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it's a good concept!

It makes me want to stop buying porn over the internet and start making more frequent trips to the porn shop!!!

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July 200499/10/2004
(Not His Real Name)
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Rocco Ravishes L.A.: Rocco with Bobbi Starr.

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July 20052299/10/2012
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so sad ,god bless her

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May 200526/10/2005
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Sorry... It wasn't that... I checked, my buddy had that film, and it wasn't that. Thanks anyway though...Any other suggestions...? =)

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November 2008411/13/2008
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The school is Stanford.

No one has sex here :P

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October 2006411/18/2006
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"Girls Do Porn "18 year old ethnic teen cutie"That's Karissa Kane:Foxxx ModelingFree OnesIndexxx"Wow, who is hte girl in the baby blue on bottom of page 3?"I believe she's the girl who's on the front page of the site, shown standing in Times Square. If so, she did two episodes for them, neither of which I personally found to all that great despite how hot she is. I don't know if she did anything for any other company.

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May 200337303/1/2015
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Thank you Walter, I am flattered.

You have brought some laughter to my rather bleu day.

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April 2000312112/2/2005
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I would question who is laughing inside and who is naive here.

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August 201066/10/2012
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She's rising quickly to the top. There's no question about it. Her asshole looks like it could take cock any second now. Therefore I, too, am expecting her to do anal before long.

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August 2005165/6/2008
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1. Gwen Summers

2. Jenna Haze

3. Charmane

4. Monica Sweetheart

5. Nyomi Arman

6. Kobe Tai

7. Catalina

8. Auora Snow

9. Krystal Steal

10. Jade Marcella

Oh crap i didn't read the 80's stars bit, sorry...

Edited by - -Tolwyn- on 5/12/2003 6:16:03 PM

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May 200315/12/2003
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Hi Kristina,I have a question regarding your performance in Teenage Spermaholics 6. I know it was a while back, so you may have forgotton your experience on set that day, but what did it feel like to have 4 loads of semen in your mouth and to swallow them?As a bi-sexual man I've only ever swallow one mans ejactulate but the thought of swallowing so much semen does turn me on. Also, how did you cope afterwards? I must admit that after swallowing only one man's load my stomach does feel a bit dodgy sometimes so how did you cope with 4?!Thanks, Kristina.Keep up the good work!

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March 2007283/18/2011
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You can see some screenshots of them performing at Sbando's web:


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July 2003155/17/2004
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She reminds me of a younger Mariska Hargitay

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April 200416011/27/2006
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damn, i can't find any clips on Asian Chan?

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June 200446/5/2004
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Hi All

Do you guys (or girls ;) know of more DVD's like 'Like my Legs' and 'Hot Legs'. You know the type, fit women in lingerie getting stuffed etc..


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November 2000102/22/2002
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Hrmmm... When did I post here?

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November 199984/4/2005
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The movie like "Risky Business" was "Kinky Business".

And I've saw a movie that has a hot hot hot scene with Tom Byron and Taylor Hayes, and she did it too. Is a gonzo-type scene with a lot of anal madness and Taylor has long black hair and black underwear, and Tom Byron has a long curly hair. I only have that scene.

If anyone knows the film, be free to post.

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February 200523/9/2005
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gr8. i found her at bigmouthfuls :D lol i downloaded her late ago, but i can't remember her :)

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October 2006210/18/2006
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This thread needs to get back up and running!>my daddy used to say every man has a devil and they do not stop till they kill them i killed my daddy!

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March 2008106110/14/2009
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Thanks.I guess the group shot was just a teaser because these girls do not all appear in the same scene. From the picture, I thought it was a movie in which they did scene together.

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February 201122/11/2011
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December 2009112/16/2009
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I'm getting a membership soon when I have more time for watching porn and not making it.

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May 200925/28/2009
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I found :)) She is name Jana

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January 201241/9/2012
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Sry if my english is a little bad..pretty begin of move black haired girl hitchik. Then car with with tub stops and pick up girl. In tub is some wacko guy with snorkel. Girl must go tub with guy since no space in inside car.. then wacko guy fucks girl whole trip in tub untill they arrvie destination. Then girl leave car and tub and walks some small camp with sexy mans and womans..there is much tents. After this i did need quit watching but girl was so hot i wanna see this again. Im sure somebody must have seen this movie. I did see it from Canal+ channel. Thanks for help!Edited by - _Razug_ on Dec 28 2007

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December 2007112/28/2007
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2 of these streams can be bought and seen on the links provided below:1) Eva Orlowsky in "Giochi bestiali in famiglia" (a very brown piece of shit you can see by her butthole during nearly all the DP) Prisca Nell (a french dirty mature) in "Crache-moi dans le cul avant de m'enculer" (very very dirty and long anal scene with dirty talking about smell...)Still haven't found this one avaiable to buy anywhere yet. If anybody knows about this movie and where to buy it from please post on this forum.3) Jessica Rizzo in "Le assatanate del sesso" (short but very dirty view of her ass full of shit when her partner gets out of it)

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January 200796/5/2007
~ Rob ~
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Inhand Video did one a few years back, called Screwing Screw Ups.

There may be others, but that's the only one I'm aware of.

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October 200171/11/2002
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+1 for TheGreek

Fast shipping! Great trader, thanks!!

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February 2004224/4/2005
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Just completed a trade w/ de8212 Thanks

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September 200019/30/2000
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Finger Lickin Girlfriends 4Jan. 15th DVD Release Click here for Free Windows Trailer Click here for Free Quicktime Trailer Click here to add to your Tablet (Iphone/Ipad/etc) Trailer for Free! CAST & Scene Order: 1 PUMA SWEDE & RYAN RYANS2 VERONICA AVLUV & ASHLYN MOLLOY3 SCARLET RED & DARCIE BELLE4 NIKKI DANIELS & JENNA J. ROSS Synopsis: It's a finger lickin lesbian love fest as an older model Puma Swede introduces a young model to a lesbian experience. Older burlesque dancer Veronica Avluv brings home a young woman Ashlyn Molloy and melts the sheets in a heat filled squirt-a-thon. Cheerleader squad leader, Scarlet Red has fun with an eager freshman Darcie Belle. A young personal trainer Jenna J. Ross gets more than she bargained for when she shows up for a yoga session with Ms. Nikki Daniels.Please share your feedback. Thank you, Stuart Wall Smash Pictures Membership Site

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February 200397212/18/2014
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^ I never understood that. Anal is anal. It does not need to be with a mope to be legitimate. But people are funny 'round here... Anyways I would PREFER that her scene is w/ another woman. Hopefully, Marty gets Aiden Starr or Francesca Le to be the dom... Lets see if it holds thou... (fingers crossed)

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June 20111933/11/2013
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yeah only 2F 1M, no 2M 1F

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April 20035912/7/2006
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What's with some girls and their fascination with, or even adulation of, notorious murderers of women? Pathetic. What next? A Richard Ramirez tattoo? Robert Pickton?

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April 200313803/13/2015
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Thanks for the info.The issue is that i cannot queue several downloads and let them be processed overnight !

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April 201224/14/2012
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i can see your pt, and that is not what I intended. Maybe I should ask another way:If every girl in porn escorted, who would you chose? Or ifthat is still too sensitive, and you are not a performer, but heard stories, ancedotes, whatever, lets widen the net and add your input. I know other readers want to know this. Some girls are just beautiful, but maybe aren't as hot doing it as others..

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September 200829/11/2008
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Raunchy Twinks

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January 201434/22/2015
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I saw a movie when a guy with the hair of Leonardo Dicaprio he goes to a psychologist, and he claims he isn't gay, but he had a sort of memories about a video store and how he was fucking in the sexual cabins, he saw a lot of guys in there jack off and one of then in camo pants put him to suck and later fuck him, the others just jack off around them. The next scene is a couple, they rent a movie and then fuck with it, the final scene is the psychologist and the client fuck each other. Do you know the name of this movie?

The other movie is about two guys in the forest, one is blond, the other is black and they are jack off, but there is a third one hide in the woods, and he start to jack off too, the blond and the black saw him and they go after him. They catch him in his house and they fuck him there, first the black one give him a big rimming. The blond and the black looks like woodcutters, and the third one too since he has a hat for protect the ears and a plaid shirt. The third guy has short curly black hair and very white skin. He's a sort of Tom Hanks but hotter. He and the blond are buttom in this scene.

I hope someone can tell me the name of it. Thx.

Edited by - 07days on Feb 13 2007

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February 200722/13/2007
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I´m searching for dvd titles to buy with girls wearing kneehigh boots, mary jane shoes, Dr. Martens or adidas superstars, are there any? At least it doesn´t seem so! Everybody´s got his/her preferences,so these are mine...


Any suggestions are very welcome!!!

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July 200417/26/2004
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I would like to know where to find porn with the women on top, where you can see there tits bouncing around or with the women bent over with their tits sagging, and the woman on top where you can see their ass, just them riding and women kissing and women sucking each other's tits. I wouldn't mind a little dick sucking in there either. I know they do that in alot of porn but I don't feel comfortable with a lot of porn in my house. I would just like those things in most of the scenes. I just can't find what I'm looking for in 4 or less dvds. It could be white or black women but the black women would have to be gorgeous because the black women I see aren't as pretty as the white women. I don't care if they're 8 hours or less but not 4 8 hour dvds. I don't want to spend a fortune but I want the porn to consist of that. If you would help I would appreciate it tremendously.

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January 200811/7/2008
Most recent post:
can we please see Suzie Carina soon?

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April 2010681/18/2012
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According to this post by "Laurie Cameron Fan" she has left the business. Any news about this girl would be appreciated. Thanks

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March 200817/25/2011
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I think there was a rocco episode with belladonna in it.:/

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February 201093/17/2010
10000 days
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Hey GGG is there a site for all these classic remasters? I would love to see them in their original grandeur.

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March 2006130810/8/2015
Most recent post:
Just getting around to sorting these out...2008 Erotica L.A. pics

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December 2006126/16/2008
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This my first post and after reading a few posts i have wondered what the hell the term "Easter Egg" means. Can someone enlighten me? What is it and hwere do i find them and what do they do? So many questions so little time...

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March 200613/4/2006
Most recent post:
Thank you very much!!

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October 2008510/19/2008
Most recent post:
Does anyone know what happened to the Sineplex series TransX? Where did the actors go, I haven't seen them in other titles. I wonder if Sineplex will resurrect the Trans X or Big Ass Transx Winkers series?Thanks,Mel

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October 2010110/24/2010
Most recent post:
I'm looking for Ebony humpers 4, Suzie Que and Pick up lines 22. Also looking for 80"s interacial porn picticulary those with Ray Victory. Also have intrest in Interacial amature (no anal please)Hammer

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July 200727/24/2007
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I saw this movie a bit ago and i really want to get it now but I cant remember the name of it or whos in it, i remember the first part of it though, in the opening scene it took place on a porn set, there was a threesome, 2 girls(one brunette and one redhead i think) and a guy with long hair, once they were done filming they found a girl they knew dead on the floor. and i dont remember too much after that please help thanks

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September 200919/29/2009
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That's actually Tracey Adams from Pretty Peaches 2 from the late great director Alex DeRenzy.

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April 201058/1/2010
Most recent post:
does anybody know her.u can download the clip hereEdited by - killbillvol69 on Jun 25 2009

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June 200916/25/2009
Most recent post:
I became a member of Falcon XXX, to get 50% discount from Falcon Store, but I cannot get the right price, though I registered the same address with Falcon XXX and Falcon Store as it was mentioned on the FAQ.I send e-mail several times, but no reply at all.I called the Falcon Store during the business hour but I never get through to the operator.Is there any way to get this proper discount?Please help me.

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March 201113/10/2011
Most recent post:
^James Deen and Aiden Kelly actually discuss it for a bit in the Manhandled 4 BTS.There's also his scene with Roxy Jezel in one of the Gangbang Auditions, where he choked her unconscious something like five times, which disturbed me way more than her infamous scene with Rocco.*I'm pretty sure Deen's problem with PSP is that there was an attempt to legitimize the rape - which doesn't happen in Kink, so I'm completely in agreement with him here, even though I like the rougher stuff.Edited by - 1234 on 12/26/2011 9:49:25 AM

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August 2011812/26/2011
Most recent post:
Does Caprice Jane shoot any scenes any more or has she left the industry?

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January 2012810/27/2012
Most recent post:

anyone know the name of that pornstar?

Topic Moved by - hardware on Aug 12 2006

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August 200638/12/2006
Most recent post:
I appreciate it is really difficult. However, (no offense to any girls) this pornstar has it all natur -legsally hairbodyfaceboobs (no need for silicone)appeared in under 10 movies/scenes. Not active for the last few years. Mid to late 20's.Drop dead goreous.

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December 2010312/22/2010
Most recent post:
Nevaquit: i would love to see olivia saint do a pipe layer the way is she still in the business as i havent seen anything new on her and i am a big fan

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October 2004912/13/2004
Most recent post:
Holy #!@$! just saw one of the hottest scenes EVER, "Zoey Bush" creampie scene in FuckedHard18... NO edits before the creampie, and the injections was hard fast and deep! Kept the camera on her face and puss the whole time, and she obviously enjoyed the whole thing. And a body that could KILL! Maybe hottest thing since Rebecca Linares (well, maybe). The scene even continued after the creampie with some beautiful shot of her body and talking... even a reinsertion into the creampie which made her drip her new juices a little more. Camera moved nice and slow whole scene, and none that fish-eye lens crap. Camera work was a 10 in my book.

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August 20101611/2/2011
Most recent post:
Will consider all offers, but prefer mainstream.

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June 2000910/9/2000
Most recent post:
Seriously? Callie came back? this wasn't an old scene? awesome! great freaking news that she's back....

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December 20124612/13/2014
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