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William H. Nutsack The 3rd.
Most recent post:
Mr. Fittswell: send me a private message with your address and I will send you the flick, take care. Go to and click contact william h.

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November 20051169/20/2009
Alexia Sparks    [Alexia Sparks's movies]
Most recent post:
she does get dommed by two black chicks in "The Kiss"

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January 20071191/26/2008
Omar Galanti
Most recent post:
Hello my friend ... please dont be afraid i am alive )))))Some family problem bring me far from the set , but soon i am on )))))

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October 20111224/20/2014
Francesca Le    [Francesca Le's movies]
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February 200512311/11/2015
Axel Braun    [Axel Braun's movies]
Most recent post:
Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, with Kimberly Kane in the titular role, is being released by Vivid in November :)

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September 20021247/26/2014
Aryana Starr    [Aryana Starr's movies]
Most recent post:
thats what i said thank you for clearing that up lol thats crazy

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August 20091293/19/2011
Most recent post:
As a HUGE fan of the bukkake art form I am disappointed that there seems to be fewer and fewer new releases. Any off the grid bukkake sites or new material out there?Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Jun 23 2013

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September 20051316/23/2013
Alia Janine    [Alia Janine's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey guys!Just to let yous know, I didn't retire because I wasn't being booked. lmao I retired because of Measure B, all of the irresponsible performers, and the high school bullshit. I also got a civilian job and am going back to school for my Masters in Psychology. I would be lying if I said I missed I it, but I do miss most of the people. I will be working on getting together all of the scenes I own and putting together a DVD for my fans next year. Thanks for all the love and support over the years!Alia Janine

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July 201013411/12/2013
jessica    [jessica drake's movies]
Most recent post:
i do walk Dahlia...when i read about what Sophie was doing, i was so touched. i wanted to donate, so i did, but i'm a really hands-on person (haha, yes, literally!) so i had to go and see her. the first thing i did was get down on the floor by her cage on her level. it made me cry, and i'm not much of a crier. i just felt compelled to get her out, and though i can't take her home with me, i do spring her out of there from time to should walk her, tricia. she's awesome, with such an amazing disposition. it was maybe a little scary at first- she pulls really hard for the first 15-20 minutes, but then she gets a good stride going, and last time, we even sat in the grass together awhile. i knew i was in when she rolled over on her back & gave me her belly for scratches. ; )i'm leaving for NY, but when i get back i'll be with her again, and if you follow me on twitter, i've posted pics of her.kudos to sophie for spreading the word about dahlia & helping so much!!!xoxo,jd

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August 20071355/6/2010
generizer    [Gen Padova's movies]
Most recent post:
Here's more booty from my Stars 'n Stripes gallery and video that just went up today. Featuring these very popular shorts that have been around over a decade now :)Edited by - generizer on 7/3/2014 10:36:27 AM

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August 20041397/3/2014
Most recent post: we go...i gotta shoot soon, so im gonna try to make this short...again, i have completely nothing against shooting IR porn...i shot a few scenes for 'milfs like it black' and it was cool...(btw, keep an eye out for jody breeze, awesome male talent to work with)the only way i think an interracial site would work on the brazzers network is if we focussed primarily on girls who don't usually do IR or have never done it and are really big on our site (jayden jaymes, rachel roxxx, nikki benz...etc)keep in mind, although it is a relatively decent market, it definitely has decreased in popularity over the years...its definitely not in the same place it was 5 years also need to keep in mind that member retention is just as important as finding new members. so, if we tried out a new IR site, do you think the new members we bring in will replace the ones we lose? is it even worth attempting considering how our members already feel about IR ...already it is very clear that they're not big fans of it...i think the idea or a completely separate network of only IR was mentioned as well. this is also a great idea, however, we need to remember that it isn't as big a market as it used to be and thus may not be worth the in...

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September 20071392/15/2010
Most recent post:

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January 20061429/18/2015
Eli Cross
Most recent post:
I think you might be missing an important point; next year is an election year, and the republicans are going to be doing everything they can to fire up their base of "core values Christian conservatives," (whatever the hell that means) including urging every conservative DA in every conservative area to grab the "sin headlines."Well, Bill McCollum (Florida's DA) is slightly to the right of Mussolini, politically, and if you think the powers-that-be in Florida are unaware that the land of Anita Bryant, Disneyworld and people who still think Fidel Castro is Satan incarnate is slowly becoming porn's second Valley, you're fooling yourself.Here's the thing about Los Angeles County, specifically: as mentioned in a previous post, you cannot be prosecuted for pandering/prostitution/solicitation here for shooting adult. I can't speak to Vermont or New Hampshire (first I've heard of either), but that's the reason porn picked up and moved here from New York and San Francisco in the early 80s. Suddenly, and for the first time, it was implicitly -- if not explicitly -- legal!Charlie Crist is running for senate in 2010, and I guarantee you he's going to want to go it in a blaze of righteous fury and big headlines. I honestl...

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April 20061529/8/2009
Tommy Kaye
Most recent post:
No attitude here at all lol. Just asking a simple question. We included some of ADT fan's questions in the show. You must of missed that post about a month ago. I posted the cover because I thought just maybe someone might enjoy the very sexy lady on the cover. There will be an official press release and it will be posted in the press release section. Thanks for your interest...I found the Russian women to be some of the most beautiful and sexy creatures on the planet. Everyday normal girls walking down the street that look better than the so called super models.Edited by - tommy kaye on 8/18/2009 7:30:00 PM

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February 20071548/18/2009
Chester Kingwood
Most recent post:
Daizha MorgannEdited by - Chester Kingwood on 7/6/2014 1:43:38 PM

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February 20071577/6/2014
MrMarcus    [Mr. Marcus's movies]
Most recent post:
thanks...gonna check out GFY first and see how they treat me and go from there.

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July 200817010/7/2013
PennytheFlamingFlame    [Penny Flame's movies]
Most recent post:
Tory's not on vacation, she's just been under contract. I saw her two days ago, playing volleyball with a bunch of other girls. You all shoulda been there...

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July 20061744/30/2008
Manuel Ferrara    [Manuel Ferrara's movies]
Most recent post:
adrianna, i miss you!!!

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February 20031753/30/2008
Most recent post:
Hi Iowa,I purchased it from Eternity Collars in California. wishes,John

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March 200917711/26/2011
Most recent post:
SCENE 5 - DP SCENE - from her newest video for HarmonyFilms, "Stella Cox is a Nymphomaniac," is excellent.Two big schnauzers rail her butt, pussy and mouth and if she were my girl, I'd be a big fan knowing that this is what she did when she left the house in the morning to go to work.

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September 201317711/20/2015
NicaNoelle    [Nica Noelle's movies]
Most recent post:
goldstein, this isn't the place to get into certain discussions, and I don't really PM. I share what I feel is appropriate, and I respond to those I feel I need to respond to. If I think information is beneficial and something everyone should know, I do share it. I don't respond to other things that I find silly or odd. This isn't a debate between pornlaw and me about whether my Dept of Health inspectors were fakes and I'm the victim of some grand conspiracy; this is a discussion about the validity of using condoms on set.

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December 200718610/29/2013
mariahxxx    [Mariah Milano's movies]
Most recent post:
hey guys...been a while. I gained weight because I had a tumor on my thyroid and the meds caused weight gain. It was a type of steroid. I have since lost about 90% of the weight I gained and am 100% healthy now. I know it was shocking because I was always small and everyone in my family is small as well. Nothing I could do to avoid other than not take the medication. Life is better today than any other time in my life. Leaving the industry was the best thing I ever did for myself.

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August 20091901/27/2015
Jimmy Lifestyles
Most recent post:
Bro, you see this girlie in person, and actually with her clothes on, the shape is perfect, jaw dropping, head turning. For real, hour glass and bangin. So this is one that actually upgraded with the upgrade.

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August 200419211/9/2009
VictoriaGivens    [Victoria Givens's movies]
Most recent post:
I know a girl who runs a dungeon and had a client that, by the end of the session would be literally hanging by his balls. It was then he would get off. That wasn't on film though so I’m not sure if it's relevant.

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September 200319611/9/2009
Most recent post:
Second scene of Chelcee releasedFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

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November 200719610/2/2015
Duke Skywalker
Most recent post:
the only thing she caught was a stay in business only one way... being safe.duke

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July 20051991/11/2008
Most recent post:
Yes at that time she was () working the day shift.....

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March 200620810/21/2010
siripornstar    [Siri's movies]
Most recent post:
Leaving The AdultDVDTalk Forum -I've come to the decision to leave this forum. Many of you who post here on my own performer thread are really nice and I've enjoyed hearing your feedback and input. But despite the positive aspects of ADT, it's become evident that the majority of posts about me on other threads are not kind and respectful. In recent months, I’ve found that many of my posts result in other users making snide or nasty comments. It is no longer a rewarding experience to devote time each day to posting on ADT. To those of you who have appreciated my interaction with you, thank you. To those of you who do not like the way I entertain you on film and insist on being mean-spirited, you’ve succeeded in chasing me away.-SiriETA: The above post was posted after I last checked ADT and before I clicked the "post" button on this post. My decision to leave has nothing to do with the above post- I had already decided before I'd seen it. My decision is also not related to the one reviewer who commented about my scene with Lex in another thread, as has been speculated about. As stated above, I just don't find it rewarding to spend time posting here anymore. Please respect my decision and refrain from personal

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June 20122151/6/2014
Most recent post:
I shot one of Risis's first scenes back when she was eighteen, a three-way with a really pretty Asian girl and a guy. Also just ran into her again at this year's AVN Show looking really hot. Said she only did solo & girls now. Too bad, I would have loved to shoot her again for b/g and

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January 20022162/2/2012
stormydaniels    [Stormy Daniels's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I love directing and work VERY hard at creating the best features I can. I pour my heart and soul into writing and directing…I'm glad someone noticed ;)

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March 20042186/9/2014
Don Fernando
Most recent post:

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July 200421810/17/2014
Yani Z
Most recent post:
Chico Wang you love drama and throwing mud. I agree on must of the points of how Anabolic run in your eyes, but do you have to tell the whole world there business? What’s the honor in that? Tell Chris to his face or call me up on mine, but to spread rumors on the Internet is the cowards’ way out.

I tell you I went out of pocket as well as you did, $45OOO+ Dollars too and it took 6 months to pay most of it back to me. I am still owned. I don’t know how I could have pocketed all this money you keeping saying I spent $18000 to $21000 per movie. I was tolled if we go over budget we would still get or directors fee. I tolled him how much over I went. I got a straight that’s you’re problem, Balance it out with the other movies. Maybe if I had it like you and shoot the girl for 10 scenes in a day so the girl price might drop to a few hundred I could of pocketed the money like you but not the case. You seem to have a lot of hate and want to bring everyone down. Why? You make things sound great for your friends and business partners but the rest of the world can suck you off. But if you truly have a problem with someone take it to them, Legal or other wise. I am on this site once a week but if you don’...

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February 20032205/2/2007
Most recent post:
It's about 1:30AM now, so I'll come back tomorrow and respond to a few more post.Thanks guys!!!

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March 20072211/4/2010
Porn Addict
Most recent post:
Her scene in the recent Naught College School Girls is awesome! She's cute as anything and a great performer. She has a sexy non-typical LA porn look to her. I'll take chicks like this over big boob blonde pornstars any time!- PornAddictClick Here to Visit PornAddict.Com

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December 20052233/14/2009
Alberto Rey    [Alberto Rey's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi there !I just had a look at your website and sent you a message...If you have a chance to read it just send me an e-mail at albertorey1966@gmail.comAlberto Rey

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October 20032343/13/2008
Most recent post:
If 99% of members are going to be turned off by something, eg. Armpit hair or leg hair, or scat, or genital mutilation, I'm not going to shoot it.As for Lily Ivy, I'm having her come to shoot in exactly a week from now. She's best friends with the Arya girl above.

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July 201224111/26/2015
Jeff Mullen
Most recent post:
Hopefully nobody ever took our X-Play parodies too seriously. We took making them very seriously and we wanted every detail to be as spot-on as our skill level would allow but we never lost the point that what we were ultimately doing was goofy and silly. The point was to bring classic TV into the porn world and make a few people laugh along the way and I'm pretty sure we did that and still continue to do that. For those that are anti-parody there is nothing we could ever do to please those folks so we didn't try. What pissed me off along the way was a number of companies 'phoning it in' that is going for the fast buck and making an inferior product with a glossy box sleeve in an attempt to confuse the customer. Some companies still do that with ads that cost more than the movie production itself. I had a conversation at AEE in Vegas and one company owner said to my face and I quote, "I don't give a shit about the movie I just want to make sales." I can honestly say I hated that guy immediately.With all of the attacks on the porn production industry it is amazing that we as an industry can still make quality porn movies of any type and 'quality' takes time and time equals money of which there is just not enough coming ba...

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January 20082434/15/2013
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
One of the leading Mega Sites for fans of BBW ladies,, has received a XBIZ Nomination for Adult Site of the Year- Niche. Since 2006 has brought you some of the best hardcore and solo action starring such ladies as Lexxxi Luxe, Eliza Allure, Mazzaratie Monica and Sofia Rose. currently features over 413 Pornstars and 2,104 movies. If you are looking to join a site that gives members a great experience including behind the scenes, webcams, erotic stories and no download limit then will be the BBW site for you. Plumper Pass DVD's are distributed by Sensational Video which has over 600 titles, for a complete list of titles For more information on the Xbiz Awards check out will also be a Corporate Sponsor of the 2016 BBWcon Expo and Biggie Awards which will be held July 22-24th at Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 70 BBW models attending this is the only Expo and Awards show dedicated to the BBW community. Head over to for those interested in attending or models looking to exhibit." It's always great to be acknowledged by your peers. When we started people

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May 200425011/24/2015
bridgette    [Bridgette Kerkove's movies]
Most recent post:
Audrey Hollander.

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July 200325110/7/2004
Most recent post:
I think it's just that the heavily tatted / pierced girls don't have mainstream porn appeal. Also, being a "Burning Angel" or a "Suicide Girl" is somewhat of an honor for those girls. They're part of a cool porn scene.- SwirliePorn with Swirlie

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November 20092515/19/2011
Ricky D
Most recent post:
It would've been cool if you guys signed a guy who's an amazing director, like Ivan, instead of picking up guys you might have some personal connection to (don't act like almost every hire wasn't a friend or acquaintance in the past). Oh well, I guess that's why I've moved on from the video business as a whole. Real talent is never appreciated, just who you know and if the powers that be like you.

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January 20042544/26/2010
Most recent post:
Any chance you got enough footage for this? Would definitely be a winner.

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January 200528311/23/2015
Soapy Suds
Most recent post:
I've officially given up on WLT.It's junk now. Made by guys who don't like girl-girl, starring girls who don't like girls.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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September 201328711/13/2015
Irish Caraway
Most recent post:
You can do a reverse bound gangbang with Seth McFarland's Ted.

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July 20052907/9/2012
KimberlyKanexOx    [Kimberly Kane's movies]
Most recent post:
Alison Mosshart? Never heard that one but I'll take it!<

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October 20082907/12/2011
Bonnierotten    [Bonnie Rotten's movies]
Most recent post:
Hows everyone doing!I am so stoked about the AVN, AND XBIZ NOMS THIS YEAR!@ AVN i GOT NOMINATED FOR 9 AWARDS! (THATS INCLUDING MY DIRECTOR NOMINATIONS AND MOVIE NOMS WHICH MEAN THE WORLD TO ME)AND @XBIZ i GOT NOMINATED FOR 3 OR 4 too :) Thats pretty cool I am glad I made some awesome stuff before I stepped back and that it was recognized.Thanks for being fans of mine and continuing the support!love always.

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March 201231411/24/2015
Erik_Everhard    [Erik Everhard's movies]
Most recent post:
Not jaded at all, just facts are facts. East Euros are far prettier.Erik Everhard " Always imitated NEVER duplicated"

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January 20023244/12/2013
Most recent post:
If you know me a little,. you now I wouldn't do that... :)Not my thing to get attention that way. x :)

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August 20033274/26/2010
Most recent post:
Ah, well then, my opinion of TT Boy just dropped even lower.

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June 201333011/16/2015
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
This truly disturbs me. I have worked with this girl and she is among the nicest you will ever meet. Industry or anywhere. I really feel bad for her. She really doesn't deserve this and she is right, this kind of stuff can ruin families. Why do idiots need to get personal with people? Unreal.

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August 201034111/3/2015
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!

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August 20033449/10/2015
Denis Marti    [Denis Marti's movies]
Most recent post:
great job Jonni and Francesca! as

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April 20033567/26/2010
Jimmy Hooligan
Most recent post:
Her scene is now available for sale at DIRT PIPE DIVAS- Jimmy Hooligan

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July 200936110/25/2015
Rico Shades
Most recent post:
Puerto Rican and Greek Ass Goddess releases her latest exclusive Sheena Ryder Productions DVD!LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2015) – Sheena Ryder stars in, and graces the cover of, “Sheena Ryder Threesomes.” The title, available exclusively from the Sheena Ryder store, features Sheena Ryder in a myriad of fantastic threesomes; DP, Interracial, Stepmother/daughter and ex-girlfriend.“I like to keep it hardcore and dirty,” says Sheena. “There was a lot of hardcore fucking in this and I definitely done it with the raincoaters in mind.”“Sheena Ryder Threesomes,” also stars Shay Fox and Addie Juniper. Trailer and Buy Link

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December 20063735/17/2015
Kevin Moore
Most recent post:
I've been a lifelong Rush fan. Seen them about 38 times live. I look nuts in this photo, but it was a crazy moment for me personally. Edited by - kevin moore on 11/20/2015 8:21:39 PM

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April 200037611/20/2015
David Lord
Most recent post:
You can do a search here on ADT, and buy it from your favorite online retailer. My pick is

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September 20003909/19/2007
davecummings    [Dave Cummings's movies]
Most recent post:
I performed with her almost five years ago -- I still often masturbate to that dayShe's in Knee Pad Nymphos, Vol 10 --- she did sex positions and a bj with me.Were it not for piracy, I'd shoot with her again, and again, and again!Dave

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December 20023905/12/2012
Tony Flush
Most recent post:
Chris Streams Presents: Internal Damnation #9Available March 23rd

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February 20093963/20/2015
Most recent post:

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March 200439711/4/2015
TJCummings    [T.J. Cummings's movies]
Most recent post:
I have worked with Mellanie, but... I have worked while she watched. More often then not, when talent is waiting in the on deck circle we don't much mind to what's happening but our girl Mellanie does. She's a horny girl.

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December 20054097/23/2009
mike john
Most recent post:
Thank you to everyone at XRCO,I am honored once again.To me The XRCO award means more than any other in our industry.I am in Costa Rica and couldnt make the show.

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August 20024304/13/2012
Tom Byron
Most recent post:
Go for it, dude. They're all yours.

I would never use such titles, cuz I'm not a racist like you.

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September 20024351/28/2005
Van Styles
Most recent post:
Just letting you guys know my 2013 calendar project with street wear brand HUF just came out featuring Asa Akira,Skin Diamond,Jayden Cole,Kristina Rose,Jynx Maze,Lily LeBeau,Alexis Texas,Jayden Jaymes,Maddy O’Reilly,Asphyxia Noir,Monique Alexander and Jessie Rogers is available here. This is a 16 x 25 photo based calendar and will be very limited. Happy Holidays! -VS

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January 200445712/18/2012
MissJennaHaze    [Jenna Haze's movies]
Most recent post:
I am pretty sure the scene Sara Stone shot for me was her last scene before retiring. Also I believe the Bree Olson scene in BIC:Naturally Gifted was her final scene before she quit doing scenes for Charlie Sheen. Although I am sure she will be back doing scenes since I heard they had broken up.. but I could be wrong on this...? Not sure.

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April 20064606/20/2011
Most recent post:
Super red lipstick will get me rock hard

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April 20054847/5/2009
terri summers    [Terri Summers's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi all!!Was wondering if you can help me to find these models?? I am working on a book for soft nude and lingerie, and these are the models my client wants.. I have been looking all over for months, and can't seem to find their contact details :( Also I need agencies from the Ukraine?Can you help me? Let me know if I can do anything back, and perhaps I can :) Katrin B D E E E A Case Bradford Banks Skye Rosselini Marie barbie

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October 20034925/29/2014
constance le
Most recent post:
you sure did! good times...

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October 20025439/9/2011
christopher streams
Most recent post:
As I have said before, I had nothing to do with the change in format....that came down from Jules himself.

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February 20045493/17/2015
Most recent post:
I have five within two miles. The closest is 0.33 and the most distant is 2.16 miles. All five have free Wi-Fi and accept the "Arch Card" according to their website's restaurant locator feature. Lucky me!

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June 20005651/26/2015
Most recent post:
Justin Slayer International proudly announces the signing of director/performer Sophia Santi as the newest exclusive director at Justin Slayer International, said company CEO, HJ. The company CEO stated, "Sophia Santi is a promising director & an AVN multi-award winning performer who is one of the most wildly popular females in the adult industry. She actually loves sex from an organic perspective...but her vision isn't limited to gonzo vignettes - so fans can also expect features from her Sophia Santi Production company. There is no question that Sophia is arguably one of the most beautiful women to ever do porn, its refreshing to know that we will finally get to see her own personal vision!"Sophia Santi became extremely popular back in 2002 when she was awarded Penthouse Pet for the month of November (under the name Natalia Cruz) then later winning Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up in 2005. During her career, Santi has won three AVN awards with two nominations and has starred in over 50 adult films. She recently ended her exclusive performer contract with Digital Playground before signing her exclusive director deal with Justin Slayer International. Santi's first DVD to be released through Justin Slayer Internat

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February 20035955/25/2011
Most recent post:
early 50s.

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December 20096054/9/2015
Rock Star aka Mr Teagan
Most recent post:
For Immediate Release Rock Star Entertainment Looks Forward to a Dominating Award Season with 14 Nominations(December 3, 2013 Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore year studio Rock Star Entertainment is making waves once again this award season with nominations at both the XBIZ and AVN Award Shows. Headed by industry veteran David Lord and director Joshua, Rock Star has proudly garnered 9 AVN Award nominations and 5 XBIZ nominations, with T&A starring Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley and Trashy starring Christy Mack leading the way.“David and I couldn’t be much more proud than we are of what we accomplished in 2013.” Joshua explains, “We had two big releases this year, T&A and Trashy, and both of them scored really well for us at the award shows. Two of our small releases also did well. What I am most proud of myself though is that David Lord got an AVN nomination for Best Director for Trashy and a XBIZ nomination for T&A. No one works harder than David, and I am glad to see him get recognized for his hard work. David and I both want to sincerely thank AVN, XBIZ and everyone that voted for us this year! Thank you.”Rock Star Entertainment is distributed exclusively by Adam & Eve Pictures. Th

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September 200860812/3/2013
Most recent post:
^^Havent watched part 2 with the food....I would of preferred the cast in Part 2 in Part 1. I thought part 1 was just ok....Adriana again the star, she really didnt have enough enthusiasim from the other girls especially Zoe Wood who seemed to shy away from the scene & spit..........give me Gabriella Paltrova & Adriana anyday for an epic spit scene !

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June 200467811/3/2015
HillaryScott    [Hillary Scott's movies]
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Hi! Long time no talk. So I have a ton of porno stuff that I don't need to keep around anymore. I was wondering if any fans or stars could recommend a good website/method to do this through.Any suggestions would be appreciated! -H Scott

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February 20056874/16/2012
jake malone
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Oh and who's this Sarah Shevon? Extreme is a quality I really admire in a young girl. I gotta meet her! Can you ask her to email me Mr Naz? Thanx 4 watching! I really have to get out more.....

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January 20056933/30/2011
tina tyler    [Tina Tyler's movies]
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Sexy Hard is right. This is very good news indeed. I am on the road to recovery and not having to drain my assets while doing it is a big load off my shoulders. I am looking at this time as an opportunity to do all those things I haven't had the time or energy to do, like finally writing my book and learning to ballroom dance. My prognosis is very good and I have no doubt that I will be perfectly fine, with time and treatment. No need to feel sorry for me, I don't. Besides, it's been a long time since I have had an adventure. Positive thoughts only please.Tina

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February 20007404/14/2009
Zen Master 2007
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I think he has to. It's been more than four hours.

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March 20078987/5/2015
kylie ireland    [Kylie Ireland's movies]
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Just because....

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November 200390310/20/2014
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Lola Foxx, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-la Foxx: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. La. Foxx...ok, ok, I ripped off the opener to Nabokov's Lolita. And if you're a Lit Snob like me, and you know about the book, and you just shot Lola Foxx, you'd know why I just ripped it off.ADT peeps take advantage of my ex-member special! I call it the "Billy Watson Special" and you can see all three scenes I shot for all three of my sites: Mr POV, ManoJob, and The Dick Suckers!

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January 20079529/6/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
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No problems on my iPads whats your internet speed? Anyone else have an issue on their iPads? <

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September 2001100211/23/2015
Skeeter Kerkove
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There is a movie I did about 3 years ago titled "Juggernauts" for Sin Citys Mayhem. The movie has 7 girls in it, all 7 girls have boob jobs, all 7 girls do anal or double anal, they all do lots of ATM,PTM and ATOGM, cum farting from the asses after receiving their anal creampie {To prevent unwanted pregnancies}, and cum is eaten in every scene. There is no other big tit movie like it, it is extremely hardcore. It was an editors choice in 2003 in AVN magazine and is listed as one of the top 25 Big Tit movies of all time.

Hardcore Big Tit movies sell real good and have very, very strong reorders.

I also did a movie called "Bounce" for my Bad Ass Pictures line at Metro. It has 7 girls all anal all Boob Jobs. Check out both movies, there are plenty of Fake tits in the movies.

I love boob jobs, I prefer boob jobs. I like to think that Boob jobs and sodomy paid for my Million Dollar home. It is my ATM house, my house of Sodom.

Skeeter Kerkove "King of Sodom"

Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn

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February 200310592/12/2006
melissalauren    [Melissa Lauren's movies]
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Donny : don't call me "sweety" you homophobic asshole. Or at least spell it right.Edited by - melissalauren on 4/20/2008 9:59:42 PM

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February 200410664/20/2008
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^^ I would introduce the girl, but that's just me, because whatever you chose, you are going to have to live with the results.

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June 2008106711/12/2015
TeaganPresley    [Teagan Presley's movies]
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Would you be able to send me the pics of me to my email since I can't save them of Flickr? I'd greatly appreciate it.xoxP.S: By the way, great job on your photos from the convention!!!

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March 200410717/17/2012
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Here is a trailer for one of Samantha Saint's solo scenes directed by me for our Puba Network.Samantha's site will be SamanthaSaint.comSamantha's

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June 200411149/29/2011
Chico Wang
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First person I've ever met except for Kid Vegas to flunk out of porn. You can be incompetent in this business but if you steal and forge federal documents, you're done.He's now trying to reinvent himself as a 'music video' director. Impossible if you're not in a

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January 200411446/28/2007
March 2014119611/24/2015
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MrPurple,Actually, the white scenes look better!! The Alena scene picks up a lot of strange color for the tile in the room….. I doing see Jay Sin fans complaining…. Only here!! Thats what this thread has become. It should be called Adult DVD Complaint Forum….. Please change the name!! Every damn scene in Wet Food is off the wall insane. Now were going to complain about a clean non distracting background??? WTFDamn

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January 200513023/4/2015
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Over the last 2-3 weeks I have been working on Den's Top 10 Porn Stars of my reviewing years 1996-2011.Pics and links 1> Bobbi Starr 2> Tricia Devereaux 3> Sylvia Saint 4> Hillary Scott 5> Dee 6> Avy Scott 7> Jewel De'Nyle 8> Aurora Snow 9> Gianna Michaels10> Francesca Le'Den

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September 200214075/17/2011
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I had a fling with an Italian woman at a swingers resort last year. I will guess that she was about 12-15 years older than me and still gorgeous.xoxoDevinn

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January 2004140911/10/2007
kellydivine    [Kelly Divine's movies]
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Thanks for the mention babe xo I haven't done a true GB or DA/DV but thats cause I like to pace myself LOL I do think I go hard in performances, though. I especially like cum in the eyes/up the nose.... its funny to shock people on set, I get my icks that way sometimes LOLxoxo Kelly Divine

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October 2008143910/23/2011
Steve Holmes    [Steve Holmes's movies]
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I only did one scene with Molly. So there are plenty of scenes without me.

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December 2002151612/20/2012
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I like that idea. I truly do. I appreciate you sharing. I will give it some thought and bring it to the table when we have our next production meeting.

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February 2014159211/25/2015
john lyons
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To clarify regarding IRRESISTIBLE, the awful 87 min cut that bootleg companies are currently distributing is not the full length original hardcore cut, but rather an edited version of the hard cut. Essex Video released the full length, 103 min hardcore cut on VHS in the early 80s.The soft/cable version of IRRESISTIBLE does have additional scenes, as you mentioned.Regarding COUNTRY COMFORT, my 35mm print of the film has the scene in question and is the hardcore version, so this too appears to be another instance of a VHS cut eliminating scenes present in the theatrical version.

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January 2008164111/25/2015
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this is like the best thing I've read here in a long time. well done KB.... -von S.

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January 2004194211/23/2015
JEWEL    [Jewel De'Nyle's movies]
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Thank you all so much and I am very happy and couldn't ask for more. My daughter and husband are now my life and time to leave porn and the last of my films behind. Glad to of had you all as fans throughout the years and thank you all for your support and for the success you've all given too me. It's been a great and yet at times tough career but I have no regrets. I will miss you all but it's time for me to pass the crown and step down this next generation I cannot relate to it's over my head and I always said when I stopped having fun it was time to bow out gracefully so this is my last and final curtain call. I bow, wink, smile and walk away to this life and step in to the next journey of life's new beginnings and say wow what a ride it's been.........xoxoxoJewel

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January 200619539/29/2009
Mike Quasar
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Zero Tolerance and Prince Yahshua bring the pain in Prince the PunisherFor immediate release - May 1st , 2015 - Los Angeles, CAZero Tolerance Entertainment is excited to announce a web exclusive presentation of “Prince the Punisher”, a frenzied reverse gangbang starring 5 of the hottest ladies in adult centered around one of the industries premiere studs, Prince Yahshua. The movie is available right now at A DVD release will follow on 5/19/15. This is first time that the veteran performer and fan favorite has ever participated in a reverse gangbang. He handpicked the lucky ladies himself based on his chemistry with them in one on one encounters. Having all five at once created something explosive.“Prince is a machine, literally. His energy and stamina are unmatched by any performer in the business. We were very anxious to give him his own showcase and the result is better than we had hoped”, said Head of Production, Dom Bongiorno. For his part, Prince said that the event was a dream come true for him and something that he’s wanted to do for a long time.“I love all of the ladies that I am privileged to work with every day but being able to have 5 of my favorites all at once was mind bl

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July 200122605/1/2015
Porno Dan
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VAN NUYS, CA — Porno Dan brings the 22nd of the multi-time Adult Video News (AVN) award nominated series, New Girl in Town 22. In this 22nd volume, Porno Dan presents five all-natural neophytes. Valentina Paradis has had sex with less than five people in her life. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm during her scene with Porno Dan. Lanie Morgan teams up with David Loso. Skylar Madison cums over and over thanks to Dan and the Magic Wand. Pristine Edge is becoming an in demand model. Trillium takes everything Scott Lyons can throw at her. ‘Porno’ Dan Leal said, “I feel that some of the models in this movie, especially Pristine Edge and Trillium, are destined to do big things in the adult industry.”Cover model Valentina Paradis stated, “I hope that people like what they see of me!”As with the entire Porno Dan catalog, this title is distributed by Pure Play Media. Contact Michael at or 954-903-3347 (x2224) for further details and ordering information.For more information, go to and

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March 2009427411/22/2015
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
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@2bollocks: I don't believe in taking little breaks. The longer, the better!@Zen Master 2007: You know me very well, sir.@Mister Fahrenheit: Yes, Bree Olsen did the update exclusively for Special thanks to the gif maker for not cropping it or putting another url over it. Added 3 updates to VOD:Rachel James' 2nd feedingStella DanielsRachel James' 3rd feeding

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March 200249057/19/2015
tricia_devereaux    [Tricia Devereaux's movies]
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^ Disney smiles all around

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April 2000102839/25/2013
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