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Last reply URL has been updated to (Pixie Dust Pornstar Page)(Note that she will have her brand new Dedicated Website released next week! You'll find her here: )

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March 201513/19/2015
AddieJuniper    [Addie Juniper's movies]
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I would LOVE to shoot for Blacked!!!<

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August 2008117/19/2015
Most recent post:
Hi - we're an independent European exclusive content producer, accepting commissions from the public for Private Fantasy porn shoots. Of course, we also accept exclusive content orders from Webmasters.Here are some stills from recent orders we've done for clients - lots more plus High Def video clips on our hompage are native English speakers, focused on delivering great content and excellent customer service - so you won't get any of that aggressive or unresponsive Russian/Hungarian/Czech studio BS with us!So, for your Private Porn orders - check out our Fantasy page here, you can find details of how to order your site content and updates here look forward to working with you and making great porn just the way you want it - thanks for checking us out, get in touch, and have a good day!ICQ - 583840681Edited by - heynow on Mar 14 2010

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March 201023/12/2010
Most recent post:
Hello members,I am a new adult movie producer with plenty of mainstream movie production experience based in LA and I am planning to shoot a movie in Eastern Europe. I appreciate any help with the following questions. 1. Which country is the friendliest to shooting porn?2. Which country has the best talent pool? 3. What are the average rates (per scene, day) for talent?4. How professional are they?5. Rates for DP, lighting, electrical, grip crew?6. Equipment rental?7. Talent agencies?8. Safety (considering shooting porn)?9. Is there any savings by going to Eastern Europe keeping the quality the same VS producing in Los Angels?I understand these are general questions and so many variables are involved. I would like to know about your shooting experience in that region if you have any.

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June 201416/19/2014
Alberto Rey    [Alberto Rey's movies]
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Hi there !I just had a look at your website and sent you a message...If you have a chance to read it just send me an e-mail at albertorey1966@gmail.comAlberto Rey

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October 20032343/13/2008
Alek James Hidell
Most recent post:

Thanks for the feedback.

I expect West Coast Productions to release RAMPAGE #4 sometime in April. Interested consumers can find out by e-mailing the company at

In other news, I recently returned from Budapest. I swear the most beautiful women in the world live there.

It was nice to have the opportunity to work for Vince Vouyer as well as shoot my own stuff.

I had the opportunity to hire some great performers to work with the girls: Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, and Leslie Taylor.

If West Coast has room in their release schedule, you can expect the start of a new euro series. I would love to keep this going!

Take care,

Brandon Iron

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December 2000143/15/2002
Most recent post:
2013 and we still can't get beyond this topic. porn is not a reflection of "real" life. No one should be paid more to do a Black dude, just as no Black girl is paid more to do a white guy. Agents need to stop this practice with a quickness.Edited by - AlexanderDeVoe on 6/11/2013 6:31:29 PM

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August 2006416/11/2013
Alexia Sparks    [Alexia Sparks's movies]
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she does get dommed by two black chicks in "The Kiss"

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January 20071191/26/2008
Most recent post:
Hi Juha I love the pic you have of me on ur profile MUAH!

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November 2004407/1/2008
alexisgolden    [Alexis Golden's movies]
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Thank you! I had a lot more to see than what's mentioned here!<

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January 2009581/26/2014
alexisrain    [Alexis Rain's movies]
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I have a huge fetish for sneakersCum indulge:

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March 201011/13/2012
Alia Janine    [Alia Janine's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey guys!Just to let yous know, I didn't retire because I wasn't being booked. lmao I retired because of Measure B, all of the irresponsible performers, and the high school bullshit. I also got a civilian job and am going back to school for my Masters in Psychology. I would be lying if I said I missed I it, but I do miss most of the people. I will be working on getting together all of the scenes I own and putting together a DVD for my fans next year. Thanks for all the love and support over the years!Alia Janine

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July 201013411/12/2013
Most recent post:
Updated list and removed shady and non-working sites :)North (legit?) (Canada) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA) (LA, Miami) (LA, Miami) (LA, Miami) (LA, Miami, Las Vegas) (LA, Miami, Las Vegas, New York City) (LA, Las Vegas) (Miami, Las Vegas) (Miami) (Miami, registration, legit?) (Miami) (Miami) (Las Vegas) (Las Vegas) (Budapest, registration) (registration, legit?) (Paris) (Spain)Eastern (Prague, registration) (Prague, registration) (Prague, registration) (Prague, registration, legit?) (Prague, registration) (Prague, registration) (Prag...

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December 2015112/1/2015
Most recent post:
She's cute, she looks a little older for my taste. HShe looks great on her Box cover.

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September 201079/22/2010
Most recent post:
Holy baseball bats its Rachel Roxxx from Bad News Bitches 3. What you doing BIOTCH

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June 20053210/31/2008
Most recent post:
I think we can do that :)

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July 201321/11/2015
Most recent post:
BELLADONNAsilvia saintnikita denise

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January 200891/15/2008
Angel - Long
Most recent post:
Thought I'd just add a couple of links for you guysAnal Stretch with Long & BadcockBig Fat Cock For 2 SlutsBig Black Cock & IHope you likex

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April 20061711/19/2009
Most recent post:
Hi Ya,Just thought I'd say I love to stuff my panties up inside my pussy hole, I think it's so damn sexy watching a girl pull her panties out of her pussy !!m m thinking about it now !!!Angel xEdited by - Angel-Long on 11/19/2008 6:40:45 PM

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May 2005311/19/2008
Most recent post:
Oh dear where to start....Your precious anal creampies are not that rare actually, they are very common with new girls starting out in the hardcore and gonzo side of the industry, there are about 100 made each day if you look hard enough. where it is rarer however, and you have quite rightly pointed out is amongst the top stars. So the question you really intended to ask is why are the top porn stars so reluctant to have their rectums ejaculated into (were i them i would be put off by the soudn of that alone)1) Risk of Infection :as everyone has already pointed out infection is quite uncommen, but not rare. uncommen is one level below common but still very dangerous. and it is uncommen we talk about when mentioning teh word 'risk' thus the girl is taking a high and probable 'risk' were she doing an anal creampie. (to be doing one while infection was 'common' would mean the sentence just said would change to the girl is 'stupid' were she doing an anal creampie'2) It costs a LOT :everyone knows there is a scale by which a girl judges how much she would do a particular scene for,and it increases from general sex with a white guy, hits withering heights for a gangbang with black guys (im joking), and were i asked to be ejaculated into...

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March 201223/3/2012
AngieNoir    [Angie Noir's movies]
Most recent post:
Oh YES!!!! Roxy Raye is sooo HOT! I have had the PLEASURE of making several scenes with her and the very thought of her makes me wet!FYI: Roxy and I are on the same network = Pornicate ;)My new members site is now part of Roxy's network so I am very excited to make many more videos with her for the Pornicate Network of girls!XO Angie Noir

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December 2011105/10/2013
Aryana Starr    [Aryana Starr's movies]
Most recent post:
thats what i said thank you for clearing that up lol thats crazy

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August 20091293/19/2011
Most recent post:
I'll tell you why I'm attracted to G/G porn. Because I'm sick of seeing gross guys in porn. When a guy and girl are doing doggy style and the camera is from behind pointed up, I don't want to see a guy's asshole in my face. I don't like seeing men sticking their fingers and toes inside a girl's mouth. And I hate seeing men spit on a girl. All that stuff grosses me out. I'm attracted to women not men. I am NOT grossed out when women do these same things to each other. Call me - Lesbian Anal Rimming & Licking

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April 2007529/28/2014
Aunt Gertrude
Most recent post:
yeah, that is a definite "oh fuck yeah! grab my tits while you fuck my ass"

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September 2008109/16/2008
Most recent post:
Let me follow up by saying that I am smart enough not to use my stage name because the girls in the biz, after a few years, learn to hate guys (mostly the directors/producers but it does reach beyond that at times) and I know I would be sued and likely pimp whacked. Still in the industry and while I love my work (ha), think long and hard before carrying out the fantasy to be in the biz. Almost impossible to have a "real" relationship after a while. And trying to get aroused when working on vids with titles like "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" and similar, not an erotic turn-on no matter who you are fucking.Oh, I forgot one that I can't believe! The best overall fuck ever was Dani Woodward! Can't believe that slipped my mind! While I am giving out awards, I'll throw in worst fuck ever. Dead fish award goes to Brooke Banner hands down. Only starlet I worked with that I had to fantasize about someone else to cum! Geez they don't pay enough to do that one again.

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November 201321/9/2014
Avi Verdugo
Most recent post: i present to you "Make Me A Porno 2". The scene with Holly Heart. Not only does she gag and go crazy, but she even spews and kinda pukes on his dick. It is very bizarre, but she's hot so it's okay.

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June 2010239/2/2010
Most recent post:
I like the Japanese stuff. Teens and 50 guys kinda gokkun. I don't know how the girls keep it down but they seem to ok. lol.

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July 201297/7/2012
Axel Braun    [Axel Braun's movies]
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Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, with Kimberly Kane in the titular role, is being released by Vivid in November :)

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September 20021247/26/2014
B Skow
Most recent post:
mikemike03,I understand it sucks to have to wait for a movie to be released. I hate it also. Heres the reason: when a movie finishes shooting it takes about 1 week to finish paperwork and log in the footage, it takes at least a month in editing and about two weeks in sound, then a movie has to go through a legal process(especially a parody) for about 2 weeks, and last printing, Ads, and shipping. It all adds up to about 4 to 6 months. I will try to post some pictures if they let me. Thank YouB Skow

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August 2009223/21/2012
Most recent post:
What about Vica Ryder?

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March 201313/10/2013
Most recent post:
I have free videos and photos on my yahoo camgirl profile here... yahoo camgirl profile becky lesabre

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April 2008315/16/2011
Most recent post:
Why would viagra have anything to do with my relationship to aiden, I think that is so lame!

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May 200435/18/2004
Most recent post:
Press release: For the first time ever, a mainstream literature book has chosen several pornstars for its promotion. The book is 'The Beloved OF My Beloved', a surreal, erotic and anti-erotic book by well-known authors Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia. On the book's website,, surfers may admire famous pornstars such as Eve Angel, Yasmine Gold and Peaches, as well as new talents like Abbie Cat and Brandy Smile, in sexy poses with the book and the authors. Even more, Abbie Cat appears in a full-HD clip where she performs an unforgettable scene of masturbation while she is reading the book. There are also softer full-HD clips feauturing Eve Angel and Yasmine Gold.More intriguing surprises are announced.This is a very important milestone for the world of adult entertainment, meaning that the gap between the once ghettoized world of porn and the other traditionally more respected forms of art is finally destined to disappear.A previous case was the movie The Big Lebowsky (1998), where porn actress Asia Carrera played a little part, and on that occasion the world of adult entertainment got very excited. But this time the process of integration is going much further. Pornstars are not only used to introduce the ...

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August 200918/30/2009
Most recent post:
The milf porn genre makes me laugh, because I know a lot of porn actresses who actually have kids, but they are always cast as teenagers or innocent virgins or whatnot. Then I know a couple of actresses who are pretty much exclusively cast as milfs, and they are the last 2 women on earth who would ever, ever consider breeding.

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December 2004708/12/2008
Most recent post:
Amber Rain... original blonde version, not the later brunette Amber Rayne. See my avatar for her pic.She did 72 titles, I could have watched 720 more.Brooke Milano, an adorable filipina-mexicana who did all of her work between her 18th and 19th birthday, I beleive.Kathleen Kruz - I think I'm getting stuck on the sweet innocent type!Edited by - biglou on 4/22/2012 12:30:58 AM

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November 2005644/22/2012
Billy Springfield
Most recent post:
Working with Ashli was a dream. She put on an incredible scene! Just wait till you guys see this... Trailer should be coming soon.

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June 200829/26/2008
Most recent post:
Lola Foxx, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-la Foxx: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. La. Foxx...ok, ok, I ripped off the opener to Nabokov's Lolita. And if you're a Lit Snob like me, and you know about the book, and you just shot Lola Foxx, you'd know why I just ripped it off.ADT peeps take advantage of my ex-member special! I call it the "Billy Watson Special" and you can see all three scenes I shot for all three of my sites: Mr POV, ManoJob, and The Dick Suckers!

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January 20079529/6/2014
Most recent post:
Hello all I was wondering if anyone knew more of Taisa Banks. Very hot performer. Thanks board for your help!Edited by - billywilly007 on Jun 27 2010Edited by - killbillvol69 on Jun 27 2010

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June 201016/27/2010
Most recent post:
Forgot -- we also have a trailer featuring the interview and the strip-down plus a few more quick clips...

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August 201528/3/2015
Most recent post:
The radiant & ravishing RICHELLE RYAN has shot FIVE times in Rochester, New York for www.bjtalentsearch.comRichelle has a great body, fabulous tits, super cock-sucking and cum-swallowing mouth, and incredible ass.....PERFECTION

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September 2007196/8/2014
Most recent post:
There is not a single female who has anal sex in that movie. There is a POST OP transsexual who does a short DP, but no females do anal.

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November 2006327/8/2007
Most recent post:
What happened to Kiara Marie,did she retired or found a new profession?

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January 201611/12/2016
Bobbi Bliss
Most recent post:
Join a revolutionary new talent agency formed by two of the biggest directors in the adult industry.Bringing class and taking XXX to the Nexxxt Level! Finally, an agency that cares about you!Females only at this time.Ages 18-50 May applyApplication link: us out here: are a licensed and Bonded Agency.NeXXXt Level Talent AgencyJonathan Morgan818-326-7001

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August 200713/4/2015
Most recent post:
If you know me a little,. you now I wouldn't do that... :)Not my thing to get attention that way. x :)

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August 20033274/26/2010
Bonnierotten    [Bonnie Rotten's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you all so much!!! She is so precious !

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March 20123301/12/2016
Most recent post: we go...i gotta shoot soon, so im gonna try to make this short...again, i have completely nothing against shooting IR porn...i shot a few scenes for 'milfs like it black' and it was cool...(btw, keep an eye out for jody breeze, awesome male talent to work with)the only way i think an interracial site would work on the brazzers network is if we focussed primarily on girls who don't usually do IR or have never done it and are really big on our site (jayden jaymes, rachel roxxx, nikki benz...etc)keep in mind, although it is a relatively decent market, it definitely has decreased in popularity over the years...its definitely not in the same place it was 5 years also need to keep in mind that member retention is just as important as finding new members. so, if we tried out a new IR site, do you think the new members we bring in will replace the ones we lose? is it even worth attempting considering how our members already feel about IR ...already it is very clear that they're not big fans of it...i think the idea or a completely separate network of only IR was mentioned as well. this is also a great idea, however, we need to remember that it isn't as big a market as it used to be and thus may not be worth the in...

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September 20071392/15/2010
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
Most recent post:
@2bollocks: I don't believe in taking little breaks. The longer, the better!@Zen Master 2007: You know me very well, sir.@Mister Fahrenheit: Yes, Bree Olsen did the update exclusively for Special thanks to the gif maker for not cropping it or putting another url over it. Added 3 updates to VOD:Rachel James' 2nd feedingStella DanielsRachel James' 3rd feeding

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March 200249047/19/2015
Brandon Lee Harrington
Most recent post:
"Anal Blitzkrieg""Ass Gangsters""Stop my ass is on fire!"The last makes me laugh to this day and I saw it for the first time like 10 years ago. Theres even a large stop sign on the cover for added effect on some of the titles in the series.Give me head till im dead

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June 201179/28/2013
Most recent post:
BARBARA BABEURREBravosexy talk with BARBARA BABEURRE<img src="">bravo models media

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November 20062312/16/2013
Most recent post:
We're shooting my CFNF concept this month :)

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October 2014991/6/2016
Most recent post:
I voted for you kelly!

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April 2010764/15/2010
bridgette    [Bridgette Kerkove's movies]
Most recent post:
Audrey Hollander.

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July 200325110/7/2004
Most recent post:
Black lesbian movies are useless, the directors don't even have a clue! They all have toys which seriously take away from any talent that any of them may have as far as actual pussy licking and eating. Black lesbians are scared to lick ass! Show me one main stream black lesbian movie that has more than 3 seconds of ass licking please, any one. Yeah I know, they don't exist. Where is the Lust in Black Lesbian Movies? Every bodies always got on fresh panties with no wet spots or stains, come on now lets keep it real! The girls never smell the panties or lick the panties. Wheres the dedication to being a lesbian. Theres no eagerness. Wheres all the young lesbian girls? I'm tired of seeing all of these old bitches, I want fresh young and new talent on the fucking screen! The older ladies had they're chance to prove them selves and they blew it! Get the fuck off my set!Somebody hire me to clean the set up! These hoes gotta work for the money!! No asslicking and deep tongue fucking the ass with lust and hunger, no pay and get the fuck gone!!There is a few black movies out on the under ground level the suposively specialize in ass licking, but the girls arent really in to it, even tho the whole movie is about girl girl ass licking, the c...

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September 2009410/4/2010
brookeleeadams    [Brooke Lee Adams's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey all, I know its been a minute since I have been on here, but wanted to pop in and say howdy. The movie above is me, it was for a Japanese company. It was a very odd shoot and based around a Japanese fetish for groping girls on public transportation. I wish I was making this up, but no, really, that is the fetish. It was a really awkward shoot too because only one of the crew spoke English, crazy day. I think Lexi Belle shot for them on the same day....Also, totally don't mind about the Betty pic. I CANNOT wait for you guys to see the Flintstones XXX movie! It will be so great and I had a blast working on it. The New Sensations crew is unbelievable and I will never be able to say enough nice things about them. Other than that, I've been shooting a bunch lately, which I am so thankful for, and working on launching a gay pay site at the same time. I haven't been as faithful updating DLM, but there will be new updates this coming week, promise. :)Let me know if you guys have any other questions....KISSES!

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November 2009259/4/2010
Most recent post:
thanks all hope u have enjoyed. well, about Maths... I was wrong. I mean Yaiza was born in 1988 and she was 18 in 2006 (2 years ago), when she moved into porn. Pics are 2006 dated and she was 18 in them. Now, she is 20. gotta add North-East area pics (Catalonia region) performers... they are around 100 but mainly 20 nowadays. some of them are:Lidya RougeGigi LoveJessica BlueSilvia RubiFayna VergaraAna RosLesly Kiss ( One ( Montenegro ( - born in Brazil but 100% Spanish involvedLeyla Black ( Sara May ( CondalAnekke DuranEva San MarcosAnastasia MayoAna RosIrina VegaEdited by - bruneiarts on 12/1/2008 3:15:28 AM

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November 2008212/1/2008
Bryan Xin
Most recent post:
Edited by - Bryan Xin on 12/26/2007 10:31:26 PM

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February 200310412/26/2007
Most recent post:
Thank You to Captain Jack and Roscoe Fuji from ADT for taking the time to watch and review this movie.B.SKOW

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September 2013410/21/2013
Most recent post:
steve langfag couldn't smell my taint///

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December 2007282/8/2008
Most recent post:
Very sexy makes me want one:)

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March 201313/13/2013
Captain Brian
Most recent post:
Edited by - killbillvol69 on 12/4/2014 11:28:43 PM

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August 2014312/4/2014
Carla Cox    [Carla Cox's movies]
Most recent post:
Surprise, another two Czech girls coming, Tarra White and Jana, owner of Czech adult modeling agency Unitedmodeling, she was performer as well.Carla

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October 201181/9/2012
Most recent post:
She is definitely blowing up this coming year. She's getting better and better

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November 20061812/19/2008
Most recent post:
i would love it if you all added me on twitter/fb/ms...if you want to be first to hear about all carmen news! thanks fans! love you all!Exes and Owes, Carmen McCarthy

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August 200968/18/2009
Most recent post:
Any Idea when this Set will be released to the Public<img src="">

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October 2015210/3/2015
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey everyone, Happy Holidays to you all!!!I will doing a special live event on December 29th with sexy new starlet Morgan Lee and hope you come play with us and bring in the new year.Morgan Lee Live Threesome with Catalina CruzLove to you all!Catalina Cruz

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July 20141712/15/2014
Most recent post:
More pix for Angelina Armani fix : )

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July 2007191/25/2009
Most recent post:
Im trying to get Emily to shoot a self spit-swap with a hot girl. You guys need to encourage her. Pump her up to get on camera a bit. Cezar

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February 2009144/6/2009
Most recent post:
she is very very hoti love asian girls,grrrrr

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July 201249/17/2012
Most recent post:
Ivy is very deserving finalist. Looks like 2011 will be a big year for her.

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December 2010212/18/2010
Chester Kingwood
Most recent post:
Daizha MorgannEdited by - Chester Kingwood on 7/6/2014 1:43:38 PM

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February 20071577/6/2014
ChiChi LaRue
Most recent post:
I knew it! Spaguety doesn't know too much about euro-porn after all.

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October 20021711/20/2002
Chico Wang
Most recent post:
First person I've ever met except for Kid Vegas to flunk out of porn. You can be incompetent in this business but if you steal and forge federal documents, you're done.He's now trying to reinvent himself as a 'music video' director. Impossible if you're not in a

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January 200411446/28/2007
Christoph Clark
Most recent post:
julia,i was missing you,i saw somes pics of you and you are really a nice ladie,,,well tell me in advance next time when you will visite buda,,tank you Julia Ann,,clark

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July 2004198/8/2009
christopher streams
Most recent post:
As I have said before, I had nothing to do with the change in format....that came down from Jules himself.

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February 20045493/17/2015
Most recent post:
Finally I found a company who will allow me to unleash my perversions, this is just the beginning of sick....

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January 20051111/9/2005
Most recent post:
Ill take anything good said about me to heart, maybe someday ill return to what I should be doing, (or should have done it the right way the first time) and cum back to porn.Judgement spawns from the insecure

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June 2004218/6/2009
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