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info / chat / parties dehlaila@hotmail.bebioThe Best of X-Kiss Vol. 1Ein Bett für Zehn alternative title for Sex Power - Ein Bett für ZehnBitte fickenBärenfutter alternative title for Cafe Lambada (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Bärenfutter - Die Sau im Käfig alternative title for Cafe Lambada (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Cafe Lambada 1995, Dir. Eddy Lipstick (as Eddy Lippstick in the Dinovision release) (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Callboy Report 1995Club Caresse 2000 (plays Sabrina, Kristel or Ester)La Croisière s'encule 1995, Dir. Alain Payet (as Davila)Da Capo No. 14Erotica Exzesse 1F.C. de Kapoenen De training 1996, Dir. Eddy Lipstick (plays Clitoortje)Einer Fickt für alle 1998 (as Dehlaila)Fotze zu Versteigern alternative title for Sex Power - Fotze zu VersteigernFruit CocktailGeile Schweine alternative title for Sex Jumbo - Geile Schweine (as Dehlaila)Hardcore Hotel II 1990s Helen Does Holland 1997, Dir. Eddy Lipstick Helen Fucks Holland alternative title for Helen Does Holland Helen’

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August 201059/17/2013
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The Temptation of EveThrust into an uncomfortable circumstance, Eve (Remy LaCroix) finds herself living under the same roof as Brandon (the man she shared the most intense sexual connection of her life with) and Danny (her current love whom she shares the most intimate emotional connection of her life). Her own curiosity about the man she lusted for long ago, coupled with his desperate attempts at manipulating her back into another affair, leaves Eve straddling the line between right and wrong. Will Eve succumb to Brandon's games? Or will she stay loyal to Danny, the man who continues to be her grounding force in the unpredictable, unstable world Brandon has begun to weave for both of them.Watch the trailerTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Aug 8 2013

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June 2011108/8/2013
Elite Photography
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Edited by - Elite Photography on 10/7/2013 9:21:03 PM

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July 201327/28/2013
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As a HUGE fan of the bukkake art form I am disappointed that there seems to be fewer and fewer new releases. Any off the grid bukkake sites or new material out there?Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jun 23 2013

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September 20051316/23/2013
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2013 and we still can't get beyond this topic. porn is not a reflection of "real" life. No one should be paid more to do a Black dude, just as no Black girl is paid more to do a white guy. Agents need to stop this practice with a quickness.Edited by - AlexanderDeVoe on 6/11/2013 6:31:29 PM

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August 2006416/11/2013
Vicky    [Vicky Vette's movies]
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Ooops here is the poster... Vicky Vette,

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May 2004576/1/2013
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^^^just a heads up it will be available to download on FemdomEmpire in the next few weeks but can be purchased on clips4sale in the meantime ;-) - title : "Fucked bitch ASS"

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March 201315/11/2013
AngieNoir    [Angie Noir's movies]
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Oh YES!!!! Roxy Raye is sooo HOT! I have had the PLEASURE of making several scenes with her and the very thought of her makes me wet!FYI: Roxy and I are on the same network = Pornicate ;)My new members site is now part of Roxy's network so I am very excited to make many more videos with her for the Pornicate Network of girls!XO Angie Noir

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December 2011105/10/2013
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Phoenix Marie hands down!

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April 201314/24/2013
Jeff Mullen
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Hopefully nobody ever took our X-Play parodies too seriously. We took making them very seriously and we wanted every detail to be as spot-on as our skill level would allow but we never lost the point that what we were ultimately doing was goofy and silly. The point was to bring classic TV into the porn world and make a few people laugh along the way and I'm pretty sure we did that and still continue to do that. For those that are anti-parody there is nothing we could ever do to please those folks so we didn't try. What pissed me off along the way was a number of companies 'phoning it in' that is going for the fast buck and making an inferior product with a glossy box sleeve in an attempt to confuse the customer. Some companies still do that with ads that cost more than the movie production itself. I had a conversation at AEE in Vegas and one company owner said to my face and I quote, "I don't give a shit about the movie I just want to make sales." I can honestly say I hated that guy immediately.With all of the attacks on the porn production industry it is amazing that we as an industry can still make quality porn movies of any type and 'quality' takes time and time equals money of which there is just not enough coming ba...

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January 20082434/15/2013
Erik_Everhard    [Erik Everhard's movies]
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Not jaded at all, just facts are facts. East Euros are far prettier.Erik Everhard " Always imitated NEVER duplicated"

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January 20023244/12/2013
Danny Ocean
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Rachel Love is active in the Members Area..Please join!

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June 201194/8/2013
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Very sexy makes me want one:)

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March 201313/13/2013
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What about Vica Ryder?

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March 201313/10/2013
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love her look! that smile is dangerous

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March 201323/6/2013
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Way to skinny for my taste:) They are beautiful though.StrapOnPrincess

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August 201052/22/2013
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Nadine's leaving at a moment when she was poised to become another Sasha Grey or Bree Olson.

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January 201311/27/2013
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ummm yes we a problem sir?

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May 20121812/29/2012
Steve Holmes    [Steve Holmes's movies]
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I only did one scene with Molly. So there are plenty of scenes without me.

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December 2002151812/20/2012
Van Styles
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Just letting you guys know my 2013 calendar project with street wear brand HUF just came out featuring Asa Akira,Skin Diamond,Jayden Cole,Kristina Rose,Jynx Maze,Lily LeBeau,Alexis Texas,Jayden Jaymes,Maddy O’Reilly,Asphyxia Noir,Monique Alexander and Jessie Rogers is available here. This is a 16 x 25 photo based calendar and will be very limited. Happy Holidays! -VS

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January 200445712/18/2012
Most recent post:
I got a chance to talk to Nina Hartley, and now I know everything about everything. Nina Hartley: Part 1

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December 2012112/8/2012
Prudy Piper
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This reminds me of watching R rated porn movies from the local video store back in the early 90s. They'd repeat the same scenes over and over to fill in for the harcore shots that they couldn't show.Every time you sensed a shot of nasty hardcore penetration, a puckered asshole being impaled by a long, probing cock, or a pair of ruby red lips and winding tongue devouring a bulging cockhead, they'd cut back to the looped softcore scene immediately before it and you'd be left hanging there with your clit out wondering how you were going to ever going to get off. :PThe advantage was that you ended up memorizing a lot of the horny dialogue the porn puppets grunted out with excited, spontaneous abandon in the moments just before their carnal escapades took an explicit turn for the worse.Edited by - Prudy Piper on 12/3/2012 1:52:34 PM

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December 2012712/3/2012
Purrfect Deepthroat
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@heythatguy, do you have any evidence any amateur website such as hers had a subscriber base of 5000? That's a lot of people. I know someone who operated on the same business model and they made $30,000 a year. I think if your numbers were true Ifriends & similar sites wouldn't be able to keep talent.Heather was very popular, but she was also extremely pirated. There was really no reason to pay for her vids.

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October 2012711/28/2012
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stinkfist tank you very much for yours revues for my dvd,,,i always look at everything,i hope you are doing good,,clark,,if you comes to hungary let me know,,,ok,,

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April 20086311/7/2012
jake fucking malone
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Hey watch your language! Don't go calling me honorable!

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June 20121110/8/2012
Julie Simone
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I have a whole site of nothing but smoking fetish videos!Smoking T.V.

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October 2012210/3/2012
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Edited by - bono-ONE on 9/23/2012 2:18:38 PM

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July 20081169/23/2012
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she is very very hoti love asian girls,grrrrr

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July 201249/17/2012
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Edited by - Jonny Jay on Sep 2 2012

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September 201219/2/2012
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I believe that this film will reward the viewers with a well rounded story, honest performances and great emotional sex scenes. My scene with India is extremely passionate!I am truly proud to have worked with Jacky and Eddie on this film and I feel it is the best film I've done in my career in this industry. I especially wanted to do this because of the challenge of making the character of Drew not appear to be the atypical douchebag who has an affair with a younger girl just to satisfy some need to feel relevant to young women. His motivation comes from his desire to connect in the way he first did with his wife, who he truly loves. It was a satisfying role to play and I hope you all love it and share it with friends.Thank you,Steven St. Croix

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August 201218/11/2012
Joe Pusher
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If I was him, I would just stay in cleveland and shoot amateur girls pov and own the content. He will make more money over time on each scene from clip sites and licensing than the few hundred he might make as talent on a scene.

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July 2012128/7/2012
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Dear Friend,If you invest, you can act. All the girls are tested. We shall arrange a suitable story for you. What I am looking out is INVESTMENT to make the movies.Rishi

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July 2012107/28/2012
Most recent post:
Hi GuysIs this the right place to introduce myself?Well here goesanyway. im a fan and amateur producer.Looking to make friends and get involved in discussion\PJ Topic Moved by - heynow on Jul 22 2012

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July 201217/21/2012
TeaganPresley    [Teagan Presley's movies]
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Would you be able to send me the pics of me to my email since I can't save them of Flickr? I'd greatly appreciate it.xoxP.S: By the way, great job on your photos from the convention!!!

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March 200410717/17/2012
Irish Caraway
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You can do a reverse bound gangbang with Seth McFarland's Ted.

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July 20052907/9/2012
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I like the Japanese stuff. Teens and 50 guys kinda gokkun. I don't know how the girls keep it down but they seem to ok. lol.

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July 201297/7/2012
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Yes, this is a strange one, but it should make the three-some go great! I'm caby DiSalvo from PerfectFuxXx. I understand men better than most men. Just one of the MANY reasons my husband liked it and put a ring on it. I believe men have needs that one woman could never fulfill... possibly they could for 50, 60 year old men, but if you are dating or marrying a 20-50 man, I see no problem of the promise of another female joining the action as a reward for their commitment to you. I've always felt that way. Personally, I think women are so fucking sexy! How could a man watch Melanie Rios or Andrea Butoni and not want to fuck them senseless. For women, it is different. I don't need another cock as long as I live besides my husbands. Once you know how each sex works... it is so much easier to have a healthy relationship. That being said, since J and I have been together, which is about 4 years, we have obviously had the desire to have a 3some, but there just hasn't been the need. His addiction to my little pussy and my addiction to his throbby cock have been all we need. We talk about it, but never found the right girl. I can think of about 5 separate occasions where it could have easily happened. One girl I worked

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July 201247/2/2012
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Please post on this thread or private message me for more details.Edited by - samgibson23 on Jun 11 2012

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June 201216/11/2012
davecummings    [Dave Cummings's movies]
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I performed with her almost five years ago -- I still often masturbate to that dayShe's in Knee Pad Nymphos, Vol 10 --- she did sex positions and a bj with me.Were it not for piracy, I'd shoot with her again, and again, and again!Dave

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December 20023905/12/2012
TaraLynnFoxx    [Tara Lynn Foxx's movies]
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I would love to shoot with you guys again! I always have so much fun and some of my fans favorites are with WCP! I am now a free agent! If you'd like to book me please contact me here:! TLF

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April 2009375/8/2012
Most recent post:
Amber Rain... original blonde version, not the later brunette Amber Rayne. See my avatar for her pic.She did 72 titles, I could have watched 720 more.Brooke Milano, an adorable filipina-mexicana who did all of her work between her 18th and 19th birthday, I beleive.Kathleen Kruz - I think I'm getting stuck on the sweet innocent type!Edited by - biglou on 4/22/2012 12:30:58 AM

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November 2005644/22/2012
HillaryScott    [Hillary Scott's movies]
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Hi! Long time no talk. So I have a ton of porno stuff that I don't need to keep around anymore. I was wondering if any fans or stars could recommend a good website/method to do this through.Any suggestions would be appreciated! -H Scott

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February 20056874/16/2012
mike john
Most recent post:
Thank you to everyone at XRCO,I am honored once again.To me The XRCO award means more than any other in our industry.I am in Costa Rica and couldnt make the show.

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August 20024304/13/2012
Most recent post:
Okay yes, she is a fake. She is someone pretending to be a model to gain dirt on other people in the industry. The profile she was stealing all of her photos from can be found here: as hell. She knew a lot about people within the industry, and schmoozed it up a ton.

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May 201174/10/2012
Most recent post:
INK2.Defining the Ink teaser bite No2 Starring: Peterohtool & Gina Snake <>Free full length scene 'Sheer Nylon' Starring: Donna Bell <> (RedTube)Also you can follow us on Twitter: @KendoFilms & @KendoUK<!/KendoFilms>Facebook: <>Enjoy Kendo x

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April 201224/4/2012
Missbentleyxxx    [Elizabeth Bentley's movies]
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That's really sweet you're thinking about me, but I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me, I'm working hard still, and I'm happy. =)

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January 201223/31/2012
B Skow
Most recent post:
mikemike03,I understand it sucks to have to wait for a movie to be released. I hate it also. Heres the reason: when a movie finishes shooting it takes about 1 week to finish paperwork and log in the footage, it takes at least a month in editing and about two weeks in sound, then a movie has to go through a legal process(especially a parody) for about 2 weeks, and last printing, Ads, and shipping. It all adds up to about 4 to 6 months. I will try to post some pictures if they let me. Thank YouB Skow

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August 2009223/21/2012
Most recent post:
Oh dear where to start....Your precious anal creampies are not that rare actually, they are very common with new girls starting out in the hardcore and gonzo side of the industry, there are about 100 made each day if you look hard enough. where it is rarer however, and you have quite rightly pointed out is amongst the top stars. So the question you really intended to ask is why are the top porn stars so reluctant to have their rectums ejaculated into (were i them i would be put off by the soudn of that alone)1) Risk of Infection :as everyone has already pointed out infection is quite uncommen, but not rare. uncommen is one level below common but still very dangerous. and it is uncommen we talk about when mentioning teh word 'risk' thus the girl is taking a high and probable 'risk' were she doing an anal creampie. (to be doing one while infection was 'common' would mean the sentence just said would change to the girl is 'stupid' were she doing an anal creampie'2) It costs a LOT :everyone knows there is a scale by which a girl judges how much she would do a particular scene for,and it increases from general sex with a white guy, hits withering heights for a gangbang with black guys (im joking), and were i asked to be ejaculated into...

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March 201223/3/2012
Most recent post:

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December 201142/26/2012
TomByronPictures    [Tom Byron's movies]
Most recent post:
-Tom Byron CEO Tom Byron Pictures, Inc.

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July 2007892/17/2012
Most recent post:
Maddy G Productions is best known for the comedy series "Regarding Jenny" that featured an Abyss Creations RealDoll in the lead roll. A roll so convincing that RealDoll star Jenny Densuke was nominated as an actress for a major industry award. The film has played international film festivals, on television in Sweden and has been shared on Youtube by the thousands. Jenny Densuke now has more Facebook friends and Twitter followers than her creator. "Everyone loves Jenny. But I wanted to take it a step further," says studio maven Marie Madison. "It's more than just writing scripts for dolls. With social networks like YouTube and Facebook, the audience has got really involved in our world where Life Size Dolls live alongside the rest of us. I want to push the envelope and see what else is possible in this realm we created." Maddy G Productions tapped California-based doll maker Sinthetics to create Tasha James, the star of Maddy's newest series "It's A Tasha Thing". The new comedy series premieres February 17th for free at as well as on popular social sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. "When Maddy G approached us about this project, Marie was not talking about having us bu...

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February 2004802/16/2012
Most recent post:
Jayda Diamonde on Xpersuasions

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July 200842/10/2012
Most recent post:
I shot one of Risis's first scenes back when she was eighteen, a three-way with a really pretty Asian girl and a guy. Also just ran into her again at this year's AVN Show looking really hot. Said she only did solo & girls now. Too bad, I would have loved to shoot her again for b/g and

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January 20022162/2/2012
Most recent post:
Come on, no guess, at least guess, I find a girl named Sandra Long, she may be it? Short girl has a tattoo on her back anybody recognize that tattoo from someone?

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December 201121/19/2012
alexisrain    [Alexis Rain's movies]
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I have a huge fetish for sneakersCum indulge:

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March 201011/13/2012
Carla Cox    [Carla Cox's movies]
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Surprise, another two Czech girls coming, Tarra White and Jana, owner of Czech adult modeling agency Unitedmodeling, she was performer as well.Carla

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October 201181/9/2012
Most recent post:
Amateur girl "Brianna" gets a facial! - True Amateur Models.

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December 2011112/24/2011
Most recent post:

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December 2011212/19/2011
Most recent post:
Thanks guys, Will try them..cheers

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December 2011212/8/2011
Lee Roy Myers
Most recent post:
Yes they are. Aside from Lexi Belle & Rocco Reed, the movie also includes Jessie Andrews, Ash Hollywood, Chanel Preston, Kris Slater, Tom Byron, Amber Rayne, April O'Neil, Britney Amber, Michael Vegas, and Anthony Rosano.

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January 20101912/2/2011
Most recent post:
Hi Iowa,I purchased it from Eternity Collars in California. wishes,John

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March 200917711/26/2011
Most recent post:
Actually may try and head down on Sunday!

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November 2011511/19/2011
Most recent post:
She was a gud in Ass fucking and loved her videos on Bang Bros ... but a long time to see herGurgaon Escorts Delhi Escorts

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November 2011311/2/2011
kellydivine    [Kelly Divine's movies]
Most recent post:
Thanks for the mention babe xo I haven't done a true GB or DA/DV but thats cause I like to pace myself LOL I do think I go hard in performances, though. I especially like cum in the eyes/up the nose.... its funny to shock people on set, I get my icks that way sometimes LOLxoxo Kelly Divine

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October 2008144110/23/2011
Most recent post:
We shot a hot scene with India Summer and Prinzzess that was out our site and DVD. Those two have great chemistry.

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September 201129/30/2011
Most recent post:
Unfortunately I am going out of the DVD business. I was online since 1997 and one of the first women online. I was editor of the old unReal People Swingers magazine where you actually had to write letters on paper to people.Our hotel room sex is second to none. You should have seen what we didn't even have a camera for sometimes. Our content is nothing like the plastic, pretend things you see today.If you know me and my friends, you'll definitely want to scoop up what's left. If you have been under a rock or are still wearing short pants, then you really should learn your Amateur Video History.Learn some History.To see the real women of the Amateur Hall of Fame then visit the catalog page. It's DIFFERENT and you will love it.AHOF CATALOGWe are the women who started this whole crazy thing.Come visit my site!

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February 201049/29/2011
Most recent post:
Here is a trailer for one of Samantha Saint's solo scenes directed by me for our Puba Network.Samantha's site will be SamanthaSaint.comSamantha's

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June 200411149/29/2011
Most recent post:
Just posted Riley's new scene @ Amateur Allure

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December 200979/10/2011
constance le
Most recent post:
you sure did! good times...

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October 20025509/9/2011
Most recent post:
Cool, thanks!

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April 2009288/15/2011
Most recent post:
I can vouch for how down to earth and what a real person Ivy Winters is. I have the pleasure of shooting with her while her interview was being put together. Here is a taste of the great work she did for me. She's definitely back! <b></b>

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December 201028/13/2011
Most recent post:
Thanks! Glad you dug it.

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November 2008398/8/2011
Most recent post:
Hi this is my first post, glad to be here. Now for my question- does anyone know anything about this scene Fucking my busty teens daughter friend You can see this scene at Just wondering who the talent was in this video, any help in tracking this video will be appreciatedEdited by - killbillvol69 on Jul 13 2011

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July 201117/13/2011
KimberlyKanexOx    [Kimberly Kane's movies]
Most recent post:
Alison Mosshart? Never heard that one but I'll take it!<

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October 20082907/12/2011
Gary Orona
Most recent post:
Forgive me in advance if I am very confused but are you talking about "Official Friday the 13th Parody"? If so your information is incorrect. It does take place at Camp Crystal Lake although I changed it to Crystal Lake Nudist Camp. I even went so far as to film the camp sequences in Colorado so the vegetation around the lake would be dense and green. In fact we flew numerous cast members to Colorado and then drove over 200 miles into the San Juan Mountains to film at an old Ghost Town to achieve a very cool look. And yes there is a very similar lake. If we hadn't included Jason (as in the original) it wouldn't have worked at all so we had to blend a few versions together. I even had the arrow kill scene (in the original it was with Kevin Bacon) killing Rocco Reed, so those who are claiming that all Jason did was kill people with his sperm are not correct as well. The only kill scenes with sperm included women otherwise Jason would be.. gay?So again, forgive me if my version isn't the one you're talking about.Sorry to venture off topic just wanted to clarify some mis-information that seemed to be floating around since a few of these issues came up in this thread.Good Thoughts,Gary Orona

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February 2010776/28/2011
MissJennaHaze    [Jenna Haze's movies]
Most recent post:
I am pretty sure the scene Sara Stone shot for me was her last scene before retiring. Also I believe the Bree Olson scene in BIC:Naturally Gifted was her final scene before she quit doing scenes for Charlie Sheen. Although I am sure she will be back doing scenes since I heard they had broken up.. but I could be wrong on this...? Not sure.

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April 20064606/20/2011
Most recent post:
Hello,I am a big Jada Stevens fan (I love her new brunette hairstyle) and count myself as one of her biggest fans. I was wondering if you guys could share your best Jada Stevens scene from a DVD or website, to see if I have missed any.Here's a recent favorite:Her scene in Public Disgrace with James Deen at a gas station.

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July 2008266/19/2011
devonlee    [Devon Lee's movies]
Most recent post:
I do plan on working with mr. Marcus and jack again. I would also work with Justin again but it's hard to get him in LA as he lives somewhere else now.

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February 2009226/7/2011
Vince Banderos
Most recent post:
Hello All, that given pleasure that you speak about us on US forum like ADT :)

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May 201115/29/2011
Most recent post:
Justin Slayer International proudly announces the signing of director/performer Sophia Santi as the newest exclusive director at Justin Slayer International, said company CEO, HJ. The company CEO stated, "Sophia Santi is a promising director & an AVN multi-award winning performer who is one of the most wildly popular females in the adult industry. She actually loves sex from an organic perspective...but her vision isn't limited to gonzo vignettes - so fans can also expect features from her Sophia Santi Production company. There is no question that Sophia is arguably one of the most beautiful women to ever do porn, its refreshing to know that we will finally get to see her own personal vision!"Sophia Santi became extremely popular back in 2002 when she was awarded Penthouse Pet for the month of November (under the name Natalia Cruz) then later winning Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up in 2005. During her career, Santi has won three AVN awards with two nominations and has starred in over 50 adult films. She recently ended her exclusive performer contract with Digital Playground before signing her exclusive director deal with Justin Slayer International. Santi's first DVD to be released through Justin Slayer Internat

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February 20035955/25/2011
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I had the pleasure of working with Ashlynn back in December for my pov bj movie Young Mouth Club, she was awesome. Ashlynn was new to the industry when I shot her, and I was amazed by her bj skills. I knew things were going to go well when she started blowing me in the bathroom while shooting BTS before the scene. I highly recommend companies to shoot this girl, she's hot, she's sweet, and she's dirty as fuck.

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February 200965/21/2011
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I think it's just that the heavily tatted / pierced girls don't have mainstream porn appeal. Also, being a "Burning Angel" or a "Suicide Girl" is somewhat of an honor for those girls. They're part of a cool porn scene.- SwirliePorn with Swirlie

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November 20092515/19/2011
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Over the last 2-3 weeks I have been working on Den's Top 10 Porn Stars of my reviewing years 1996-2011.Pics and links 1> Bobbi Starr 2> Tricia Devereaux 3> Sylvia Saint 4> Hillary Scott 5> Dee 6> Avy Scott 7> Jewel De'Nyle 8> Aurora Snow 9> Gianna Michaels10> Francesca Le'Den

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September 200214075/17/2011
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I have free videos and photos on my yahoo camgirl profile here... yahoo camgirl profile becky lesabre

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April 2008315/16/2011
Peter Romero-straight
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You are officially the sharpest tool in the shed! Plus ADT said my username was taken.

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April 2011115/16/2011
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I understand not wanting to see the same guy with the same girl over and over. There are few things fans must understand, lots of girls want to do their first anal with me do to my size and performance. Because I'm not as big as some of the guys. I'm fine with my medium size. Now Alexis choices to only do anal with me cause she trust me. Her and Manuel Ferrera don't want to work together cause Alexis is my girl and Manuel is like family to us! As far as my performance I think I hold my own and have done so for years. Posters from a.d.t. your opinion does matter. Please stop the negative stuff cause it can affect peoples work! I just want to have sex with girls and entertain you guys!Edited by - mrpetexxx on 5/5/2011 10:41:15 AMEdited by - mrpetexxx on 5/5/2011 10:46:25 AM

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August 2009145/5/2011
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I don't like the idea of "crossovers", barebacking dudes, tranny's (dudes with wigs) & girls isn't something I support, even if they get tested regularly, I think they should stick to one type of porn, why are you doing gay, tranny & str8 porn at the same time? however, I don't look at a DVD or a xxx scene for the dude, I only look at the girls.

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October 201094/6/2011
jake malone
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Oh and who's this Sarah Shevon? Extreme is a quality I really admire in a young girl. I gotta meet her! Can you ask her to email me Mr Naz? Thanx 4 watching! I really have to get out more.....

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January 20056933/30/2011
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i am good friends with J Mac and trust me he has tried to fuck her.... she is not having it....

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March 2011173/29/2011
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Hi Yes, I have the store at the link provided. I hire the models (most of the time) to come in, eat something or just have natural breath. Sometimes, they will even smoke (either cigars or cigarettes). The concept is Domination however, it has turned more into a sensual experience where if I am not careful, I will deliver the "Money Shot" lol .... I just did a shoot with 2 women who went a bit far and actually had my nose in their mouth! They were kissing first, then each would breath on me. I have received special requests for spitting etc and only did that 1 time (have to draw the line somewhere). Anyway, I am always taking requests and do not charge extra for them. As in the previous post, pictures/shoot clips can be found at: - and some enclosed as well

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September 201033/24/2011
Aryana Starr    [Aryana Starr's movies]
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thats what i said thank you for clearing that up lol thats crazy

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August 20091293/19/2011
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You see these Vodka in MarKET

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November 2010213/10/2011
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I don't remember the title. It may be an amateur video. Google "Redhead Creampie Eating"

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February 201153/5/2011
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lol...been a while.

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April 2006242/26/2011
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I hope some starlets chime in on this one. A fellow producer asked a very hot, young starlet if she would do his g/g foot worship shoot. She told him she would do it, but only if the girl worshipped her feet, not the other way around. That brings me to a question. Why would a girl opt to suck c--k, but not toes? Furthermore, are foot fetish and footjob so taboo that most major starlets don't do them. I know a number of girls who I'd love to see give a real footjob, such as on "Randy West's Up & Cummers" and Ed Powers "Touch n' Feety". That was real FW and FJ action, not the way many big studios do it, where the focus is on hardcore sex instead of foot fetish.

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August 2007172/17/2011
crystal denison
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Part 1 of my dogging DVD is now uploaded n ready to view Go to To view

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October 2010202/4/2011
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Edited by - nateliquor on 1/29/2011 3:01:01 AM

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May 200781/29/2011
Rico Montana
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I did notice that the flash doesnt play consistently on some systems. Plays fine at home and at the office; but some pages dont load correctly on my friends laptop. Currently in the works of revamping our site and changing hosts. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. I will update post once its corrected.

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November 201031/26/2011
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Monica Sexxxton AND her mother Jessica are in fact both performers -- and they do scenes together! They are under contract, and their website and inaugural DVD will be coming out soon! Mother and daughter do it all -- boys, girls, groups, DP, sharing the money shot, etc. You will not be disappointed!!!

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January 201111/24/2011
Ed Hammer
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Sorry no dvd's at this time, and she isn't ready to try anal "yet"....lolShe has given up shooting for all other companies, almost everything ever done except for a few sites near the begining was for her own site. who ever made the comment about affording a last when she started, there was no one going by the name Candy, at leaste no one on freeones, or any sites like that. We googled and searched before deciding to stick to that, now it seems there is a Candy everywhere you look! Anyway here are some of her <------ doesn't get many updates anymore, everything is moving to be exclusive to her website!

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January 200931/15/2011
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