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RomiRain    [Romi Rain's movies]
Most recent post:
Sorry, it's not an all IR movie, it just features my first IR scene. 💋

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April 2013539/2/2014
LeyaFalcon    [Leya Falcon's movies]
Most recent post:
^^you're welcome! I just like to share my positive experiences with everyone! I have so much to be thankful for in life and I just hope it inspires everyone else to look at the good in thier lives and smile!

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December 20127339/2/2014
Porno Dan
Most recent post:
Immoral Productions is pleased to present Megan Rain in her first live boy/girl sex show on September 2nd at 2pm PDTWatch her Dance on Dick for Free Promo code "FREESHOW" on Immoral LiveMegan Rain

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March 200936479/2/2014
Riley Jenner    [Riley Jenner's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! There's another coming out in a couple months with Misha Cross and I too.

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June 2014109/1/2014
julesjordanvideo    [Jules Jordan's movies]
September 20019329/1/2014
Vicki Chase    [Vicki Chase's movies]
Most recent post:
Hello PetermanDamn right I do!....... I can't deny that I sometimes wish they were a bit bigger but they are nice aren't they ;) If I had a choice between nice or big I'd go with nice every time. Nice titties in my mouth :D I think I was busy growing my lil mountains in Boyle Heights when you were my age lol!xoxoVC

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August 2013849/1/2014
Dakotaskye    [Dakota Skye's movies]
Most recent post:
Xoxo everyone has there own turn onsIf you guys wouldn't mind voting for me at new starlet- you have to fill my name in**Best ass, ect any other sections you agree I fit in..**NOTE I AM NOT THE DAKOTA SKYE FEATURE DANCER, don't check the name unless you're a fan of hers aswell***Also best all sex release directed by jacky st JamesOur Father – Digital SinAlso meet dakota DVDs I have available on store.dakotaskye.comAnd will be sent out when I arrive in Cali today or tomorrowDepending on when you order

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December 2013329/1/2014
Most recent post:
My dick is bald like most porn actors dicks and has always been like that coz I've always been circumcised so I don't know what it feels like to fuck if you're not circumcised but I guess it feels different. What feels better?

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July 2014788/31/2014
chanelpreston    [Chanel Preston's movies]
Most recent post:
I'd love to do a scene for Blacked. Their stuff looks beautiful! I haven't been called on to do so yet, but hopefully. I'd love to shoot with Jon Jon or Sean Michaels.

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March 20102828/31/2014
Most recent post:
I'd love to see her work with

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July 20121128/31/2014
Mick Blue    [Mick Blue's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey BlackSix that's awesome that you like this movie :-). I love to mix foot fetish with hot sex :-)

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August 20032548/30/2014
DanaDeArmond    [Dana DeArmond's movies]
Most recent post:
around 7000 people yearly, in California alone, contract HIVi know you guys get bored and want to talk about things and try to connect dots which are not there.but saying "there is a pattern" "these people must be doing something wrong" is just gross and inhumane and also none of your is a worldwide problem and instead of figuring out what you think "who did what" on a message board, consider doing something productive instead.

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January 200629348/29/2014
Tiffany Doll    [Tiffany Doll's movies]
Most recent post:
New movie out now "Lick my Ice cream bitch" for Private shot in Barcelone this summer. If you're summer wasn't hot this movie will warm you up :P

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May 20111118/29/2014
December 2013518/29/2014
danielle_ftv    [Danielle Delaunay's movies]
Most recent post:
^ Oooooohhh I didn't realize that put that into a dvd compilation. Pretty cool! Thanks for pointing it out :)Danielle Delaunay -

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December 20112528/29/2014
Veruca James    [Veruca James's movies]
Most recent post:
Veruca James and The Room of Pure Imagination!It’s FINALLY here!!! My Willy Wonka/Veruca Salt parody done style, directed by the one and only, Princess Donna!This was my third time working with Princess Donna and my most memorable and meaningful project to date. Having directed me previously (my first Hardcore gangbang and Public Disgrace shoots) , Princess Donna was adamant about me owning this project. She encouraged me to think outside the box and really choose a fantasy of my own. I knew I had a general feeling that I wanted to get out of my experience and I knew that previously, as a newbie to the industry, I had happily accepted whatever theme/fantasy that was presented to me, but I hadn’t really actively perused something that was truly ME. After several conversations, with my vague and general ideas, I proposed a Veruca Salt parody. Veruca Salt being my namesake, of course. Veruca is a nickname that I was coined with before I even started performing. Veruca is girly, bratty, demanding and very much an evil/dirty girl to the core. That is me! Donna immediately loved the idea. She wrote a script for me, based on the original movie, and I fell in LOVE. She even asked if I would sing

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June 20121168/28/2014
Most recent post:
I don't know, I didn't do that one and won't ever do one again. But I do a have a POV coming from Jules Jordan video that I'm sure u will enjoy.

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June 20089668/28/2014
AJ Applegate    [AJ Applegate's movies]
Most recent post:
^^ Thank you !! That means a lot !! :))AJ Applegate ♡♡♡

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August 20124348/27/2014
Most recent post:
SR#6 was definitely saved as an HD-split master for distro to online/V.O.D. vendors. now, I don't know what source Vidoebox is using, or how they're rendering the footage for their site before it goes up, so that IS a question for them. and thanx for the VERY gracious feedback about me & Mike's brand of porno, all we try and do is make is look great and for it to be totally strokeable. lates, von S.

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January 200418898/27/2014
Anikka Albrite    [Anikka Albrite's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi guys! I'm so excited my new Anal scene for Brazzers came out a couple days ago! I hope you all like it :-) I love working with Brazzers, and every shoot with them is so much fun! Now that I'm doing anal, I hope to do more anal scenes for them. Kieran Lee's big cock in my ass was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :-))Here is the link to my anal scene on Brazzers. by - Anikka Albrite on 8/27/2014 2:41:46 PM

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October 2012268/27/2014
MaddyOreilly    [Maddy O'Reilly's movies]
Most recent post:
^^^all of that sounds great minus the prolapse part. I'm okay with another chick prolapsing but I don't think I personally would want to prolapse. Just not my thing right now. I did do a scene about a week and half ago with Adriano where I let him put a speculum inside me as wide as it would possibly go and then he used a little camera (I'm assuming the kind you would use for a colonoscopy) and put it deep inside my butt. It was AMAZING.

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July 2012598/26/2014
mishacross    [Misha Cross's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you guys. Actually i already shot for jules jordan. Its coming Out 8th of september, manuel creampies their asses. I hope to shoot for jules again when im back there next year.

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November 2013468/26/2014
Feet of Philly
Most recent post:
Next update is Maddy O'Reilly! Great anal scene with one of the best asses in the business and a rising superstar.See her full video plus photo sets at:I Worship Anal

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August 20102858/26/2014
Most recent post:
Hey. So Im not really sure why I never ventured onto here before..... But I found it. Anywho...... 1. Casey Cumz2. My official clip store.3. How long have you been in porn? I started shooting porn in 2011 and shot until last year. I am coming back though was just taking a break to work on some other not porno stuff and focus on my website. 4. How did you find Adult DVD Talk and how long have you been reading the site? I heard it about through many people and I have been on here before to look at dvds when they had came out, but I never even knew about this section....... 5. Which movie(s) should we watch to see you at your best? Evil Angel : Lex Turns Evil 2 - Bitch Craft 9 - The Ass Party - Anal Gaping Sluts Phat Ass White Girls 7 by Mike Adriano - Bush 3 Elegant Angel - Lex is to big for teens 10 by Kevin Moore Paranormal Cracktivity 2 by Seymore Butts - Calling All Asses Combat Zone - Neighborhood Slut Watch Jules Jordan Video 6. Which directors and/or performers would you like to work with that you haven't? I'm not even sure who is around anymore really but I loved working with Mike Adriano and Joey Silvera 7. What do you personally find to be erotic? My personal fetish is

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August 201418/26/2014
HollyWest    [Holly West's movies]
Most recent post:
I love when people...on a porn a porn forum...have the audacity to talk about a woman's head space in her decision to work in the industry. You have zero clue as to why I, or any other performer made personal decision to work in the adult industry. It's your preference to not support your girlfriend, Mom, sister working in the adult industry. ..and I appreciate you having that opinion. What I don't appreciate is you assuming all pornstars are the same and come from dysfunctional families or are horrible people. Mindsets like yours are what creates our society to have the inclination to even consider believing a word that someone like WM says...because the victim was a pornstar she must be partly to blame because...well she fucks for a living. Good day.Edited by - hollywest on 8/25/2014 3:22:34 PMEdited by - hollywest on 8/25/2014 3:23:20 PM

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June 20071128/25/2014
Angela White    [Angela White's movies]
Most recent post:
Good guess, CummingLinguist. Yes, they were very helpful in assisting me set up my Dutch company.Thank you, FromTexasWithLove. I don't know if you are actually from Texas or referring to the gorgeous Alexis in your avi but I recently went to Texas for the first time last week and thought is was great. I was in Austin for my fleshlight molding but I would love to go back and explore more of the State. Hi Traveler, you will be pleased to know that I have some unreleased scenes with Manuel, one of which will be coming out very shortly.

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December 2013338/24/2014
Skin_Diamond    [Skin Diamond's movies]
Most recent post:
^ Not really... lolBy the way.. check out my latest blog post for a special announcement! ^_~

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March 20112858/24/2014
aidenaspen    [Aiden Aspen's movies]
Most recent post:
Just testing the waters, but I may be planning a trip to shoot soon a lil bj ;)

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June 2011428/24/2014
SamanthaBentley    [Samantha Bentley's movies]
Most recent post:
more previews bts

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December 2013768/23/2014
Most recent post:
Hey Sexy! What's up, You ready? How's this sound? skype shows: 25 min $5050 min $100Payment accepted: Amazon gift cards sent directly to email. TY :-), Aren't able to commit to a full show? Send Amazon gift card in ANY amount and we'll work something out!So Skype not your thing? Want a Personal pic straight from my phone? send a $20 amazon gift card directly to: How about a private video? Send $50Amazon gift card to:

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December 2007788/23/2014
SandySweet    [Sandy Sweet's movies]
Most recent post:
hi all...well, guess y'all don't need to wonder anymore if i am back for sure or not. the answer is YESS! i am indeed, back... and ready to tear it up again. hope i have some fans left who are still interested in seeing me fuck on camera. guess we'll see. Brand new Sandy Sweet xxx scene that i shot with Nubile Films just posted on my website today. go check it out and thank you all so so much for your continued support. i wouldn't have came back without you all. thank you! xoxoSSEdited by - sandysweet on 8/22/2014 7:48:26 PM

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December 20071738/22/2014
Most recent post:
We have a great interview with Misha on our podcast. She was absolutely stunning in person and had a great attitude. She was cute because she was shy and nervous to talk because she thought her english was bad. But she was great! Enjoy

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November 2013318/22/2014
Most recent post:
Hi, wold like to meet you our adult agency in Spain (Barcelona).Thanks! Skype: lu-cris-silvaTopic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Aug 23 2014

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August 201418/22/2014
CatalinaCruz    [Catalina Cruz's movies]
Most recent post:
I thought I'd remind you and invite you to my live cam event this weekend. Hope to have you there for support. lol xoxo Below for why I would like support...My Live Anal Show this Saturday, the 23rd -Click to come in the back door:)xoxoCatalina

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July 2014128/20/2014
WendyWilliams    [Wendy Williams's movies]
May 20042018/20/2014
SheenaRyder    [Sheena Ryder's movies]
Most recent post:
Hello loves... yes most of you are corrrect... it is conduct unbecoming of a soldier to be in porn while serving. It gets you a dishonorable discharge, Which is worse than going to jail for a felony, it ruins your life.

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April 201418/18/2014
phoenix_marie1    [Phoenix Marie's movies]
Most recent post:
Drinking Watermelon with Alcohol (didn't finish due to lightweight stat and horny level)

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June 20083928/18/2014
trinityXXX    [Trinity St. Clair's movies]
Most recent post:
Amazing job Mick! would love a chance to work with you! I love the trailer for Hard X Anal POV! ANAL is the best!xoxo Trinity

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November 201088/16/2014
Most recent post:
Ginger strips and sucks cock POV

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November 20071648/16/2014
Sovereign Syre    [Sovereign Syre's movies]
Most recent post:
^I nearly quit over a terrible red-eye flight that had me exhausted with the constant travel involved in my job.

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December 20113998/15/2014
AshleyGraham    [Ashlee Graham's movies]
Most recent post:
My website that is a part of the Cherry Pimps network also finally has a splash page. Go to to sign up to be notified when it goes live so you can all become members and see all my exclusive content

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February 2013928/13/2014
Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's movies]
Most recent post:
The toilet seat turned Venus into a bit of a potty mouth. Who knew!

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March 200247168/13/2014
christianx    [Christian XXX's movies]
Most recent post:
she is amazing and sexy and going to be a big star! think Dakota Skye part 2

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September 200422868/12/2014
GabiPaltrova    [Gabriella Paltrova's movies]
Most recent post:
Love all of you guys <3

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November 20121068/12/2014
TheRealVeronicaA    [Veronica Avluv's movies]
Most recent post:
Upon reading the back of the Perfect Slaves DVD I feel so honored to be given such high compliments from such a legendary and truly hardcore performer ;))) that's made my day!!!! And he's not lying either, the sex went on for hours!!!! It took me quite a while to gather my wits together once it was all over in order to drive home lol ;))) I can't post the picture bc it shows sex but if you look it up you can read what Rocco wrote.

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April 2012958/9/2014
Jessieslife    [Jessie Andrews's movies]
Most recent post:
Hi ADT members/forum readers :)I'm really excited for you guys to see The Gardener. It's a very important movie to me. My first anal (a long time coming, am I right?) in a feature film. I like to set goals, standards and good examples for people in all of my ventures. So for porn, I just wanted to say, you don't always need to do a gonzo movie for your first anal, with the best male talent, for the most money, for the most PR, for the most AVN noms. Sometimes it's a little bit more than that. I really like B Skow, his ideas and scripts (as insane as they are sometimes). It's different than anything I've ever shot, or seen shot. So I was extremely into it, and the idea that no one has ever done a first like this in a feature film, and for GF films. That said, I didn't do it for the money or because I had too. I did it only because I wanted too. I felt like I had something more to give to the industry and the fans :) So I really hope you guys enjoy the movie. And I'll be doing interviews etc to tell more about it. Hoping for it to be out in time for nominations. Hope to see you guys voting :DAll the scenes I did this year are very important to me as well and I hope it shows! Anywho, must get back to work. Lots of love to everyone xo...

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May 20112588/8/2014
Casey Calvert    [Casey Calvert's movies]
Most recent post:
Woah, the coke! I want one!I would absolutely love to do a spotlight with Mason. A slutwoman-esque movie would be awesome. Some shameless self-promotion... I recently got published in NIF Magazine. You can see it digitally here.xoEdited by - casey Calvert on 8/7/2014 11:11:26 PMEdited by - casey Calvert on 8/7/2014 11:12:18 PM

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November 2012998/7/2014
Angelinachung    [Angelina Chung's movies]
Most recent post:
Just reading some of these things and imagining how you guys conclude to some of your questions is so funny. I am perfectly content with the work that I do get, I am grateful for the directors and my peers for watching me grow into a better performer. My "rate" has nothing to do with why I don't work as much. My rate is average and no I don't charge more for specific scenes. I've been working really hard lately and have tons of scenes that have already released and that are still waiting to be released.

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August 2013138/1/2014
lily_cade    [Lily Cade's movies]
Most recent post:
I think you might have wanted "You Will Never be a Male Performer" Looks are important to getting hired in porn, but so are a lot of other things. In most jobs, being good at social interactions is crucial, and porn is no exception. If people like you, they'll hire you. If people can't stand being around you, they won't. If the other talent likes fucking you, you're a lot more likely to get requested and thus to work. If you show up on time, do good scenes, and don't cause drama, directors are much more likely to call. A porn star has to be able to manage her fanbase too - the more popular she is, the more likely she is to get hired, and for better projects. Actually being good at the job helps, though there sort of an inverse relationship between how traditionally pretty someone is and the extent to which she has to be a genuinely good performer in order to work. (I'm not saying pretty girls are bad performers, but rather that the less you fit a standard model, the more crucial it is to be a good performer. Someone like Bonnie Rotten - or myself for that matter - would never have been able to sustain a career being a soft, low energy fuck). Last but not...

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May 2010757/29/2014
Most recent post:
candace dare has one bad as body! here booty is the stuff of legend...lolseriously though she has a very shapely body particularly her ass.don't really know how I feel about the scenes with gay performers at the moment???although many girls shoot with gay/tranny performers...Edited by - mygrayne69 on 7/28/2014 1:43:53 PM

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March 2014217/28/2014
AsphyxiaNoir    [Asphyxia Noir's movies]
Most recent post:
Help out <3Asphyxia noir

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December 2012287/27/2014
JaydenJaymes    [Jayden Jaymes's movies]
Most recent post:

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July 2008457/22/2014
Tori Avano    [Tori Avano's movies]
Most recent post:
Sorry haven't been on here much but yes I have two upcoming scenes that I know y'all will enjoy ;)Just stay on the lookout on my twitter

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June 201497/22/2014
Most recent post:
yes keep the info commin this is my kind of wunder women of that era who tock a lot of spunk from the guy and still cheered.Damm I miss this woman or couple.

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January 200377/19/2014
Dr Mercies
Most recent post:
Mathle, I can assure you the mannequin most definitely had a purpose in the scene. Her name was Queen Filth, and Sarah and Penny were tasked with being even filthier than her. As for how that turned out, well, people will have to wait for the scene. :)

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July 201427/19/2014
AbigailMac    [Abigail Mac's movies]
Most recent post:
I just shot with Shyla J for Girlfriend Films, I shoot with them a lot also

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September 201387/14/2014
Rico Shades
Most recent post:
Ass to Pussy girls are the absolute fucking best! Period.

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December 20063707/14/2014
CircusPferdchen    [Annette Schwarz's movies]
Most recent post:
Hey bbhtm,let´s say not at the moment....<

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July 20061607/13/2014
Tarantino XXX
Most recent post:

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May 2013157/12/2014
Chester Kingwood
Most recent post:
Daizha MorgannEdited by - Chester Kingwood on 7/6/2014 1:43:38 PM

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February 20071577/6/2014
Most recent post:
Thanks so much for all your good work, Alina, and your communication(s). Glad you are taking care of yourself and being aware enough to do what's right for you. Your work was great, and we seem to all enjoy it a heck of a lot, but of course it's only enjoyable if you're enjoying it.Best of luck, stay sane, and I hope someday you'll write about your experiences or send notes about how you are. Crap, now I sound like a mom. But you know what I mean. We've all grown to care at least a bit about you.

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January 2014137/3/2014
Most recent post:
You do know that was a fictional character, and movies are just make believe, right?

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December 20095997/3/2014
generizer    [Gen Padova's movies]
Most recent post:
Here's more booty from my Stars 'n Stripes gallery and video that just went up today. Featuring these very popular shorts that have been around over a decade now :)Edited by - generizer on 7/3/2014 10:36:27 AM

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August 20041397/3/2014
Most recent post:
GLENN KING ANNOUNCES NEW SHOW ON RADIO TEMPTATION“Glenn King’s ManEaters” Premieres Friday, July 11 at 7PM PST(Los Angeles) Glenn King, one of the top names in Adult Radio, announced today the launch of a new multimedia show on the Radio Temptation Network. The show will be called “Glenn King’s ManEaters” and will air every Friday at 7PM PST. It will be streamed online in HD video, and can be viewed live on the station's website at The program will later be archived for viewing on demand. “This is the next phase of Radio Evolution for us…”, said King, “…our previous show, Evil Angel Radio, needed to grow beyond being Evil Angel Radio. We need to make the show free for everyone to listen to. We need HD cameras in studio and we need a free archive of previous shows. We need to bring back some of the things we did on previous stations, like Oil Wrestling, Cake Sitting, Tweet Beauty Pageant, and we need to make this year’s Pornstar Fantasy Football Draft wilder with more nudity! The new show is going to feature all of those things and much more! At the same time, we will still showcase Adult Stars and the great productions of Evil Angel. ̶...

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October 2012627/1/2014
alinalixxx    [Alina Li's movies]
Most recent post:
I've never partied or gone out when I worked. I took my job seriously Edited by - alinalixxx on 7/1/2014 1:48:49 PMEdited by - alinalixxx on 7/1/2014 2:06:06 PM

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November 2013647/1/2014
Bonnierotten    [Bonnie Rotten's movies]
Most recent post:
Never surfaced prolly too hard and they canned it

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March 20122656/30/2014
Sarah Shevon    [Sarah Shevon's movies]
Most recent post:
Good catch! Yes, Dana DeArmond and I have been waiting for this one.... Also, we'll have a new anal scene for Aiden Riley / Evil Angel coming soon. Already shot it. ;-)

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August 20102376/17/2014
stormydaniels    [Stormy Daniels's movies]
Most recent post:
Thank you! I love directing and work VERY hard at creating the best features I can. I pour my heart and soul into writing and directing…I'm glad someone noticed ;)

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March 20042186/9/2014
Most recent post:
What ever happened to the Juelz Ventura IBB scene ... did I miss something?

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September 2011276/9/2014
Isis Taylor    [Isis Taylor's movies]
Most recent post:
i have officially no longer relevant on this board lol.

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May 20096486/9/2014
Most recent post:
I was just doing research on her as I am seeking a fresh face for an upcoming shoot and she is right within the demographic I am looking for right now. She looks great.Edited by - sbproductions on 6/9/2014 5:24:47 AM

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February 201416/9/2014
christopher streams
Most recent post:
^ it is and its off the charts

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February 20045456/8/2014
Most recent post:
The radiant & ravishing RICHELLE RYAN has shot FIVE times in Rochester, New York for www.bjtalentsearch.comRichelle has a great body, fabulous tits, super cock-sucking and cum-swallowing mouth, and incredible ass.....PERFECTION

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September 2007196/8/2014
Desperate Pleasures
Most recent post:
Next on the list is Ella Woods. She made her debut with us alongside Emma Evins and will be returning soon.Her Twitter: out her hot scenes today Family Lies starringElla Woods, Emma Evins and Tali Dova is set to street August 7

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June 201446/4/2014
Most recent post:
MOD:No links to tube sites or sites that bring you to tube sites.Edited by - flash on 6/3/2014 4:08:17 PM

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May 201426/3/2014
MeikoAskara    [Meiko Askara's movies]
Most recent post:
Me in LeWood's upcoming release "Ass Hysteria 2TWITTER: @MeikoAskara

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April 201466/2/2014
alexchancexxx    [Alex Chance's movies]
Most recent post:
There should be some new stuff on Reality Kings and Naughty America soon. Check out my Clips4Sale store in the meantime Alex Chance<

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April 201456/1/2014
TessaLaneXXX    [Tessa Lane's movies]
Most recent post:
You guys are so wonderful! I love you all so much!

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January 2011326/1/2014
terri summers    [Terri Summers's movies]
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Hi all!!Was wondering if you can help me to find these models?? I am working on a book for soft nude and lingerie, and these are the models my client wants.. I have been looking all over for months, and can't seem to find their contact details :( Also I need agencies from the Ukraine?Can you help me? Let me know if I can do anything back, and perhaps I can :) Katrin B D E E E A Case Bradford Banks Skye Rosselini Marie barbie

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October 20034925/29/2014
Lexi_lowe    [Lexi Lowe's movies]
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oooooh and Juvenile Rampage has come out from Harmony Films - My first orgy!

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February 2014225/28/2014
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Very nice said, thanks. I never thought that I'll see my name here. You know, I originally wanted to be a professional footballer, but in the end it all turned out differently. Personally, I also do not see anything wrong with doing the same job as my mother. Indeed, in the American porn is a lot of mother-daughter pairs. But when the son of Tiffany Mynx tried to get into the porn industry, it was a scandal. I became a porn actor from my own choice, my mother only said that "it would be extremely hypocritical for her to tell me that porn is bad when she has been doing it for 12 years." Besides, in my country we also have a father-son duo. The idea that because my mother is an ex-porn actress, it would not be correct to be a porn actor... it's absurd. I think that it's a somewhat hypocritical taboo in our industry. You know, so many sisters, brothers, sister-brother, mother-daughter or father-son pairs in porn. So what is wrong with the mother-son (or father-daughter) pair?Edited by - jerryzimmerman on 5/27/2014 7:31:21 PM

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March 201445/27/2014
NikkiSeXX    [Nikki Sexx's movies]
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Thanks for always being such a good fan dread, for years youve been around supporting me, I appreciate it more than I can ever show.

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December 20096575/26/2014
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From a rattle snake bite has the storyEdited by - ChaseDay on May 25 2014

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July 201375/25/2014
ClayraBeau    [Clayra Beau's movies]
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I think I'm going to just wear a t shirt and jeans and enjoy the event. Dressing up is a ton of fun but it takes away from just being able to roam around. I'm excited to go at all. It's going to be a busy and fun couple of days.

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February 20107055/25/2014
Mark Wood
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Francesca Le'-not only does she shoot camera for all of the LeWood/Evil Angel titles but also the older exp stuff and my old red light titles. I'm kinda biased though :)

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June 2004695/19/2014
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My name is Caroline. I reside in Lexington, Kentucky. I am 31. I was born minus three extremities and with partial facial paralysis with the diagnosis of Moebius Cycle Syndrome. I have overcome many obstacles in my life and have a story to share with the world, with the power to change it if given the chance. My hands are not clean, I must confess. For the last five years I have been working as a webcam model/escort. I have semi-retired as an escort for the last three years.I drive and have lived independently for five-and-a-half years. My being has changed since driving independently in the last year. I have fought all of my demons and am now ready to fulfill my calling, whatever that may be, on a broader scale. My abilities include: acting, modeling, performing, writing, teaching.through voice and healing. I believe people's minds need to be opened. I am looking for a mentor or resource I admit I will need a makeover of sorts. I am very mobile and strong. I am able to walk with or without my prosthetics. I am not interested in being limited to the "handicapped"because I do not feel that is my strength.I am personally interested in finding a talent agent and/or publisher to write a book.

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May 201415/18/2014
lilmissmackenzeepierce    [Mackenzee Pierce's movies]
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And I didn't leave the biz bc of the "Remy" bullshit. Let's get that straight. I'm engaged, bought a home, and trying to have a family. I just decided I'm done with the biz."i live life with no regrets"

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October 200712065/18/2014
JeanieMarie    [Jeanie Marie Sullivan's movies]
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lol and I to you sir, slew stew'

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March 2012205/16/2014
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Hey everybody :). It's me, Marley Blaze!! I've been really busy shooting some stuff that's to be released in the next coming months. Including something for,,, (Bush League 2), and :). Stay tuned, and stay horny like me!! Edited by - killbillvol69 on 5/16/2014 5:04:45 PM

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May 201415/15/2014
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Thank you for all your reviews . I look at them when i'm in a bad mood & they always bring me back up :)

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May 201415/13/2014
Lola_Foxx    [Lola Foxx's movies]
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gape_connoisseur- To answer your question, I would love for my first anal to be with Manuel. I really love working w him & he's really good with girls who are anal newbies like myself. I just have to find out if I can take something that big in my butt! Lol

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January 2014125/13/2014
AsaAkira    [Asa Akira's movies]
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I signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures last year, so bang bus isn't in the foreseeable future... Sorry : ( but I DID just do an orgy in a plane... Does that count? Lol

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April 20091875/12/2014
julie skyhigh
December 2013485/11/2014
XmissyMonroeX    [Missy Monroe's movies]
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Thank u!!

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September 2012115/2/2014
jordanprycexxx    [Jordan Pryce's movies]
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Hi babe!Email me back.Kisses,J

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April 201194/24/2014
Omar Galanti
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Hello my friend ... please dont be afraid i am alive )))))Some family problem bring me far from the set , but soon i am on )))))

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October 20111224/20/2014
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With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

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January 20131494/19/2014
ryderskye    [Ryder Skye's movies]
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Nope… I have not actually. But that isn't t say that I won't...

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September 20071154/18/2014
Kikividis    [Kiki Vidis's movies]
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Glad you liked it, wasn't sure if I should upload the "r-rated" version.... Vidis

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April 201454/18/2014
TanyaTate    [Tanya Tate's movies]
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Ever wonder what life is like for a male porn super star? Derrick’s new site explores the exciting world of a man who sexes up the hottest babes on the planet!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 17th 2014(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Bad Boy of Adult Derrick Pierce has launched his first member's website with PUBA called The website, which follows Derrick's adventures in bedding some of the hottest starlets in adult, showcases a variety of scenes from hardcore anal to BDSM to threesomes. "I'm very pleased with how came out," Derrick said. "It's a realistic look at how adult stars interact on and off set. I have an amazing anal scene with Skin Diamond, a threesome with Dana DeArmond and Asa Akira already up on the site and plenty more to come!"Derrick is even incorporating his off-screen passions into his scenes for In an intense scene with Shyla Styles, Derrick is showing the blonde beauty some MMA moves when things quickly heat up and turn naughty."I believe this will be a fun venture for all involved," said Ivan of PUBA, "Girls like to bang Derrick and he loves the attention from the ladies. For me, I just like shooting scenes where everyone is ...

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April 20093164/17/2014
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