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A kind forum person has helped me with this. Thank you.

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June 200731/6/2011
William H_
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Thank you.

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October 20101112/27/2010
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Ivy is very deserving finalist. Looks like 2011 will be a big year for her.

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December 2010212/18/2010
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@blacksix: no its mine! lol... and it is fricken awsome. I love all the love recieved from all the fans. muah! Gianna

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November 2010912/7/2010
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Awww... Thank you ! Muah ! But there are so many beautiful women in this thread to choose from ! I know I have my favorites !And if you guys get a chance please go to over to Freeones and vote for me ! I am the ONLY black woman that made it into the 2nd Round of voting !"you know you want to cum"

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May 20094912/2/2010
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For Immediate ReleaseThird World Media and are proud to announce the company has received 16 nominations for awards in categories that shoot straight across the company's lines of business. Long a PowerHouse in ethnic, especially, Asian and Japanese adult cinema, Third World Media is proud to be recognized by the industry as one of the top producers for ethnic and niche adult video dvd and vod.The company is honored by the nominations and thanks everyone who voted in the wards process.Expect sizzling hot new releases and the further development of websites such as and as the company further expands its market from DVD and iPTV to the Internet in streaming and downloadable formats for desktops, laptops and mobile.AVN 2011 NOMINATIONSBest Ethnic-Themed Release – AsianTeen Japan 6Tokyo TeensBest Ethnic-Themed Series – AsianLittle Asian CocksuckersNaughty Little AsiansTeen JapanBest Amateur ReleaseThird World Amateurs in RussiaBest Amateur SeriesThird World AmateursBest Pro-Am SeriesFresh Off The BoatBest Internal ReleaseTokyo Cream Puffs #5Best Internal SeriesTokyo Cream PuffsBest Transsexual ReleaseBailey Jay Is Line TrapMorgan Bailey’s Bad DayShemale Porns

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March 20104211/29/2010
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Yes at that time she was () working the day shift.....

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March 200620810/21/2010
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Black lesbian movies are useless, the directors don't even have a clue! They all have toys which seriously take away from any talent that any of them may have as far as actual pussy licking and eating. Black lesbians are scared to lick ass! Show me one main stream black lesbian movie that has more than 3 seconds of ass licking please, any one. Yeah I know, they don't exist. Where is the Lust in Black Lesbian Movies? Every bodies always got on fresh panties with no wet spots or stains, come on now lets keep it real! The girls never smell the panties or lick the panties. Wheres the dedication to being a lesbian. Theres no eagerness. Wheres all the young lesbian girls? I'm tired of seeing all of these old bitches, I want fresh young and new talent on the fucking screen! The older ladies had they're chance to prove them selves and they blew it! Get the fuck off my set!Somebody hire me to clean the set up! These hoes gotta work for the money!! No asslicking and deep tongue fucking the ass with lust and hunger, no pay and get the fuck gone!!There is a few black movies out on the under ground level the suposively specialize in ass licking, but the girls arent really in to it, even tho the whole movie is about girl girl ass licking, the c...

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September 2009410/4/2010
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She's cute, she looks a little older for my taste. HShe looks great on her Box cover.

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September 201079/22/2010
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Yes , she has put her first bg on her site and she will be releasing four more scenes that she shot already soon. Yuri lovers will see a lot more on, including a 4 girl orgy and her first bgg.

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July 201049/19/2010
brookeleeadams    [Brooke Lee Adams's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey all, I know its been a minute since I have been on here, but wanted to pop in and say howdy. The movie above is me, it was for a Japanese company. It was a very odd shoot and based around a Japanese fetish for groping girls on public transportation. I wish I was making this up, but no, really, that is the fetish. It was a really awkward shoot too because only one of the crew spoke English, crazy day. I think Lexi Belle shot for them on the same day....Also, totally don't mind about the Betty pic. I CANNOT wait for you guys to see the Flintstones XXX movie! It will be so great and I had a blast working on it. The New Sensations crew is unbelievable and I will never be able to say enough nice things about them. Other than that, I've been shooting a bunch lately, which I am so thankful for, and working on launching a gay pay site at the same time. I haven't been as faithful updating DLM, but there will be new updates this coming week, promise. :)Let me know if you guys have any other questions....KISSES!

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November 2009259/4/2010
Avi Verdugo
Most recent post: i present to you "Make Me A Porno 2". The scene with Holly Heart. Not only does she gag and go crazy, but she even spews and kinda pukes on his dick. It is very bizarre, but she's hot so it's okay.

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June 2010239/2/2010
Most recent post:
Starring drop-dead gorgeous Jennifer White (think a younger version of Sasha Grey) getting put through her slave paces by Jenner and me. Her asshole, in particular, takes two poundings.Here's the box.Happy wanking you fans of male dom/young female sub hard-edge sex.

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May 2007709/1/2010
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Hey..that's me! :DI show my holes for art

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August 200858/31/2010
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I love pegging guys check me out at Strap On SessionsMy friend Carly came over and I showed her how to use a Strap on. It was her first strap on but it for sure wasn't his first time lolEdited by - straponprincess1 on 8/30/2010 5:08:57 PM

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August 201038/30/2010
Naughty Alysha
Most recent post:
Still around... my site's been online since 1999 and no plans to leave quite yet. While I don't do the ass play as much as Roxy, or some of the other girls, I am still quite capable with my pussy. Thanks for asking about me, though. :-)P.S. - I'm - Real. Fucking. Extreme.

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July 201028/22/2010
mariemadison    [Marie Madison's movies]
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First of all, Flash, Mike Q, and even Mark Audess all have very valid, articulated responses to this thread. I don't even know if my 2 cents is even needed.I've been reading through this thread. I agree with Flash if you want a tax taken out of your paycheck, well that's one way to ensure that anytime you want to watch porn for "free" well then fuck you can.If we as producers new that we had a reliable income to make these scenes, movies, or mini episodes for you, well then shit go ahead download all you want.If you want it to be free well here another alternative.Open your mind real wide for me Mr. Illegal Downloader With No Real Point, Ok we will make it. All you have to do is pay for the girl, say it's and anal scene, your cost 1200.00 - 1800.00 depending on the girl. You might get away with less if she's a newbie or an amateur. Then you can pay another 100.00 per hour for lights, and add in all the costs of a crew, post production, the cost of tape or the cameras with hard drives on them. Then you also have set design, wardrobe, etc.O and let's not forget the travel expenses, meals, and hotel room charges you incurr. Even if the girl is local, you still have her rate card.Let's also count the server bills, host

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February 2004618/22/2010
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BuckNaked HaHa!! You'd better hope Odom don't see that!She's probably crazy in the sack though!

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May 200958/20/2010
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Hello everyone.I am new here and I am a big fan of quality porn films that serve both men AND women. I am specially interested in seeing girls come for real, that sets the icing on the cake.I have worked in many film projects, ads, educational projects, etc and I always have some good ideas.Please feel free to drop me a line for interaction about anything, the best thing for all of us as users here must be to open up possibilities for each others.

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August 201018/15/2010
Most recent post:
Hey, does anyone know which agency she is repped by? I'd love to book her for an anal shoot here in Philly. Been shooting a lot of anal content lately and my sites should be up real soon, starting with my anal clip store. It's called Gaping Anal Butt Sluts. Will be uploaded with clips this week. Any info on Jennifer White would be greatly appreciated! I tried all the agencies I know - LA Direct, Type 9, Shy Love, Foxxx, etc, etc.....didn't see her on there.Thanks!John

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January 2006478/7/2010
Da Wayne Dane
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Man just shot a bomb ass orgy today OFF the Chain Kristina Rose, Kelly Devine, Sara Sloane, Tara Lynn Foxx, and Austin Taylor tearing it up!!!!!!With Rico Strong Prince Yahshua Mark Anthony and yes wesley Pipes.... i here you guys on here saying my boy talks to much but you have to admit he puts it down in a scene. no matter what the girl looks like, and he was given kelly the business today it was her first ever orgy and it was unbelievable. Kristina Rose was in Rare form with new black dick to prey upon. Tara Lynn Foxx is so sexy i had to keep my hands in my pockets for at lease half the day, austin sex ass was putting the guys to work with that huge ass creating small tremors threw out california i know you felt and last but definitely not the least was Sarah Salone our ZT contract girl was putting it down i had no idea she could swallow a dick like that down to the base WOW!!!Edited by - Da Wayne Dane on 7/29/2010 1:38:18 PM

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May 2010107/29/2010
Denis Marti    [Denis Marti's movies]
Most recent post:
great job Jonni and Francesca! as

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April 20033567/26/2010
Count Makkula
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I personally prefer a gal who looks like she can at least bench/squat/deadlift her own weight. I commend anyone who aspires to be a fitness model, but girls taking toxic amounts of testosterone to compete in the body building like this is too much: excessive tanning doesn't help, either, granted this is most likely right before a comp.

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July 201017/23/2010
Most recent post:
Hey guys, it`s Mike Sprite. I own wrote to me, told me he is a fan of my work (thanks, Jay!) and asked me to join in the coversation here ! It`s great to see more long tongue lovers out there ! And yes, Angelfire is a good friend of mine and a very exciting woman ! She can move that tongue around in ways that will drop your jaw.Check out this little clip: check out my site. It`s not as hardcore as Jay's stuff, but it`s quite entertaining ! :-)~Thanks,

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July 201017/6/2010
Most recent post:
If memory serves me correctly then Chantell came to us via a "go see." Chico and I dug her enough to have her and I go the nasty on camera. Good times!

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January 2008237/4/2010
Most recent post:
Hello all I was wondering if anyone knew more of Taisa Banks. Very hot performer. Thanks board for your help!Edited by - billywilly007 on Jun 27 2010Edited by - killbillvol69 on Jun 27 2010

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June 201016/27/2010
Most recent post:
Changed it last night. This one OK?Hope all is OK now.Cristian

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May 201065/12/2010
jessica    [jessica drake's movies]
Most recent post:
i do walk Dahlia...when i read about what Sophie was doing, i was so touched. i wanted to donate, so i did, but i'm a really hands-on person (haha, yes, literally!) so i had to go and see her. the first thing i did was get down on the floor by her cage on her level. it made me cry, and i'm not much of a crier. i just felt compelled to get her out, and though i can't take her home with me, i do spring her out of there from time to should walk her, tricia. she's awesome, with such an amazing disposition. it was maybe a little scary at first- she pulls really hard for the first 15-20 minutes, but then she gets a good stride going, and last time, we even sat in the grass together awhile. i knew i was in when she rolled over on her back & gave me her belly for scratches. ; )i'm leaving for NY, but when i get back i'll be with her again, and if you follow me on twitter, i've posted pics of her.kudos to sophie for spreading the word about dahlia & helping so much!!!xoxo,jd

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August 20071355/6/2010
Sunny Leone    [Sunny Leone's movies]
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Also every movie(and anything else) that you buy from my store i will sign and send to you.Sunny Leone

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July 2009375/4/2010
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i'm not sure if she finally got DPed yet, but she definitely fisted her pussy for the first time ever late last year... LOL and because threads are useless without pics...

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August 2009745/3/2010
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She's on twitter...@gaugepornstar

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January 20052835/2/2010
Peter North
Most recent post:
Hi Guys, thanks for the support. I appreciate it. Keep in touch on my fan page on facebook:

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January 200925/1/2010
Most recent post:
anything new????????????????????????????????????/ more spit bubbles please.

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January 201034/27/2010
Most recent post:
If you know me a little,. you now I wouldn't do that... :)Not my thing to get attention that way. x :)

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August 20033274/26/2010
Ricky D
Most recent post:
It would've been cool if you guys signed a guy who's an amazing director, like Ivan, instead of picking up guys you might have some personal connection to (don't act like almost every hire wasn't a friend or acquaintance in the past). Oh well, I guess that's why I've moved on from the video business as a whole. Real talent is never appreciated, just who you know and if the powers that be like you.

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January 20042544/26/2010
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I voted for you kelly!

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April 2010764/15/2010
Most recent post:
There is something similar to netflix for porn, but it hasn't really taken off. It's called FyreTV and they stream the big name movies from the big companies straight to your TV. I hope it takes off because it's a great idea.JupaMan, 201-253-5051

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April 201084/11/2010
Most recent post:
Brandon SAPP is the acronym for "spokeman for all porn performers" which is my title, everybody knows this. On that note have to thank you on behalf of myself and the 4 or so other mopes for such great casting. I'm balding and middle aged so these shoots have been the pinnacle of my sex life lately.

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January 2009124/5/2010
May 2003363/27/2010
Most recent post:
Recent nude shots of Genesis: by - killbillvol69 on 3/15/2010 11:31:43 AM

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December 200873/15/2010
Most recent post:
Sorry about that Heynow... my first image post.Anyone have an ID on this girl? This is the first time I have ever seen her in a scene, I'd to see more or find the full version of this scene.

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August 2008303/14/2010
Most recent post:
Hi - we're an independent European exclusive content producer, accepting commissions from the public for Private Fantasy porn shoots. Of course, we also accept exclusive content orders from Webmasters.Here are some stills from recent orders we've done for clients - lots more plus High Def video clips on our hompage are native English speakers, focused on delivering great content and excellent customer service - so you won't get any of that aggressive or unresponsive Russian/Hungarian/Czech studio BS with us!So, for your Private Porn orders - check out our Fantasy page here, you can find details of how to order your site content and updates here look forward to working with you and making great porn just the way you want it - thanks for checking us out, get in touch, and have a good day!ICQ - 583840681Edited by - heynow on Mar 14 2010

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March 201023/12/2010
Ike Sanders
Most recent post:
I wish I could believe that but there is soo much negativity on these threads that I see and deal with from time to time ... people just wanna be aholes. The question should have been to him/her "why even make a comment as such, its either you yourself believe it or you dont, link or it didnt happen, why not just ask for the link ... you see my POV on that ... I hope so.

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December 2009553/8/2010
Emily Rigby
Most recent post:
Yeeeeeah... Im in LOVE... In the BTS of the movie, all you see is me grabbing and slapping her ass around... I wish I was filthy fucking rich, then I could just pay her to be my bitch so I could have my way with her ass all day long... *sigh*

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March 2009983/2/2010
Most recent post:

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April 2009372/16/2010
Most recent post: we go...i gotta shoot soon, so im gonna try to make this short...again, i have completely nothing against shooting IR porn...i shot a few scenes for 'milfs like it black' and it was cool...(btw, keep an eye out for jody breeze, awesome male talent to work with)the only way i think an interracial site would work on the brazzers network is if we focussed primarily on girls who don't usually do IR or have never done it and are really big on our site (jayden jaymes, rachel roxxx, nikki benz...etc)keep in mind, although it is a relatively decent market, it definitely has decreased in popularity over the years...its definitely not in the same place it was 5 years also need to keep in mind that member retention is just as important as finding new members. so, if we tried out a new IR site, do you think the new members we bring in will replace the ones we lose? is it even worth attempting considering how our members already feel about IR ...already it is very clear that they're not big fans of it...i think the idea or a completely separate network of only IR was mentioned as well. this is also a great idea, however, we need to remember that it isn't as big a market as it used to be and thus may not be worth the in...

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September 20071392/15/2010
Most recent post:
I am a private company that bought homemade porn videos from couples. Please contact me at with details and pics of you couple..JOHNPP

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February 201012/9/2010
Most recent post:
I met this beautiful girl a couple of weeks back when she sent me some pictures and a dozen or so questions about working in Adult Film. She has great looks and an amazing attitude and does amazing scenes. Age: 35Height: 5'-0"Weight: 115 lbs.Hair: BlondeEyes: BrownMeasurements: 34DD - 22-30She is available For:AnalBlowjobBoy/Boy/GirlBoy/GirlBoy/Girl/GirlCreampie - Anal and VagDeep ThroatDPG/G/DPFeature DancingFetishG/G/AnalGang BangGirl/GirlGroupSoftcoreSoloSolo w/Toys*She does NOT do interracial* Anyone interested in Booking her should do so via FoxxxModeling.Edited by - Jim_Boyd on Apr 7 2010

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March 200952/4/2010
Most recent post:
Hey Cindy_slut how did you end up meeting the real Cindy...

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January 201062/2/2010
Most recent post:
Glad to see the debaters debating... As for the new flick, Enter the Peepshow, let's just say it grew out of a place and time and special people for me, the same as all the rest of the JacktheZipper movies, but Peepshow crashes hardcore into the very real world of circus sideshow performers for the first time ever... and that's no joke... what you get to see in the movie is a record of that event, that's what I'm most proud of. Hope you dig it.

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September 200921/27/2010
kathryn annelle
Most recent post:
Triangle Films is happy to announce the release of "River Rock Women's Prison" starring Claire Adams, Syd Blakovich, Ariel X, Justine Joli, Marie Luv, Dia Zerva, Jada Fire, Melissa Monet, and Adrianna Nicole. There will also be a release party Wed. Jan 27, so be sure to drop by and meet the ladies!

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May 2007931/25/2010
Most recent post:
Definitely N'J DeBahia...Whatever happened to her?

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January 201011/21/2010
Ethan Hunt
Most recent post:
there is def. pinky being tossed up by rico & prince in a BBG scene.... super kinky!!and another one with 2big butt heavy weights CODY & PINKY....

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September 200961/14/2010
molly cavalli
Most recent post:
Heres some more for you guys from my update this week on XOXOMolly

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December 200991/14/2010
Matt Blade
Most recent post:
I'm curious to see more responses to this topic, because I think you guys are in the minority on this one...When it comes to gonzo, low angle is king for good reason. The very best selling gonzo makes heavy use of this technique because of how it profoundly exaggerates the perceived size of the girls asses. It showcases more detail in the penetration and genitals, and less on the faces.Level shooting yields a more natural, amateur looking style. It works for amateur porn, and perhaps leaves more to the imagination regarding the hardcore elements. To each their own, but I wonder about the true consensus of this artistic choice once the viewer really understands the difference.

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April 2009121/6/2010
Most recent post:
It's about 1:30AM now, so I'll come back tomorrow and respond to a few more post.Thanks guys!!!

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March 20072211/4/2010
Michael Payne
Most recent post:
I'm an independent producer. I have a good amount of content, and am willing to sell the rights to a portion of my content. If you're interested, please write down your email address and I'll contact you so we discuss further. I can also provide you with samples. Thank you.

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May 20065312/13/2009
Most recent post:
BTS pics for you all to enjoy guys, these were shot on Sunday Luv Layla

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February 20092212/11/2009
Most recent post:
Double Anal Fisting from Alisya (cooming soon)Same Screen ShootsEdited by - giorgiograndi on 12/1/2009 7:26:56 PMEdited by - redish on 12/1/2009 8:42:33 PM

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July 2006512/1/2009
Mz Berlin    [Mz. Berlin's movies]
Most recent post:
I mostly domme. I only sub to a few people. And I directed for Twisted Factory. You can see me kick ass there, and at several other websites. Check out my site for links!!Edited by - Mz Berlin on 11/28/2009 5:39:05 PM

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September 20087111/28/2009
Angel - Long
Most recent post:
Thought I'd just add a couple of links for you guysAnal Stretch with Long & BadcockBig Fat Cock For 2 SlutsBig Black Cock & IHope you likex

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April 20061711/19/2009
Most recent post:
are these only Zero Tolerance ?

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October 20092211/17/2009
VictoriaGivens    [Victoria Givens's movies]
Most recent post:
I know a girl who runs a dungeon and had a client that, by the end of the session would be literally hanging by his balls. It was then he would get off. That wasn't on film though so I’m not sure if it's relevant.

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September 200319611/9/2009
Jimmy Lifestyles
Most recent post:
Bro, you see this girlie in person, and actually with her clothes on, the shape is perfect, jaw dropping, head turning. For real, hour glass and bangin. So this is one that actually upgraded with the upgrade.

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August 200419211/9/2009
Most recent post:
I've heard from a couple friends and an ex bf I looked just like her! She stars in my FAVORITE movie of all time Secretary. I'm so sad it was stolen from me! anyway, I have a file of pics on my computer and I swear she looks like me too...I'm suprised anyone that doesn't know me personally actually agrees though! Maggie Gillenhal (however it's spelled) has expressions and facial features very similar...I agree! ha...funny.CandyCam.TV

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October 2009110/28/2009
Most recent post:
I seen some of it but couldnt finish b/c i was disgusted. Really not my cup of tea. It is interesting that cum can be cooked much like an egg. Makes me wonder who the first person to figure this out was and what a sick fuck they musta been.

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September 2009310/12/2009
Most recent post:
Ellie's greatest role of all (directed by yours truly.) Just g/g/g, but she looks great with wings and horns.The Demi the Demoness Movie And in this one she fucks a green brain with eyeballs: House of Hypno Horror

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February 2006910/8/2009
innocence productions
Most recent post:
Why do you need to be in Cali?

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September 2009310/2/2009
JEWEL    [Jewel De'Nyle's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you all so much and I am very happy and couldn't ask for more. My daughter and husband are now my life and time to leave porn and the last of my films behind. Glad to of had you all as fans throughout the years and thank you all for your support and for the success you've all given too me. It's been a great and yet at times tough career but I have no regrets. I will miss you all but it's time for me to pass the crown and step down this next generation I cannot relate to it's over my head and I always said when I stopped having fun it was time to bow out gracefully so this is my last and final curtain call. I bow, wink, smile and walk away to this life and step in to the next journey of life's new beginnings and say wow what a ride it's been.........xoxoxoJewel

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January 200619569/29/2009
William H. Nutsack The 3rd.
Most recent post:
Mr. Fittswell: send me a private message with your address and I will send you the flick, take care. Go to and click contact william h.

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November 20051169/20/2009
Eli Cross
Most recent post:
I think you might be missing an important point; next year is an election year, and the republicans are going to be doing everything they can to fire up their base of "core values Christian conservatives," (whatever the hell that means) including urging every conservative DA in every conservative area to grab the "sin headlines."Well, Bill McCollum (Florida's DA) is slightly to the right of Mussolini, politically, and if you think the powers-that-be in Florida are unaware that the land of Anita Bryant, Disneyworld and people who still think Fidel Castro is Satan incarnate is slowly becoming porn's second Valley, you're fooling yourself.Here's the thing about Los Angeles County, specifically: as mentioned in a previous post, you cannot be prosecuted for pandering/prostitution/solicitation here for shooting adult. I can't speak to Vermont or New Hampshire (first I've heard of either), but that's the reason porn picked up and moved here from New York and San Francisco in the early 80s. Suddenly, and for the first time, it was implicitly -- if not explicitly -- legal!Charlie Crist is running for senate in 2010, and I guarantee you he's going to want to go it in a blaze of righteous fury and big headlines. I honestl...

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April 20061539/8/2009
Most recent post:
Daaaaaaaaamn. I was looking forward to Kristina's movie most until I saw the trailer for this.I literally can't wait to see this.Steaming trailer here if that's your deal.

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January 2009249/3/2009
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Press release: For the first time ever, a mainstream literature book has chosen several pornstars for its promotion. The book is 'The Beloved OF My Beloved', a surreal, erotic and anti-erotic book by well-known authors Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia. On the book's website,, surfers may admire famous pornstars such as Eve Angel, Yasmine Gold and Peaches, as well as new talents like Abbie Cat and Brandy Smile, in sexy poses with the book and the authors. Even more, Abbie Cat appears in a full-HD clip where she performs an unforgettable scene of masturbation while she is reading the book. There are also softer full-HD clips feauturing Eve Angel and Yasmine Gold.More intriguing surprises are announced.This is a very important milestone for the world of adult entertainment, meaning that the gap between the once ghettoized world of porn and the other traditionally more respected forms of art is finally destined to disappear.A previous case was the movie The Big Lebowsky (1998), where porn actress Asia Carrera played a little part, and on that occasion the world of adult entertainment got very excited. But this time the process of integration is going much further. Pornstars are not only used to introduce the ...

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August 200918/30/2009
December 2008248/29/2009
Eon McKai
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* blush * thanks

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March 2004618/26/2009
Tommy Kaye
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No attitude here at all lol. Just asking a simple question. We included some of ADT fan's questions in the show. You must of missed that post about a month ago. I posted the cover because I thought just maybe someone might enjoy the very sexy lady on the cover. There will be an official press release and it will be posted in the press release section. Thanks for your interest...I found the Russian women to be some of the most beautiful and sexy creatures on the planet. Everyday normal girls walking down the street that look better than the so called super models.Edited by - tommy kaye on 8/18/2009 7:30:00 PM

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February 20071548/18/2009
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i would love it if you all added me on twitter/fb/ms...if you want to be first to hear about all carmen news! thanks fans! love you all!Exes and Owes, Carmen McCarthy

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August 200968/18/2009
meanbitches bob
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Thanks Melt, we'll take a look at Austin Taylor.Hi Tara! I wish I could have hung out set a little longer that day...I could stare at your beautiful ass all day. :) You did a great job. Hot scene!And everyone check out our new free video trailer with Bridgette B at !--Glenn King

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March 2005238/14/2009
Christoph Clark
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julia,i was missing you,i saw somes pics of you and you are really a nice ladie,,,well tell me in advance next time when you will visite buda,,tank you Julia Ann,,clark

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July 2004198/8/2009
Damien Black
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Hey Taylor thanks for the info, yeah Amy is definitely my favorite no matter what people say, a lot of people complain about her having an attitude and lacking performance but to hell with them, she doesn't have an attitude she just knows what she wants, oooohhh and I've been hearing some rumors that she was gona quit the industry is that true... damn i hope not. :(Edited by - damien black on 8/8/2009 1:22:27 AM

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August 200948/7/2009
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Ill take anything good said about me to heart, maybe someday ill return to what I should be doing, (or should have done it the right way the first time) and cum back to porn.Judgement spawns from the insecure

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June 2004218/6/2009
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Should note that this is a rumor, but one heard through sources close to Manson's organization. This could be pretty cool if it transpires—as anyone who's familiar with his past videos has seen—in terms of creative concept and production. It could present an entirely new direction for porn, utilizing the dual star power of Manson and Stoya, with a rock/industrial/goth conceptual angle.

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August 200928/2/2009
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/\ Try as I may, I cannot find a thread or posting that shows JJ offering up figures on what he sells. And since von_swine and as far as I can tell you, illmatic don't produce, market and distribute your own DVD's, why would we need to produce figures to any of you? We don't lie in our press releases. While you are on these boards hating, we are busy working and producing solid content for our fans. All the board flaming in the world is not going to change that.on a side note, name calling on a board only makes you look foolish yourself. Once you actually go out and risk your own money, put in the time and the effort to make your own product, market it, distribute it, and succeed at it, could you actually be anything close to credible. Any kid with a keyboard can be a hater on the internet, not everyone can succeed in business. But it's a free country, feel free to flame on!

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July 2009177/30/2009
TJCummings    [T.J. Cummings's movies]
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I have worked with Mellanie, but... I have worked while she watched. More often then not, when talent is waiting in the on deck circle we don't much mind to what's happening but our girl Mellanie does. She's a horny girl.

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December 20054097/23/2009
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Hello everyone,Brand new to AdultDVDTalk and I wanted to share some info on two of my favorite female performers. They would be, the beautiful Miss Dia Zerva and the incomparable Nina Hartley. Nina hosts a webcam show on CAMZ and has invited Dia as her guest for today's show. Nina will top Dia from 7:00-8:00 Pacific time, and all indications suggest this will be an amazing show.Must get back to website work now, but I'll be checking in here regularly.Cheers,wordman

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July 200917/22/2009
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Super red lipstick will get me rock hard

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April 20054847/5/2009
Kara Tai
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I had the privilege this weekend of having the sexy Isis Taylor hang with me while she was here in Miami shooting for Josh Stone Productions, and yes when she gets back here I would love to do a scene with her!!! That would be sooooo sexy!Love ya girl!kara tai :)

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June 200936/30/2009
Most recent post: clip is 2nd or 3rd one down

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May 200856/25/2009
Sandra Shine
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Thanks ;) I have a brand new self-fisting set updated on my site. And so much more ;)Free pictures from meEnjoy

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October 2005156/22/2009
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She told me herself.

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June 200926/15/2009
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Please consider trying us. We are offer low very competitive prices, low shipping to all over the removedWe are here for you!Komaji, Momo, Haruka and YodaModerator note - Welcome to the forum, hope you will take an active part but please do follow the forum etiquette. You already started a thread about your site so I have removed the link here. This thread is for recommendations of readers' best store, not for promotions. Your cooperation is appreciated Edited by - Gabriel Nine on 6/15/2009 5:23:18 PM

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June 200926/10/2009
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ouch...dogs over black? whats the implication?

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June 200916/8/2009
Philly Mike
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Hey, just caught this post of yours. Count me in - want to do a real hardcore gangbang scene with you, preferably stuff that is too hardcore/rough for the mass market. Email me back and let me know how we can arrange this.

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May 200915/11/2009
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Fuck! Both My Grannys Got Gang Banged.I just fucking love older women.Let me tell you a little bit about both these super hotties!Just like Madonna she goes by one name. She loves long walks on the beach.Oh yea and she likes getting gang banged. Here is one of her better picturesthat really shows her beauty.VictoriaNext lets "meat" Lara Saint although she is no "Saint". She is a stripper whojust loves pleasing her Men. The more the better is her saying. Well I gave herthe thing she has always wanted. A room full of guys for her to please.Robert Hill Releasing's Fuck! Both My Granny's Got Gang Banged is scheduled for release a May Release.Robert Hill Releasing BlogFor sales inquiries, contact Rachel at Robert Hill Releasing Co.,800-795-2577818-709-7739 (fax)roberthill@rhorders.comFor more on Robert Hill Releasing, please go tothe Robert Hill Releasing WebsiteEdited by - roberthill on Apr 29 2009

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March 200994/29/2009
tina tyler    [Tina Tyler's movies]
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Sexy Hard is right. This is very good news indeed. I am on the road to recovery and not having to drain my assets while doing it is a big load off my shoulders. I am looking at this time as an opportunity to do all those things I haven't had the time or energy to do, like finally writing my book and learning to ballroom dance. My prognosis is very good and I have no doubt that I will be perfectly fine, with time and treatment. No need to feel sorry for me, I don't. Besides, it's been a long time since I have had an adventure. Positive thoughts only please.Tina

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February 20007404/14/2009
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Im trying to get Emily to shoot a self spit-swap with a hot girl. You guys need to encourage her. Pump her up to get on camera a bit. Cezar

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February 2009144/6/2009
jennyhendrix    [Jenny Hendrix's movies]
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i love them I think that they look amazing! they fit your body perfect! when i got mine some people had negative things to say! but I say you can only keep the young look for so long then you gotta spice it up! love em babe!XOXO Jenny Hendrix

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December 2005233/26/2009
toni Ribas
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Sophie and I had a great time, she´s a beautiful person, but life is how it is, thanks, Thanks Loverboy, I´m back in the US, looks like Private won´t be shooting much new productions, maybe it will change, we´ll see...

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July 2003913/21/2009
Porn Addict
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Her scene in the recent Naught College School Girls is awesome! She's cute as anything and a great performer. She has a sexy non-typical LA porn look to her. I'll take chicks like this over big boob blonde pornstars any time!- PornAddictClick Here to Visit PornAddict.Com

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December 20052233/14/2009
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Of course she is... I am working for her as photographer and camera guy... You can read an article about her / her website and working together with her from me on her blog here:

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March 200913/10/2009
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