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Lucy Lee    [Lucy Lee (Czech)'s movies]
Most recent post:
thank you guys ;)-in porn you learn some english but i study english too -i met Vanessa May in porn and we did scene with Rico Shades too but we are no friends and dont know about her now.-i dont say to guys i was porn star if they dont know it-i dont do tours but its good idea ;)

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September 20142624/1/2015
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Today, April 1 at 2 pm PDT Hair Pir Lover's Dream Come True when Hope Howell Fucks Lucky Guy! Watch it for FREE with Promo code "FREESHOW" on Immoral Live

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March 200939764/1/2015
Most recent post:

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November 2013524/1/2015
Most recent post:
^^ Lol, the site is NOT UP YET, if u wanna see the face page and member page go to my twitter @LTEEXXXJust waiting on my editing and legal stuff and were a go, only a few days to go though, hang in there.Edited by - el tea on 3/31/2015 9:44:44 PM

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June 200810103/31/2015
Riley Jenner    [Riley Jenner's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I really feel that the fans will help me grow into a huge success in the industry, especially by flooding their forums and tweets with requests to book me. Thats why I try to keep in contact and find out what people like in my scenes and what they'd like to see me do because you're the ones who I want to impress and keep coming back!I have spoken with LeWood a few times about shooting me, so hopefully in the future I will. And I'll always be shooting new stuff for Mike Adriano!

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June 2014323/31/2015
Jessieslife    [Jessie Andrews's movies]
Most recent post:
hi! i did a gonzo scene for Mason before my anal last year and then the scenes in the Gardener! but i'm too busy to shoot really :/ xx

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May 20112713/30/2015
Sarah Shevon    [Sarah Shevon's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you for noting me, Dirtyhabit, I appreciate it! ...I just want to say that this gripe has nothing to do with the talent pool, it really steams more from the producers and lack of production. Talent doesn't do/shoot whatever they want when they want, we are actors and we wait for the producers to book us for their projects, and porn production has been on a decline since before I've been in the industry. I've been in for 6 years now. It took awhile for me to be booked for the kinds of scenes where I could be more of myself and take control. I still struggle with people type casting me because they think I look young and innocent, this continues to hold me back at times as it is limiting. Just using myself as an example... My point is that there isn't that much porn production, period; therefore, it is harder for talent to get noticed, and how they are perceived depends on what kinds of roles/scenes they are booked for and who is booking them, not by their choice.And btw, it's not that I'm hardly making scenes anymore, I've never taken time off, my shoot schedule fluctuates just like everybody else's. I was shooting 3 days in a row last week and had to take the last 3 days off because I was so exhausted, but you know, I don't ...

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August 20102383/30/2015
KarmenKarma    [Karmen Karma's movies]
Most recent post:
In my Showcase movie for Arch Angel "Karma's A Bitch" you will see literally 4 of my most intense scenes ;)

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February 2015453/30/2015
Most recent post:
My favorite "break down" was Kalyn Arianna but there are many others:

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May 201013/30/2015
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
Most recent post:
Lizzie Bell

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March 200248533/30/2015
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
And here are some pics of my current look

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May 2010923/29/2015
marleybrinx    [Marley Brinx's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!To answer your questions, yes I did do a scene for new sensations BG with James Dean! Had so much fun playing a subbmissive doll! I have plenty more BG & BGA with new sensations this month ! The BGA with Adriano was for Evil Angel, I also have a lot of Evil Angel scenes to come this month as well!If you have any questions please personal message me, and I'd be happy to answer all of your questions! If you haven't already follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MarleyBrinx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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March 201523/29/2015
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
sexy MILF TS Nadia is surprised when Christian returns to her house to pick up a bowl he left the night before. This is her opportunity to make her move and she pounces on his big dick immediately. What happens next is wild bareback butt sex at the highest level. you can see this scene and purchase the website - HERE

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September 200423153/27/2015
SamanthaBentley    [Samantha Bentley's movies]
Most recent post:
I was actually supposed to do an anal gg with misha for jay this week but I guess jay is also on a break. BTW everyone... May 4th is the release of my Rocco gang bang... I would also love to do we live together but alas I am not in LA anymore :(

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December 20131433/26/2015
phoenix_marie1    [Phoenix Marie's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey ALL... Hope you guys caught Brazzers House... Vote for me pretty please!! Been working out like crazy.. Shot an everything butt scene that was awesome and few more naughty things coming soon 😝:

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June 20084093/26/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
For any directors/producers wanting to book me here is my booking email:

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December 20128533/24/2015
aidenaspen    [Aiden Aspen's movies]
Most recent post:
Oh and by the way.... here is a link to my agency profile so you know what I'm available for when you request me to companies/directors

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June 2011473/24/2015
NikkiSeXX    [Nikki Sexx's movies]
Most recent post:
I have successfully weaned off.... fourteen step program.

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December 20096883/23/2015
KeishaGreyxxx    [Keisha Grey's movies]
Most recent post:
Ya that was mainly directed to "aya" or whatever the fuck. If you don't like how I fuck or who I choose to fuck then please don't ever even consider my name in your people to watch. Thank you for those of you who support me and my choices.-Keisha

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November 2014503/23/2015
Casey Calvert    [Casey Calvert's movies]
Most recent post:
Ah ok, I understand the milf confusion now... No worries. I just wanted to make it very clear that I have not had a kid.I did just turn 25, and was joking about how it's only a matter of time before I'm in a milf movie. Well, I'm in a milf movie. I'm not the milf, but I still think this is pretty funny :)Btw, that scene in the milf movie -- it's super fucking hot. We shot it during AVN, and I almost felt bad getting paid. It was that fun. --Yes, I took Shane up my ass. It was supposed to be a vag and anal scene, but there was no way that monster was gonna fit in my pussy. Not without serious injury, anyway. So it's all anal. And yes, he opened me up ;)--Prolapsing just isn't my thing. I prefer to keep that part of my body inside.

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November 20121233/23/2015
Dr Mercies
Most recent post:
Hi, guys. Just a quick update: is now shooting at 30FPS since customers seem to prefer this frame rate over the traditional 24FPS of film. The 4K world is changing fast, and we've updated our technology already since November.

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July 2014103/22/2015
RomiRain    [Romi Rain's movies]
Most recent post:
Yeah, let me know too. lol ;) I have an upcoming Brazzers scene in the "Brazzers House" though.

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April 2013653/22/2015
Angela White    [Angela White's movies]
Most recent post:
My next DVD "Angela Loves Women" is available for pre-order. Watch the trailer here and order here.I have to admit I've been overwhelmed with work and some projects I'm yet to announce so I'm sorry I haven't been here much recently. I'm so glad that the response to my scene for Blacked has been so positive. I am considering shooting for some other companies in the near future, but as you can imagine, I will be very selective. I'll always be focusing on projects that strengthen my brand and/or provide me with an amazing opportunity for sexual expression and creativity. I wish I could give you a detailed update on what's new with me, but so many of the things I could mention I want to remain a surprise. I hope you are all well and enjoying the new content on If you didn't see my scene with Phoenix Marie and Steven Holmes you are seriously missing out. It's equal parts hilarious and fucking hot. Seriously, I was smiling and laughing (and then horny) the entire time I was cutting it. I think Phoenix and I bring out the best in each other. I love that woman.

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December 2013523/22/2015
Skin_Diamond    [Skin Diamond's movies]
Most recent post:
Check out my newest Penthouse cover, out NOW! xx

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March 20112903/21/2015
mishacross    [Misha Cross's movies]
Most recent post:
No, not yet

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November 2013623/21/2015
TessaLaneXXX    [Tessa Lane's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi guys! Fear not, definitely not in a cult lol. I understand where it's coming from and I jokingly call it that because people tend to label things they don't understand. It's a program that's about self improvement to ultimately change the world. You can't help others if you can't help yourself. My students raised $75,000 for a house to be built for victims of sex trafficking. Another group refurnished a foster home and built a park for them, so if things like that are what a cult brings out in people then sign me up!Anyway, I'm very very happy right now, I'm in a good place but as I said I'm still around. There may be a few non sex things coming up for me in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!Ps - my sex life sucks without porn uggghhhh lol

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January 2011333/20/2015
Most recent post:
the blonde girl is Jade Rose. she was my red carpet date to AVN this year and is a super babe/sweetheart. lates, von S.

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January 200419233/20/2015
julie skyhigh
Most recent post:
some scenes on my site released with Gina gerson and more are coming :) really improvement in quality you will see. and i can be totally myself in it, so be sure you will enjoy them :) also some scene released for eurosexparties. it is very good. nice feeling between me and diore and i like choky ice too :) so have a view on these :) did you saw the one on 21sextury too? one of my favorites I did in anal scene. Im totally relaxed because used and know people. I like this scene! :)

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December 2013623/19/2015
Most recent post:
Last reply URL has been updated to (Pixie Dust Pornstar Page)(Note that she will have her brand new Dedicated Website released next week! You'll find her here: )

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March 201513/19/2015
TheRealVeronicaA    [Veronica Avluv's movies]
Most recent post:
I guess I should explain, I can be double fisted, I can and do enjoy deep and wide penetration, toys are different from real flesh. They feel good for a while but can also make you raw... so thats what happened... sorry guys, its just that human flesh cannot be truly replaced by man made materials

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April 20121033/19/2015
christopher streams
Most recent post:
As I have said before, I had nothing to do with the change in format....that came down from Jules himself.

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February 20045493/17/2015
December 20131193/15/2015
Francesca Le    [Francesca Le's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey Guys,I apologize in advance if I am a little off on your adt moniker doing this real fast before I head outporn 24/7-we would like to do the gangbang thing maybe once or twice a year depending on available talent and such as well as budget sine they are very expensive to make. As far as myself not sure if i will do another one. I had planned on just doing this one since I wanted one with dp and da since my original one never had this. But these days my focus is the camera as I shoot almost all the camera for lewood and I really enjoy that aspect.baylisstick-the ts movie has three scenes with ts vs boy and one scene with a ts and a girl. Kisses,Fran

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February 2005973/15/2015
AJ Applegate    [AJ Applegate's movies]
Most recent post:
The scene from wet food was deff one of my top fav scenes I have done so far!AJ Applegate ♡♡♡

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August 20124503/14/2015
AdrianaChechik    [Adriana Chechik's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey BBB its not up to me who books me for what scenes....unfortunately all I can do is mention to directors I aspire to be in that series. If you want me in something please tweet the directors. Fans have more power than you think. I am hoping more companies will consider shooting a showcase of me but I can say I am in the mist of releasing my own and am having talks about shooting one for a company soon! :)

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November 201433/14/2015
Most recent post:
I shoot a lot of older guy/younger girl stuff. Naughty Midwest GirlsFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

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November 20071773/13/2015
Tiffany Doll    [Tiffany Doll's movies]
Most recent post:
Here the cover of the French version of The Pleasure Professional 2 bu JoyBear. Tiffany l'experte. I guess I don't need to translate the title for you :D For me the cover looks like a best version of 50 shades of Grey lol

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May 20111293/13/2015
Alysa    [Alysa's movies]
Most recent post:
Three days ago with Proxy Paige   in Romania. She is very good... )))for JaySin Soon i travel to Milan and Dubai

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September 20091033/12/2015
Anikka Albrite    [Anikka Albrite's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I lost my makeup pretty much at the beginning of the scene, lol! I started out with more makeup on, haha! ;-)

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October 2012533/10/2015
VeronicaVain    [Veronica Vain's movies]
Most recent post:
I feel like you guys purposefully get controversial to lure me in here, ha.How can any of you possibly say I'm in it just for the money!? Are you nuts! I would have made 90k this year as a FIRST YEAR ANALYST. In 3 years I would have been at about 150k. In 10 years I could be making 500k quite easily on the Street. I left that world, BECAUSE I LIKE SEX MORE. I was quite clear about this in multiple interviews. Did you not see the scene with Manuel? Either I was cumming or I'm an exceptional actress. Being as how I'm the one in question, I can say that was some of the best sex of my life. If you want to hear about my love of sex from an outside party, check out this interview... being said, I would be stupid not to capitalize on the current situation and align it with my business objectives. And as many of you have noted, I'm clearly not stupid. The business model of porn HAS to change. People just are not making money. Stars with household names should be making more than a couple hundred thousand a year for their notoriety. But they are not. I want to help fix that.Never did I say I want companies to pirate anything I make. It will inevitably happen, but I...

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March 201533/8/2015
Dakotaskye    [Kota Sky's movies]
Most recent post:
She trademarked the name recently, before i got to it due to not having the correct tools/lawyer to do it at the time, so I decided to further my career with a better choice/uniqueness !

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December 2013743/8/2015
richelleryan13    [Richelle Ryan's movies]
Most recent post:
I was lucky to have her as my red carpet date at this year's AVN Awards, she's a hottie for sure :)

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November 201453/6/2015
Most recent post:
I wasn't assuming anything nor questioning your perspective, merely explaining to your audience the amount of pressure the show brings. And I know Tori Black is your wife, been following you guys since before the show even started. Hope to make a good impression on you and Tori, I only want to help the business grow and be a top performer in the industry, and am extremely open minded to criticism. Need all the knowledge and experience I can get. BHCheck out my BTS series at

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March 201533/6/2015
Bobbi Bliss
Most recent post:
Join a revolutionary new talent agency formed by two of the biggest directors in the adult industry.Bringing class and taking XXX to the Nexxxt Level! Finally, an agency that cares about you!Females only at this time.Ages 18-50 May applyApplication link: us out here: are a licensed and Bonded Agency.NeXXXt Level Talent AgencyJonathan Morgan818-326-7001

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August 200713/4/2015
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Her ass is UNREAL!! I shot her FIRST ANAL scene March 1st here in Philly for:I Worship AnalIt's an ANAL CREAMPIE scene with a TON of wide open GAPING. She's definitely a gaper, for sure. You guys are going to love this scene! If you check out my Twitter and her's, you'll see some BTS pics of the scene.Philly Butt Sluts TwitterBrittany Shae TwitterThe pic below is a BTS pic taken by an iPhone. Her scene will go up soon.Thanks!John http://www.iworshipanal.comEdited by - Feet of Philly on 3/4/2015 12:09:48 PM

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August 20103263/4/2015
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you so much for the nomination:-). 2014 was super fun year and IVery much looking forward seeing you all at the XRCO awards:-). Congrats to everyone nominated :-)

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August 20032933/4/2015
AshleyGraham    [Ashlee Graham's movies]
Most recent post:
Absolutely fine with me

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February 20131243/3/2015
XmissyMonroeX    [Missy Monroe's movies]
Most recent post:

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September 2012133/2/2015
Most recent post:
Yeah, it looks European from those screen grabs, but That really leaves us searching for a needle in a haystack.

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December 20096043/1/2015
Lola_Foxx    [Lola Foxx's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you guys sooo much for all the positive feed back! I love all my #FoxxHounds. One more thing about the weight thing I think someone else already said this, I was 19 when I shot my first scene. I'm 23 now. I still had the body of a teenager at 19, now I have the body of a woman. Anyways, my anal scene has finally dropped and I'm sooo excited to share it with you guys! I hope ya'll are happy with it. Mime Freak is an incredible director to work with & Arch Angel is killing it this year. My 1st anal was better than I ever thought it would be. As far as Hard X goes, I have absolutely no idea why they haven't shot me again. Especially since soooo many fans on here, Twitter & Mason's blog have asked for me to do my 1st BlowBang in facialized. I saw someone post that they have one spot left in Facialized but I don't think they'll book me for it. I'm a bit confused about this myself as Super Cute was so popular. I would love to work for them again, and I am dying to do my 1st BlowBang & BBG for somebody! Lol

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January 2014163/1/2015
Carmen Valentina    [Carmen Valentina's movies]
Most recent post:
Thanks yes that was a hot IR scene for Josh Stone, had a BLAST shooting it...^^ see what I did there?lol<

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June 2010553/1/2015
Rico Shades
Most recent post:
Sheena Ryder's latest exclusive title. This chick has fucking ass. TRAILER

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December 20063723/1/2015
cartercruise    [Carter Cruise's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I try to keep my social media fun and interactive. More a place for me to be myself than sell stuff!

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December 2013592/26/2015
Most recent post:
PornstarsspainAdult Talent Agency in Spain (Barcelona)The most exotic adult performers in Europe!That ready to work for you!Our performances

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August 201422/26/2015
Veruca James    [Veruca James's movies]
Most recent post:
It's true! haha I did a super intense anal scene with Toni Ribas, who is one of my favorites! He is full of passion and intensity and always manhandles me in the perfect way! Make sure you check this release out!xo V

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June 20121452/24/2015
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Hall of Fame Performer and Producer Rodney Moore's companies Rodnievision, Inc & Mancini Productions received two award nominations from the Adult Entertainment Virtual Awards for Best Adult Website,, and Best Transsexual website, The AEVC will be held Feb. 25-28th with the awards being announced on 28th. For a complete list of nominations and more about this virtual convention you can go to Both websites honored with nominations are his flag ship sites for their respective genre's. Members of both sites can expect multiple weekly updates, high quality photo's and videos.Sammy Mancini, producer for, just returned from the TEA Awards were he presented the 2015 Shemale Strokers Model of the Year to Kelly Klaymour, some previous winners were Tyra Scott, Gina Hart and Penny Tyler. For over 13 years has produced award winning quality transsexual content."I am honored to have both of my websites nominated for Best Adult Website and Best Transsexual Website. I am also excited to be included in a new way of participating in the adult community that the AEVC has provided." says Rodney.Fans of see...

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May 20042152/24/2015
Most recent post:
What about Siri?

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February 2012392/9/2015
MonicaF    [Monica Foster's movies]
Most recent post:
January 2015 Porn News Wrap-Up featuring Alexandra fka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx

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October 20081452/9/2015
Most recent post:
:) <3

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February 201512/7/2015
AlliehazeXXX    [Allie Haze's movies]
Most recent post:
WOW! Well I didn't think that I would have to address the current conversation at hand, as this is only one interview out of thousands that seems different. I am and always will be true to my work. Sometimes people just don't jive well together and that was the case with me and Mr. Woodman. Why he proceeded to say harsh things about me i do not know and it is quite sad. I am 100% bi-sexual and have not been in a serious relationship with a women for over 6 years so what does that tell ya......... Here let me help I LOVE THE D too! Hahaha Just to set the record straight on the day of the interview I was unaware I would be getting naked that day. I did not have the appropriate attire nor was I groomed LOL. I did return a week later to try and take the photos for him but scheduling was messed up and we where unable to get them done.I am sad to see that some of you think you are seeing a "pattern" because you have some "sources" that tell you otherwise. I love all my colleges and feel so blessed to be doing a job I love so much and to have so many amazing fans.I love you all and thanks for watchingXOXOAllie

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August 20091482/7/2015
Most recent post:
I am always prefer Vancouver Escorts for enjoyment. They are professional in their work.

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February 201512/5/2015
ryderskye    [Ryder Skye's movies]
Most recent post:
I totally agree that this is a huge factor. The industry doesn't have any $ anymore.As for the lack of variety or creativity of the content, I think that along with the reduced production budgets a less obvious factor is the large decrease in production companies who, had they been bought out or gone out of business, might still be contributing new ideas. Even more so, the companies that were bought out are now all owned by the the same company. I would be surprised if that didn't have some influence over the current production line conveyor belt feel that has taken over our smut these days.

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September 20071172/2/2015
chanelpreston    [Chanel Preston's movies]
Most recent post:
I just finished shooting my second movie for James Deen Productions!! And, yes, there are dicks in it this time. I used the following amazing performers in the movie:Marica Hase/Bill BaileyDana Dearmond/Me/Isiah MaxwellAira Fox/Ryan MclaneNora Belle/Ramone NomarAnd don't forget that my first movie, Chanel Movie One, for James Deen Productions releases on February 13th!! You can see the trailer here.

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March 20102892/2/2015
GabiPaltrova    [Gabriella Paltrova's movies]
Most recent post:
At the end of the day, who cares? plus...probably it's these teens or 20-something year olds who aren't experienced porn viewers or are simply not into dirty or filthy things, they rather watch vanilla stuff....hehehe

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November 20121271/31/2015
Most recent post:
ALREADY HEARD :)New Link to Google Drive:

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January 2015111/31/2015
Most recent post:
Thank You :) Mike is my favorite to shoot with i do hope for more scenes with him . For me personally i woukd like to do another BGA with Mike. Or a BGGA with a latina .

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January 201511/29/2015
mariahxxx    [Mariah Milano's movies]
Most recent post:
hey guys...been a while. I gained weight because I had a tumor on my thyroid and the meds caused weight gain. It was a type of steroid. I have since lost about 90% of the weight I gained and am 100% healthy now. I know it was shocking because I was always small and everyone in my family is small as well. Nothing I could do to avoid other than not take the medication. Life is better today than any other time in my life. Leaving the industry was the best thing I ever did for myself.

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August 20091901/27/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
Most recent post:
You seem to have a goal of getting as many autographs as possible, you don't sell them? Most people look for their favorite stars

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September 20019541/26/2015
Vicki Chase    [Vicki Chase's movies]
Most recent post:
Peterman I'm so happy to finally after all this time and effort! To not only have mastered my BJ skills.... I'm #1 on your Oral Challenge Accepted list! ...... Wow and now to have the honor of being AVN's 2015 Best Oral Sex Scene Award Winner and to have the Best Star Feature Showcase! Yessss I am BEYOND shocked and humbled. Thank you for all your love and support over the years. It means the world to me to have good people like you rooting for me and acknowledging my efforts every time ;) Thank you!!!!!Cheers VC

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August 20131211/26/2015
Most recent post:
Here is my signing schedule for the Digital Playground booth. I hope to see you all there. I am very nervous and excited about the show this year! :)Wednesday2PM – 5PM6PM – 10PM Thursday12PM – 3PM4PM – 8PM Friday12PM – 3PM4PM – 8PM Saturday11AM – 3PM

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October 201481/19/2015
Sovereign Syre    [Sovereign Syre's movies]
Most recent post:
I also just did a scene for Dana playing an ambitious young reporter out of journalism school that lands the interview of a lifetime with a famous talk show host who's just been acquitted of a string of sexual assaults on interns. Steven St. Croix was amazing and...I think it's going to be even darker. Dana and I are able to create things together I don't think I'd feel safe doing with anyone else.

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December 20114131/18/2015
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
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I've done that in a few of my scenes on my site It's the easiest way to deep throat a cock in my opinion.Danielle Delaunay -

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December 20112841/14/2015
pat myne aka danny case
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I loved shooting Her in this movie !!Edited by - pat myne aka danny case on 1/13/2015 11:05:47 PM

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October 200731/13/2015
JeanieMarie    [Jeanie Marie Sullivan's movies]
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hey guys it's Jeanie Marie I will be attending the avn and xbiz events also in the meantime you can catch up with me on its my new camming hangoutMxo Jeanie Marie

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March 2012241/11/2015
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Edited by - mygrayne69 on 1/10/2015 9:07:31 AMEdited by - mygrayne69 on 1/29/2015 7:00:08 PM

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March 2014231/10/2015
AbigailMac    [Abigail Mac's movies]
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But we know in this business that 1 B/G scene = 50 G/G scenes in terms of importance.I don't believe so I have actually notice G/G having an amazing comeback as most companies have g/g only sites and girlswaynetwork is continuing to expand. With out G/G scene I would not even have a career. I started doing G/G only work in the beginning because I am more comfortable with women. I am more sexually turned on by women because I am a more dominate person. I am lucky to have been able to do it for so long. I am the kind of person that gives my all in everything I do because if I don't I will be myself up about it and get depressed. If you are not keen to my future scenes its not because they are any worse but not all scenes are going to be everyones taste unfortunately. I hope I get booked for more G/G then boy girl in the future because I am very passionate about it and I feel that has came across in my career and in all of my work. Money wise (if this is what you are referring to doing 1 Boy/Girl scene is about 2 girl/girl scenes so not that dramatic. It is rightfully so because doing boy/girl is much harder on your body and in my opinion more of a "performance" while girl/girl is more about passion. Of course this also dep...

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September 2013131/9/2015
the real chasey lain
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also if anyone has specific requests or questions feel free to leave them hear or on her site and she will get back to you promptly

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January 201521/9/2015
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I have updated and posted a link to the 'namethatpornstar' page. Is this ok?

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January 201521/8/2015
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ilovedebbyryan wrote:Hi All, I have been lurking this topic for a while, great stuff!I found a scene that has not been mentioned here. It's from a series called "Leche 69" and has Nacho Vidal and Tara Price. This scene is amazing! There are several versions I have seen, so getting accurate time stamps is difficult. You can get the full version at the site, but search "Rough Violent Anal For Poor Spanish Girl" on Goog for the abridged version. If you like it I hope you will pay for the full HD scene. I will be using the lower quality version for the time stamp.Dirty Anal starts ay about 15:00 and continues throughout with VERY messy A2M throughout. At about 18:00 Nacho takes toilet paper and cleans her very dirty asshole and then shoves the dirty toilet paper into her mouth, incred

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November 2010921/4/2015
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While you are both correct, this scene is still a first for's my FIRST ANAL CREAM PIE.

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March 201341/2/2015
Bonnierotten    [Bonnie Rotten's movies]
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I will be signing each day at the digital playground booth as well as the evil angel booth alternating times! :-)Can't wait to see you all this year! Xoberotten <3

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March 20122661/1/2015
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
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Hey everyone, Happy Holidays to you all!!!I will doing a special live event on December 29th with sexy new starlet Morgan Lee and hope you come play with us and bring in the new year.Morgan Lee Live Threesome with Catalina CruzLove to you all!Catalina Cruz

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July 20141712/15/2014
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HEY guys!!! I haven't been on here in forever but I wanted to CUM say whats up to everyone who supports me, I LOVE YOU! It means the world and keeps me going every day doing what I'm absolutely destined for - FUCKING, getting choked and gagging on that D, hehe!!! I have bloomed and finally found my comfort zone in directing my energy to more freaky gonzo style scenes while still bring a petite spinner with my in the air 69. LOL.... I am nominated for best group sex scene for AVN AWARDS 2015 with Christy Mack, Rikki Six, Romi Rain, Danny D, & Keiran Lee - BABY GOT BOOBS VOL 14! Wish me luck please SO HAPPY and blessed!!! xoxox <3 I have been working on tons of fetish stuff in the femdom world which comes so natural: face sitting, trampling,foot worship, and tons more where I go by GODDESS RAVEN haha! Pretty funny.:. If your interested in my latest work I just completed a new series for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND called "StrykerXXX" which I play Shawna aka Lana from Archer. Make sure you check it out bc that shits hilarious with an amazing cast Tommy Pistol, Julia Ann, Michael Vegas, Kenna James, Anikka Albrite and many more.. Happy holidays to all, so that means if your on the naughty list ill be paying you a visit to put ...

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March 2013512/15/2014
JaydenJaymes    [Jayden Jaymes's movies]
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New from Van Styles:

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July 20084712/12/2014
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JulieMasonForever, Riley is a little tiger when you give her the right scene! :)

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October 20126412/8/2014
DanaDeArmond    [Dana DeArmond's movies]
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yes! vote for me!!! xo

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January 2006294012/8/2014
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Thats not my twitter js, That is his name but not my account and the last name is wrong. Just a heads up for u guys:)

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December 2014812/7/2014
Daizha Morgann
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Hi Friends!I've been locked out of my account due to server issues but I'm back! Thank you Chester for trying to keep people updated for me! I've had so much going on lately & I'm excited to fill you all in :) Since March I've been working on this epic tattoo with the amazing Greg James. It's been such a crazy journey & we're almost finished!

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January 20132812/7/2014
AsphyxiaNoir    [Asphyxia Noir's movies]
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I would love to make a personalized video for you! its 100.00 for ten minutes of personalized behavior (fetish, solo masturbation,anything almost hehe) its 50.00 for five minutes.its almost christmas time you should want to have a video <3All future custom videos need to be paid through www.dwolla.comI don't use pay pal, it is the same exact process. I like this site better.This way money goes into my account, I know how much and there is a receipt so everything's solid. It takes 5 minutes to set up.... easiest thing on planet. just know your account info :)If this is something your not interested in doing, I understand completely and send love for the interest <3i hope you do!love asphyxia XX

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December 20122912/4/2014
MaddyOreilly    [Maddy O'Reilly's movies]
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Thank you guys for all of your kind & filthy words. :) I am forever grateful! Just an fyi, you can watch my entire deep throat challenge scene for free here :) so go check it out and vote for me for the Throated Deepthroat Challenge. It would mean the world to me!!!!!!!!

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July 20126212/3/2014
kitt michele love
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USA — Shemale website has launched a fetish online chat service.The chat room features text chatting, audio/visual conferencing customized chat, and file sharing and whiteboard. The company said its video chat applet leverages the cloud to scale easily for thousands of users, and is safe and secure.Users can also cruise the site for local hook ups and meet others who embrace different sexual fantasies.Membership is FREE for a limited time.The Most Extreme - Free Sex Chat & Live Sex Cams - On The Web!

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November 2014111/29/2014
Riley Reid    [Riley Reid's movies]
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Allie Haze & Riley Reid in We Live Together video - Lick That Clit / Reality Kings

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September 20123311/25/2014
LilyLaBeau    [Lily LaBeau's movies]
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Hello fans and friends!Have decided to come back to Los Angeles to shoot and will be officially "un-retiring". I am planning on emailing Kink and asking if they would re-book me for the gang bang scene that I decided not to do. Please understand that when Kink books a model, it is never Kink's fault that the scene gets cancelled. Models are humans and as such can have life issues that prevent them from fulfilling their commitment. I would hope loyal fans understand that sometimes us girls just decide it's not the right time for such a scene. You have to be mentally and physically ready when shooting extreme scenes and if one of those things is missing and a model decides to push through and do the scene anyway it's effects can be detrimental. So what I'm saying is that I am coming back to shoot because of these reasons.1. After years of research experimentation and action have finally gotten my body back into my own control. I've have digestive issues for 2 years now that have made performing difficult and draining, not to mention causing anxiety. I'm feeling great body and mind and I'm so excited to be back shooting. Health is a wonderful and empowering thing!!2. When I entered the business at 18 I had no idea how to ma...

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May 20109311/24/2014
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well my subscription site just opened but one of the features is I will be broadcasting live when I do video shoots

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September 20093511/17/2014
alexchancexxx    [Alex Chance's movies]
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Alright then lol.

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April 2014910/28/2014
Mercedes Carrera
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Thank you! I'm learning! There's a definite art to performance and so I appreciate feedback and learning where I can improve :) Appreciate your support! xoxoMercedes C.

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September 2014210/25/2014
Bailey Blue    [Dahlia Sky's movies]
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Hello all! Making my return to ADT seeing as it has been quite some time. I had a lot to catch up on! Reading all of your comments and I couldn't be happier that you guys are loving the new stuff. There is so much more to cum in the future. I know my updates haven't been so frequent towards the beginning of the year but I'm very pleased to tell you all that I'm back! ;)

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June 20121710/21/2014
kylie ireland    [Kylie Ireland's movies]
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Just because....

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November 200390310/20/2014
Don Fernando
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July 200421810/17/2014
Kleio Valentien    [Kleio Valentien's movies]
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It was actually the first time I had ever squirted while being filmed!

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April 20132010/15/2014
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