swallowing it whole before sliding it in to her glory hole.Abby has a sp...

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August 200358/22/2007
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Hi. we are a British based studio shooting for UK adult satellite TV station TVX and for our website ( We would welcome commissions or business deals with any studios or companies internationally as we currently find that we could be using our shooting/editing time and our models more effectively. Please email us direct through the website. Thanks. Ric Porter, Portway Films.

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July 200758/14/2007
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Yes christianx...I think that some of the people here are kinda illiterate or have some sort of ADD since their reading comprehension is quite low, Since they are having problem reading your posts! Besides the few shoots she did down in Miami she also did a few in Tampa as well. One website was Multi oral (3 BJ's), a soon to be released B/G (non condom scene) and the B/G scene (again non condom) with myself. She had trouble with one of the B/G scenes because she didnt think that the actual sex scene took so long.....she really does like to fuck.....Just not "porno style". So If you really like that condom style porn then that other shit is just up your alley!Edited by - fl_prn_str on 7/31/2007 2:58:11 PM

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July 200727/31/2007
madison young
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Yeah there is a lot of anal in this video including me getting some mighty fine butt action.

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July 200777/26/2007
Matt Zane Productions
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Matt Zane Mini Media Tour To Promote Radium Stunt And Tattooed And Tight Van Nuys, CA — With one summer blockbuster feature already igniting sales charts and another waiting in the wings, avant-garde porn director and performance artist Matt Zane will visit PrimeTime Uncensored as part of a media tour to promote Tattooed & Tight and Radium.Zane's Tattooed & Tight, this year's groundbreaking XXX feature showing adult stars getting real tattoos while having sex, is one of this summer's hottest releases. Zane's next big summer hit -- Radium -- is due out in August and combines heavy metal music videos, live band footage and interviews, and smoldering, head-banging sex in a VH1-type of rockumentary. The first stop on the talk show circuit for Zane will be Wankus Live on Wednesday, July 25, from 7-9pm PST ( Zane will return to PrimeTime on Tuesday, August 7, to appear on Johnny Fratto's Social Club (5-7pm PST) (, and then KCTV with KC Armstrong (7-9pm PST) ( Joining Zane on August 7 will be super sex star Tera Wray, who appears in both Tattooe...

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July 200727/25/2007
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HOT NEW UK LABEL: JAZMIN MEDIA RELEASES from Ninn WorxKINKY COCK-TALES - JAZMIN JONESThe new release from new London based studio JAZMIN MEDIA is out through NINN WORX - Boutique Erotica: hand crafted, hard-core, music driven cinema. Finally !! A new kind of Porn from the UK.Check out the DVD Cover and trailer at or www.ninnworx.comRead the review at: rarely does one find something truly “unusual” in the world of adult entertainment these days, but the first release from JAZMIN MEDIA out of the U.K. certainly seems to fit the bill. It’s obviously very different with its string of six disparate novellas (as compared to the typical American “vignettes”), and it’s obviously different as the “whole” weaves these into a unified theme that would truly be “one story” by any standards. But that doesn’t go far enough to explain it. Drawn together by the plot structure of six friends meeting monthly in a wine bar to discuss the diverse and exhilarating range of sexual appetites, Kinky Cock Tales employs more obvious difference with its keen use of original music of a diversity suited to the range of sex ...

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July 200717/9/2007
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