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^^EM, I also watched it, absolutely terrible for a professional worldwide title. If it wasn't porn it wouldn't even make it to the cinemas, straight to video release ! Would be best for him to trade in this camera , suffer the loss and buy a decent one.....hell , Belladonna just needs to do a few nights dancing to pay for it....

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June 20046268/22/2014
Most recent post:
Will They Ever Say "Kendra Gets Blacked"

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July 20121068/22/2014
Porno Dan
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Tonight, August 21 st at 830 pm PDT Watch Zoey Foxx Twerk on Tube Steak for FREE Promo code "FREE SHOW" on Immoral LiveZoey Foxx

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March 200936368/21/2014
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Mister Fahrenheit,Thank you ;)

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January 200511248/21/2014
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Thanks my man. I just do what I do. And I'm starting to shoot a little for Westcoast, so we'll see how that goes.

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June 20089608/21/2014
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She did a new scene for us at Swallow Guide

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November 2012898/21/2014
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
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I thought I'd remind you and invite you to my live cam event this weekend. Hope to have you there for support. lol xoxo Below for why I would like support...My Live Anal Show this Saturday, the 23rd -Click to come in the back door:)xoxoCatalina

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July 2014128/20/2014
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I agree she is an amazing performer and we love her.Kelle Marie fucking Jessica Jaymes strap onEdited by - brandon_michaels on 8/20/2014 7:37:11 PM

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August 2014188/20/2014
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
May 20042018/20/2014
Mo Reese
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Check out these BTS photos I shot of Remy blowing smoke rings on set.

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November 2009518/20/2014
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
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Oh yes I love girls wearing stockings as well. Sooooo sexy. You caught me :-). I put them in it as often as I can. There is another movie I did for third degree it's called legs 4. With Anikka Albrite on the cover :-). Not every scene involved stockings.

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August 20032478/20/2014
Feet of Philly
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No, I'm just based out of Philly. I used to years ago, but now it's all LA & Florida and also conventions like Exxxotica, Fetish Con, AVN, etc... I go to where my best camera people and where the girls are the most. I used to bring girls into Philly, but that got old years ago, lol. Now it's so much easier for me to go to them and the agencies are based out of there. Way more cost effective to go to where the best are and come back with lots of content for my sites. I'll shoot a girl in Philly if a girl is passing through town, but it's very rare I do that anymore.I only host my foot worship parties out of Philly now.Thanks!John

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August 20102838/20/2014
Most recent post:
She's done it to me too for no reason also, so don't take it personal. She seems to care to help people yet at the same time can't help being quite rude to some of us, even those who've met her or worked with her

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March 2011148/20/2014
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A good little interview of Dana is on Just gut talk podcast (not mine). fast forward to 34:30 into the podcast.Enjoy! the

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November 2013308/19/2014
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Another new girl -- she is that 'spiritual' type in tune with her body, yoga chick.img=219d58f453f54dc6a66dec11340080]

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July 20121528/18/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
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If Mandingo wants to shoot i'm here, you guys should tweet at him @fred_nice he is relatively "unresponsive", to me and other producers. We had a fine business relationship, he chose to direct movies for WCP. If he wants to shoot he will contact me. I think I provided the best shooting conditions for him when we worked together. Its all up to him

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September 20019308/18/2014
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YOU ROCK LCF...Thank You

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February 20144848/18/2014
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Ginger strips and sucks cock POV

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November 20071648/16/2014
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
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The toilet seat turned Venus into a bit of a potty mouth. Who knew!

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March 200247168/13/2014
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IR scenes aren't a big deal to me and I'm definitely not one of those who get super excited when a pornstar finally decides to swing that way

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January 2014548/5/2014
Soapy Suds
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If you're not enjoying the sex, penetration or oral (received), and you're only doing it for the money, then keep your mouth shut. Faking oh yeah fuck yeah never works.Just keep it shut. It's so annoying. Please pass this onto the newbies.

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September 2013988/4/2014
Tony Flush
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Chris Streams Presents: An upcoming (yet to titled) IR POV movie

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February 20092478/3/2014
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Yep, you're right - quality performer, I thought it was only the UK industry where they left this quickly.

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March 2010187/31/2014
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
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I think you might have wanted "You Will Never be a Male Performer" Looks are important to getting hired in porn, but so are a lot of other things. In most jobs, being good at social interactions is crucial, and porn is no exception. If people like you, they'll hire you. If people can't stand being around you, they won't. If the other talent likes fucking you, you're a lot more likely to get requested and thus to work. If you show up on time, do good scenes, and don't cause drama, directors are much more likely to call. A porn star has to be able to manage her fanbase too - the more popular she is, the more likely she is to get hired, and for better projects. Actually being good at the job helps, though there sort of an inverse relationship between how traditionally pretty someone is and the extent to which she has to be a genuinely good performer in order to work. (I'm not saying pretty girls are bad performers, but rather that the less you fit a standard model, the more crucial it is to be a good performer. Someone like Bonnie Rotten - or myself for that matter - would never have been able to sustain a career being a soft, low energy fuck). Last but not...

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May 2010757/29/2014
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^ Definitely, Gabi is a pleasure to work with and such a lil hottie

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March 20043747/28/2014
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candace dare has one bad as body! here booty is the stuff of legend...lolseriously though she has a very shapely body particularly her ass.don't really know how I feel about the scenes with gay performers at the moment???although many girls shoot with gay/tranny performers...Edited by - mygrayne69 on 7/28/2014 1:43:53 PM

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March 2014217/28/2014
Axel Braun    [Axel Braun's movies]
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Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, with Kimberly Kane in the titular role, is being released by Vivid in November :)

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September 20021247/26/2014
JaydenJaymes    [Jayden Jaymes's movies]
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July 2008457/22/2014
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yes keep the info commin this is my kind of wunder women of that era who tock a lot of spunk from the guy and still cheered.Damm I miss this woman or couple.

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January 200377/19/2014
Dr Mercies
Most recent post:
Mathle, I can assure you the mannequin most definitely had a purpose in the scene. Her name was Queen Filth, and Sarah and Penny were tasked with being even filthier than her. As for how that turned out, well, people will have to wait for the scene. :)

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July 201427/19/2014
Mike Quasar
Most recent post:
Romi Rain and then everyone else. Also, although incredibly hot, I'm pretty sure Giselle Mari is part persian and part latin.

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July 200122557/16/2014
Rico Shades
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Ass to Pussy girls are the absolute fucking best! Period.

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December 20063707/14/2014
Tarantino XXX
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May 2013157/12/2014
Chester Kingwood
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Daizha MorgannEdited by - Chester Kingwood on 7/6/2014 1:43:38 PM

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February 20071577/6/2014
Most recent post:
I wonder if that dork she's performing with is going to take off his freaking construction boots this time.Anyone in a betting mood?

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September 2013197/4/2014
Most recent post:
You do know that was a fictional character, and movies are just make believe, right?

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December 20095997/3/2014
generizer    [Gen Padova's movies]
Most recent post:
Here's more booty from my Stars 'n Stripes gallery and video that just went up today. Featuring these very popular shorts that have been around over a decade now :)Edited by - generizer on 7/3/2014 10:36:27 AM

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August 20041397/3/2014
Most recent post:
Hi Guys! Be sure to check out Callie in her final feature, "Call Me Mother" from Forbidden Fruits Films in August. In my opinion, it is her finest work as a performer and actress. The scene between her and Jodi West must be seen to be believed!

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November 201317/2/2014
Most recent post:
ok, seeing as the OP was done TEN years ago (my gawd), I was pleasantly surprised to see this topic being kicked around again. now that I live in a different place and part of the SFV, the Chateau DOES have AC, two units actually. and as hellish as it can get, I usually only break down and crank the AC if a heat wave hits say, day 5-6...OR if it's just too hot to go to sleep. it's also a must have on shoot days or else there would be nothing but sweat and limp dicks on my couches, lol. so, ten years later, how do I REALLY feel about AC? I still don't like it, & it does affect my sinuses, but I'll use it accordingly whenever push comes to shove. so I guess I'll take it, & then, even tho I mostly do without it. fu*k it, I'll LEAVE IT once again!.. no more middle ground/hemming & hawing. this summer I'm going sans AC unless I'm shooting a scene. I say I hold out 3-4 weeks lates, von S.

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January 200418887/2/2014
Most recent post:
Triga Films proudly present the very first studio release of the filthy new production team at ‘Skin Boss Films’. ‘Pay Up’ made in association and under the direction of Triga is a full on rampant no holds barred British production filmed on location in Liverpool. Pay Day Loans are two a penny in the UK right now and with interest rates at up to 2950% sometimes its tough to pay it back…remember though, if you don’t pay your tick you might loose your dick….When ‘Brucey Bones and ‘Chatty Charlie’ get behind on their repayments after too many nights and days in the pub they soon regret it and find out exactly why you don't want to fall into arrears and owe money to the local loan sharks. Wrenched out of their flats and dragged to a squat controlled by the sickest filthiest rouges alive they are treated like the worthless pathetic cunts they are they. Chained up in a cage used as human fuck n piss pots, they’re at the mercy of ‘Skin Boss’ and his dangerous henchmen. From extreme verbal agro to hard fucking, drenching piss and fuckin lots of Spunk! These lads get the complete works in repayment for their debts and a tough lesson in paying their dues on ti...

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June 201427/2/2014
Most recent post:
GLENN KING ANNOUNCES NEW SHOW ON RADIO TEMPTATION“Glenn King’s ManEaters” Premieres Friday, July 11 at 7PM PST(Los Angeles) Glenn King, one of the top names in Adult Radio, announced today the launch of a new multimedia show on the Radio Temptation Network. The show will be called “Glenn King’s ManEaters” and will air every Friday at 7PM PST. It will be streamed online in HD video, and can be viewed live on the station's website at The program will later be archived for viewing on demand. “This is the next phase of Radio Evolution for us…”, said King, “…our previous show, Evil Angel Radio, needed to grow beyond being Evil Angel Radio. We need to make the show free for everyone to listen to. We need HD cameras in studio and we need a free archive of previous shows. We need to bring back some of the things we did on previous stations, like Oil Wrestling, Cake Sitting, Tweet Beauty Pageant, and we need to make this year’s Pornstar Fantasy Football Draft wilder with more nudity! The new show is going to feature all of those things and much more! At the same time, we will still showcase Adult Stars and the great productions of Evil Angel. ̶...

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October 2012627/1/2014
john lyons
Most recent post:
Here are all of the 70s ones, with the titles NOT directed by Chinn noted:Johnny Wadd - 1971Blonde in Black Lace - 1971Flesh of the Lotus - 1971Tropic of Passion - 1971/72Danish Connection - 1972 (Walt Davis; softcore)Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here - 1975Liquid Lips - 1975/76Tapestry of Passion - 1976 (Alan Colberg)Jade Pussycat - 1977China Cat - 1978Blonde Fire - 1978/79

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January 200816376/22/2014
Most recent post:
Hello members,I am a new adult movie producer with plenty of mainstream movie production experience based in LA and I am planning to shoot a movie in Eastern Europe. I appreciate any help with the following questions. 1. Which country is the friendliest to shooting porn?2. Which country has the best talent pool? 3. What are the average rates (per scene, day) for talent?4. How professional are they?5. Rates for DP, lighting, electrical, grip crew?6. Equipment rental?7. Talent agencies?8. Safety (considering shooting porn)?9. Is there any savings by going to Eastern Europe keeping the quality the same VS producing in Los Angels?I understand these are general questions and so many variables are involved. I would like to know about your shooting experience in that region if you have any.

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June 201416/19/2014
stormydaniels    [Stormy Daniels's movies]
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Thank you! I love directing and work VERY hard at creating the best features I can. I pour my heart and soul into writing and directing…I'm glad someone noticed ;)

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March 20042186/9/2014
Most recent post:
I was just doing research on her as I am seeking a fresh face for an upcoming shoot and she is right within the demographic I am looking for right now. She looks great.Edited by - sbproductions on 6/9/2014 5:24:47 AM

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February 201416/9/2014
christopher streams
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^ it is and its off the charts

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February 20045456/8/2014
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The radiant & ravishing RICHELLE RYAN has shot FIVE times in Rochester, New York for www.bjtalentsearch.comRichelle has a great body, fabulous tits, super cock-sucking and cum-swallowing mouth, and incredible ass.....PERFECTION

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September 2007196/8/2014
Kevin Moore
Most recent post:
You forgot Summer Brielle. Jada is paired with Summer.

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April 20003356/7/2014
Desperate Pleasures
Most recent post:
Next on the list is Ella Woods. She made her debut with us alongside Emma Evins and will be returning soon.Her Twitter: out her hot scenes today Family Lies starringElla Woods, Emma Evins and Tali Dova is set to street August 7

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June 201446/4/2014
terri summers    [Terri Summers's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi all!!Was wondering if you can help me to find these models?? I am working on a book for soft nude and lingerie, and these are the models my client wants.. I have been looking all over for months, and can't seem to find their contact details :( Also I need agencies from the Ukraine?Can you help me? Let me know if I can do anything back, and perhaps I can :) Katrin B D E E E A Case Bradford Banks Skye Rosselini Marie barbie

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October 20034925/29/2014
Zen Master 2007
Most recent post:
Janey Robins.

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March 20077415/28/2014
Most recent post:
Lets bring up the heat this weekend!!!

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May 2014205/23/2014
Most recent post:

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January 20061245/22/2014
Mark Wood
Most recent post:
Francesca Le'-not only does she shoot camera for all of the LeWood/Evil Angel titles but also the older exp stuff and my old red light titles. I'm kinda biased though :)

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June 2004695/19/2014
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
The "mystery juggs" woman is ASHLEY JUGGS. She used to have a website back in the day. I kinda knew her webmaster. As far as I know, she never did any porn (involving boys). Most of her content was soft pictures, some with girls. I know she worked for Danni towards the end of her career. She was a stripper from Florida.- Jimmy HooliganThe Official Jimmy Hooligan Blog

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July 20092625/8/2014
Most recent post:
Most adult actresses don't just magically appear on the scene. They usually need to start somewhere. They need to find a place to get their feet (and other parts) wet. One of the better discovery/recruitment places is Model Mayhem. Its low cost of entry and accessibility to high quality photographers make it an ideal place to start. Here are some actresses who started with Model Mayhem, are there more?Zoe Voss 461788 (The number to the right is their Model Mayhem unique number.)Chloe Brooke 2462851Natalie Lust 2035655Cadence Lux 3249524 Autumn Winters 1984200Pepper Kester 2137358Jen Capone 1941988Jessa Rhodes 2570028Loren Blaine 2844588Erin Taylor 727316Sidnay Adams 2552639Hanna Perez 1236287Alexandra Elle 1969355Keira Kelly 1912755Jaslene Jade 2324256Natalie Heart 2570028Kelly Klass 176934Jodi Taylor 2862503Destiny White 597599 Izzy Champayne 263452Aubrey Lee 1754472Sophie Jade 1716572 Sativa Verte 43558Giselle Marie 2949164Courtney Dillon 1569466 Jillian James 1022583Chloe Amour 2958213Sarah Jain 900278Catie Parker 2933402Britney Lace 2492696Christy Mack 1300738Brianne Blu 2911852 and 2647335Belle Fatale 188012 Zayda J 752461Veronica Radke 2884308Star Nine 55228Sophia Jade 171657Sierra Nevadah 2939811Alyssa Reece 710632 Niki L

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March 2014135/2/2014
Most recent post:
Who Cares! It doesn't matter there are plenty of stars who love interracial on/off screen it's okay to fantasize but it's enough women that do interracial who can motivate you guys!

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August 2013314/23/2014
Omar Galanti
Most recent post:
Hello my friend ... please dont be afraid i am alive )))))Some family problem bring me far from the set , but soon i am on )))))

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October 20111224/20/2014
Most recent post:
179 Images from Clayra's "Swinger in Bondage Land" are available at:

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November 2010514/6/2014
Most recent post:
I just posted an interview I did with Lily last might be the most current one out there. Check it!

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January 20079503/15/2014
Most recent post:
any updates about her

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December 201313/13/2014
kylie ireland    [Kylie Ireland's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and let you know there is a new blog up on! I have created a Clips4Sale store and am uploading new scenes daily... click on over to my blog to find out what kind of perversions I have been up to!Or just go to Klips O' Kylie on Clips4SaleKisses,Kylie

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November 20038981/30/2014
alexisgolden    [Alexis Golden's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I had a lot more to see than what's mentioned here!<

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January 2009581/26/2014
Most recent post:
Season 1, Episode 1 ReviewParticipants:Jason --decent looking guy with a good personality without being overbearing. Regular guy but fun.Cyrus --pretty boy with no fucking personality. Brings the whole group downTawney --very hot girl with a smoking body, tight waste, big tits, tongue ringAlyssa -- Pretty blonde, great body, big tits and a lower lip studThe episode starts slow, with the participants eating sushi off a very hot girl who, unfortunately, is only partially naked. Both girls are smoking hot. They have fun personalities and took the lead with the guys when they head down to the pool. Eventually Cyrus gets into it when all of them are naked in the pool but the girls have a fit because he tries to move too fast with them. Ultimately, he came across as a dick.Very strange vibe, actually, because the girls got all upset about a little groping while they were all naked in a hot tub. Weird weird weird. Then awkward.The couples go out on a date and start off doing some body painting. It's very erotic and everyone seems into it. Lots of making out and fondling. The girls seem to be ok with it now. Who can figure these bitches out?Back at the house, there are strippers that do lapdances and both men and women are getting int

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March 201331/23/2014
Most recent post:
yes she has retired. she is no longer performing and is busy with business and personal endeavours (she has made heaps from property investment), she is one girl that used porn to make very big moves in the business world. She has not made any scene in over 9 months and all material being released nowadays is from the back catalogue. And NO she does NOT do escort work at all, she steers away from this and she does not need the money.Good luck to her and best wishes a very pretty and smart girl.

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January 201411/13/2014
Most recent post:
I'm Zoey's Agent . She is currently is pregnant and wont be shooting until this summer.Damien Kane

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March 201321/13/2014
Most recent post:
Let me follow up by saying that I am smart enough not to use my stage name because the girls in the biz, after a few years, learn to hate guys (mostly the directors/producers but it does reach beyond that at times) and I know I would be sued and likely pimp whacked. Still in the industry and while I love my work (ha), think long and hard before carrying out the fantasy to be in the biz. Almost impossible to have a "real" relationship after a while. And trying to get aroused when working on vids with titles like "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" and similar, not an erotic turn-on no matter who you are fucking.Oh, I forgot one that I can't believe! The best overall fuck ever was Dani Woodward! Can't believe that slipped my mind! While I am giving out awards, I'll throw in worst fuck ever. Dead fish award goes to Brooke Banner hands down. Only starlet I worked with that I had to fantasize about someone else to cum! Geez they don't pay enough to do that one again.

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November 201321/9/2014
siripornstar    [Siri's movies]
Most recent post:
Leaving The AdultDVDTalk Forum -I've come to the decision to leave this forum. Many of you who post here on my own performer thread are really nice and I've enjoyed hearing your feedback and input. But despite the positive aspects of ADT, it's become evident that the majority of posts about me on other threads are not kind and respectful. In recent months, I’ve found that many of my posts result in other users making snide or nasty comments. It is no longer a rewarding experience to devote time each day to posting on ADT. To those of you who have appreciated my interaction with you, thank you. To those of you who do not like the way I entertain you on film and insist on being mean-spirited, you’ve succeeded in chasing me away.-SiriETA: The above post was posted after I last checked ADT and before I clicked the "post" button on this post. My decision to leave has nothing to do with the above post- I had already decided before I'd seen it. My decision is also not related to the one reviewer who commented about my scene with Lex in another thread, as has been speculated about. As stated above, I just don't find it rewarding to spend time posting here anymore. Please respect my decision and refrain from personal

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June 20122151/6/2014
Most recent post:
Jay for your TS Playground stuff are you going to have more scenes with Andressa Alves or Jhenifer Dalbosco? Both have nice gapes

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January 201411/5/2014
Pamela Balian    [Pamela Balian's movies]
Most recent post:
Just added my profile and getting used to this site. Reading up on new posts and finding out how it all works. Noticed someone added info about my tongue splitting. Haven't added any pics yet but will be posting a new clip on my site and my clips store so I can put my tongue to good use. :-)

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January 201411/3/2014
Most recent post:
Still a relative new face on the scene. She is currently in LA making the rounds.I shot her Agency shots below about a month ago. A very eager an open minded young lady. If she can keep it together you guys should be seeing a lot more of her.Sent her a message about the site so hopefully she will join up.

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January 20044712/17/2013
Most recent post:
BARBARA BABEURREBravosexy talk with BARBARA BABEURRE<img src="">bravo models media

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November 20062112/16/2013
RachelSteele    [Rachel Steele's movies]
Most recent post:
The new movie, Sins from Within, from Red MILF Productions is a new entry in the long line of quality Taboo films like Son's Secret Fantasy, Family Game Night, I Got a D in Biology, Twin Trouble and the famous porn parody The Dirty Movie.Sins From Within takes on organized religion and its doctrine head on. It highlights the conflict of commitment to serve versus succumbing to the urges of the flesh behind closed doors of a church with those special twists that only Rachel Steele and Red MILF Productions can provide you.The StoryForced into a convent at a young age, Rachel Steele worked side by side with Father Adam. Father Adam's rural church provided refuge and rehabilitation for sexual deviants. When Father Adam is summoned to serve at the Vatican, Sister Rachel decides it is time to act. A classic tale of a perverted journey and unrequited love.View the preview at Sins From Within preview

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November 20111912/5/2013
Rock Star aka Mr Teagan
Most recent post:
For Immediate Release Rock Star Entertainment Looks Forward to a Dominating Award Season with 14 Nominations(December 3, 2013 Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore year studio Rock Star Entertainment is making waves once again this award season with nominations at both the XBIZ and AVN Award Shows. Headed by industry veteran David Lord and director Joshua, Rock Star has proudly garnered 9 AVN Award nominations and 5 XBIZ nominations, with T&A starring Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley and Trashy starring Christy Mack leading the way.“David and I couldn’t be much more proud than we are of what we accomplished in 2013.” Joshua explains, “We had two big releases this year, T&A and Trashy, and both of them scored really well for us at the award shows. Two of our small releases also did well. What I am most proud of myself though is that David Lord got an AVN nomination for Best Director for Trashy and a XBIZ nomination for T&A. No one works harder than David, and I am glad to see him get recognized for his hard work. David and I both want to sincerely thank AVN, XBIZ and everyone that voted for us this year! Thank you.”Rock Star Entertainment is distributed exclusively by Adam & Eve Pictures. Th

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September 200860812/3/2013
Most recent post:
unfortunately i doubt that she's going to do anal with adriano anytime soon. looks like the scene was shot in july 2013 and when i shot her last month, rainia/lilith was adamant that she doesn't do anal . . . and i have a tiny dick. now i'm going to enjoy some rainia anal! lol

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November 2013111/19/2013
Alia Janine    [Alia Janine's movies]
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Hey guys!Just to let yous know, I didn't retire because I wasn't being booked. lmao I retired because of Measure B, all of the irresponsible performers, and the high school bullshit. I also got a civilian job and am going back to school for my Masters in Psychology. I would be lying if I said I missed I it, but I do miss most of the people. I will be working on getting together all of the scenes I own and putting together a DVD for my fans next year. Thanks for all the love and support over the years!Alia Janine

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July 201013411/12/2013
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goldstein, this isn't the place to get into certain discussions, and I don't really PM. I share what I feel is appropriate, and I respond to those I feel I need to respond to. If I think information is beneficial and something everyone should know, I do share it. I don't respond to other things that I find silly or odd. This isn't a debate between pornlaw and me about whether my Dept of Health inspectors were fakes and I'm the victim of some grand conspiracy; this is a discussion about the validity of using condoms on set.

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December 200718610/29/2013
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Most of you may know already but Holly Michaels is out of her contract and working again for all companies, she'll be back on our site soon, and she hasn't changed a bit, still as awesome as ever! Both her KissMe Girl and SloppyGirl scenes were killer.

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October 2013310/23/2013
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Thank You to Captain Jack and Roscoe Fuji from ADT for taking the time to watch and review this movie.B.SKOW

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September 2013410/21/2013
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Haven't been here in a while...thanks guys for posting all the pics and the nice compliments. Someone asked about a trailer for "The Hunted". The teaser trailer is here... and here You Tube video won't play on phones...just computers. Thanks guys

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February 20102910/18/2013
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I do a pretty decent Peter North impersonation on my site My loads are pretty huge and I don't see anyone in Europe getting anywhere near it :)ErikEdited by - erikwil on 10/13/2013 3:43:17 PMEdited by - killbillvol69 on 10/13/2013 9:48:23 PMEdited by - erikwil on 12/16/2013 11:32:49 AM

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October 2013110/13/2013
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February 20058710/10/2013
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thanks...gonna check out GFY first and see how they treat me and go from there.

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July 200817010/7/2013
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Ive not used a Phantom but I did shoot this movie partly on a Sony FS700 shot HD at 120FFD

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December 2010549/29/2013
Brandon Lee Harrington
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"Anal Blitzkrieg""Ass Gangsters""Stop my ass is on fire!"The last makes me laugh to this day and I saw it for the first time like 10 years ago. Theres even a large stop sign on the cover for added effect on some of the titles in the series.Give me head till im dead

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June 201179/28/2013
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^ Disney smiles all around

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April 2000102839/25/2013
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info / chat / parties dehlaila@hotmail.bebioThe Best of X-Kiss Vol. 1Ein Bett für Zehn alternative title for Sex Power - Ein Bett für ZehnBitte fickenBärenfutter alternative title for Cafe Lambada (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Bärenfutter - Die Sau im Käfig alternative title for Cafe Lambada (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Cafe Lambada 1995, Dir. Eddy Lipstick (as Eddy Lippstick in the Dinovision release) (as Marcella Giotto, Mina Delage, Viola Clêry, Yvette Fraschini or uncredited)Callboy Report 1995Club Caresse 2000 (plays Sabrina, Kristel or Ester)La Croisière s'encule 1995, Dir. Alain Payet (as Davila)Da Capo No. 14Erotica Exzesse 1F.C. de Kapoenen De training 1996, Dir. Eddy Lipstick (plays Clitoortje)Einer Fickt für alle 1998 (as Dehlaila)Fotze zu Versteigern alternative title for Sex Power - Fotze zu VersteigernFruit CocktailGeile Schweine alternative title for Sex Jumbo - Geile Schweine (as Dehlaila)Hardcore Hotel II 1990s Helen Does Holland 1997, Dir. Eddy Lipstick Helen Fucks Holland alternative title for Helen Does Holland Helen’

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August 201059/17/2013
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The Temptation of EveThrust into an uncomfortable circumstance, Eve (Remy LaCroix) finds herself living under the same roof as Brandon (the man she shared the most intense sexual connection of her life with) and Danny (her current love whom she shares the most intimate emotional connection of her life). Her own curiosity about the man she lusted for long ago, coupled with his desperate attempts at manipulating her back into another affair, leaves Eve straddling the line between right and wrong. Will Eve succumb to Brandon's games? Or will she stay loyal to Danny, the man who continues to be her grounding force in the unpredictable, unstable world Brandon has begun to weave for both of them.Watch the trailerTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Aug 8 2013

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June 2011108/8/2013
Elite Photography
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Edited by - Elite Photography on 10/7/2013 9:21:03 PM

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July 201327/28/2013
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As a HUGE fan of the bukkake art form I am disappointed that there seems to be fewer and fewer new releases. Any off the grid bukkake sites or new material out there?Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jun 23 2013

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September 20051316/23/2013
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2013 and we still can't get beyond this topic. porn is not a reflection of "real" life. No one should be paid more to do a Black dude, just as no Black girl is paid more to do a white guy. Agents need to stop this practice with a quickness.Edited by - AlexanderDeVoe on 6/11/2013 6:31:29 PM

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August 2006416/11/2013
Don Fernando
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PT was not a Hollywood reject as he was accepted and had a starring role in a film musical in "Jesus Christ- Superstar". If one put it as "PT was not a Hollywood success" - now that would hold true IMO.Don

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July 20042166/3/2013
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Ooops here is the poster... Vicky Vette,

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May 2004576/1/2013
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^^^just a heads up it will be available to download on FemdomEmpire in the next few weeks but can be purchased on clips4sale in the meantime ;-) - title : "Fucked bitch ASS"

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March 201315/11/2013
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Oh YES!!!! Roxy Raye is sooo HOT! I have had the PLEASURE of making several scenes with her and the very thought of her makes me wet!FYI: Roxy and I are on the same network = Pornicate ;)My new members site is now part of Roxy's network so I am very excited to make many more videos with her for the Pornicate Network of girls!XO Angie Noir

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December 2011105/10/2013
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Phoenix Marie hands down!

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April 201314/24/2013
Jeff Mullen
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Hopefully nobody ever took our X-Play parodies too seriously. We took making them very seriously and we wanted every detail to be as spot-on as our skill level would allow but we never lost the point that what we were ultimately doing was goofy and silly. The point was to bring classic TV into the porn world and make a few people laugh along the way and I'm pretty sure we did that and still continue to do that. For those that are anti-parody there is nothing we could ever do to please those folks so we didn't try. What pissed me off along the way was a number of companies 'phoning it in' that is going for the fast buck and making an inferior product with a glossy box sleeve in an attempt to confuse the customer. Some companies still do that with ads that cost more than the movie production itself. I had a conversation at AEE in Vegas and one company owner said to my face and I quote, "I don't give a shit about the movie I just want to make sales." I can honestly say I hated that guy immediately.With all of the attacks on the porn production industry it is amazing that we as an industry can still make quality porn movies of any type and 'quality' takes time and time equals money of which there is just not enough coming ba...

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January 20082434/15/2013
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Not jaded at all, just facts are facts. East Euros are far prettier.Erik Everhard " Always imitated NEVER duplicated"

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January 20023244/12/2013
Danny Ocean
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Rachel Love is active in the Members Area..Please join!

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June 201194/8/2013
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Very sexy makes me want one:)

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March 201313/13/2013
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