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Porn Connections: Performer
Date Joined: October 2006
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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  • 10/17/2010 2:25:34 PM
  • Mckenzee Miles view on this HIV Positive Test...
    Agreeing with some but not some of the others who are even agreeing with my statement but still throwing in a little 2 cents of their own. Here we go-1. hieroglyphics35- Thank you... I appreciate your support on this topic. It really is a serious issue and its unbelievable thats some aren't taking it that way. 2.bobbie00- Yes, porn performers are frequently tested, thats correct. I used to actually say and truly believe that same theory when I wasin the industry and naive to the FACT that most of the people in the industry are out there banging many others who are not tested. The majorityof the girls in the business do what is called, 'Privates' known to the world more commonly as prostitution. Some use condoms, some don't. Then, they come ...
  • 8/3/2010 12:59:11 AM
  • Lela Star on Howard Stern
    ok ok guys simmer down. I was the other pet on howard with Lela and i preferred to keep quiet for most of the interview and chime in here and there with fear of being made an ass out of which I have seen done many times to industry girls on Howard in the past. I am not 100% sure of what Lela's rate is, but I am sure she is on the higher end of rates. I know Lela, and she is a sweet girl, a beautiful girl and she has worked hard in this biz to make a name for herself. Im not saying I think Lela got made a fool by Howard, but I am just gonna say that I think a lot of the reasoning why the negative reactions are being voiced on here is because she answered honestly questions she was asked. This radio show was supposed to be entertaining, I...
  • 8/3/2010 12:38:03 AM
  • McKenzee Miles
    Hahahah good looking out baby doll hahah :)Gr8Gonzo wrote:Shystie wrote:Hey McKenzee, I apologize if this has been asked previously but what are your thoughts on DP or even DV scenes?Is it even possible to DV her?
  • 8/3/2010 12:34:50 AM
  • The HeyNow Quickie Review Thread for 2010
    Happy to refresh ur memory and let you know im still alive :)HeyNow wrote:^ Hi, Mckenzee!!! In a quickie thread?!?! I think you are a record setting 6th star to stop in here on a quickie - and the 3rd this year! I don't know what dropped faster - my jaw or my undies. Down to around my ankles.Miles, did you know you are just my type!!! But even so, I kinda forgot about you until I recently watched that Naughty America movie called Naughty Athletics 9 with you in your workout clothes. And then you went and got laid by Mike Adriano! Look how far you've come! Remember the good ol' days when you said Taking it up the butt? Ouch... no time soon!!!!!! Of course, I've seen you in all kinds of movies in the last few years and liked many of ...
  • 6/24/2010 7:14:23 AM
  • McKenzee Miles
    lol i guess i really do look a little surprised in that one huh hahahah
  • 6/24/2010 7:06:19 AM
  • The HeyNow Quickie Review Thread for 2010
    Hey :) loving your reviews... thanks for positive feedbackHeyNow wrote:Entry in the Rear POV from Digital Sin A+This is a movie from Mike Adriano like his Pound the Round POV movies. Except it's all anal, everybody! I went right for McKenzee Miles as you might expect. Super cute giving Mike a blowjob. He sticks it right in her ass, missionary style, and the camera is in there close giving us a good look. I mean we're right down there in all these scenes as close as we would be if we were the second girl in the scene waiting for some ass to mouth action. But it works. It never seems too close. And for McKenzee, she has such a beautiful little pussy and she's never ever ever grown a hair anywhere on her crotch so it looks super good ...
  • 12/6/2009 3:06:11 PM
  • McKenzee Miles
    Thanks so much :) she is a beautiful girl so I will take that as a compliment. There is a new scene for Naughty America up, I also just shot another for them... its a christmas special and its gonna be phenomenal! Keep and eye out :)Jaktarn wrote:Love the new rack McKenzee in some of the pics you look like you are Crista Moores lost twin sister or something. Looking forward in seeing some more recent scenes!
  • 12/6/2009 3:02:50 PM
  • McKenzee Miles
    I will definitely keep that in mind when being throat fucked :) thanks for the pointerviking1001 wrote:i would love to see ms. miles is a lot more drooling,throat-fucking,all facial blow bangs with her eyes open!
  • 9/28/2009 4:25:33 PM
  • McKenzee Miles
    32D :) I love em!!!Dr. Nasty wrote:I haven't seen the new ones yet. What's the size?*****The Dr. of Nasty*****
  • 9/28/2009 12:43:02 AM
  • McKenzee Miles
    Thank you! :) you just made my nightxayhoundb wrote:jettyman wrote:My topic on Mckenzee.I don't think there has been any new scenes from McKenzee Miles for a while, only comps and a few held back scenes (pre boob job). Has McKenzee retired from the business or just doing other things like dancing/escorting/own website, I do miss her cute face and tight body. Does anybody know what's happening.Hey guys, don't comment on Mckenzee's new boobs until you have seen them in action, I know we all have opinions but lets wait until we can make an informed opinion...j.She has that scene on Mollyslife. I think they look good. Don't really care if they are natural or not.
  • 9/28/2009 12:40:23 AM
  • McKenzee Miles
    The one that the main pic for the Mckenzee Miles thread... Its me from pretty much my first shoot ever and I look ridiculous haha I think casting couch or somethingDr. Nasty wrote:What do you mean "change the main pic"?*****The Dr. of Nasty*****
  • 9/25/2009 5:41:50 AM
  • Miss Micah Moore is Back!!!!
    ChodeMasterJ wrote:MICAH MOORE wrote:I'm just playing hard to get baby I love you!Haha nice. I was just about to put you on the list of the multitude of women that hate me. I need to check out some of your stuff, ASAP.Bigger and better to come baby ;) what was your question, my degenerate brain and computer skills cunt seem to find it....Edited by - mckenzee miles on 9/25/2009 5:42:14 AM
  • 9/24/2009 1:47:15 PM
  • McKenzee Miles
    is there anyway to change the main pic for this thread!!! YUK1
  • 9/24/2009 1:45:54 PM
  • McKenzee Miles
    I just got my myspace rolling again :) It looks pretty empty but ive been uploading pics daily. :) no twitter yet. Soon Soon Soon... I will probably start that when I get to LA and am actually doing things worth tweeting about hehe
  • 9/24/2009 1:24:27 AM
  • McKenzee Miles
    Sorry about that, but to clarify, I never really did just g/g I dont know where that rumor came from... When I was posting on ADT about a g/g site it was because I was going to be shooting (directing) a g/g site but it wasnt really me in scenes. Anyways, that fell through :) when i am back in action it will be full fledged... girls and boys welcome :) there is no half assing this porn shit! rlankford wrote:jettyman wrote:I hope Mckenzee is going to be doing some b/g action, because there was some talk of her doing g/g only. Yeah, she didn't really clarify anything in her post yesterday...McKenzee Miles wrote:Holler boys, Im comming back with my good buddy Micah, and yes we are both rockin twins now :)And considering her position in this thr...
  • 9/22/2009 6:57:09 PM
  • Who would you like to do in Fuck A Fan
    Nono, that actually was not as staged as one may think. We did actually get real men off of craigslist, got them tested and then did a scene... definitely average joes ;) Porno Dan wrote:KeyserSoze wrote:Dan after Daisy Marie i have 2 another suggestions for you. I saw Tanner Mayes in some creampie surprises. She is young and pretty.How about to make her to a main girl and let a real average guy give hera surprise ;). The 2. suggestions is: McKenzee MilesShe did "Banging average Joe": But it´s clearly staged. i think its timefor a true joe ^^ ...McKenzee isn't activeYou must be physic we have a title coming out next month from Pure play called, "Don't Cum Inside Me" that has Tanner Mayes on the box cover.
  • 1/1/2008 6:10:58 PM
  • Prettiest Pussies in Porn
    Beavis69--Thanks so much for your interest in me :) I am in one of the blow me sandwich movies, I think it was with Kelli Tyler, Unfortunately this girl has no dance moves... haha never been a dancer and I just dont think its in the cards for me... I WISH!Thanks againMUAH MM
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