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Lizz Tayler


Porn Connections: Performer
Date Joined: June 2010
Location: Los Angeles BABY!!!
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  • 11/7/2010 1:58:06 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    How do i even find my inbox on here?? lol I shoot for Xcitement magazine cover/layout/interview tomorrow :) Cant wait!! Follow me on Twitter everyone!! Tayler xoxo
  • 9/30/2010 3:24:06 AM
  • Briana Banks, retired?
    Briana is my fav person in porn, has been since I was veryyyyyy young, I'm so glad I got to be her first thing back, for her comeback. I feel honored. She is hot as ever, and she killed the scene and the layout. Can't wait until u guys see this. She is amazing. Very good person to know, great friend.Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 9/29/2010 7:20:35 PM
  • Lizz Tayler
    I did a fox layout with Briana Banks yesterday, as well as a sex was soooo hot! Can't wait u till u guys see it. I'm nomi ate as ATK babe of the month for oct, voting starts fir, please vote for me daily, I really want thiis!!!Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 9/26/2010 2:12:42 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    What does it mean when someone "locks" my topic I started? LolLizz Tayler xoxo
  • 9/26/2010 2:10:28 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    Haven't mass it to shoot in Florida yet, but I am booked soon. Same with Brazzers, I will go to Vegas to shoot there...Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 9/25/2010 5:34:20 PM
  • It's me, Lizz Tayler
    I haven't been on in a while because I a,ways kept trying to sign in and I didn't know I had to puta space between my user name LOL silly me.I will be on here everyday checking in on what everyone is saying about me, some good, some ok, mainly good though which I am very thankful for the comments! Have u guys seen my new Naughty America scene with Evan Stone (well most recent NA released scene)?? It's hot. I just shot for them again, another hot scene. I shot with tanner Mayes yesterday for porn pros, I was sooooo excited to shoot with her, she is a good lay haha. I have shot alot for porn pros so go take a look at their website. I have a VERY PECIAL layout shoot for Fox mag on Tuesday with Briana Banks, which I'm stoked for!! Everyone know...
  • 9/25/2010 5:32:23 PM
  • Lizz Tayler
    I will be on here much more, I promise, I just figured out that i had to put a space in between my user name "Lizz Tayler" not "LizzTayler" as I was trying to login as lolLizz Tayler xoxo
  • 7/17/2010 6:08:10 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    Ive been shooting quite alot, just did a scene with Melanie Monroe. I have a scene coming up this week with Raylene and Tommy Gunn for a 3some scene, im really excited, yet nervous cuz i grew up watching them!! LOLLizz Tayler xoxo
  • 7/8/2010 6:14:53 PM
  • Richard Moulton Films ???
    I posted the pic lol, the dvd has yet to be released but when it does i will let everyone know where to get it the day it comes out. I have shot for Richard a few times, he is a good friend :)Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 7/8/2010 12:41:07 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    AWWW Im speechless! Im glad u like the box cover! And I am glad i made the front lol.I just spent my 4th of July with Miss Brittany Andrews, she is sooo sweet! This was my 1st time meeting her face to face, and u would've thought i was meeting the damn president haha. That scene with her and Jenna, amazingly HOT! She was so sweet, we spent the whole 4th hanging out and bbq-ing, and watched fireworks at the Rose Bowl :) I am honored to be in her documentary!!Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 6/28/2010 2:09:50 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    To someone who asked what my heritage half Slovakian and quarter Swedish :)Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 6/27/2010 8:36:31 PM
  • Lizz Tayler
    I have to remove the tattoo due to Trademark issues from what i gather. The hot girl in the pic with me is a girl named Jen, i am in a mainstream independent film called , "Stage Brother". Google it, if nothing is out about it yet, i cant say anymore BUT a huge porn icon is also starring in it :)Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 6/27/2010 4:08:15 PM
  • Lizz Tayler
    Briana loves the tattoo! Its just that when i go to shoots, i guess they dont want it in the scene. It is holding my back from working with 2 companies as of now, and when it gets removed, i will be upset. lol. Lizz Tayler xoxo
  • 6/21/2010 1:50:47 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    HAHA! Im back, still learning how to use this tho! BUT, i shall tell the story of how i got "Briana Banks" tattooed on me:Ever since i was a VERY young age (lets call it way underage), she has been my idol. My very first hardcore porn i have ever seen however, was with Sandee Westgate, then my 2nd one was with the beautiful Briana Banks, and i was like, "who in the hell is this blonde hair, blue eyed, tall woman?" Turns out to be Miss Banks. haha...soooooo long story short, i totally idolized her since then and got in contact with her, told her i was gonna get her name on me, and she was speechless, and of course honored. lol. To this day, Briana is a good friend, very cool woman an STILL my fav porn star. I have to get ...
  • 6/16/2010 2:54:29 AM
  • Lizz Tayler
    underdog wrote:She just did a mini-gangbang scene for West Coast GangbangsI DID NOT DO A GANG BANG!!! THANKU! I ONLY DO G/G B/G SOLO G/G/B :)
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