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Los Angeles - Over the previous and next few weeks ebony performer Lisa Tiffian is on a roll starring in 6 new adult DVD titles and online releases from large studios to her own studio releases.A pair of Jules Jordan titles; “Racially Motivated 6” was released September 23rd and includes interracial anal sex POV style. “Black Heat 3” is another interracial title with hot anal sex action released September 30th. From Elegant Angel will debut “Big Black Wet Assess 14” with an all black quality porn cast- releasing to retailers October 12th.Tiffian released a new erotic photo set along with live sex show which was DVR for members of her website to relive the moments. Lisa’s new studio release will be titled “Swallow Fest” in which focuses on the erotica of swallowing cum multiple times.For the second year in a row Lisa will be Kink's iconic Halloween update- this time for their Everything Butt site. Receiving extreme anal fisting from dom Ariel X- a feat no other ebony performer accomplished on the bondage network.Fans can also follow Lisa Tiffian on Twitter. For public relations, interview requests and gentlemen’s clubs interested in booking the curvy ebony- contact Mr. Sta...

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March 20153210/5/2015
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Check out Zoey Foxx in my newest release, Porno Professor 8

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March 2009420910/5/2015
Most recent post:
Next year I am going to do IR and I want it to be with !!! Love almost every dang video I've ever watched from you guys<333

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August 2015910/5/2015
Most recent post:
It was! I was bummed, but Keiran and I have been back and forth so (hopefully sooner than later) we'll get to shoot together. As for the other male talent you listed, requests can make that happen. I would love to work with all of the above!

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May 20151210/4/2015
KarmenKarma    [Karmen Karma's movies]
Most recent post:
It was amazing! I love Upper Floor... They always push your boundaries until you feel like you can't handle anymore. It's a very hard day at work and takes all of your energy out!!! I love pushing myself and love to be submissive!

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February 201511510/4/2015
KeishaGreyxxx    [Keisha Grey's movies]
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She's pretty-Keisha

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November 20146810/4/2015
Most recent post:
Pics and new scene with Johnny Castle announced

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October 2015210/4/2015
Alysa    [Alysa's movies]
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No!!! )))

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September 200910610/3/2015
aidenaspen    [Aiden Aspen's movies]
June 20115310/3/2015
Dakotaskye    [Dakota Skye's movies]
Most recent post:
As well as I have not had any negative things said about my tattoos from producers other than fill in the blank space between the sleeve and stick with just that, so ya, no.... I also learned that yes I have a career and brand but I will continue to do the things I love outside of work as long as it is not too extreme on my career :) thanks for everyone with the support.I ALSO am going by DAKOTA only now :)

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December 20137610/3/2015
Angela White    [Angela White's movies]
Most recent post:
Don't hold out on me guys! What do you think of the scenes in Angela 2?! I'm dying to know if you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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December 20139410/3/2015
Most recent post:
Hey Accord's are some damn good cars, they last longer than Porsche's

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June 2008106310/3/2015
Most recent post:
Second scene of Chelcee releasedFinding and Filming Naughty Midwest Girls for

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November 200719610/2/2015
AdrianaChechik    [Adriana Chechik's movies]
Most recent post:
Im a bit disappointed most of you guys were so quiet with helping me name my pre-noms. Those of you who did I really loved and appreciated it! Thankyou! as far as the most outrageous omg! Idk even know! lol I can't wait till october shooting starts. You guys are gonna love who/what company is shooting a showcase.... :) My first was such an amazing thing and i will forever love Arch Angle for it. The triple was for my site although I WILL get another before AVN dammit. Now its fun to just challenge the guys to do it! muahahaha!!!!! I just filmed an amazing scene with Kleo Valentine who, I had never worked with and literally fell in love. Your gonna enjoy how wet it was!! I really hope everyone enjoys my blacked scene. It is true to my style for those who might thinks it tame. Lets face it that was a huge black cock. Also this month Im super excite for The Turning! if you like anything lesbian then Girlsway is my opinion for the top producers of it. I star in all four scenes of this epic saga of zombies,emotions,and fucking epic lesbian sex. Seriously missing this you'll miss out on a side of me none has seen. The cinema tics for it alone will blow you away. I have never put a part of myself out there like that and to have such an a...

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November 201479/30/2015
AJ Applegate    [AJ Applegate's movies]
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Yea idk why they did that. I was going to contact them about it but I forgot.AJ Applegate &#9825;&#9825;&#9825;

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August 20124769/30/2015
Sovereign Syre    [Sovereign Syre's movies]
Most recent post:
2 B/G scenes 5-6 G/G scenes. Something like that.

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December 20114179/30/2015
Most recent post:
The team are in discussions now... ;-)

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August 2015129/30/2015
AshleyGraham    [Ashlee Graham's movies]
Most recent post:
She's wonderful I;ve shot with her and met her numerous times. You will love her

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February 20131339/30/2015
cartercruise    [Carter Cruise's movies]
Most recent post:
GUYZ GUYZ. I didn’t stop doing BG forever. I have some exciting news coming soon for you!!! Ah, I’m dying to tell you! Thank you for supporting me through this mini break - it was much needed! I’ll be back soon with good news <3

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December 2013829/29/2015
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
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brobang, some of your issues are that you're "logging in" from multiple countries, which is suspicious. <

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September 20019839/29/2015
SamanthaBentley    [Samantha Bentley's movies]
Most recent post:
andddd... where am I being rude or taking it the wrong way??? You could also screen grab my response to his response?? but I see you probably don't have the time... my bad... I actually thought you were gonna come back with some of my epic ones, but you probably realised that they are in response to utter cunts and that I was in the right. Glad you enjoy my performances. Maybe stick to that if my twitter hype upsets you so much... Fam, don't @ meIf you're gonna chat shit, don't @ meFall back a likkle bit, don't @ meI am not having it, don't @ meYou will get blocked quick, don't @ meWith your default pic, don't @ meDelete all that shit, don't @ meI have to tell these pricks "don't @ me"- JME man after my own heart

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December 20131519/29/2015
Most recent post:
Not in the immediate future but it'll come soon enough;))

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September 201589/28/2015
Most recent post:
and this.. my new desktop pic

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December 20131679/27/2015
RomiRain    [Romi Rain's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey guys, everything coming out right now is before the new boobies, i've only just been cleared this week to start shooting. ;) The scene with Kissa and Johnny was shot about a week before my surgery, I haven't shot anything new yet besides a few photo shoots. I think you'll like First Prince 2, and this upcoming Brazzers three-way scene either way though, they were awesome, and intense scenes!

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April 2013969/26/2015
Most recent post:
ass to pussy

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May 2010239/25/2015
richelleryan13    [Richelle Ryan's movies]
Most recent post:
to each his own..... If it makes the girl happy then good for her :) I've learned you can't please everyone and as long as I'm happy, and confident in myself that's all that matters and if your a true fan of mine you will love me and my scenes regardless of what color my hair is, if I've lost or gained weight or have big lips or not #JustMyThoughts

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November 201499/23/2015
Most recent post:
We have had Elsa on the show a few times. OMG what a sweatheart! She is absolutely stunning and a game player! Did you know she grew up Amish?First episode she was on: episode she was on: also makes an appearance here: guest and so damn sexy!Enjoy~CoN

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November 2013649/23/2015
PennyPax    [Penny Pax's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey Yall!!!Can you guys forgive me for being absent for so long?? I have been working on some really cool stuff that I actually enjoy! My official website launched recently!!! Check it out! You can watch some trailers and see what its all about! I have a forum on there for members to request/suggest scenes or performers they want to see me work with....As I am sure you all know, I stopped shooting IR for companies other than myself, and which will go exclusively to my site! WHY? Why you ask? Well, to make a long story short I think its racist. It's never just me enjoying a big black cock, its always little white girl taking the scary black dick....I don't feel like contributing to racism through porn. It is not ok with me, plain and simple. I am more than happy to roleplay and pretend but lets do it about things that aren't real issues still present today. SO the answer to that is to just shoot IR when I am in control of how the content will be perceived. I want to have a reason and explanation for why I do things the things I do on camera. Other than that I have my 4 year anniversary of being in this fabulous industry coming up this November!! Yaaaaay!! I cannot believe how fast time fli

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January 20121179/22/2015
chanelpreston    [Chanel Preston's movies]
Most recent post:
That was a really fun scene! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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March 20103019/22/2015
Most recent post:
I can only recall a few blowbangs I shot (way back) with two gals and they were all in the Cumglazed series. Allie Sinn & her sister Astrid was one, Veronica Lynn/Carmen Sancha, and Lindsay Kay-aka Valerie Jackson/Andrea Ash. but, I do recall all three being REALLY good... wasn't sure if you were hip to those scenes or not but wanted to throw them out there in case you weren't.. lates, von S.p.s.; keep in mind I'm only mentioning these scenes since you guys seem to be RABID fans of blowbangs,..I don't own those scenes and get ZERO $ from any downloads/purchases, etc.. just tryin to show that I DO still care about the genre, even if it's completely dead now.. -von S.Edited by - von_swine on 9/22/2015 3:46:24 AM

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January 200419399/22/2015
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Jimmy, I'll have to make that happen, lol!!!! #EastCoastPorn

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August 20103409/22/2015
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
Paris is an absolutely beautiful asian TS that is a TOP escort in Las Vegas. She comes to her clients hotel room to show off her body and her blowjob skills on his big dick. Watch her in action and see for yourself!you can see this update and join my site - HERE

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September 200423519/21/2015
LaurenPhillips    [Lauren Phillips's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi Guys!! I hope you are having ana amzing weekend! I know I am and I'll be sharing what I did this weekend with you soon. **kisses** Don't forget to check out my new updates on my site! Exclusively on my site only! latest Update on join my site to see over 50+ of my girlfriends and message me personal on there! XXX,Lauren Phillips

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June 2015179/20/2015
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
interview I thought you all may be interested in

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December 20129289/20/2015
Kleio Valentien    [Kleio Valentien's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey y'all! Been shooting alot of great stuff recently and am super excited about it all. Here is one of them.

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April 2013219/18/2015
Mystica Jade    [Mystica Jade's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you so much! Nice to meet you! &#128522; I have soooo many that I would love to work with but Johnny and Kissa Sins would be like a dream to work with! I love them!!

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May 2015169/18/2015
Most recent post:
some bio's on her say she has fake boobs. anyone know if this is true and when? they still look saggy to me tho?

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February 2015149/15/2015
Veruca James    [Veruca James's movies]
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Gothic! HAHAHA! That photo is from a scene 4 years ago in which I was dressed up as an angsty teen who hated her retail job. My hair has been long for 2.5 years now and yes I am still pale, but you wouldn't call snow white gothic would you!? :PThank you to everyone requested me for Blacked, I would absolutely love the opportunity to shoot for the site.xo V

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June 20121659/15/2015
NikkiSeXX    [Nikki Sexx's movies]
Most recent post:
The fuck is that?

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December 20097299/15/2015
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
Most recent post:
Transsexual Producer/Performer/Publicist Wendy Williams has landed the cover of "TS Cock Strokers 6" DVD by Trans500 Studios with distribution by Pure Play Media. On September 17th, 2015 this release will street and fans can grab a copy online or at their favorite adult store. Joining Williams is an all-star cast of Vaniity, Camila Klein, and Patricia Lins. These four hot transsexual women treat viewers to solo masturbation fun while some use their favorite toy. This series continues to be a fan favorite of seeing the hottest transsexual women pleasing themselves. This is not the only release fans will be able to enjoy seeing Wendy in as she also stars in the Parody DVD of the year "Kaitlyn Gender: Based on a NOT so True Story" where she plays the role of Diana Sword which streets on September 24th. You can purchase her newest release here: and the star of Kaitlyn Gender, Jonelle Brooks, will both be at the Kaitlyn Gender DVD release party in Lexington, KY on September 18th at the BlueGrass Connections. If you want to attend check out or follow on twitter @KentuckyTGParty"I am very

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May 20042419/14/2015
Casey Calvert    [Casey Calvert's movies]
Most recent post:
Because I'm getting called out here:1. I complained about not being on the cover of Wet Food 6 not only because I swallowed the most loads, but because (1) it was my first blowbang and I wanted to be able to use it as a marketing tool (can't if I'm not on the cover), and (2) I was promised the cover as part of the deal to shoot my first blowbang.2. It's not my fault that some of the dudes missed my mouth. Believe it or not, some of them don't wanna look at a mouthful of cum when they are trying to pop, so they miss. 3. Of course we shoot what we are asked to shoot! We can always say no, but the money behind the movie dictates how "hardcore" we can be. And if we are *too* hardcore, it gets cut out. See, for example, the fisting getting cut out of my scene in Evil MILFs.

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November 20121329/14/2015
Sarah Shevon    [Sarah Shevon's movies]
Most recent post:
LOL Don't hold your breath. Had 5 years to book me... I'm not sure if I'm totally retired because I'm still webcamming and would perform in my own videos, but yes, we'll see if any companies get me again; however, I'd probably be more inclined to shoot for people I like than people that never booked me.

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August 20102399/14/2015
VeronicaVain    [Veronica Vain's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey guys -- thanks for all the compliments. Unfortunately, I was 100% focused on my business motivations during that CNN interview, so I wasn't thinking about banging the interviewer...and I think it's absolutely hilarious that that's the first thing you guys think about when you watch that! Yea I've been honing my squirt powers recently - the movie for Jules Jordan taught me the importance of hydration hours ahead of time; I didn't know that could help fuel the squirting as much as it did. I'm hoping these other companies take note at what I can do! It would help me a ton if you guys would suggest/tweet at/make it known here on the forums what companies you'd like to see me work for or work more for. So far, it's been: Evil Angel (just 1st movie)TwistysNaughty America (they don't like squirting)BrazzersPorn Pros (a bunch)Nubiles (Once, not out yet)Jules Jordan (once so far)Urban LesbiansFTV (not out yet)Girlsway (as of today)I'd really like to do something with HardX/EroticaX. I'm not doing anal or IR yet, as I plan to wait on those until I get up and running. I can't WAIT to do DP and Gangbang on camera!Cheers <3

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March 2015129/12/2015
AbigailMac    [Abigail Mac's movies]
Most recent post:
Hello my loves!!! Wow so much has happened in the last couple months I can barely keep up!!! I have tons of g/g and b/g content coming out soon! So far I have shot multiple b/g scene for Brazzers, Digital Playground, Bang Bros, Naughty America, and Spizoo of and of course my website! I have also shot tons of g/g stuff. Not released yet from Twistys, Reality Kings, Girlsway, Babes, and my website lol. I actually just shot my first BGG for Jules Jordan with Amia Miley and Jesse Jones should be super hot! oh and no anal anytime soon.....ouch lol Love you always Abi xoxoxo

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September 2013169/12/2015
Riley Jenner    [Riley Jenner's movies]
Most recent post:
Um... I've shot a couple other things that aren't out yet.

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June 2014449/11/2015
Most recent post:
Anybody know what agency this beauty is with these days? She's not with LA Direct anymore that I can see.

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March 201349/11/2015
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!

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August 20033449/10/2015
Hope Howell    [Hope Howell's movies]
Most recent post:
Good Morning,Yesterday I shot a HOT anal scene with russian pornstar, Marcus Dupree. This will be my first "Hardcore anal" scene for I hope everyone will enjoy my ass being pounded.

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August 2015439/10/2015
mishacross    [Misha Cross's movies]
Most recent post:
For fucks sake, stop spreading bullshit about my retirement, im working every single day, i just cant be back in the usa now! Is it so hard to understand, im not american, as You all know, im based in europe so far. So please explain to me how am i suppose to shoot these amazing american scenes when im not there, duh.

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November 2013639/8/2015
marleybrinx    [Marley Brinx's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you for all the support, I wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for all of you, although I still have a long way to go! However after speaking with my agent I can confirm a Brazzers anal scene on the 11th of September!

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March 2015119/7/2015
Francesca Le    [Francesca Le's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey GuysHere is some from LeWood/Evil Angel to add to your list. Nina Elle, Christie Stevens, Brittany Andrews,Rayveness-MILF's SuckMarsha May,Alby Rydes-New Anal RecruitsAbella Danger-Anal VerifiedAnd coming soonRyan O'Connor, Maddy O'Reilly-Up My BootyWhen we shoot it I usually show it from the man's pov. Mark is a little shy but he loves it lolEnjoy,Francesca

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February 20051229/5/2015
Vicki Chase    [Vicki Chase's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey there agent ultimate_sperminator!I think being in an Elegant Angel Swallow Edition scene would be fun! Haven't done that one before and I'd say i have a craving for about 7 loads right about now Make it happen if ya can captain! Talk soon take care VC

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August 20131419/2/2015
Carmen Valentina    [Carmen Valentina's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey guys! Dropping in to say hi:) If you are in Florida I will be appearing LIVE at the Nightmoves Show in Tampa Fl from October 8th-11th. Check out my website for twitter for updates!xoxo, Carmen Valentina

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June 2010629/2/2015
Shawna_Lenee    [Shawna Lenee's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you so much for the feedback!! &#128512;&#128512;&#128512;

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October 2014439/2/2015
phoenix_marie1    [Phoenix Marie's movies]
Most recent post:
Life is what you make it... Be happy...

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June 20084169/1/2015
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
Most recent post:
^ That would be awesome! Thank you for being such a sweet fan.

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December 20112959/1/2015
Riley Reid    [Riley Reid's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi Riley,Great video, great camera works, and great performance!But could i suggest one thing?Could you please improve the quality of your video? 400 MB for a 36min video is light, it should be around 1GB for HD quality.I'm looking into it right now but from the way my system is set up I'm limited to 2GB per video upload and if its in HD is 3 GB which I can't upload. I'll try to find a way tho that I can make it work tho!

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September 2012528/31/2015
Most recent post:
virgo peridot in big anal booties 3 scene 2

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November 2010938/30/2015
GabiPaltrova    [Gabriella Paltrova's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you sir!

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November 20121348/30/2015
NikkiBenz    [Nikki Benz's movies]
Most recent post:
Too many fuckboys on here, not knowing one thing about the porn industry except how to jerk their little dick off. Bye Felicia

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March 2013118/20/2015
Bonnierotten    [Bonnie Rotten's movies]
Most recent post:
your statement makes no sense because those girls aren't dealing with me and other girls are? lol

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March 20122948/19/2015
AmyFaye    [Amy Faye's movies]
Most recent post:
NEW RELEASE!My New Black Stepdaddy 19 for Devil's Film - For all you IR fans!!

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April 2015228/18/2015
Bianca Breeze XXX    [Bianca Breeze's movies]
Most recent post:
thanks gang for all the love. i check in on here from time to time. girl girl fans. i have several coming up. one very soon for zero tolerance, i have like 3 for penthouse rolling out sometime this year. several for new sensationsbig toysblack bullgangbang check out their site. www.newsensations.comi am all over the place now follow my twitter for the most up to date releases etc. recent shoots:kink manojobspenthousereality kingselegant angelgirlswaydigital sinamerican damselhustlernew sensationsinferno restraintsthird degree filmshave a great week. stay horny for us tall natural girls xoxo

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April 2015508/18/2015
Most recent post:
I have a solo for that's out. I'm one of the mains in Dancing Bear: The Dancing Bear in Full Effect. XXXPawn: Me Love You Long Time. GFRevenge: Camp Cooch. I have a Asian GF b/g/g threesome with Chad White and another girl that's out *somewhere* and a CrazyAsianGFs scene with Bruce Venture that just came out. Since I got to L.A. I've shot a blowjob with Jonni Darkko, a massage scene for Happy Tugs, and a threesome with Morgan Lee for ArchAngel directed by MimeFreak.Thanks for staying interested!

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August 201538/15/2015
Roxy Raye    [Roxy Raye's movies]
Most recent post:
It would be the most epic~ :-)))

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July 2010828/7/2015
xxDonita    [Donita Dunes's movies]
Most recent post:
I've had mine for ages lol :)

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January 2012268/7/2015
Most recent post:
Forgot -- we also have a trailer featuring the interview and the strip-down plus a few more quick clips...

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August 201528/3/2015
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
I try to have a copy of all of my DVDs. I have most of them. Like most things, it was more exciting when it was new.

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May 20101067/30/2015
Luna Star    [Luna Star's movies]
Most recent post:
Such Amazing words, I'm Happy to hear about I m on your personal 10 , Im very Good with my social media and of course I love POrn all the way , thank you again <

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July 201597/26/2015
TheRealVeronicaA    [Veronica Avluv's movies]
Most recent post:
I personally have a problem with incest plot lines because I'm a parent, I have also seen the devestating, life long harm incest causes not only to its victims but also the repurcussions of the long lasting pain and damage on the victims children. Having to watch your own parent struggle through years of therapy and ptsd, horrible.... seduction incest can do a number on a family member, when they are confused because it physically felt good, and yet they are being robbed of their innocence, when they get blamed for the marriage and family falling apart... horrid... I detest it and have gotten to the point that I argue with people on set when they say "It's Step mom so it's not incest," are you kidding me????? A step.parent was the perpetrator of my beloved family members pain, one of them... it was incest. No ifs ands or buts.Moving on now, I'm excited about my Kink scenes coming up and will be shooting for my dear friend Bonnie Rotten (Elegant Angel) , I'll keep you all posted!Have a great weekend!Xoxo

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April 20121057/26/2015
julie skyhigh
Most recent post:
sorry I'm still blocked to post. can someone please unblock? i just didn't knew the rules boobs yes, pussy no. thank youJulie skyhigh

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December 2013767/25/2015
Savannah Fyre
Most recent post:
Thank you so much! I love natural and plan to stay that way. I am now with 101 modeling

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November 201467/24/2015
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
Most recent post:
@2bollocks: I don't believe in taking little breaks. The longer, the better!@Zen Master 2007: You know me very well, sir.@Mister Fahrenheit: Yes, Bree Olsen did the update exclusively for Special thanks to the gif maker for not cropping it or putting another url over it. Added 3 updates to VOD:Rachel James' 2nd feedingStella DanielsRachel James' 3rd feeding

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March 200249077/19/2015
katie_St_Ives    [Katie St. Ives's movies]
Most recent post:
Did you let him know which agency I'm with? If not please let him know I'm with Glamour LTD !! Thank you!Katie St. Ives

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September 20092997/19/2015
AddieJuniper    [Addie Juniper's movies]
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I would LOVE to shoot for Blacked!!!<

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August 2008117/19/2015
Tiffany Doll    [Tiffany Doll's movies]
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Thank you, I loves this scene too. Dani and Ash are amazing and it was so easy to do it with them. Always easier with girls who love sex and those ones do :D

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May 20111507/15/2015
Naughty Alysha
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Thanks!I will do that for sure. Can you email me to discuss? webmaster at naughtyalysha dot com

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July 201077/2/2015
ryan conner
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ooh, i have lots in store for you! ;) ....RYAN

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June 201516/28/2015
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Just so you all know I will be back this week. I needed to get away, take a break, and figure out what I want to do and how I wanna proceed in this line of business. Most likely be online tuesday and wednesday forsure if not Monday as well. It will be early in the morning when I do. I have a lot of interesting stories tp tell you all and im flattered that you still remember me:) that put a big smile on my face. Miss you bunchesXOXOPS. all those repeated replies mustve been due to the virus I had on my computer or something. Not too sure. Oh and also im really tempted to do another video...any companies specifically I should look into. Wanna keep it as simple sex videos. Nothin too extreme with good money. Let me know!:)

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December 201496/28/2015
toni Ribas
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You can see Vicki Chase and Carter Cruise doing double vaginal on my first release at Evil Angel, #AllStuffedUp Vicki and Bonnie Rotten also doing double analToni RibasEdited by - killbillvol69 on 6/26/2015 9:16:35 PM

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July 2003966/26/2015
DanaDeArmond    [Dana DeArmond's movies]
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remy's angels is out now!remy's angels trailer and box cover at archangel

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January 200629446/24/2015
MissAustin    [Olivia Austin's movies]
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First off, that insert was from my own personal blog and had the sole purpose of explaining my experience with a non reputable agency, it had nothing to do with shooting IR...And I will be one of the first ones to say I think it's ridiculous how they make IR and regular B/G so separate. And especially because IR could be with any race, not just black, you could have Black, Asian, Spanish, etc. But regardless of what I think and believe, the industry is ran a certain way and is very political just like many entertainment industries.And yes, you are right, I do not have a very big name yet, which is the REAL reason I have held off from doing any of my firsts yet. I am only 6 months into the business right now, by me saying its "too soon" isn't because I was waiting for a bigger payday, it's because I'm waiting to build a bigger brand for myself. Think of it like a step ladder, I started off doing B/G and G/G, so I want to build a fan base for those scenes first before I make the next step up the ladder. Once I develop a decent brand/name for myself in those categories, I can continue to make more steps up the ladder.

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April 2015106/15/2015
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Hey everyone! I promise that after I raise the funds for my surgery I will be back to work. I appreciate all of you for sticking by my side thru thick and thin. I love you all. If you could donate to either my or my Any help is appreciated and I promise to repay you. Email me at to hire me or send me fan mail. I ALWAYS reply. Thank you for being the best fans in the entire world &#128536;&#128536;&#128525;.

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June 201516/2/2015
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Look forward to a few scenes from me and the beautiful Khaya... ;)

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March 201576/2/2015
Ava Addams    [Ava Addams's movies]
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I would hope that nobody would stir up shit just for the sake of doing so. That said, I also took a screen capture precisely because I saw how things went down with the "voting irregularities" in the Next DP Star contest with August Ames & Eva Lovia (who somehow made the finals despite being in 4th place in the voting and then won it all). As you can see in the image below, you guys are in post-show interview (this is right at the part where you were begging them to turn the water off) and you are up 27 votes (this is right after Romi suddenly gained a hundred or so votes out of nowhere but was still trailing --- that was the moment I decided to take the screenshot because I had a feeling I knew how things were gonna go down). Then, sure enough, somehow on the next voting update Romi jumps ahead of you to win it by around 50 votes.It was definitely frustrating to watch as a fan, so I can't imagine what it is like to be a contestant and have that money on the line. I'm sure it is possible that—like any live-streaming technology—the voting app has its quirks and maybe there was some lag counting up all of the votes. But that still doesn't explain the sudden surge for Romi right at the end when you guys were...

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July 20102406/1/2015
Jessieslife    [Jessie Andrews's movies]
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I wish you knew the back end! takes a bit longer than that ;)

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May 20112725/29/2015
Dr Mercies
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Hi, jm6d. Dr. Mercies here. At, we don't fake these sorts of things. But I can certainly see why you might think we did in this case. I took a look at the scene with Marika, and indeed there is a cut between the doctor peeing into the glass and him spitting into the glass. Then there is a seamless movement from his spitting to her drinking. The reason for the cut, which you can sort of see in the final footage, is that the doctor was fumbling to remove the mouth part of his mask prior to spitting. This took a few seconds and was a bit awkward-looking, so we cut it. But in retrospect, it may have been a bad choice. Any member of Assylum, as well as yourself (regardless of whether you are a member), can write to us as support@assylum to request the uncut footage of this particular moment in the scene. You will see the glass going straight from pissing to spitting to Marika's mouth--no cut. Edited by - Dr Mercies on 5/28/2015 12:19:45 AM

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July 2014115/28/2015
Kateengland21    [Kate England's movies]
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Either way I had a blast and enjoyed myself and learned a lot at a young age :) I have no regrets. Just living life!

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May 201535/27/2015
Tarantino XXX
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Hello everyone, ADT, porn fans and colleagues alike I would like to start this ADT discussion regarding my next projects for 2015. I have partnered up with the brand new adult themed crowdfunding site to launch 2 campaign pages for my next projects for the year. To read the press release about it go to here: first one is a XXX parody of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming western film The Hateful Eight. My version will be called The 8Full Ate and it will be a girl/girl only lesbian film that will parody several famous women Tarantino characters like Django, Elle Driver from Kill Bill, and Bridget Von Hammersmark from Inglourious Basterds trapped in a brothel/saloon it will have a western sex theme to it. So far I have casted Lily Cade, Lotus Lain, and Hall Of Fame performer Karen Summer. I'm looking to help finish the casting of the film when you donate or contribute to the project. Also their will be various other perks for all donators/contributors to this project. You can view the page here The second project I'm trying to get funded for is a film called "Bad Wives" that's righ

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May 2013195/18/2015
Rico Shades
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Puerto Rican and Greek Ass Goddess releases her latest exclusive Sheena Ryder Productions DVD!LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2015) – Sheena Ryder stars in, and graces the cover of, “Sheena Ryder Threesomes.” The title, available exclusively from the Sheena Ryder store, features Sheena Ryder in a myriad of fantastic threesomes; DP, Interracial, Stepmother/daughter and ex-girlfriend.“I like to keep it hardcore and dirty,” says Sheena. “There was a lot of hardcore fucking in this and I definitely done it with the raincoaters in mind.”“Sheena Ryder Threesomes,” also stars Shay Fox and Addie Juniper. Trailer and Buy Link

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December 20063735/17/2015
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I have a fast metabolism . I get annoyed by people always commenting on my weight . that's why I'm taking a break to get more lean . and also its the people who film me and depending on lighting . I'm not that skinny in person its just how I show out on camera , just like the makeup I look better without makeup . I'm just toning myself up getting my tattoos off and all that before I get back into porn . please remember that I'm doing porn for my fans who love my body type . I'm not doing porn to impress anyone . it hurts my feelings when I hear you guys comment on my figure its like in school when everyone threw food at me for looking different , none of you are any better . I do wish that people didn't judge me for my weight . anyways keep doing yourself with your porn watching and whatnotEdited by - jennajustine on 5/7/2015 4:59:37 PM

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January 201535/7/2015
MaddyOreilly    [Maddy O'Reilly's movies]
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No gang bangs just yet! That tweet was referring to a crazy DP I just did where I took two cum shots to the face when I was done. So a total of 4 loads all over me :)

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July 2012635/4/2015
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Kenna James will be coming to San Francisco Next week!Kenna James live

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April 201524/30/2015
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Thanks for mentioning us napo01, it's much appreciated. We're thankful for being listed.In regards to the password, we're attracting b2b traffic and do not wish to make our models portfolios available to the public. This reduces our traffic costs and reduces the number of "does model XX do escort" requests.Sorry for the inconvenience but if you're a legitimate producer with references, we will be happy to grant you access! Otherwise, you can see our models on the DVD and Web content they have available.

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April 201524/30/2015
Aria Alexander    [Aria Alexander's movies]
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@gfunkYay that's wonderful to hear!! (: And as for acting experience, meh. Minimal. I did a couple plays in school, had to memorize a couple of basic lines here and there working in fetish. I'm actually really surprised you say that because that's one of my biggest insecurities. I always feel silly and like i'm not doing it right lol. As for working with sexually broken it was a lovely experience! I LOVED the crew and shot 4 scenes that day, all of which were super crazy and challenging in a cool way. I only had a problem with one of them, and it wasn't even a matter of "too much cock, aghh!" or any bullshit like that. I was recovering from a cold and still a bit congested, and the contraption they put me in for that scene limited my breathing. It was the one where i'm on the ground spread eagle with my arms pinned back if you care to know. Anyway that one sucked because I was suffocating, had a drastic arch in my back, all of my weight was on my pubic bone and a few other sucky things, but I was content in the suck. Which leads me to your next question, my reason for being content in the suck is that I am naturally submissive haha. All in all, yes I would happily shoot scenes like this again, it was unique and kind of s...

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April 201554/24/2015
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Hey Olivia glad you are here with us...I'm glad you're putting it down for us to see.I just recently came across that *BOSS ASS BODY* of yoursand my viewing pleasure is the better for it!You rocked the hell outta that outfit for bangbros!I'm not a huge g/g fan but you and Julia Ann put in work!Edited by - mygrayne69 on 4/10/2015 6:16:39 PM

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March 2014254/10/2015
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early 50s.

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December 20096054/9/2015
alexchancexxx    [Alex Chance's movies]
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My new anal scene is for a new website that Team Skeet is making. I will announce when it comes out. As of right now the new site has not been launched yet. xoxo Alex ChanceP.S. If you want to see me more, request me to your favorite companies. You can do it on twitter or on your favorite site's forum.

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April 2014104/6/2015
SamanthaRone    [Samantha Rone's movies]
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I have shot for all of those companies now did you enjoy those scenes?Lots Of Love,Rone<3

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April 201564/5/2015
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Check out my newest Penthouse cover, out NOW! xx

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March 20112903/21/2015
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