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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Webmaster
Date Joined: October 2008
Location: Porn Valley, CA
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My name is KELLY DIVINE. Im 26 yrs old & have been a adult performer for almost 3 years now. I am originally from Philly but, I currently reside in SFV California.

Recently I have been venturing into mainstream modeling; print work for magazines such as Smooth, KING, SHOW, etc. I have even been trying my hand at acting.

My goal for this year is to be nominated for the AVN Award Performer of the year. I love my job, I love sex, I love swallowing cum & I want to acknowledged for it. I also want to be cast in XXX features. (I LOVED Pirates 2 BTW)

To all my fans out there be sure to check out my website WWW.KELLYDIVINE.COM There is tons of great content inside with some of My favorite performers such as ALEXIS TEXAS, PHOENIX MARIE & more.

Check out my official websites:,,,,



Recent Forum Posts

  • 10/23/2011 1:13 AM
  • Girls that does everything
    Draxxx wrote:geralt wrote:I'm amazed at some girls who basically can do anything sexually possible. gangbangs, double anal, double vag, atm, atmog, enemas, bdsm etc. they truly have no limits.Currently I think that Amy Brooke, Ava Devine and Dana DeArmond, Audrey Hollander, Trina Michaels is on top of that list.Alysa is also an upcoming star in that matter she even does fisting and triple analOther girls worth mentioning: Sandra Romain, Bridgette Kerkove, Kelly Wells, Ariana Jollee, Katja Kassin, Tyla Wynn, Kami Andrews, Annette SchwarzI think the best porn performers are the ones who don't have a long list of thing they won't do. I personally don't they have to go as far as Ava Devine goes with the over the top craziness but I think the be...
  • 10/23/2011 1:06 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    DreadSynapse wrote:Kelly how was it working with Briella Bounce? Looked like she was kinda overwhelmed in your Buttwoman scene together.----Dread----I was nervous to have her in the movie since I never worked with her before, or even knew her at all. I wasn't sure if we'd have chemistry or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised by her! She was a sweetheart and took Manuel like a champ! She's still kinda new so I'm sure she's still trying to feel herself out but I thought she was awesome! I'm so happy she was in the movie :) Oh... and her ass is quite juicy, too!xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/23/2011 1:03 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    THEWATCHER316 wrote:kellydivine wrote:RedDevil87 wrote:I'd love a 2nd Buttwoman movie that's really hardcore, taking it to another level, and more specifically featuring Kelly in a DP scene and a huge DP gangbang. Unlikely, but I can dream!I need more scenes of Kelly with multiple guys.If there is a sequel, there will definitely be at LEAST a DP....... maybe then I will finally do a gangbang ;) We will have to wait and see!!xoxo Kelly DivineYAAAAABADABADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah a sequel OMG that would be epic. Love the poster Kelly that pose if pure money, looking forward to getting one!Thank you xo Im pretty sure if there's a demand for a sequel, there will be one, so I hope lots of people think like you!xoxo Kelly Divi...
  • 10/23/2011 1:02 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    ILVBUTT wrote:Kelly, I just want you to know, I think your scenes with London and Briella were just awesome! You are more beautiful now than you have ever been! Your ASS never ceases to amaze me.Thanks lover :)xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/23/2011 1:00 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    Alcoholic wrote:ADTers appreciate porn more than the average.On twitter people will be jealous for the simple fact that you have more "followers".People crave for attention on social media sites so they'll pull you down to feel better.Anyway I am a pervet and I will say I so wished I was Nacho when you covered his face with your big ass.Good movie,great potential for you to be a major porn player.Thank you babe! Perverts are my favorite kind of people ;) Glad you enjoyed the movie!xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/23/2011 12:51 AM
  • Reigning anal queen?
    GroberSpass wrote:Jada FireSandra RomainKatja KassinSophie DeeKelly WellsKelly devineAriana JoleeHilary ScottNina HartleyMika TanIts spelled DIVINE, but thank you!! LOL a lot of people spell it with an "e" hopefully one day everyone will get it right ;) Thanks for your vote babe xoxoxoxo Kelly DivineEdited by - kellydivine on 10/23/2011 12:52:14 AM
  • 10/22/2011 2:41 AM
  • Boycott Sara Stone, Natasha Nice, Etc
    Laurie Cameron Fan wrote:I'm perfectly fine with stars who don't do anal , a star, any star should do only what fits her mood or her preferences if they don't feel to do anals then they should avoid that.A star who enjoys what she does or at least is not in discomfort will provide a better sceneEdited by - Laurie Cameron Fan on 10/13/2011 5:02:56 PMI agree, no one should do anything they don't want to do. I think that when we (the performers) aren't having fun, it shows in the scene, and IMO, that makes a crappy scene.xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/22/2011 2:37 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    RedDevil87 wrote:I'd love a 2nd Buttwoman movie that's really hardcore, taking it to another level, and more specifically featuring Kelly in a DP scene and a huge DP gangbang. Unlikely, but I can dream!I need more scenes of Kelly with multiple guys.If there is a sequel, there will definitely be at LEAST a DP....... maybe then I will finally do a gangbang ;) We will have to wait and see!!xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/22/2011 2:32 AM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    I'm so happy everyone seems to love the movie!! Thanks again!! You guys all really encourage me to be the best slut I can be ( I mean that in the most positive way ) and also all your feedback makes me feel great about what I do. Its nice to hear positive comments here, I get sucked into that demon they call Twitter and unfortunately people there aren't always the nicest. A lot of trolls and just ignorant people out there so its nice to be able to check in here, where people appreciate porn and... me ;) Thank you! I'm also looking forward to hopefully a 2nd Buttwoman movie so fingers crossed people!! Doing Buttwoman was so much fun, but with a deadline to shoot and that HIV scare that halted shooting, we were on a time crunch but thankfully...
  • 10/22/2011 1:58 AM
  • Elegant Angel Announce Superstar September 2011!
    Thanks for ALL of the excitement and positive feedback for Buttwoman!! I'm so honored to have been picked for this role and soo, sooo proud of the movie, I hope you all are pleased ;) Being Buttwoman is a dream come true! I was also blessed to have such a great cast of co starlets and studs to play with! AMAZING!! Thanks again xoxoxoxo Kelly Divine
  • 10/22/2011 12:32 AM
  • Jules Jordan Video - Upcoming Releases
    RedDevil87 wrote:Some people like bodies like Kelly's and asses with "jiggle". You come across as a real dick running down performers looks from behind your keyboard. You do know Kelly Divine posts here right?It's pretty simple. If you don't like her nobody is forcing you to watch her scenes, but please don't tell other people what they should like. Feel free to keep your thoughts to yourself in the future if you're not a fan of a performer.Edited by - reddevil87 on 9/18/2011 7:07:44 PMEdited by - reddevil87 on 9/18/2011 7:08:09 PMThank you babe, thats very kind of you to stand up for me. I have gained weight since I got into the biz. Some people love it, some people hate it, and others don't care either way. I actually just lost ...
  • 10/22/2011 12:26 AM
  • Jules Jordan Video - Upcoming Releases
    loloks wrote:KELLY DIVINE VS MANDINGO that all i have to saySounds hot! I haven't worked with him since the 1 time when he shot me like over 3 years ago!!xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 9/28/2011 1:49 PM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    Omfg! What a huge positive response for me as buttwoman!! I can't thank you enough!! I love you all and hope I don't let you down! This movie is a sexual, bootilicious explosion!!! Just.... EPIC.xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 9/28/2011 1:40 PM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    loloks wrote:HI Kelly i just have one little thing to say to you i would love to see with some sexy shoes the going out kind of shoes you wore too much strip shoes sophie dee phoenix marie wore realy sexy shoes hope you will do the same Wardrobe decides everything I wear including shoes. I do wear nice sexy shoes often on my website so check that out.xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 9/28/2011 1:36 PM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    ultimate_dap_fan wrote:dear kelly ,,, is birella and london keyes doing anal in their scenes with u ??London, yes. Briella, no. As much as I wanted anal only, we did a little vag to TRY to please everyone, lol even though that will never happen! Lol we try our best.xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 9/28/2011 1:30 PM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    killbillvol69 wrote:^ I don't know what the shoot was for, but I got them from Nacho's mobypicture account. The pics with Kelly were taken Aug 24, so whatever it was for, it probably won't be out for a while.It will never be out, was for brazzers but I got really sick durin photos n had to cancel :( but I finally got him in my buttonhole in my BUTTWOMAN movie!!xoxo Kelly Divine
  • 9/28/2011 1:23 PM
  • Hey People, Kelly Divine here....
    afterdark wrote:Kelly you dont update your site anymore?tksYes, I do. The last month has been crap for production since I was working for other other companies like bananas out of no where, shooting BUTTWOMAN, and I also couldn't shoot at all for like 2 weeks cause of the HIV scare we had. I fell behind, but there have been updates and more are coming as I'm shooting like crazy for my site starting oct 1 with yuri luv, then Tanya Tate, and then Lisa Ann plus some cock if all goes according to plan :))Don't miss my live cam show tonight!! Xxxoxoxo Kelly DivineEdited by - kellydivine on 9/28/2011 1:24:19 PM
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