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Kelly Wells


Porn Connections: Performer
Date Joined: December 2006
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  • 3/11/2007 3:17:42 AM
  • The biggest swallowing queen this decade
    StomachPunchOomf wrote: Kelly Wells ...especially in that no cum dodging allowed I never seen any chick feign cum like that before...maybe they told her it was liquid crack. So sorry to burst your fucking bubble(literally), but the only crack I like to taste is my dirty ass crack after it has had multiple cocks in it, and multiple cumloads of course. By the way, if I did real crack I wouldn't have a problem admitting it. Suck that one for keeps. I love my fucking job. Where the fuck else am I going to get fucked the way I do?? College? A trailer park? A crack house??!!! I think NOT! The truth is, I really don't know about the latter two. Edited by - kelly wells on 3/11/2007 3:18:36 AM Edited by - kelly wells on 3/1...
  • 2/1/2007 4:00:15 PM
  • Kelly Wells
    married_lucky wrote: I do think she is really pretty with an incredibly sexy body and....from what I can tell she is intelligent, but most likely bi-polar with a severely fractured guess would be from extreme childhood abuse. Put more simply, she's crazy as a shithouse rat. I don't have a fractured personality. Just because a porn whore gets online and speaks her mind every now and then and people don't exactly like her brutal honesty does not mean that you have to go pointing fingers and saying that "she has a fractured personality" and "she was abused as a child". If anything I was the abuser, because if anybody fucked with me they would get fucked up. I was quiet, and I was that way f...
  • 2/1/2007 3:46:50 PM
  • Kelly Wells
    skronker wrote: I thought the real issue with multiple guys in scenes was the added expense in a market of dwindling profit ratios. That also has something to do with it.
  • 1/31/2007 11:47:12 PM
  • Kelly Wells
    Le Duc de Blangis wrote: I don't think so. There is always a sexual evolution. People want more and more rough sex. because they discover that they like It. and not only men. also Women. Internet can not change the natural evolution of Sexuality. and Internet control and censorship are simply impossible. I do believe that it would be a big mistake to control it. censorship creates frustration. and frustration creates crime. I respect your opinion. Your theory could very well become a reality. Like I said, I can't be certain that my opinion will stand to be true.
  • 1/29/2007 4:33:06 AM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    RonK wrote: I will stick to the topic of asking Kelly about her upcoming releases. Kelly, What new titles are on the horizon, preferably with double anal? Are you going to try for the double anal record beating Sandra Romain and Audrey Hollander? Ron I don't keep track of the movie titles that I have performed in and I never really have. I remember some of the actual scenes that I have done, but not all of them, and lately I have not made a point to remember any of them. I always look back and remember scenes that I got fucked real well in though. Ask me six months from now, and I will remember some of the scenes that I have done; chances are that I will be able to tell you the company and title the scene belongs too. ...
  • 1/29/2007 3:54:36 AM
  • Kelly Wells
    DV81inLA wrote: So what's next Kelly? I want to see you get used hard in your next scene. Not the easy anal stuff you've been doing lately. How 'bout an anal Baker's Dozen? I do hard scenes whenever I get booked for them. Not everybody shoots the real hard stuff anymore; (multiple guy(or girl)/rough scenes). Now that the porn market is aiming more towards the V.O.D. side, I don't think that you will see as much hardcore porn as there used to be. In the past (especially in the recent past), you probably used to see, that a lot of the stuff put out on the internet was a little or a LOT more on the rougher and harder side of porn. I think you will see, that when companies start converting everything over to V.O.D., there will be ...
  • 1/25/2007 4:14:29 PM
  • Kelly Wells
    Crucifixio_Jones wrote: I said, "I don’t know why Kelly Wells isn’t locked up in some mental institution somewhere by now. Anyone can show a tape or DVD of her performances as proof that the girl is certifiably nuts. Only a tad more well-built, she is performance-wise the closest thing to a Debi Diamond this generation is likely to ever get. What crazy things have I seen Kelly Wells do? Well, a more appropriate question would probably be, what haven’t I seen Kelly Wells do and for that, I still don’t have an answer." If for some reason, I ever did get locked into one of those loony bins, I would get kicked out. Shit, I have been to hell and back ten times, and I keep getting rejected. Even the de...
  • 1/25/2007 4:03:21 PM
  • Kelly Wells
    Barto wrote: kirby wrote: She'll do anything for money. I'm waiting for a video where they pry her mouth open and pour hot cooking oil in her throat which she can then vomit and funnel back into her ass farting back out ontop a stove then make some french fries. No no no ...gargle THEN vomit! That's where you are full of shit. I may do crazy fuck scenes, and I may have done a couple of Max Hardcore movies in the past, but I am not a dumbfuck, and I won't swallow hot cooking oil. I would be fucking stupid to scorch and scar my throat permanently from a dumb fucking act like that. Vomiting water, and swallowing watered-down piss, double-anal penetration, and fisting are just a few of the things that I have done, but I am...
  • 1/25/2007 3:51:43 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    mapofhawaii wrote: Kelly, First off, I want to tell you that I have enjoyed your scenes since I first saw one of them. You have a pretty face and smile, and you really get into it. I do have a question. It's hard to ask this without it sounding negative, but I don't mean it to be. At some point, I noticed that you often work up some spit and have it on your lips while you are getting fucked. Not being a fan of spitting, drooling, or anything like that, I basically have to avoid your face when you do that. As I said, you are pretty, so I don't want to look away from your face. Are you aware that you do that, and do you do it on purpose? I hope you don't take offense. I am not all offended. To be honest with you, I am not sure why ...
  • 1/25/2007 3:47:21 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    suuperfrk wrote: Kelly. I first saw you in Her First big Cock, I believe it was one of your first scenes? I LOVE that scene, one of my all time top 10 scenes ever. When Sylvio started fucking you, You complained the guys "cocks hurt" With Sylvio and Shane. Was that really your First Big Cock? Shane seems like a handfull, or should I say a pussy full. Did he break you in? I would have to say yes to that. YESSSSSSSSSSS!
  • 1/25/2007 3:42:59 PM
  • Has Kelly Wells retired?
    I am fine. I am breathing. I looked in the mirror this morning and told myself that I need to wash my hair extensions today, BUT I did NOT see any signs of morbidity, sickness, or an untimely death. I am a whore, but I am also a woman. I can take care of myself Mark. I am truly GROWN UP. I come from white trash, and grew up around drug dealers and drug abusers, and I did not affect my ability to take care of myself (or to avoid drugs); hence, I am here TODAY and letting you know that I have NOT fallen in or have been corrupted, personally, or individually by another human being. I think it is very unusual that somebody who claims that he has respect for a porn performer to post in a public forum and request my contact information. I have ch...
  • 1/15/2007 2:31:53 PM
  • Porn stars who can really act (top 5)
    Dr. Nasty wrote: I don't know how to answer this one. Out of all of the features I've seen, most have good sex but horrible, atrocious acting. I mean bad. Like Skinemax bad. Haven't seen Pirates though. But seeing as how no one here listed anyone from that movie, I'm taking it they can't act very well either?! Thank you for all of your love!
  • 1/15/2007 2:15:33 PM
  • Best female orgasms
    night_lick wrote: Kelly Fuckin' Wells. She proves it when she screams, shakes, gapes and lets her cum leak out of her pussy. Porn acting at its best. Thanks, sexy!
  • 1/15/2007 2:14:30 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    karmaticdragon wrote: Amen to that I saw some of the thumbnails of you fisting extremesophia. Do you have any other "web" content that you have coming up that we can look foward to? By the way you were really hot in the CFC series.. Love to see some more dirty A2M from you Rock ON! Yes, always. I am working on directing scenes for my website right now.
  • 1/2/2007 5:09:28 AM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    RVitello wrote: Kelly Wells wrote: I closed this profile and re-opened. ***AHEM on the 5 posts. I have had continuous posts in the past. I have posted here for two years. NOTE: That is a fact On this point, I stand corrected. I am new here and had no way of knowing that you had to reset your profile. But, I stand by my objection of your "threat". I'm not a fan. You weren't on my porn star radar before I got here. So, I have no vested interest in your staying. But, you've now given some jerk(s) a formula to rid you from this site to the expense of these people who appear to adore you and genuinely are excited at your "appearances". I think you should be thicker skinned for their sakes. Thank ...
  • 1/1/2007 9:21:31 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    Harri Patel wrote: Kelly Wells wrote: I loved ADT since the first time I posted here, but could people PLEASE keep your opinions of my PERSONAL life off of ADT? Anyone you see doing stuff like this here who only has a handful of posts is most likely a troll from another site, and should just be ignored. You see, what happens is that they get so peeved that their shitty little forum is basically just eight guys posting under ten fake names apiece that they occasionally come over here and try to cause trouble. They always get caught, and deactivated, but they keep coming back, kind of like retarded kids that keep touching the hot stove. God I love you!
  • 1/1/2007 8:49:06 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    RVitello wrote: Kelly Wells wrote: I want to come here and post messages and responses to people that want to talk about my nasty sex scenes. I don't want to be the next person to not post here. Kelly Fuck'N Wells While the LAST thing someone should do is canvass information about a person while they are in possible danger, you can't blame people for talking about things you yourself admitted to have talked about. People want to talk/know about the personal lives of their celebrities. Movie stars. Athletics. The Royals. The good and the bad. Heard of tabloids? "People"? "Us"? "The National Inquirer"? Seen the endless the shows about celebrity gossip and their "true" lives? ...
  • 1/1/2007 8:42:47 PM
  • Kelly Wells new stuff?
    Pocketcomb_Pimp wrote: Kelly Wells wrote: By the way, my recent posting was not made in efforts to offend anybody. I am sure most of you figured that out by now. Kelly, I'm glad you posted this cause I have to admit that I thought your displeasure was a bit misplaced. I wouldn't post personal information about people, but I have to admit that it never amazes me when adult talent asks for privacy. YOu show and gve everything on camera, and short of real names, adresses and phone numbers I think you could be expecting too much. Drama sell, and even hollywood stars can't slip the camera. Hell, they even sell maps to stars homes. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble, and I think you are handling things the only way you can, b...
  • 1/1/2007 6:25:32 PM
  • Girls who like to talk dirty
    Rico Shades wrote: fucking love her! so nasty bigdick wrote: Kelly Fuck'N Wells Thanks babe!
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