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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Webmaster, Photographer, street artist, set designer
Date Joined: November 2003
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Please visit,,,, [url] for details on me!

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  • 10/20/2014 11:03 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Just in case you are wondering what I have been up to... well, it would take hours to catalogue it all! Basically we have been working a lot for Digital Playground on all their features, miniseries and internet scenes...quietly making the porn you love look amazing! We also had several projects we have done production design/set design on come out that you should look for:Apocalypse X, 4Ever, Sisterhood, Sisters of Anarchy, Wingmen (and SO many others!) for Digital PlaygroundWetwork; Vivid Video, directed by Eli CrossMost of the most recent Stormy Daniels Wicked movies: The Real Thing, Love and Loss, The Right Amount of Wrong and Pretty Dangerous just to name a few...All the remaining Axel Braun movies superhero movies from Vivid, as well a...
  • 10/20/2014 10:47 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Katar Hol wrote:Kylie has a new anal scene in Wicked's "James Deen Is The Pornographer"!!!Well, truth be told, it's new to all of YOU! It was actually shot in April of 2010...and just now released. But's new!(and it's hot!)~KyliePS. I also did Production Design on the movie. ;)
  • 10/20/2014 10:44 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Mo Reese wrote:Check out the interview I did with Kylie Ireland on my show MORE w/Mo really fun interview with Mo! About things that are personal to ME!Def worth a listen...
  • 10/20/2014 10:43 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    pringles wrote:Meet the Married Couple That Designs Your Favorite Porn Parodies' SetsVice interview with Kylie Ireland and her husband Andy AppletonIsn't this a fun article???~Kylie
  • 1/30/2014 1:07 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and let you know there is a new blog up on! I have created a Clips4Sale store and am uploading new scenes daily... click on over to my blog to find out what kind of perversions I have been up to!Or just go to Klips O' Kylie on Clips4SaleKisses,Kylie
  • 1/12/2014 11:25 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    I want you all to know I just spent over an hour writing out an EPIC catch up...and when I went to grab a link, somehow managed to close the page and delete EVERYTHING. *facepalm*Since I was nearly done I am obviously quite disheartened by this and am not going to try to rewrite it all tonight....instead I am going to go bang my head on the desk for being a complete moron.Long story short: I am still around and have been SUPER BUSY. I am going to visit more often, I miss you all and the banter.In the mean time, here are some links to where you can find out about me and what I am up to:KylieIreland.comKylieIrelandBlog.comThe Apples and Pairs PodcastThe Apples and Pairs Podcast on SoundcloudKylieIreland.cammodels.comKylie on Ebay!The Obligato...
  • 1/12/2014 9:20 PM
  • kylie ireland or jenna jameson
    Wow! Thank you all for the kind words... and I am impressed to see that someone is keeping track of my whereabouts! I am flattered!I haven't been on her for ages, but am gonna go see if my main thread is still there and start posting again!Thanks again for the love!Kylie
  • 6/13/2011 11:52 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    DrP0rn0 wrote:This is timely since I just got Sirius radio back in my car and I "discovered" channel 103, Spice Radio. Just listened to Kylie talking to some guy (producer? radio guy?) and some unidentified girl who's "terrified of anal sex" because of some weird documentary she saw about porn stars warming up with baseball bats or something.On point: I'm reminded now of why I think Kylie is a GREAT radio personality: It's her personality. She's fun to listen to. She's engaging. She's sexy... of course that's her thing, but this comes across in an audio only medium. Some of you reading this will get why it's hard for a girl to be sexy with only her voice if she's not a truly sexy girl to start with. The body, the...
  • 6/13/2011 3:49 PM
  • Happy Birthday Kylie Ireland..
    Awwww....I just discovered this thread!!! I am touched.You all rock...thank you for the birthday wishes. I have been working on Star Wars XXX doing production design so I have been swamped for the past couple months but I promise to post more often. I do read my thread and comment there as well...(just posted links there to my blog so you can see current stuff as well...)Thank you again for the birthday love.;)
  • 6/13/2011 3:36 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Hey all...I have been SWAMPED for the past couple months working on Production Design for Star Wars XXX but wanted to pop in real quick to give you a peek into whats happening...Of course you should be reading my blog anyway but here is the link: - - you can follow the entire history of Star Wars XXX production but really you wanna check out the blog entry "Star Wars XXX from Start to Finish" won't believe your eyes! And its even got a few nekkid shots in there too. ;)Kisses,Kylie
  • 5/3/2011 4:37 AM
  • Kylie Ireland
    I will be posting more regularly soon...I promise.Right now Andy and I are up to our eyeballs in production design for Star Wars XXX and barely have time for anything else! Please check out my blog....I am posting daily! Updates on the production design on the a Random Titty pic of the Day! www.kylieirelandblog.comwww.kylieirelandblog.comDid I mention I am building a Landspeeder???You can also follow my new foray into street art at or visit you can find out all the details on my upcoming street art showing at the Maximillian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood!When Star Wars XXX wraps I will be back...until then check out my blog...Much love, ~Kylie
  • 5/3/2011 4:27 AM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Sexy Sadie wrote:I became an ADT member after Kylie stopped regularly posting, so I never thought there would be an opportunity to actually interact with a star who I have admired for so long - fifteen years or so. I have to admit my earlier homage in this thread was posted thinking Kylie was not returning, since there is more than an element of fanboy about it and that's not really the image I want to project. Nevertheless the general sentiment expressed in that post is kind of how I feel about Kylie Ireland.I really look forward to reading Kylie's posts - personally I'm not much of a blog reader and I don't follow Twitter; the stuff I've read by her on ADT has mostly been straight up, intelligent and insightful.Except that I wasn't here b...
  • 5/3/2011 4:20 AM
  • Kylie Ireland
    angryassdrummer wrote:every kylie ireland scene i have ever scene has got me so hard... and thats a LOT of scenes loli love how she seems so confident, some women seem a little nervous or shy or scared whereas it seems kylie just goes into each scene and loves itThanks angryassdrummer! What can I say; I love sex and I love my job....I'm a dirty girl!~Kylie
  • 3/29/2011 3:34 PM
  • Who are the married pornstars still perfoming
    killbillvol69 wrote: edit to add: I almost forgot! Kylie Ireland is married now to some incredibly lucky British dude.hahaha! Yes, yes I am. I don't know who's or him. ;)Edited by - kylie ireland on 3/29/2011 3:34:20 PM
  • 3/29/2011 3:31 PM
  • Kylie Ireland
    And a big hello to all of you!I will be perodically dropping in, I am spending some time trolling thru the last years worth of threads I have been mentioned in. Meanwhile feel free to ask questions or as I mentioned my blog is a great source of info on what's new and more...*muah*
  • 3/29/2011 3:14 PM
  • boob jobs gone good.
    angryassdrummer wrote:i prefer boob jobs to real onesaltho she is not my fav star, i think Jill Kellys are the most perfect tits ive ever seenMy current fav by a loooong way is Alexis Fawx wow that look hotothers i love areRocki RoadsChristgen WolfCherokeeLinda FridayTory LaneLani barbieJenna Jameson ( i find her scenes boring apart from her mid 90s bjs)Celestemonica mayhemkylie irelandstacy valentineThank you angryassdrummer! I appreciate the nod. I am quite fond of them myself. ;)
  • 3/29/2011 2:49 AM
  • Kylie Ireland
    Aaaannnnnd....I'm back! A big thank you to Pringles who helped me get in touch with Steph so we could get my account all sorted out! Thanks Pringles and's good to be back!I know it has been FOREVER since I have been on here so it may take me awhile to catch up on all the posts in all the threads but I am looking forward to it.Much has gone on in my life since I was on here last so I will do what I can to catch YOU up as well! A great place to visit is my recently revamped blog...I post in there daily if not more often and it is a wealth of information on what's new in my world and what the hell I am up to. http://www.kylieirelandblog.comI have also become an avid Twitter addict and am constantly Twittering everything from what ca...
  • 11/7/2009 5:52 AM
  • Kylie Ireland
    blueboykc wrote:your anal antics are quite impressive..but i knew that after seeing you take lex like you did..And have always wanted a rematch!
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